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Manager Finance

January 01, 2020

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Doha, Qatar +974******** /


• Enterprising, results-driven qualified ACCA professional with 10+ years of experience in Financial Management & Leadership.

• Business partner with a strategic mindset focused at achieving profit maximization

• Strive to bring visibility by realistic reporting and challenging ongoing assumptions

• Proficient in budgeting, credit control, resource allocations, fund sourcing and cash management, particularly skilled at analyzing cash flow situation and providing sound judgement on financing activities

• Hands on experience of working onsite in ever challenging huge projects and dealing rationally & pragmatically with large clients

• First Hand experience with BIs & advanced ERP systems including SAP, Rubicon and Orion (implementation)

• Set up Oracle Training Hub for partners in Riyadh KSA, the only institute of its kind in entire GCC region.

• Expertly deal with vendors to obtain advantageous cost and delivery T&Cs with an in-depth insight on planning and obligations. ACHIEVEMENTS

Sony Corporation (Sony Professional Solutions) Doha, Qatar, Sept 2018 to Present SPS is a subsidiary of Sony focusing mainly on installation of professional products & solutions, like Archiving and Storage, Outside Broadcast Units, Visual Communications. The tie up with Al Jazeera, a major global news organization, is the biggest project in Broadcast industry, involving setting up of High Definition studios and Global Media Management System (GMMS) (intra channels integration of identical news production system).

Commercial Finance Manager (SONY PS):

• Collection of almost 12% of contract value, which is more than combined total of previous couple of years

• Set up BOQ tracker after rigourous validations, to arrive at:

Cost & Revenue for all the workstreams BOQs & procurements types


Walkaway value

Potential procurement for project closure

• Regular review, monitoring and implementation of Cost to Complete

• Framework for Internal audit of strength of backup documents of variations

• Weekly project achievement report in terms of billing to stakeholders

• Set up invoice pipeline, and respective review mechanism as per Timeline with impact of slippages

• Set up BOQ tracker with continuous reporting of substantiation impacts, & presenting to management for further processing

• Established close coordination & relations with client teams to expedite invoicing & backup documents

• Controls for Staff expenses reimbursement

Nahl Holding Company (NHC), Riyadh, KSA, March 2015 to Aug 2018 NHC is an upcoming organisation, which has a diversified presence into multiple IT fields with the aim of capturing the complete ICT services, including, but not limited to, IT system integrators, Software house, Application development and value added Distributor. Designation Chronology:

General Manager, Clever Distributor Company (Nahl Holding), Riyadh KSA, (April 2016 to Aug 2018) Group Finance Manager, Riyadh KSA, March 2015 to (March 2015 – Mar 2018) General Manager:

• Formed strategic alliance with major global vendors including Eaton, Flowmon, & Excel.

• Set up a mechanism of close Coordination among department heads, resulting in breakeven within a span of 1 year time.

• Defeated bigger vendors and distributors for orders worth SAR250, 000/- Example of APC Schneider vs Eaton. Competed successfully against giant distributor of APC Schneider by forming strong relations, pricing and ease of delivery.

• Secured 15 new registrations for partnership with the Incentive Management System for employees and partners.

• Used Strong relationships with the partners to keep accounts receivables to minimum (average DSO 60 days).

• Lead a well motivated and highly focussed team, imparting appropriate trainings, to enable execution of individual duties as per the company expectations, enhance the YPM (yield per month) and overall productivity. Group Finance Manager (Nahl Holding):

• Robust interaction with owners (CEO & COO) upon MIS regarding cash flow, HR costs, working capital requirements & new investment appraisals

• Conducted 4 successful Statutory Audits for the entire Group, ensuring auditory compliance wrt revenue, assets & liabilities

• Successfully reduced the outstanding receivables to less than 70%.

• Introduced various tools to reduce Credit Risk, timely collection and ensure smooth business cycle, for instance Credit Application forms, due diligence process, promissory notes, & (0) nil discrepancy LCs.

• Implemented rigorous follow up mechanism to enable accounts receivables kept to bare minimum (average DSO 60 days).

• Managed Purchase & Acquisition of a subsidiary company supervising the purchase terms & conditions, transfer of rights, stocks, banks and other capital.

• Set up and implemented periodic projects reviews and audits wrt both Cost as well as BoQ vis-à-vis Revenue Recognition.

• Organized to prepare the company budget and divisional budget adhering to the company vision, ensured implementation of the action plans designed to enable budget achievement and analysed variances to design corrective actions.

• Implemented documentations processes & controls for Warehousing, Office Expenses, Business Travel & Marketing Activities.

• Played ‘sparring partner’ role with the department heads to achieve profit maximization.

• Introduced Incentive Management System in the group for partners.

• Conducted networking practices to establish close working relationships with decision makers in Partners community, resulting in timely collection and better market awareness.

• Efficiently negotiated with vendors to buy back stocks worth $585,000 to optimise accounts statements and balance sheets. Tech Access FZ LLC., Riyadh KSA/ Dubai UAE, July 2009 to March 2015 Designation Chronology:

Commercial & Finance Manager, Riyadh KSA, April 2012 to March 2015 Senior Accountant, Dubai UAE, July 2009 to March 2012

• Accomplished 80% reduction in accounts receivables within the territory of KSA.

• Successfully introduced and implemented processes to enable nil discrepancy LCs, UPAS LC and Transfer LCs.

• Efficiently conducted 5 successful Statutory Audits for KSA Branch ensuring adherence to all the audit protocols.

• Established a robust network of External Partners like Freight Forwarders, Shipping, Clearance and Warehousing Companies.

• Setup Oracle Training Hub for partners, the only institute of its kind in entire GCC region.

• Developed action plan and managed the regional Profit & Loss activities along with the Regional General Manager



• Turnaround Strategies & Practices • Budgeting & Investment Decisions • Auditing & Financial Reporting

• Financial Planning & Analysis • Establish Network of External Partners • Brand Awareness & Campaigns

• Strategic Alliance & Partnerships • Resource Management & Cost Control • Project Substantiation

• Project Accounting & Fin Management • Leadership and Team Building • Inventory & Warehouse Management PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & RESPONSIBILITIES

Sony Corporation (Sony Professional Solutions) Doha, Qatar, Sept 2018 to Present Designation:

Commercial Finance Manager, Doha, Qatar, September 2018 to (Sept 2018 – Present)

• Financial reporting and delivery

• Evaluate aspects of the project contract in line with all commercial transactions

• Communicate and liaise with the core Finance Management team by providing regular updates on the commercial progress

• Substantiation Negotiations (Equipment, Services & Extension of Time) with client management

• Coordinating contractual relationships with vendors & other third parties.

• Work with technical project staff for documentation required to substantiate deliveries & obtain contractual variations

• Assess financial risks in project contractual timelines and make recommendations based on thorough analysis of situation

• Forming strong relationships with the customer & staff within various departments – eg. contracts, finance, supply chain

• ‘Sparring Partner’ role with Program Manager, PMO, Technical Delivery & Logistic teams to track progress of delivery, installation & testing vis-à-vis invoicing

• Support to regional HO for annual audit & insurance renewal Nahl Holding Company (NHC), Riyadh, KSA, March 2015 to Present General Manager, Riyadh KSA, March 2015 to (April 2016 – Aug 2018)

• Owner of Business plan & strategy

• Research and analyse market trends, competitor activities and market surveys to enhance business turnover.

• Negotiate with external agents and customers to procure the best possible deals for profit maximization.

• Sales targets allocation to ensure competitiveness, maintaining low operation costs to ensure higher overall profitability.

• Design sales mechanisms for customer base and steady increase in customer breadth to yield incremental sales and revenues.

• Incorporate Incentives & Rewards programs for both internal and external partners to motivate for higher achievements.

• Coordination among teams like Sales, Accounts, Logistics, to ensure smooth day to day operations and high quality results. Group Finance Manager, Riyadh KSA, March 2015 to (March 2015 – March 2018)

• Providing leadership and management of the finance and accounting team – overseeing preparation of all financial reporting.

• Providing strategic recommendations to Owners (CEO & COO) through Management Reviews including periodic MIS, Divisional

& Subsidiary Reviews to monitor the operational efficiency on issues like margins, funding, risk, appropriate insurance coverage.

• Preparation of Business plan (Mid & long term) & annual budget

• Appraisal of new investment opportunities.

• FPA through regularly reviewing and monitoring Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet

• Highlight variances against the budget and devise action plans to rectify the same.

• Credit Allocation and Collection Mechanism

• Cash Flow Management

• Review and implementation of Internal Processes & Controls to achieve cost cutting & saving

• Establish strong relations with external agents (bank, freight) & clients to achieve operational efficiency / profit maximization.

• Involved in recruitment of able personnel with the aim of enhancing the YPM (yield per month).

• Acted as an influencer with other Division Heads to enable appropriate decision making adhering to the company protocols.

• Incorporate Incentives & Rewards programs for both internal and external partners to provide motivation.

• Coordinate with the various departments including Sales, Accounts, Logistics, HR & Admin for smooth day to day operations. Tech Access FZ LLC., Riyadh KSA/ Dubai UAE, July 2009 to March 2015 Commercial & Finance Manager, Riyadh KSA, (April 2012 to March 2015)

• Mandatory financial reports and analysis adhering to the quality parameters to submit within the stipulated time deadline.

• Cash Flow Management analysing various relevant reports with different departments within the organization.

• Managed internal and external audit, the company tax submissions as per the government guidelines and statutory requisitions.

• LCs, LGs, Invoicing, Receivable & Collection

• Assisted the management to prepare annual budgets providing all the necessary data and their interpretations.

• Responsible for Order & Logistic Management and overall Office Administration to enable smooth day to day transactions.

• Planned and executed training programs managing training facilities as the Oracle Partner Hub Manager. Senior Accountant, Dubai, UAE, (July 2009 to March 2012)

• Month end, quarterly and year end closing statements and preparation of other related mandatory documents along with bank reconciliations, identifying variances and petty cash management

• Coordinated internally and auditors (Ernst & Young) to ensure successful conduct of the mandatory audit procedures.

• Supervised branch accounting processes and costing protocols to ensure adherence to the accepted accounting protocols.

• Enabled 3 different modules of ERP to go online during the implementation phase.

• Formed Credit allocation procedures under VP Finance and in coordination with Euler Hermes.

• Presentations for executives regarding the various activities, reports and product mix performance. PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE

- April 2009 to June 2009, Assistant Accountant, Radisson Blu, Birmingham, UK

- January 2008 to March 2009, Accounts Assistant, National Express Group, Exit Team & SERCK Services, (Birmingham, UK)

- Mar 2007 to Dec 2007, Purchase Ledger Clerk, Wealmoor Ltd, Middlesex, London UK PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION & EDUCATION

- ACCA - Accounting, 2008

- M.Sc. - Business Economics, University of Buckingham, 2002

- MA - Economics, Government College University, Lahore, 2000

- IT Skills: Skilled user of Word, Excel, Outlook, and ERPs (SAP, Rubicon, Orion). PROJECTS

Client & Location: AJMN, Doha, Qatar

Project Duration: 6 years

Team: 80 members

Value: $160 million

Technology Used:

Sony Professional Solutions with third parties like ARRI, Arvato, Panduit, Eizo, Barco, Baton

Project Description:

Contd…. Client & Location: AJMN, Doha, Qatar

Responsibility: Project Financial Management, Part of Substantiation Negotiation (Equipment, Services, SLAs, Shipping, Extension of Time)

Working with clients’ contracts & procurement team to secure Change order – Regular interaction with client’s management for financial issues

Regular reviews of Cost to Complete, Invoices Pipeline, Cash flow

- Setting up of High Definition studios with upgrade to 3G

- Global Integration of Studios & Channels

Role: Commercial Finance Manager - Onsite

Close working with PMO & Technical Team for tracking Delivery, Handover & Testing, followed up by Invoice Issuing & Collection BOQ Tracking and mapping achievement on Project milestones Support for Audit & Insurance

Client & Location: PSMMC, Riyadh

Duration: 1 year

Team: 10 members

Value: $2 million

Technology Used:

Passive – Excel Active – HP UPS - APC Schnieder

Project Description: Data Center Military hospital site in Riyadh Role: Finance Manager

Responsibility: International & Local Vendor Management vis-à- vis credit terms, payables structuring as per site requirements, adhering strictly to SOW, assisting project managers to achieve landmarks for timely collection – highlighting any potential scope creep & respective Change Order requests

Client & Location: RSLF, 20 sites in KSA

Duration: 2 years

Team: 35 members

Value: $6 million

Technology Used: Civil Works

Passive – Excel Active – CISCO UPS – APC Schnieder Project Description: RSLF multiple sites to be set up and connected to Head Office in Riyadh

Role: Finance Manager

Responsibility: Vendor management, payables structuring, separate mechanism for imported labours for civil works with cost calculation and monitoring, project cash flow management as per site requirements – strong adherence to timelines & SOW work breakdown structure – highlighting any potential scope creep & respective Change Order requests

Client & Location: MOI-NIC, 4 sites in KSA

Duration: 6 months

Team: 7 members

Value: $4 million

Technology Used: Oracle Hardware & Software

Project Description: National information centers and MOI sites Role: Commercial & Finance Manager

Responsibility: PO T&Cs to be implemented via imports, delivery in concurrence with Partner's project manager & Finance Head till ultimate collection of funds.

Client & Location: Yousaf al Nagh, Jeddah

Duration: 4 months

Team: 7 members

Value: $1 million

Technology Used: Oracle Hardware & Software

Project Description: YOusaf al NAghi, a huge local Organisation needed to upgrade its infrastructure

Role: Commercial & Finance Manager

Responsibility: Project cash flow management via introduction of Transfer LC in the company.

Client & Location: STC, Riyadh, KSA

Duration: 3 Years

Team: 1 member

Value: $114 million

Technology Used: Oracle Hardware & Software

Project Description: National information centers and MOI sites Role: Commercial & Finance Manager

Responsibility: Biggest achievement was getting all the LC documents signed off the start after the first set of delivery. The documents were submitted and all installments were credited in company’s bank account on the stipulated value dates. Close liaison between TA SCM & Fin with STC

Client & Location: National Commercial Bank, Jeddah Duration: 2 Years

Team: 1 member

Value: $45 million

Technology Used: Oracle Hardware & Software

Project Description: NCB, One of the largest Bank in the KSA, had urgent requirement to upgrade its to upgrade its infrastructure Role: Commercial & Finance Manager

Responsibility: Project cash flow management ensuring all mentioned equipment were imported and Softwares were installed as per PO T&Cs.


Nationality: Pakistani

Date of Birth: 1st February, 1978

Language Proficiency: English & Urdu

Passport No: AD4197783 valid till: March 2025

Visa Status: Transferable Iqama


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