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Engineer Manager

Fort Worth, TX
December 30, 2019

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EHS & DOT Manager / Engineer / Trainer & Social Compliance Auditor

Project Management / Operations Management Professional

BS Chemical Engineer, EHS Emphasis

Grand Prairie, TX 75053

682-***-**** (C),,,


My position as a North American Regional Environmental Coordinator for a manufacturing company with responsibilities throughout North America, including 19 sites in the US, 2 in Canada and one soon to be in Mexico recently ended. The position was closed and relocated to another state with no relocation and insufficient salary for the cost of living in that area. Until I can find an EHS-type position, I am working as an Independent EHS Consultant, Trainer & Contract Social Compliance Auditor for 4 firms on an as-needed basis, with no benefits. Prior to that, I left my last position in a manufacturing environment for professional differences, and due to the Oil & Gas Industry downturn, which has affected other industries as well, the fact that I had desired to remain in the Deep South (TX, LA), and the fact that I left Houston, TX (large talent pool already there), I’ve had difficulty finding a good position in my field of EHS, in some capacity, i.e., EHS, Environmental Multimedia (Air, Water, Waste), Environmental – Air, Health & Safety, Process Safety / PSM (Process Safety Management), Project Management, Trainer, etc.

If relocation is not offered, I will relocate myself for the right position.

I can be immediately available, as I would prefer to live in an extended stay hotel at my own expense, and on evenings after work and on weekends, look for more permanent and suitable living accommodations, later relocating at a date / time that is mutually convenient, such as during the Christmas / New Year Holiday Season when work has slowed, or the company has shut down for the Holiday Season. If necessary, I will use my vacation time to relocate when mutually convenient.

I am not a job-hopper – I’ve had some very disadvantageous things to happen during my career. Ideally, I would have liked to have worked for no more than 1 - 3 employers. I would like to work for a stable, preferably growing, ethical company that values diversity and inclusion. When it comes to compliance, I am not unreasonable, i.e., all the “bells and whistles” would be nice, however, sometimes it isn’t economically feasible, technologically possible, not sustainable, no ROI (return on investment), may be IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health) – my expectation is to at least meet the letter of the law, which is the bare minimum. Additionally, I have been a former Batch Production Engineer and have some Continuous Production experience as well, so I understand the challenges involved in producing a quality product in a safe, environmentally friendly and timely manner.

I do have Significant Career Accomplishments document that I can send you, should you so desire. I am hoping that rather than perspective employers being disinterested by the short tenures, rather, they will see that despite the short tenures, I’ve made some significant accomplishments, such as:

1. No site that I’ve been responsible for, either single or multi, has ever received an NOV, monetary penalty, nor US EPA Consent Decree.

2. Two of the sites that I worked at worked for more than 1 MM man hours without an OSHA Recordable Incident.

3. I took it upon myself to take PHA Leader training and facilitated 7 PHAs for a new process, that was new to the US as well and did not meet US Code, primarily OSHA. I also created the New Equipment Commissioning Checklists, and by the time I was done, I knew more about the equipment than anyone else in the company.

4. Due to my strategic thinking, one company decided to submit full-blown Title V permit applications – 9 applications in 9 months – rather than abbreviated applications that would have required more agency interaction and most likely a longer time to receive our permits.

5. I was Waste Minimization Committee Chairperson and due to my efforts, the site saved $450K (a lot of money back in those days) in one year, Waste Minimization & Recycling and won the company Environmental Excellence Award for that year.

6. As the first corporate Air Guru for one company, I established their Air EMS throughout the continental US for all 6 divisions and successfully resolved compliance issues and negotiated permitting conditions with the Agencies to the company's favor.

7. As well, I have previously worked for 2 Agencies in TX and LA, and know how the regulators think and what they look for, which would be advantageous to a perspective employer, as well as the fact that I have multi-site and multi-state (TX, LA, CA, MS, OK, NJ, OH, IN, AR, W VA, KS, TN, IL, OR, GA, SC, FL, NH, CO, MN; Mexico; Canada) experience.


Thank you!



Sheila D. Danzell

BS Chemical Engineer – EHS Emphasis

EHS / DOT Management Professional & Trainer, Social Compliance Auditor

Certified Safety & Health Official (I & II)

OSHA General Industry Authorized (Outreach) Trainer

First Aid / AED / CPR / Mental Health First Aid Instructor

DOT Train-the-Trainer (3 Certifications)

Certified PHA Leader

Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

PMP (in process)

682-***-**** cell /VM /text


Grand Prairie, TX 75053-1775

682-***-**** (C),,

US Citizen

US Passport, TSA PreCheck / KTN, TWIC

Public Trust US Government Security Clearance / NACI – 05/15 – 09/16

Open to Relocation, including International Opportunities / Topside Available / Unlimited Travel


I’ve held 3 corporate positions during my career, being the first person selected to fill all those roles: Regional Environmental Coordinator, North America, Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt LLC; Global, Corporate Air Permitting& Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Praxair; and Corporate EHS Manager, Omni Industries/Omni Specialty Packaging, and the first Safety & Environmental Specialist at Wistron Green Tech (TX) Corporation.

The first Regional Environmental Coordinator, North America at Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt Company. Worked with the Sr. Regional Environmental Coordinator to improve the entire Environmental Program structure – permitting, recordkeeping, reporting, training, agency inspections, regulatory rule interpretation & implementation. North America responsibilities included 19 plants in the US, 2 in Canada, and 1 in Mexico.

The first Corporate, Global Air Emissions & Permitting Specialist at Praxair in the 106-year history of the company. Established company-wide Air EMS for 300+ sites in the Continental US. Wrote permitting guidance documents on permitting steam/methane reformers in TX and LA, which included agency negotiations.

Became first EHS manager in the 10-year history of Omni Industries (Omni Specialty Packaging, Omni Industrial Solutions (Oilfield Chemicals), Omni Transportation (Trucking), 3 locations in 2 states. As the Corporate EHS Manager, I established a company-wide EHS EMS.

Became the first Safety Specialist at Wistron Green Tech (TX) in the 3-year history of the company. Wrote/implemented most of the site EHS programs/procedures.

Corporate & Site – Successfully negotiated permitting conditions and resolved compliance issues in a manner in which no NOVs, fines / penalties, nor Consent Decrees were levied against my employers in every position I have held.

At two of the sites that I worked at, where I had sole EHS responsibilities, those sites worked over one million (1,000,000 Man Hours) without an OSHA-Recordable Injury in one year’s time.

Certified PHA Leader, facilitated 7 PHAs for a Precious Metals Refining Process that was new to the United States. Created PHA Checklists based on the What If/Checklist Methodologies. Created Precious Metals Refining Process New Equipment Commissioning Checklists using MS Excel. Facilitated PHA Triennial Status Reports and ensured that all Action Items were completed in a timely manner as required by PSM regulations.

Created/updated company MSDS. Maintained / updated company MSDS Database. Approved vendor for creation of REACH SDS and oversaw subordinate preparation of REACH SDS.

Wrote / submitted air permit applications to applicable state governing bodies and company Regulatory Expertise Center. Prepared spreadsheets to estimate emissions based on US EPA AP-42 Emission Factors for both SOCMI and HON regulated facilities. One state agency liked one spreadsheet so much they requested my permission to share it with other Regulated Entities within that state. Another spreadsheet was so well-received by the Company Regulatory Expertise Center at their largest worldwide manufacturing site that it was leveraged (shared) company-wide (worldwide). Provided project management for purchase, selection, and programming of company control systems, data acquisition systems (DAS), and spreadsheets, which were used to ensure air permit compliance.

Developed standardized investigation checklists based on TAC (Texas Administrative Code) General Rules and individual PBRs (Permits-by-Rule:

• 30TAC 106.454 - Degreasing Units.

• 30 TAC 106.418 – Printing Presses.

• 30 TAC 109.472 – Organic and Inorganic Liquid Loading and Unloading.

• 30 TAC 106.473 – Organic Liquid Loading and Unloading.

• 30 TAC 106.478 – Storage Tank and Change of Service

Trained all City of Houston BAQC (now BPCP, an arm of the TCEQ in the City of Houston, TX) co-workers on Emission Inventory Reporting as required by the TCEQ, including peers and the Bureau Chief. (Received a promotion for my efforts).

Oversaw preparation of 9 Title V permit applications in 9 months at a major petrochemical manufacturer (2 plants in 2 separate locations), consisting of full-blown permit application submittals, reconciling Title V permit application with Air Emissions Inventory and state NSR permits/PBRs for 2 plants in the HGA. Developed and trained personal, management and hourly personnel on recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Ensured compliance with site Title V air permit, including site-specific reporting. Due to my recommendations (due to my regulatory knowledge and of the relationship between EPA and TCEQ), the newly promoted Environmental Department Manager decided to submit full-blown Title V permit applications, rather than abbreviated ones. (Received a promotion for my efforts – Production Manager, Polyisobutylene Unit – 2 promotions in 2 years).

Participated on the Texas NOx Rules Overview Team: met with state TCEQ, local regulators, and industry peers concerning proposed Texas NOx Rules. Provided comments and feedback on proposed regulations.

Winner, Environmental Excellence Award, for a savings of $450K in Waste Minimization & Recycling (Received a promotion for my efforts –Batch Polymerization Area Production Engineer). Recycling modalities / materials included: hazardous distillation bottoms, drummed hazardous wastes, drummed nonhazardous wastes, laboratory chemicals, vinyl pyridine latex, styrene-butadiene synthetic rubber, spent caustic, halogenated solvents including benzene, medical wastes, gas cylinders, metal drums, wastewater, oily water, plant trash, wooden pallets, and used tires.

Created a Wastewater Treatment Master Plan for a major manufacturing site (> 1MM lb/day production) that reduced operational complexity and prevented regulatory compliance exceedances. Determined that production of certain types of synthetic rubber, due to the addition of extender oils and antioxidants, shocked the WWTP, causing wastewater discharge permit exceedances. Implemented a plan to ensure compliance by addition of microorganisms to the WWTP aeration lagoon three days prior to production of the rubber to ensure that TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and Nitrogen as Ammonia wastewater discharge permit limits were not exceeded.

Wrote the Preliminary Scope Document, Final Scope Document, and prepared the Budget Request for replacement of an aging DAF (Direct Air Flotation Unit) that was required by the site permit to ensure compliance.

Performed experimental trials using oil skimmers to separate an oil-water emulsion formed in the site the API oil-water separator. The emulsion was formed due to the addition of antioxidants and extender oils to synthetic rubber. Determined that mechanical separation was not possible. Chemical separation was not economically feasible. Contracted to dispose of the oil-water emulsion at no cost via a local wastewater treatment company. In another positon, used prior knowledge/experience to determine that mechanical separation wasn’t possible, therefore determined that the most cost-effective method for breaking the oil/water emulsion was to use a water-based emulsion-breaking chemical that was manufactured by another division of the company. This was cheaper than sending it offsite for disposal. Designed/ performed experimental trials to determine the most effective emulsion-breaking chemical and the least amount of usage that would successfully break the emulsion and reduce environmental impact, thereby reducing risk.

Implemented changes to air, wastewater and storm water permit renewals and compliance plans, including SPCC, SWP3, and RMP. Then, successfully completed risk-based closure of two monitoring wells contaminated with low levels of chlorinated organics.

Prepared / submitted the “1993 OZONE EMISSION INVENTORY FOR VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS, OXIDES OF NITROGEN, AND CARBON MONOXIDE EMISSIONS for Baton Rouge and Calcasieu, Louisiana Ozone Nonattainment Areas” for submission to the United States Environmental Protection Agency while working for the LDEQ at HQ in Baton Rouge, LA.

Participated on the LEDQ Emissions Inventory Team that developed ERIC – the Emissions Reporting & Inventory Center, a web-based application for reporting annual criteria pollutant and/or toxic air pollutant (TAP) emission inventories.

Established one company’s ERIC emissions profile and proceeded to enter the site’s first AEI/EIQ data for Criteria Pollutants and TAP (Toxic Air Pollutants) into the LDEQ’s ERIC database.

Performed site-wide EHS audits to determine gaps in compliance and worked to resolve them. Developed site-wide audit protocols. Wrote/implemented the Hazard Communication & Chemical Management Plan, Blood-borne Pathogens Plan, Contractor EHS Program, and Respiratory Protection Program for one manufacturer. In other positions, updated all EHS policies / procedures, including Hot Work, Overhead Crane, LockOut/TagOut, Machine Guarding, Globally Harmonized System, etc., …

Directed work of 1 subordinate and an engineering consulting firm to write the following programs / plans (I couldn’t write them myself due to time constraints): LOTO (Lock-out / Tag-out), PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), SWP3 (Storm water Pollution Prevention), SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures), FRP (Facility Response Plan), and Slug Plan.

Lead 3 cross-functional teams (2 EHS Delivery Technicians, Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Maintenance Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Production Engineer, Production Operators) for a complete EHS / DOT regulatory view / applicability determination of all current regulations for 3 units located onsite at the largest petrochemical manufacturing location worldwide, consisting of both union and non-union operating units. Implemented global EHS Management Systems – standards and procedures. Performed a comprehensive review of all EHS/DOT rules and regulations applicable to each of 3 production units. Identified recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and developed document management and control procedures, thereby ensuring that each Self-Directed Work Team was empowered and fully knowledgeable of assigned responsibilities for ensuring compliance, including delegation of responsibilities from primary, through secondary, and tertiary levels.

Site Contact for OSHA VPP Certification. Prepared OSHA VPP Star application, organized site Safety Team, and created Safety Inspection Checklists, following up to ensure that corrective actions were implemented.

Provided the textbook, “Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications”, First Edition, Daniel A. Crowl, Joseph F. Louvar, that was used at one company to write a site emergency response plan that allowed individuals assigned emergency response duties to successfully estimate emissions and perform required initial reporting and follow up. Since I’d had graduate and undergraduate training in chemical process design safety, including estimating emissions, I was individual designated to perform the emissions estimates calculations. All individuals assigned emergency response duties kept a copy with them always, thereby allowing them to perform their duties even if they were off-site. Reviewed the company-developed guidebook and made corrections as necessary.

Updated and trained employees on Site Emergency Response Plan and wrote a policy, “Transport of Injured Employees to Medical Facilities in Non-company Vehicles” policy.

Worked with site Continuous Improvement SMEs to perform a site wide (including grounds) Fatality Risk Assessment and mitigate/eliminate risks, including safer roof access and establishing permanent pedestrian walkways to avoid in-plant traffic.

Wrote site Disaster Recovery Plans (in the event of catastrophic data losses) and Environmental Continuity Books (for consistency in recordkeeping and reporting).

Performed Special Production Runs of new rubber types developed by Division Synthetic R&D (Akron, OH). Ensured that adequate raw materials were available for each run. Ensured that new raw materials were approved by Corporate Safety & Industrial Hygiene and operations personnel were trained on the chemical hazards prior to each run. Ensured that round-the-clock engineering coverage existed for each run. Wrote production procedures for each run, including developing new Type Change Philosophies. Ensured that necessary equipment modifications were made according to OSHA PSM MOC. Ensured completion of necessary documentation per ISO 9002 procedures. Monitored each run and performed troubleshooting as necessary. Generated reports on the results of each run with recommendations and presented the information to upper-level management.

Wrote the Preliminary and Final Scope Documents (design criteria) and Budget Request (project justification based on production forecasts and labor issues) and submitted maintenance Work Orders and MOC for installation of a bulk CO2 storage and charging facility to supply CO2 to both batch and continuous polymerization production areas as required for specific SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) types. The bulk charging facility increased production capability, reduced operational complexity, and eliminated the need for additional operations personnel on overtime pay during production of these types of SBR.

Site Sanitarian / BRC Coordinator / HACCP Team Leader for Food Safety for Food Contact Packaging companies. Sites never failed an audit.


Kaiser Alumni Engineering Scholar, LSU Board of Supervisors Scholar, LSU Honors Scholar & Chancellor’s Student Aide, National Merit Finalist (Rohm & Haas), T. H. Harris Academic Scholarship, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Academic Scholarship, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Academic Scholarship, Shreveport Optimists Club Academic Scholarship

Dean’s List; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

Stephen Minister, Ordained Minister of the Gospel (Joan Hunter / Hunter Ministries); Certified Spiritual Director (in process, Perkins School of Theology / SMU); Certified Lay Speaker, UMC; Member UMW; Communion Steward; Bible Study Teacher; Vacation Bible School Teacher

Valedictorian; Student Council President; National Society of Distinguished American High School Students; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Debutante; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Service Girl, LSU Medical Center - Shreveport; President, Math & Science Club; French Club member; Choir member; Junior Varsity Sweetheart (Basketball).


Environmental, Health & Safety, DOT Manager / Engineer & Social Compliance Auditor

BS Chemical Engineer, EHS Emphasis

Grand Prairie, TX 75053

682-***-**** (C),

Technical Skills


Air Environmental Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, Recordkeeping, Reporting: CAA General Duty Clause, SIP, NNSR / NSR, PSD, NSPS (Subpart A, Db, Dc, Kb, UU, VV, LDAR, Emissions Other than Road-based), Title V, Title V PTE, CAM Plans, NESHAP / MACT (HON, MON, SOCMI, SOCMI Fugitives, Paint Stripping & Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations at Area Sources, Oil & Natural Gas Production, Printing & Publishing, PCWP, Surface Coating of Wood Products, Boiler, RICE, Benzene NESHAPs, Vinyl NESHAPs, Elastomers & Synthetic Rubber Production, Industrial / Commercial / Institutional Boilers & Process Heaters, Equipment Leaks of Hazardous Organics, Industrial Process Cooling Towers, Requirements for Control Technology Determination for Major Sources, Area Sources: Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing); National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Consumer and Commercial Products; GHG; CFC; Synthetic Minors; TCEQ Flex Permits, VERPS, PBRs, Reg V and Reg VII, NOx MECT, Emissions Events, STEERs; LDEQ Standard Exemptions, Air Toxics, ERIC; AEI / EIQ

Multi-media Environmental Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, Recordkeeping, Reporting in the states of: TX, LA, CA, MS, OK, NJ, OH, IN, AR, W VA, KS, TN, IL, OR, GA, SC, FL, NH, CO, MN; Mexico; Canada

Incident Command Center Member – Emissions Estimates Calculations Responsibility

Water Quality, Permitting, Troubleshooting, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting – NPDES, POTW, Storm

Water, Potable / Drinking Water, Well Water

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management / Minimization, Transportation and Disposal / Recycling; HAZWOPER; RCRA; DOT HazMat Transportation, IATA / ICAO, IMDG

Universal Waste Management / Disposal / Recycling

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Electronic Circuit Board Recycling (R2, RIOS)

SARA / EPCRA Reporting (Tier II, TRI) and TSCA Reporting

LEPC Company Representative

SPCC, SWPPP, FRP, Chemical Accident Prevention / RMP Maintenance and Compliance

Created / implemented Environmental Continuity Book and Disaster Recovery Plan

Company Representative on Regulatory Rule-making Panels and web-based Air Emissions Inventory (ERIC) system creation – LDEQ, TCEQ


OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Standards for General Industry, HAZCOM / GHS & PSM

OSHA General Industry Authorized (Outreach) Trainer

CSHO I & II (Certified Safety & Health Official) – OSHA General Industry and Advanced Environmental, Health & Safety Leadership

Certified PHA Leader – Lead Refining Process PHAs (7)

SafeLand USA / RigPass

DOT Supervisor’s Training, Behavioral Indicators of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Mis-Use

DOT Train-the-Trainer (3 certifications, TEEX, SWA, CSOTI)

Responsible Care

OSHAS 18001

First Aid / AED/ CPR / Emergency O2

Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Mental Health First Aid 8 hr (2 certifications)

Chemical Laboratory Safety

MSDS / GHS REACH SDS Creation / Updating, MSDS / SDS electronic system maintenance

Pre-Startup Safety Inspections / Pre-Startup Safety Reviews

Created New Equipment Commissioning Checklists

Wrote site OSHA VPP Star Application & prepared site to achieve VPP Star status

Fatality Risk Assessment / Risk Assessment & Hazard Control

Apollo RCA / RCI (Root Cause Analysis / Root Cause Incident Investigations)

Worker’s Compensation Claims – Initial Filing & Management

BBP / BBS (Behavior-Based Performance / Behavior-Based Safety)


Internal and External EH&S and Food Safety Audits

Quality Assurance & Control - ISO 9001 Internal Quality Audits

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Achieved 11/14/2019)

Six Sigma, Lean, Continuous Improvement / Kaizen, GEMBA, Sustainability, 5S / 6S, TPM

Facilities Management

Site Sanitarian for Food Safety / HACCP Team Leader – AIB / ASI / BRC / IOP; HACCP Plan, Food Safety Process Map, Raw Material Plan / Ingredients List, Work Instructions, Master Cleaning Schedule, Approved Cleaning Chemicals List, Training Aides / Presentations; FDA SOPs and cGMPs

Petrochemical Batch Production – Wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for New Product Experimental Runs (R & D) / Type Change Philosophies / Employee Training / Performed Troubleshooting / Process Optimization

Petrochemical Continuous Production – Wrote / Updated SOPs / Performed Troubleshooting / Process Optimization and PSM MOCs

Performed Monthly Site-Wide Material Balance


Sampling; HPLC; GC (Quantitative, Qualitative); TLC; NMR, IR, UV, and mass spectroscopy; DTA; X-ray diffraction; acid / base titration; pH determination


SAP, ISNetworld, PI Historian, GE Proficy Environmental Events Database, Renaissance System for Instrument Engineering, Maximo, Dolphin MSDS Management System, Process, PRO II, Crystal Report Writing, MS Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), WordPerfect, Office Writer, MS Works, WordStar, Lyrix, Lotus Notes, Lotus 123, Lotus Symphony, QuattroPro, SCO Professional, Vax Graphics, Harvard Graphics, FreeLance Graphics, BASIC, FORTRAN, (WAT V, 77), Assembler (TRS 80), UNIX, DOS (IBM System 36, MS Tandy) and company-customized databases


Windows 10

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Excel - Certification

Microsoft PowerPoint

Adobe Acrobat

Microsoft SharePoint

Accounting Essentials

Communication Strategies, Business Etiquette & Professionalism

Practical Time Management

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Professional (PMP) - Certification

Microsoft Project

ITL Foundation - Certification

Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt – Certification – Achieved 11/14/2019


Social Compliance Auditor – UL North America

HSE Auditor – Certification of Management Systems – The PSCI

EHS / DOT / Food Safety (ASI, AIB, BRC) Auditing, including developing audit protocols

Employee Training, including Safety (Hazard Recognition), Health, Environmental, US DOT HazMat, Food Safety, Emergency Response

Budgeting, Cost Accounting, Contractor Selection & Management

Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt certification (in process)

PMP (Project Management Professional) certification (in process)

Life, Health & Accident Insurance, including Medicare - (GA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MO, NJ, NC, NC-MEDICARE, OH, PA, TN, TX - Resident, VA)

LA P&C (licensing in process)

Retail Supervisor Career Diploma, Retail Pays, Penn Foster/TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) – in process

Basics of Leasing / Fair Housing, A List Apartment Staffing, Dallas, TX

Leasing Agent Internship, A List Apartment Staffing, Dallas, TX – in process

Spanish I – IV, Pimsleur Approach (in process)

Spanish for Dummies, Wiley Publishing (in process)


US Government Public Trust Security Clearance / NACI, (05/2015 – 09/2016)

US Passport

TSA PreCheck Authorization / KTN (Known Traveler Number)

Typing / Data Entry - Typing General (3 min) – Onscreen – Prove It! – 57 Raw WPM; Avg Mistakes / min – 2; Adj WPM – 55; 10 Key Onscreen Data Entry – Prove It! – 92%; 37 / 40; 4153 Keystrokes / hr; Accuracy – 97%; Adjusted Keystrokes / hr – 4028


Chemical / Petrochemical – Various

Oil & Gas – Midstream

Roofing, Asphalt, Insulation & Fiberglass Composites

Wood Products / OSB

Food Contact Packaging

Oils Blending & Packaging

Pharmaceutical Production

Green Electronics Recycling

Semiconductor / Medical Devices

Warehousing & Transportation

Rubber Recycling

Hazardous Materials / Waste Disposal / Recycling (Rotary Kiln)

Governing Environmental Agencies (TX, LA)

NASA – Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Insurance – 13 L/H/A (Life, Health & Accident, including Medicare) Insurance Licenses - (GA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MO, NJ, NC, NC-MEDICARE, OH, PA, TN, TX - Resident, VA)

Insurance – Property & Casualty – TX Licensing – in process


Grand Prairie, TX 75053

682-***-**** (C),






(Open to International Opportunities / Unlimited Travel / TopSide-Available)

EHS management professional and Chemical Engineer with 10+ years of experience in Health & Safety; Environmental permitting, clean air, clean water, waste, wastewater; emergency response, risk management, compliance, auditing, and training. Successful in leading, influencing and motivating both direct reports and other team members. Verifiable track record of delivering multiple projects on or under deadline. Results-oriented in team and individual projects. Constant attention to the bottom line: safety maximization and cost savings in multi-tier environments via innovative training programs, strategic planning, and sound operating standards and procedures (cGMPs / SOPs), ensuring optimization, continuous improvement, sustainability and social compliance. Troubleshooter.



HSE Auditor, Certification of Management Systems – The PSCI (Contract) (12/2019 – Present)


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