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Software Engineer Developer

Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
January 02, 2020

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Augusto Flavio Albuquerque Arraes Freire, M.Sc

Fortaleza, Brazil

+55-85-999-***-*** Objective

Remote Java Developer.


I am a web developer with over ten years of experience. I also taught some CS classes. I like to do business processes, developing web solutions. I have master science degree in applied computing. I currently work with Java (Spring Boot), Php, Django/python, JS and also other technologies. Always willing to new challenges and learn new technologies.


Vamos Rent a Car, Fortaleza, Brazil – May, 2018 – Present Web Software Engineer (monthly consultant)

I built web applications, using Php, JS and MySQL, that helped company backoffice to manage Customer Base, fleet management, users to rent cars, reports and mirror-algorithm with others reservations sites, to avoid conflicts with other direct reserves. Federal Institute of Ceará (IFCE), Fortaleza, Brazil – Jan, 2009 – Present Full Stack Developer (full time)

I built web applications, using Django/Python, with JS, Postgres. Major modules consist of the Warehousing/ERP and Heritage Management, Users and Employees Management, Educational Project Management and Planning Management. I have also developed another system in Php language and have already performed other roles in IT Management. Others: Git, Linux environment, HTML, CSS. Catholic University Center of Quixadá, Quixadá, Brazil – Aug, 2009 – Nov, 2016 Professor

Professor of the course of Information Systems, whose disciplines were: Operational Systems, Programming Language Paradigms (Java), Project Management, Object Oriented Programming (Java), Analysis & Design (Java+UML), Special Topics, Data Structure, Programming Logic (Java) and Technology Management of Information.

Metropolitan Faculty of Great Fortaleza (Fametro), Fortaleza, Brazil - 2012 - 2014 Professor

Professor in the course of Systems Analysis & Development. Ministered the disciplines: Operational Systems, Fundamentals of Analysis & Design of Systems (Java+UML), Paradigms of Programming Languages

(Java), Fundamentals of Database, Software Engineering. DataPrev, Fortaleza, Brazil – Oct, 2007 – Oct, 2009 Web Developer Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst developer in Web Distributed System Development project in Java JEE. I developed system analysis, business, requirements, validation, specification analysis and design (A & P), conceptual data modeling. Main roles: A & P and Data specifier. Methodologies: UML, PMBOK, RUP. Technologies: Java Struts, Oracle Designer.

Group of Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Systems (GREat/UFC), Fortaleza, Brazil – Apr, 2005 – Apr, 2006

Software Engineer

Software Engineer and Researcher Participation in research and development project in the area of Mobile Computing: Studies on J2ME (Java) and BREW; Development of mobile applications in J2ME and BREW. Member of mobility research group and project standards; Project analysis and management activities.


Back-end: Java, Spring Boot (microservice) and components, AOP; Django/Python; REST; SQL; Php

Data: MySql, Postgresql, JPA

Front-end: jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS DevOps: Docker; Spring Cloud: API Gateway (Netflix/Zuul, Spring Boot) and Discovery (Eureka, Spring Boot); AWS, Tomcat



Git, IDEs, Postman, XML

Others: Gatling, Micrometer, Prometheus, Grafana, Scrum SO: Linux, MacOS and Windows


Doctoral Student in Applied Computing, 2017 – Present I work with Distributed Systems and Microservices (Java). I develop a framework for hybrid migration monolithic system to microservices, at runtime and unclouped. Engineering: Spring Framework (MVC, Aspect/AOP), Spring Boot (JPA, Data, Spring Cloud), Prometheus, Micrometer, REST, Gatling, AWS services

(EC2, RDS), Docker on AWS and Serverless. Others: Git, Postman, Postgres, Mysql and Tomcat. University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza, Brazil.

Master Degree in Applied Computing, 2008.

Ceará State University, Fortaleza, Brazil.

Degree in IT Technologist, 2005.

Federal Institute of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil.

Willing to learn new tecnlogies

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