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Machine Operator/machine setter/line maintenance/forklift operator

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
6500-7000 sr
January 03, 2020

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Dennis Michael B. Pascasio

#** ****** **. ******** ******** City, Zambales, Philippines, 2200



Age: 30y/o

Date of birth: June 7, 1987

Gender: Male

Civil Status: Single

Height: 5’6 1/2

Weight: 76 kgs.

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Permanent Address: #19 Nieves St. Mabayuan Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines

Profile Overview:

Hardworking machine operator with 10 years of commended performance within the production of field/area, excels at handling and operating heavy duty machines and provide sustainable, high yield production performance on manufacturing floor.

Main Responsibilities and Performance:

Worked on high speed machine equipment and precision machinery used in mass production.

Prepared machine for production process by equipping it with the required tools and parts.

Assured the constant availability of raw materials and inputs so that the machine could function at all times.

Made sure the products manufactured from the machine were of high quality; made adjustments to improve the quality when possible.

Worked overtime to complete the production requirement of the clients.

Monitored the machine regularly to avert preventable breakdowns.

Performed regular checks on the parts of machinery and made required adjustments wherever necessary.

Exceptional mechanical aptitude aimed at controlling and operating complex machinery.

Great physical stamina and dexterity to perform repetitive work activities and movements.

Well-versed in reading and interpreting blueprints with a view to understand machine schematics and models.

Demonstrated ability to learn new machine operations and adjust machine parts to meet specific instructions.

Capable of working in a high noise environment.

Able to monitor and assess performance of machinery and make needed adjustments.

Proven ability to perform quality control analysis by conducting tests and inspections.

Exceptional time management skills aimed at ensuring that machine operations are carried out in a time efficient manner.

Excellent judgment and decision making skills; ability to consider costs and benefits of optimal machine operations.

Critical thinking abilities aimed at identifying alternative solutions to machine operation problems.

Complex problem solving skills targeted at evaluating possible machine operational issues.

Able to plan, organize and schedule machine operations in sync with production agendas.

Track record of prioritizing work activities in accordance to scheduled operating precedence.

Skilled at dismantling, repairing and maintaining equipment.

Knowledge of operating hand and power tools used in the production trade.


Machine Operator Greif Jubail Saudi Arabia 2016-present

Seaming Machine Operator

Drum production Process

The drum body blanks are automatically fed to the Seam Welding Machine by the de-stacker where they get round bent and welded and transferred onto the index conveyor. The index conveyor conveys the welded bodies stepwise in the centerline of the machines that are placed in the order of Flanger, Bead Expander, Corrugator, Seamer. The tops and bottoms are automatically feed and loaded onto the seaming machine for seaming. The actual loading is achieved one station before the seaming station. The line is operated automatically under the supervisory control of one operator whose normal position is on the Operator control console.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Setting & carrying out machine changeovers.

Undergoing difficult and different troubleshooting.

Conducting preventative maintenance.

Producing quality products and ensuring minimal production time & wastage.

Making necessary adjustments to equipment to ensure equipment performance & product quality.

Reporting any machine malfunctions or problems to management.

Maintaining of machinery.

Preparing the designated machine for each production task.

The ability to adjust machines settings if required.

Perform tests to ensure the machine is set properly.

Comfortably operate the machine during production.

Operate the machine during production and ensuring the machine is performing accurately.

The ability to assemble machine parts

Cleaning and maintaining of machinery.

Completing of batch documentation and in process quality checks.

Computer data entry on system production daily basis.

Machine Operator Ezset Tonglung Philippines 2008-present

Machine operated

Hydromat HW-20

a single shaft semi-automatic lathe machine that cuts a coil round material and turned into a supporting nut.

Duties & Responsibilities

An automatic lathe operator removes dull cutting tools and attaches tools and work pieces to the lathe. He may monitor more than one machine at the same time. An operator listens carefully to the machines during operation to determine if they are operating correctly. He adjust machine settings and controls as necessary when problem arise. When parts are finished, a lathe operator stops the machine and removes finished work pieces, changes the set up if needed for the next job and may measure completed parts to ensure the conform to specifications.

Die casting machine operator

Machines Operated

Producer hot chamber die-casting

Model: DH-P200

Yeou Sheng Machine

Sim Hope Machine

Duties & Responsibilities

Sets up and operates die casting machine to cast parts, such as automobile trim, carburetor housings, and

motor parts from nonferrous metals, such as zinc, aluminum, or magnesium: Lifts specified die sections into machine, using chain fall or hoist. Bolts die section in position and adjusts stroke of ram, using hand tools. Connects water hose to cooling system of die. Preheats die sections with torch or electric heater. Turns valves and sets dial to regulate flow of water circulating through die and to control speed of machine, based on size and structure of part being cast and type and temperature of metal being used. Blows metal fragments from die surfaces, using air hose, and brushes lubricant into die cavity and onto plunger. Hand ladles molten metal into chamber of machine when operating hot chamber machine. Pushes button to close and lock dies and activate plunger that forces molten metal into die cavities. Removes casting after dies open automatically, using pliers or tongs. Inspects casting for defects. May inspect castings, using fixed gauges. May load metal ingots into melting furnace, and transfer molten metal to heated reservoir of die casting machine, using hand ladle.

Production Operator Wistron Philippines 2007-2008

Assembling notebook PC, Handheld devices like GPS and PDA

Duties & Responsibilities

A production operator can include many different jobs from assembly to maintaining machines and equipment. A production operator can perform variety of duties like preparing materials for an assembly line, operating, packaging and any other steps in the manufacturing process. Often production operator are required to maintain records of their output to compare it to the schedule.


Computer Technician Nico’s Net Cafe March 2006

Provide technical support to the customer, configure computer systems, diagnose hardware/software faults and solve technical and applications problems.

Duties & Responsibilities

A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician’s responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software, creating and maintaining computer networks.


F.I.R.S.T (Freeport Institute of Research Science and Technology)

Computer Hardware and Software 2004-2007

Columban College High School 2000-2004

Columban College Elementary Department 1994-2000


Computer Literate

Knowledgeable in AutoCAD 2007

Good in Oral/Written Communication

Knowledge in operating milling,lathe and cutting machines

Forklift operator

Key making milling operator

Key making cylinder drilling operator

Press machine operator

Stamping logo operator

Overhead crane operator

Production maintenance/mold setter


System Analysis and Electronics Workbench Design

November 19, 2005


Visual Basic (Database & Printer Port Programming)

September 29, 2006


Mabuhay Satellite

January 26, 2006



Joan Eclarinal - +639*********)

Manager - Philcopy Olongapo Branch

Jesus Galapon - +639*********)

Manager - Guimba Trimedia

Jonnel Belnas – +971*********)

Administrator - Daewoo Engineering & Constructions Co., LTD

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