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Electrical Engineer

Terre Haute, IN
December 30, 2019

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*** **** **.

Henderson, Ky.***** / 1.270/244-7602


Focused – Experienced – Confident problem solver – Thrive on challenges – Determined, never quit.

Willing to relocate. My experience includes:

Certified ARC Flash Trainer

Industrial Power Management

Making Changes In The DCS

Maintaining / Backing Up The Existing DCS

Installing New Equipment For The DCS

Modifying Equipment For The DCS

Team Leadership

Capital Budgets

Expense Budgets

Reducing Manufacturing Lead Times

Leading Maintenance Teams / Engineers, Technicians (28)

Capital Construction Projects

Updating Equipment

Implementing New Technologies

Debottlenecking Processes

Project Management

Implementing Lean Manufacturing

Plant Substation Maintenance

Reducing Utility Costs

Facilities Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance Training Programs


Cold Strip Mill

Blast Furnace

Coke plant

Steel Mill

Preventative Maintenance

Process Safety Management

Reading Blueprints / Drawings

Working with Industrial Ovens – ThyssenKrupp, AK

Industrial Mixers - AK

Hazardous Materials

Unionized Environments / Plant Operations- Alcoa, Republic, AK

Plant Automation

Upgrading Controls

One Line Diagrams

Building AIN, AOUT, PID Blocks

Configuring DCS and PLCs



‘Motor Drives

Mobile Interfaces

Electrical Controls

Pneumatic Controls

Hydraulic Controls

Third Party Integration

P&ID Loop Drawings

Electromechanical Equipment

High Voltage (HV) - Class of nominal system voltages from 100 kV to 230 kV – Republic Steel

Medium Voltage (MV) -Greater than 1000 V but less than 100 kV

Low Voltage (LV) - Nominal voltage 1000 V or less

Loop Tuning

Engineering Flow Diagrams

Utility Flow Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams

Control Panel Drawings

Block Flow Diagrams

Troubleshooting plant automation / electrical

Allen Bradley PLC 5, SLC 500, Cutler Hammer and various Westinghouse units

Hardware Maintenance / Repair

Experienced With Instrumentation Tuning


Foxboro DCS


University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

BS Electrical engineering (BSEE)

National Honor Society

Penn State University, New Kensington, PA

AS Electrical Engineering (ASEE)

Graduated with high distinction


01/2019 – Current Home Depot, Evansville, In.

Assisted customers in electrical equipment/components necessary to successfully complete projects

Advised customers of NEC codes and what was needed to meet these codes.

Explained and taught customer’s electrical concepts.

Assisted other salesmen in the electrical department with answers to electrical questions.

03/2016 – 09/2017 Lowes Home Improvement, Owensboro Ky.

Electrical Pro

Assisted customers in electrical equipment/components necessary to successfully complete projects

Advised customers of NEC codes and what was needed to meet these codes.

Explained and taught customer’s electrical concepts.

Assisted other salesmen in the electrical department with answers to electrical questions.

2013 – 2014 Republic Steel, Canton, Ohio

Supplier of specialty bar quality Steel Billets

Supervisor of Substation Maintenance for the plant

Managed electricians to complete PM’s on substations

Supervised investigations of failures and developed solutions with results of future success with improved reliability

Led a team of 8. 4 electrical and 4 mechanical.

Scheduled daily duties

Supported and promoted a positive work ethic by example

Closed one plant and laid 50% of people off at our plant.

2010 - 2012 ThyssenKrupp Steel, Calvert Alabama

Most modern steel mill in America

Team manager electrical maintenance HSM in a new mill operation.

Commissioned the equipment for this new mill.

Managed 28 shift electricians

Set up plant walk throughs on every shift

Unit became proactive instead of reactive

Ensured PM’s were completed in a timely manner.


Developed formal walk through inspections.

Assigned individuals work in specific areas of responsibility.

oThis increased accountability and efficiency by 30%.

oBuilt a true team environment from a group of prima donnas.

Company was sold and I was laid off.

Technical specialist electrical maintenance (electrical trainer)

Lead training for the HSM electrical department.

Developed and instructed 40 hour electrical concept class for electricians.

Developed preventative maintenance procedures

Experience with SAP.

2006 - 2008 Private Consultant

Contracted for assistance on assorted electrical control projects involving optimization of various closed loop systems. These systems involved control of flow, temperature, pressure and level.

Wrote specifications for control valves, improved data monitoring and acquisition aspects that resulted in substantially improved targeted performance.

Wastewater management.

1993- 2006 AK Steel Middletown Works

Cold Strip Mill/Blast Furnace/Coke plant / Most profitable of all steel companies in 1996; highest production cold strip mill in the world.

Senior Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Responsible for the instrumentation and control supervisor duties in his absence managing 18 plant engineers.

oThis occurred on a regular basis.

Supervised technical repair individuals, electricians, pipe fitters, electrical contractors and maintenance working on multiple overlapping projects.

At all times I was responsible for numerous projects.

Being the Sr. EE allowed involvement with transformers, power distribution systems, 120 - 480 VAC and 250 VDC controls, one-line diagrams and P&ID's.

Implemented projects improving reliability and increased mean time between failures.

Developed cost analysis and cost controls to maintain budget constraints.

Implemented corrective actions necessary for safety recommendations.

Works well with various crafts, vendors, customers and suppliers resulting in effective communication and mutual respect.

Programmed and trouble shot PLC's including Allen Bradley PLC 5, SLC 500, Cutler Hammer and various Westinghouse units.

Trouble shot various motor drives including Allen Bradley, Westinghouse, Avtron, Cutler Hammer, Cegelak and Fincore.

Was the plant wide edge guide expert therefore became involved in applicable projects throughout the entire organization.

oExpanded the edge guide control scheme to automatically center the incoming coil into the mill.

oThis involved position feedback, summing amplifiers and servo amplifiers.

oThis greatly improved the edge alignment of the processed coil resulting in superior coil sidewalls.

Implemented various telemetry-biased (wireless) projects with success in the cold mill, zinc grip, coke plant production centers throughout the plant.

Replaced control for the antiquated coke plant reversing machine operation in conjunction with existing machine controls without any operation interruptions.

oThis improved PLC equipment resulted in a drastic improvement in reliability.

Conducted successful technical presentations and training seminars for varied audiences.

Led various teams involving chatter, winding problems and quality improvements.

Implemented laser position control schemes to control various handling equipment.

oThese were initially meant to be backup plans however due to the reliably of the new systems they were all used as primary control schemes.

Improved speed of coil car lift from 1.45 in./sec to 2.25 in./sec. by revising hydraulics.

oThis increased productivity by 15 %.

Implemented an automatic pH control of filter fluids through closed loop control .

Installed a device using a correollis principle to automatically monitor the amount of oil/water in the roll coolant and alarm if out of specification.

oThis actually functioned and saved production a large amount of possibly returned coils.

Installed controlling pyrometers in different areas of the plant resulting in to improved metal quality.

Explored feasibility and performance of laser strip speed feedback and mass/flow gage control.

Installed position feedback control devices on the entry mandrels, edge guide C-frame and the exit coil elevator lift.

Lead project teams that ranged from 8 to 35 members.

Installed ratio control system to automatically control the oil/water ratio of two roll coolant systems. This involved alarming if out of specification situations occurred.

Company went on strike

1993 - 1993 AEG Automation, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Site Manager

Automated and upgraded controls on steel processing equipment.

Improved quality and throughput.

Site manager for the modernization of the cold mill at Wheeling Pit Steel.

This involved directly managing 8 electrical engineers, 2 field service technicians and various consultants.

Primary functions were to follow daily electrical activities and act as a liaison between AEG and Wheeling Pit Steel.

Responsibilities included ensuring project expectations were met.

The company wanted to send me to China and I resigned to join AK Steel

1989-1992 Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) Davenport, IA

The largest manufacturer of aluminum sheet, plate and foil products in one location in the world.

Electrical Engineer

Project leader on electrical projects up to $1M.

Participated in various teams throughout the plant, resulting in improved processes and decreased downtime.

Successfully implemented SPC and reliability methods in commissioning projects.

Conducted various successful technical presentations and training throughout the plant.

Reduced crane radio control relay failure from 364 failures/year to 2 failures/year, resulting in $ 350K savings in two years.

Initiated a reliability study on a newly installed production center, resulting in improved reliability from .49 to .89.

Installed temperature control systems to increase reliability and consistency. This including motor control centers and a PID digital controller which regulated 40,000 gallons of mill coolant within 2 degrees. This improved quality and throughput.

Reduced scrap.

Recruited to AEG

1987 - 1989 Obtained BSEE degree from Pitt

1978-1987 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Monroeville, PA

A prime contractor for the U.S. Navy nuclear projects.

Senior Electrical Engineer Aide

Attended school for BSEE degree while working full time.

Resigned to attend school full time

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