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HSE Senior Manager

6th of October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt
For Negotiation
December 30, 2019

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Dr. Yahya Hakem Saleh

Somid West - Al Megawra # * - District 16/15, Villa # 4, October, Aljizah, 11220, Egypt

Home Phone: +202********

Cell Phone: +201********* & +962 (0-795*******

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Lady / Gentleman

It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration.

My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee.

My CV/Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Dr. Yahya Saleh


I would like a job where my considerable experience in the field of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment to

1.Plan and direct Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) matters in all areas of the operation.

2. Develop and maintain company Health, Safety and Environmental Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.

3. Advise Management on measures related to process ensuring Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.

4. Establish the concept of HSE through implement HSE Training Courses and improving awareness of all employees.

This will create a strong HSE Management System establishing safety awareness of personnel, improving culture of employees, avoiding personal accidents, maintaining company property, providing safe working conditions...etc. this will result in keeping the organization in good reputational level and more business,



Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – Hasib Al – Sabbagh Academy (HSA) - Amman, Jordan – Sept. 2014 – To Date

Responsible for executing the 2 years HSE Diploma at Hasib Al – Sabbagh Academy for Al – Balqa Applied University (BAU) – Jordan

Preparing the HSE Curriculum for the students in English to match their educational levels.

Coordination with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) - USA for all issues concerning the HSE curriculum development and treatment all problems

Coordination with all management at BAU regarding continuous development of the HSE curriculum.

Supervising and leading the groups assigned for developing of HSE Diploma Seven Courses of the first semester of the (second) specialty year and the prerequisite course of Introduction to HSE of the first year to be issued in easy language and in educational books and provided with cases to study, applied examples and quizzes.

Preparing and developing all Five Courses of the second semester of the specialty (second) year in simple English language.

Conducting and teaching all HSE courses at HSA for BAU HSE Students Diploma.

Coordination with local companies to arrange visits of students as a practical field training incorporated their study.

Teaching the following HSE curriculum at HSA for BAU HSE Students Diploma.

-Introduction to HSE

-Safety Management System - Part I and II

-Health Hazards and Industrial Hygiene – Part I And II

-Permit Work and High Risk Tasks

-Fire Protection and Prevention

-Emergency Action Plan and Response

-Risk Analysis and Hazard Control

-Workplace Policies and Procedures

-Environment Management Systems

-Incident Analysis and Investigations

-Field Training at local companies of different activities

Preparing all exams of all HSE courses including first, second and final exams of the first and second semester for HSE Students Diploma.

Preparing the final comprehensive exams for all HSE Students Diploma at BAU.

Handling all office works and keeping data base of all training issues including exam results and recording on the web site of BAU.

Training some of the BAU staff to be included in the process of teaching the HSE courses for the HSE Students Diploma and planning for establishing such specialty at BAU.

Assigned as a member of the high committee of developing education at BAU.

Assigned as a member of developing and preparing HSE Supervising training courses that handled by Jordanian Ministry of Labors / Accreditation and Quality Assurance Centre in coordination with USAID that handling the developing of technical education in Jordan.

HSE Training Manager

Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) - Cairo, Egypt - Cairo, Jan 2012– Aug 2014

Identify and arrange annual and future HSE Training Programs.

Preparing HSE Training Management as a policy and building up HSE Training Matrix for all employees.

Prepare Training Materials / Courses Handouts.

Maintain record of Safety Training Programs and attendance of participants.

Evaluate attendances’ knowledge by conducting tests at the end of Training Sessions.

Issue certificates to successful trainees and arrange re-training for others.

Evaluate and improve HSE Training Courses / Programs.

Obtain feedback on courses, faculties, etc. and prepare reports to Higher Management.

Conduct sample surveys for identifying training needs of organization employees.

Issue statistics on “Training Matters” as required.

Coordinate with External Authorities for implementing HSE Training Courses.

Coordination with all HSE Training Centers, Universities and Institutes for mutual information and experience.

Performing field studies and researches to enhance HSE Training Process.

Carrying out On Job and Refreshing HSE Training Courses.

Health, Safety, Environment and Security Corporate Manager

M.A. Kharafi (MAK) - Kuwait, Kuwait, Aug 2000 - Oct 2011

Outline the Health, Safety and Environment policies.

Updating the HSE Regulations with respect to the International Standards.

Preparing HSE Planes & Procedures for all projects' activities.

Preparing Security Planes for all projects.

Coordination with all company projects to improve HSE Functions and to realize Zero Accident Target.

Tracking and documenting accident experiences and Health, Safety & Environment relating to Kharafi employees.

Evaluating HSE data and reports, and implementing loss control methods to minimize losses due to accident.

Coordination with all project managers in establishing HSE awareness of all employees, managing of solving critical HSE problems and establishing the target of zero accident record.

Preparing Unified HSES & Fire Fighting Regulations in accordance with International, Local Standards and on up to date basis.

Preparing and planning Unified HSE Training Courses for all levels of employees.

Developing and implementing HSE procedures.

Establishing monitor and audit field loss control and accident prevention programs & provide technical assistance in order to eliminate or control hazards, accidents and the subsequent company property losses.

Carrying out Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment in all projects.

Studying the results of HSE Audits, Risk Assessments and Hazard / Job Safety Analysis (HSA / JSA) as a way of improving work conditions, HSE awareness of personnel and maintaining company property from losses.

Handling the HSES Budget for all projects by managing and determine the needs of manpower, equipment, materials, etc.

Outlining the technical specification of personal protective equipment, HSES devices and tools, materials and equipment job HSES related.

Senior Safety Engineer

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) - Kuwait, Kuwait, Apr 1988 - Jul 2000

Working as Senior Safety Engineer for entire MAB refinery area.

Engineer incharge for company’s Safety Promotion Program achieving highest level of Accident Free Million ManHours, a success story in MAB Refinery history, the never before event.

Assisting Top Management on Safety Standards & Procedure, Policy and Program in safety carrying out its Business with a pioneering Leadership Role.

Studies of all KNPC / MAB Refinery Projects and providing Safety Inputs in Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance of Plant & Machinery.

Safety Program Administration and Coordination of first time MAB – GRTA performed without a lost time accident, a record pronounced achievement.

Computerization of accident data, accident analysis reporting and record keeping.

Looking after Contractor Safety Management System and its Implementation.

Safety Material Inventory Management.

Safety Education, Training Programs preparation and conductance of Courses for KNPC, Seconded and Contractors Employees.

Enforcement and monitoring implementation of KNPC safety regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Management and Safety Works.

Unified PPE Specification Tender Committee meeting for three KNPC Refineries.

Noise Survey Study for all MAB Refineries areas and found out the necessary recommendations to eliminate or reduce the problem to acceptable standard limit.

Hydrogen Sulphides Monitors Managements on quarterly basis.

Review and Updating KNPC Safety Regulations.

Safety Audit Program initiator and coordinator.

Full knowledge of KNPC administrative and technical procedure and system required necessary for Safety Function.

Traffic Safety Management.

Handling and inspection of all vehicles, rotating equipment, lifting equipment and all equipment required to use inside MAB premises and issuing the corresponding certificate.

Providing On Job Training to Kuwaiti UD Safety Engineers.

Editor of KNPC monthly Safety Bulletin and Safety Publicity.

Handling Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment, studying the results and found out proper solutions to avoid its reoccurrence.

Carried out hazard identification of units / offsite by safety survey / inspection, safety audit and risk analysis.

Sharing in all Zones safety committee meetings at MAB Refinery concerned with discussion of all field problems and found out preventive measures to remove or reduce their existence.

Presented commendable safety monitoring during replacement job of H2S stripper tower in Hydrocraker Unit. Project completed successfully without any accident.

HSE Training Coordinator

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) - Kuwait, Kuwait, Aug 1986 - Mar 1988

Share from the beginning to postulate the design of the building and involved in all meetings conducted regarding about.

Manage to propose all training materials required.

Propose Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training Matrix for all KNPC, Seconded and Contractors’ employees.

Propose the HSE Training Plan for all KNPC, Seconded and Contractors employees in accordance with their nature of jobs and their positions.

Establish the concept of multi safety training incorporations and directions by conducting long and short term duration

Plane the HSE Training Program on annual and quarterly basis.

Preparing courses and training program outlines as per employees' needs and job requirements.

Preparing Safety Orientation Program for the new employees to be knowledgeable about inherent hazards at their workplace and to prevent accidents and losses.

Coordination with Management and other department heads to plan for the training schedules and discuss feedback and interest.

Coordination with Local Safety Sections in refineries and Local Marketing about the all over Safety Training Matrix concept and special concentration on the On Job Training & Refresher Courses Plan and material based on day – to day activities.

Routine daily office work covering all memos, reports, needs and quarterly & annual statistics.

Safety Instructor

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) - Kuwait, Kuwait, Feb 1984 - Jul 1986

Conducting on safety related subject to different levels of company employees.

Preparing all training manuals for new employees (Operations, Maintenance and Firefighting) on Safety, Fire and Chemistry.

Training nominated company personnel for scholarships to obtain the B.Sc. engineering degree from USA on chemistry and safety.

Preparing all lecturing aids & tools and other lecturing materials.

Follow up of short on sight safety talks.

Contribution in safety campaigns and the periodical safety publications.

Researcher and Head of Chemical Lab

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - Cairo, Egypt - Cairo, Jun 1977 - Jan 1984

Follow up on sample check of gases, fumes, dust etc. for the purpose of Environmental Pollution Control.

Chemical Analysis for product specifications control.

Safety Researcher on actual incidents and recommendations on accident prevention to improve working conditions on sight.

Preparing and conducting safety presentations and lectures.

Contribution and representing the firm in several safety committee including high level committees for the country.

Safety Inspector and Head of Safety Office

General Management of Industrial Safety (GMIS) - Cairo, Egypt, Apr 1968 - May 1977

Routine Safety inspector daily duties to maintain safe working conditions.

Investigation and analysis of industrial incidents.

Heading and conducting safety periodical meetings with different levels of employees to promote safety and increase awareness among staff.

Preparing safety reports on safety conditions for higher management.

Review drawings for recommended modifications from safety point of views.

Coordinate with in charge people within Operations’ Departments prior to shut down and startup of plants.

Contributed in preparing Emergency Handling Plans.

Data collection with respect to accidents and near misses.

Participated in planning and implementing new safety rules and regulations.


Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University

Doctorate of Chemistry - Egypt - Cairo - Apr 1981 - Jul 1989

Faculty of Science, Al Azhar University

Master of Chemistry - Egypt - Cairo - Oct 1977 - Dec 1980

Faculty of Science, Cairo University

Bachelor of Science - Egypt - Cairo - Oct 1963 - May 1967


Leadership charisma,

Dynamic team player,

Sense of responsibility,

Highly inquisitive,

Creative and resourceful,

Excellent skills in written and oral communication and collaboration,

Time management skills,



Extensive knowledge of International and Local Health, Safety and Environment Regulations and reporting procedures,

Ability to perform in a supervisory managerial capacity,

Internet research,

Exposure to ISO 9001:2002, ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001:1999 and statistical control methods


-HSSE Management

-HSE Training Management

-HSE Auditing

-HSE Risk Assessment and Job Hazard Analysis

-HSE Consultancy

-HSE Tender


Basic and Advanced different Safety Training Courses,

National Institute of Industrial Safety, Egypt.

Intermediate and Top Management Safety & Health Training Courses.

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, (NIOSH), Egypt.

General Industry & Construction Standards Occupational Health and Safety OSHA 30 Hours Training Courses, USA.

NEBOSH Intern. Gen. Certificate, UK.

Foam Fire Protection Seminar, National Foam Company.

Handling Emergencies in Oil Refineries, Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum Industry Development.

First Symposium on Chemistry and Safety, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry-IUPAC.

Respiratory Protection and Maintenance of Respirators, MSA.

Gas Tester Theories, Application and Maintenance, MSA.

Train the Trainer,

Faculty of Administrative Science,

Kuwait University, Kuwait.


In Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi & Sons (MAK) Company – Contracting Division, Kuwait and allover sites of activities along with experience

Started and organized HSES Department in Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi & Sons (MAK) – Contracting Division, Kuwait.

Prepared the technical specification of all personal protective equipment, safety devices, ventilation equipment, firefighting equipment and facilities, etc. required to be used in MAK – Contracting Division, Kuwait.

Applying central unified system of safety items required for all MAK Projects- Kuwait.

Contributed as a permanent member in all MAK Tender Committees – Contracting Division for preparing all Particular HSE Management Plans, Prequalification Questionnaires, etc. required for projects throughout the world.

Preparing an HSE Improvement Plan in MAK to establish good safety awareness for all employees and to prevent or avoid job related accidents.

Started and organized the Safety Training Center in Mina Abdulla Refinery, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait for conducting safety courses to all company and non-company employees.

Started and organized the Centralized Safety Training Center in Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait.

Prepared and conducted the safety training programs for Kuwait police force of Ministry of Interior being conducted several times a year since 1991 at Police Institute, Head Office Police Building and in Mina Abdulla Refinery, Kuwait.

Loss Prevention Course prepared for engineering students of Kuwait University and students of Kuwait Technological studies Institute.

Formulated and conducted the special safety program for the State Fire Brigade Crew, Kuwait.

Contributed with safety teams at different Kuwait National Petroleum Company Refineries to handle plan safety activities during peak times such as General Refinery Turn around/execution of projects, etc. Kuwait.

Prepared and supervised special safety courses to suit some governmental and private sector companies, Kuwait and Egypt.

Seconded to Zaqazik University as a member of Faculty of Engineering, Cairo, Egypt.

Contributed in discussions of Kuwait National Petroleum Company Unified Fire and Safety Regulations.

In Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) During 1999

Responsible for achieving ZERO ACCIDENT result for MAB refinery “Steam System Revamp Project” with 100% safety target.

Outstanding performance in achieving “3 Million Accident Free Man-hours” & “One Full Year” of Accident Free Refinery Operation-a never achieved record by KNPC.

A team member in completing HAZOP Study of Hydrogen, Hydrocracker, Coker and Crude Units.

Completion of Safety Reviews of New Project, Risk Analysis and Project Safety Management.

Implementation of Contractors’ Safety Management System.

Unification and method improvement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Specifications and Procurement of Quality Safety Items.

Handling of KNPC / MAB Refinery Safety Promotions, Safety Suggestion, Rolling Trophy, and Shutdown Promotion Schemes.

Training faculty for various high value safety courses


Hani Hemmat

MAKDLC - Engineering, Dubai

United Arab Emirates, +971-*********

Hussein Azmi

M.A. Kharafi, Al Shuwaikh

Kuwait, +965-********

Fakher Dakrouri

Orascom Construction Industries, 2005 A Corniche El Nil

Cairo - Egypt, +201*********

Rula Sabbagh

Consolidated International Contractor Company

Jordan – Amman, +962*********

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