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pro tools mixer

Los Angeles, CA
December 31, 2019

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Ron Meza


Pro Tools re-recording mixer

Dear CAmusic

I am responding to your ad for a Pro Tools Mixer.

Having worked for almost every major and minor network and many different post houses in LA and Paris, I confidently believe that I would bring a high level of experience, creativity and professionalism to your organization. I have been mixing remotely for over 20+ years. My attached résumé will detail my vast amount of experience. I have been mixing for 30+ years on many digital platforms from Avid AudioVision to Fairlight and on Pro Tools since the days it was called Sound Tools. As I am also a jazz musician, I am very creative and have the ability to improvise on the spot when the situation calls for it. My 50+ years of musical training has been instrumental (pun intended) in my ability to excel as an ensemble player and well as a leader, not to mention giving me an uncompromising ear for mixing. I work as a conductor would, coaxing out sounds and dialog. Mixing it as if it were a symphony.

I am also known for going out and creating my own sound effects and doing my own Foley if needed to get the exact sound for a project.

I speak 4 languages fluently which has helped me to communicate in many interesting situations allowing me to get the job done for the client. I am a no nonsense professional that shows up early, prepared and ready to give every session 100% of my attention and 100% of my abilities. I also have the ability to raise the performance level around me through example, guidance and confidence. I am fearless! Thank you for your consideration

Ron Meza

Ron Meza

Re-Recording Mixer Sound Designer Composer

+1-424-***-**** (cell)

Past Post Production Audio Employment

1995 - present! Freelance Re-Recording Mixer (Oops! Audio) 2018 - 2019! NFL network! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 2015 - 2019! 120 Underground! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer remote 2015 - 2019! A/V Squad Freelance Mixer remote 2019! ! ! Launch Media! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer remote 2015! ! ! OWN Freelance Mixer

2015! ! ! ABC Family! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 2005, 2015!Keep Me Posted Freelance Mixer

2005 - 2019! Storm LA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer remote 2005! - 2011! Hit Squad! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer remote 2004! ! ! Shoreline Studios! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 2002 - 2003! Media Resources! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 2002! ! ! Andrew Solt Productions! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 2000 - 2008! FOX Television Studios (Special Ops)! Staff Mixer 1999! ! ! Zacuto Audio! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1998 - 2004! Craig Murray Productions! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1999 - 2003! Our Gang!/ Area 51 Audio! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1998 - 2002! FOX Family! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1998 - 2000! TelePictures! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1998 - 2000! Eurosport! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1997! - 1998! NBC (Gravity Games - David Michaels)! ! Freelance Mixer 1997 - 1998! E! Television! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1997 - 2015! Direct TV! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1996 - 2000! Warner Brothers Studios (the WB)! ! ! Freelance Mixer 1996 - 2000! United Paramount Network (UPN, Toolbox)! Staff Mixer 1996 - 1997! The Post Group Freelance Mixer 1996 - 1997! Wildwoods ADR / Foley Recordist 1996 - 1999! Video It! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Staff Mixer 1996! ! ! Electric Entertainment Freelance Mixer 1996! ! ! Third Street Sound! ! ! ! ! ! ADR / Foley Recordist Re-recording Mixer • Sound Designer • Sound Editor • Composer The Love Punch Feature Film (2014) directed by Joel Hopkins composer - additional music (& actor)

Di chi é ora la Città? Short Film (2008) directed by Omar Pesenti - composer Letter from God Short Film (2008) directed by Bob Mundy - composer God and Country Short Film (2008) directed by Daniel Piatt - composer Q Short Film (2008) directed by Steve Maisch - composer Becoming John Ford Documentary Feature Film FOX (2007) Venice Film Festival. Venice, Italy sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Deadly Sins Feature Film (2007) directed by Greg Christian composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Art Matters Short Film (2007) directed by Mike Valerio - composer Frattura Short Film (2006) directed by Omar Pesenti - composer The Professionals Short Film (2006) directed by George Nolfi - composer Cowboy Junction Feature Film (2006) directed by Greg Christian composer / sound designer / re-recording mixer

Living the Dream Feature Film (2005) directed by Christian Schoyen sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Transgressions Short Film (2005) directed by Valerie Weiss AFI Directing Workshop for Women

sound designer

Lis & Ogre Animated Short Film (2005) directed by Vale Bruck composer / sound designer / re-recording mixer

Boystown (2005) directed by Ricky Reidling

sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Out of the Woods Short Film (2005) directed by Samuel Dowel Sandes sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer A Lot To Ask Short Film (2005) directed by Tamir Mostafa composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Lisa and Lauren Short Film (2005) directed by Brian Pitts composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Nine Lives Feature Film (2004) directed by Dean Howell composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Kisses and Caroms Feature Film (2004) directed by Vince Rocca sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer The Select Fit Short Film (2004) directed by Daniel Roemer sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Witness2Murder Feature Film (2004) directed by Ernest Harris sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Cuzin' Sista Documentary (2004) directed by Layla Mashavu Sewell composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Then Again Short Film (2004) directed by Ken Heusey sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Out of Mind Feature Film (2004) directed by Anne Hulegard sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer The Auction Animated Short Film (2004) directed by Carlo Sansonetti sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer GrandMa Animated Short Film (2003) directed by Frederic Soumagnas composer / sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Caught in a Funk Feature Film (2001) directed by Rob Korotky sound editor / sound designer / re-recording mixer Animal Factory Feature Film (2000) directed by Steve Buscemi - ADR recordist Where the elephant sits Feature Film (1997) directed by Mark Lowenthal - sound editor Angry Dogs Feature Film (1997) directed by Clabe Hartley - music editor Television Shows and Television Documentaries

(re-recording mixer and sound editor unless otherwise noted) Run for the Wall Documentary (2005) directed by Randy Wilson

(+ sound designer / composer)

NBC 75th anniversary special: (TV special) NBC

Gravity Games 1999 (TV extreme sports) NBC

Lifetime: Intimate Portrait: "Vanessa Williams", "Young Hollywood" (documentary) (ADR recordist) Voices of Cuba (documentary) Ambassador Productions Hollywood Walk of Fame (documentary) American Movie Classics Chariots of Fire (documentary) ABC "The X Files documentary" (documentary) HBO Cyber Warriors, America's Greatest Parks (documentary) Discovery Channel On Tour (documentary) PBS

Rap: Soul of the Streets, Bigga than Life: Notorious B.I.G., Words Never Die: 2 Pac Shakur (documentary)

Beach Patrol, Could it be a Miracle, Erotic Confessions (reality show) 101 Dalmations (CD Rom) Disney

8 Minute Abs, King Kong Driver, Wall Magic (infomercials) Promos & Trailers

Men In Black, Buddy, My Best Friend's Wedding (TV trailer) Columbia / Tri-Star Grizzly Mountain, Dawson's Creek, Legacy (movie trailer) Ruby Wax, Martha Stewart Living, Gail King, Pensacola, Roar (promos) Nite Stand, Baseball Minnesota (promos) FX

Dating/Newlywed Hour, Ricki Lake, The Nanny,

Mad About You, News Radio (promos) Columbia / Tri-Star The Outer Limits / Poltergeist (promos) Showtime & MGM Fame LA, Stargate SG-1, Flipper (promos) MGM Television Viper, Deep Space Nine (promos) Paramount

Eurosport 1998 Winter Olympics (promos) TF-1 / ESPN Star Trek, the Experience (adventure ride, Las Vegas) Virtual Viper (virtual reality ride) Paramount

The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show (promos) Buena Vista Television The Magic Hour (promos) Fox Television

Sister Sister, Nick Freno, Jamie Foxx, Smart Guy, Steve Harvey, Tom Show, Unhapilly Ever After, Alright Already, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Three, Dawson's Creek, Charmed, The Army Show, For Your Love, Seventh Heaven, Rescue 77, Hyperion Bay (promos) WB Network Malcom & Eddie, Voyager, Moesha,In the House, Clueless, Breaker High, Sweet Valley High, Hits, Sparks, Good News, Sentine (promos) UPN Network Pee Wee's Playhouse, Morning Scramble, Brady Brides (promos) Fox Family Channel Mysteries & Scandals, True Hollywood Stories, Style (shows / promos) E! Entertainment X-Files, Ally McBeal, Dark Angel, Simpsons, Futurama, Fast Lane, 24, Fringe, Sarah Conner Chronicles (promos) FOX


PROMAX Gold award 2008 Animation Domination (FOX Television Network - Special Ops) PROMAX Pro award 2003 (FOX Television Network - Special Ops) PROMAX Platinum award, 2 PROMAX Silver awards 2003 pour FOX Branding - ID Campain

(FOX Television Network - Special Ops)

15 national and international awards IAAVC, ITVA et AFTRA (Achieve Global Video) Musical Director, Composer & Musician

Musical Director and Leader High Definition Big Band (big band jazz) Musical Director and Leader Planet Afrobeat (world music) Musical Director and Leader BeBoSambop (brazilian jazz) Musical Director and Leader Mali-Bu (world music)

Musical Director and Leader Home Cookinʼ & the Funky B (jazz) Composed and performed "New Generation" single (Airplay Records) Composed 5 songs for "General Hospital" (ABC daytime television) Composed promo music for "Star Trek: "Deep Space Nine", "Viper" (Paramount TV) Composed theme for "Vol de Nuit" (short film for Canal +) Digital editor (Pro Tools) for Vanilla Jam Productions on "Runaway" remix for Janet Jackson with COOLIO (Virgin Records)

Musical Director Four Tops and the Temptations (EuroDisney grand opening 1992) Programmer, sound engineer, digital editor for Vanilla Jam Productions (ANRI / Japan) Musical Director and Leader Paris Jazz Orchestra

Musical Director and Leader and composer "French Kiss" musical revue (Paris) Performed / recorded with: Carlos Santana, Joe Zawinul, Jerome Richardson, Donald Byrd, Benny Maupin, Lester Bowie, Bill Watrous, Frank Wess, Teddy Edwards, Branford Marsallis, Wayne Shorter, Woody James, Harold Land, Buddy Childers, Kim Richmond, Harry Kim, Ernie Andrews, Luis Bonilla, Al Porcino, Joe Roccisano, Glenn Ferris, Billy Mitchell, Chuck Flores, Gary Herbig, Willy DeVille, Scott Whitfield, Wally Badarou, Percy Sledge, The Mills Brothers The Four Tops, The Temptations, Gina Eckstine, The Lennon Sisters, Steve Huffstetter, Ron Stout, Bob Summers, Don Rader, John Lee Hooker, jr., Isaac Hayes & Carlinhos Brown.

Special Skills Instructing the AVID AudioVision, Pro Tools v1 - v12 & (beta tester PT/AV 5.x)

Avid S6 console, Digidesign D-Command, D-Control & ProControl consoles,

Mackie HUI & MCU control surfaces,! DigiBeta, Beta SP, D5, DA-88, 3/4”,

Telos Zephyr & Z/IP ONE remote boxes, Izotope all versions. Affiliations:! CAS, MPSE, NABET, ASCAP, SACEM

Languages:! English, French, Spanish & Italian


Marlene Thompson 818-***-**** FREEFORM (formerly ABC Family - Disney) Spencer Condon 310-***-**** Freelance Producer - 120 Underground Jason Giles 213-***-**** FOX

Calvin Loeser 818-***-**** NBC


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