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Data analyst

Buffalo Grove, IL
January 02, 2020

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Illinois Institute of Technology, Master of Science, Information Technology Management. GPA: 3.9/4 December 2019 Coursework: Advanced Data Analytics, Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Science, Project Management PES Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, ECE. GPA: 3.29/4 June 2017 SKILLS

Analytical Abilities: Database Administration, Data Modelling, Data Profiling, ETL, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Machine Learning (Regression, Classification, Time Series, Clustering, Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing) Programming/Querying Languages: Python (numpy, pandas, seaborn, scikit-learn, nltk), R, JavaScript, Java FX, MySQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL Reporting Tools: Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx, Qlik, Pentaho Data Integration, Informatica, SSRS, SSIS, Visual Studio, SPSS, SAS,Excel Cloud Technologies: Spark, AWS Ecosystem (Redshift, S3), Google Cloud Platform Business Analysis: SDLC, Agile, Waterfall, UML Modelling, Risk Management, Feasibility Analysis TECHNICAL WORK EXPERIENCE

Data Scientist, Fifth Third Bank, Chicago April-Present 2019

• Designed and monitored ETL workflows using Alteryx for the EDW transformation of Lasalle Solutions into Fifth Third Bank

• Generated Business Intelligence dashboards using Power BI and DAX to track the mobile data usage for each user cutting costs by 30%

• Presented weekly and monthly sales, leasing and revenue reports to stakeholders to drive business decisions.

• Analysed datasets using Pig, Hive, Hadoop Map Reduce to recomme

• Tracked key metrics such as sales pipeline using SSRS to help business leads interpret how sales team is tracking against goals

• Recovered sales worth 2 million dollars by generating a report for orders invoiced but not paid which exceeded the due payment date. Technical Business Analyst, Wipro, Bangalore January-December 2017

• Generated SQL reports and Tableau dashboards to analyse the data discrepancies across the Wipro Database

• Developed ETL workflows using SAS to enable weekly processing of 3-5 GB datasets into the CRM

• Extensively used SQL to run nightly jobs and support the reports for the sales team.

• Process and analyse complex financial datasets using advanced querying, visualization and modelling in VBA, SQL, Excel and Tableau

• Designed ER diagrams, Database Tables and optimized and fine-tuned complex SQL queries using Oracle SQL Developer Data Analysis Intern, Landis+Gyr, Delhi June-August 2015

• Executed power measurement analysis and metering metrology concepts

• Implemented smart meters using IOT and performed general analytics over household electricity usage

• Meter Data Management System Analysis to record and generate reports using the data from smart meters ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Google Play Store Analytics : Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago January-August 2019 Objective: Build a recommender system through user reviews and ratings (Tools: Python(numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, nltk), Power BI and DAX)

• Clean and process Google play store data with 30,000 applications and 120,000 user reviews and ratings

• Created dashboards and implemented several decriptive visual analytics upon the play store applications using Power BI

• Used Scikit-learn to build several models and classify applications, achieved a 92% accuracy using the KNN model

• Performed text mining using nltk upon user reviews and classified the user reviews to get a deeper insight upon their ratings

• Built a recommender system using collaborative filtering based on the user reviews and ratings for the applications Crime Analysis : Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago June-December 2018 Objective: Analyse the general trend of Crime in Chicago (Tools: Python(NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn), SQL, Tableau)

• Examined, analysed, cleaned and transformed the Chicago Crime Dataset with over 100,000 records

• Implemented Decision Trees, Random Forests, Naïve Bayes, KNN and Logistic regression to predict the arrests made against the crimes

• Cluster Analysis of the crimes based on the Location of the Crimes to gain insight over the streets with the highest crime rate

• Visually recognized the highest crime areas by generating a heat map for the city along with several other Crime Statistics reports Mail Classification : Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago June-December 2018 Objective: Spam and Ham detection of Emails (Tools: Python(scikit-learn, nltk, pandas, seaborn))

• Natural Language Processing Techniques such as stemming, lemmatization and TF-IDF to extract features from unstructured text data

• Build Language understanding models to classify emails as spam or ham using Natural Language Processing with an accuracy of 82% Sports Analytics : Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago January-August 2018 Objective: To Predict the outcomes of Soccer Matches and Suitable Player Positions (Tools: R, SQL, Tableau)

• Predicted the overall rating of the players by building a Multiple Linear Regression Model using the Player Skillset

• Enhanced player statistics using NaiveBayes, Logistic Regression, KNN, Descision trees to forecast the best suited position of play

• Determined the outcome of Soccer matches using the overall player and club statistics with 87% accuracy Mobile Plan Service : Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago January-August 2018 Objective: Create a GUI using Java FX to implement a service provider menu (Tools: Java, Java FX)

• Created a GUI for the mobile service providers to add customers, mobile plans and view customer history and their registered complaints

• Implemented a Client Menu to edit information, change mobile plans, register complaints and view bills CERTIFICATIONS

• IBM certification on Python for Data Science

• Wipro certified training on Database Management Systems and Data Analytics

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