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Oracle DBA Manager

Rockville, MD
January 02, 2020

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Balaji Gangaih


[Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i OCP Certified]

Visa Status: Green card EAD


Over 18+ years of experience in managing and leading as an Oracle Application DBA, core DBA and Oracle Cloud & Amazon AWS Architect on various platforms.

16+ years of experience as Apps DBA on12.2.7, 12.2.4, 12.2.3, 12.1.3, 11.5.10,11.5.9,11.5.8, 11.5.5 on Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux Servers.

5+ years of experience in r12.2 on configuring and applying online patches.

2+ years of Oracle Cloud experience in migration and maintenance of EBS

2+ years of EBS maintenance on AWS cloud

Extensive experience in installing and configuring OEM 11g and 12c

Configured OEM alters to monitor servers, databases, listeners and applications.

Configured OEM to monitor Supercluster & Exadata machines and ASM & Oracle cluster nodes.

Experience in managing applications Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS, Oracle CRM, Oracle OLM

Experience in managing Oracle Application’s Databases and core Databases on 8.x, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12C both RAC and non RAC

Experience in installing and managing Oracle Applications and Databases on Exadata X3/2 and Supercluster on T5/8 and T7/8 Full and Half RAC

Experience in Migration of Oracle Applications and Databases from Legacy to Exadata/ Supercluster.

Completed 3 Upgrade Projects of Oracle Applications from to 12.2.3 and 12.2.4 & Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.9 to

Numerous Database Upgrades from 11g to 12c, 10g to 11g and 9i to 10g

Experience in Configuring and Managing DR solutions Oracle Data Guard and SRDF

Experience in Managing and Leading the dba team of both Apps and Core dbas.

Experience in handling Oracle Applications and core Database of sizes over 20TB.

Experience in maintaining the Exadata/Supercluster databases for DW/OLTP

Experience in Oracle Application Cloning and Configuring using Rapid clone, Adconfig and Adadmin.

Expertise in Application Patching using Adop and Adpatch

Experience in migrating large databases from non-ASM to ASM

Experience in maintaining Oracle RAC & Clustering technologies on Multi-Node with Parallel Concurrent Processing PCP and Load Balancing of Oracle Applications.

Experience in managing Oracle SSO(OAM and OID) for EBS12.2

Troubleshooting Concurrent Managers, Forms and Reports issues

Experience in performing Rman Backup Recovery using Veritas NetBackup, TSM and AVMAR

Experience in the development specific Solutions, including Technical Design of Servers and determining Server Sizing Requirements.

Expertise in Upgrades, Maintenance, Performance of Client Tuning, Refresh, and Troubleshooting of Oracle core databases.

Experience in install, configure and managing 11g and 12c Grid control (OEM)

Oracle 12c OCP Certified

Oracle 11g OCP Certified

Oracle 10g OCP Certified

Oracle 9i OCP certified

Solaris 8 Certified


Database/Application: Oracle ebs12.2.4/12.1.3/11.5.10/11.5.9/11.5.8/11.5.5 and databases 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i

Languages: UNIX Shell Script, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, C, C++.

GUI: Forms 6.0/5.0/4.5, Reports 3.0/2.5, SAPR/3

Hardware: Exadata X3/2, M5000, M3000, IBM RS6000 G30, Sun Ultra Enterprise 450, Sun Sparc20, Sun Solaris, SCO, HP9000, HP10000, Pentium PCs,

Tools/Utilities: AD Utilities, OEM12c, DB Control, RMAN, AWR, ASH, Stats pack, Tkprof, DBCA, Cold/ Hot backup, Data Pump

Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP/2000/98/95, MS-DOS, AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux


Nov ‘18 - Till Date NIH

Sr. Consultant/Sr.Architect Oracle Financials Applications and Core databases


Maintain EBS12.2 instances and OAM & OID and SITEMINDER SSO applications.

Support EBS customizations and other changes related to applications.

Resolve Database and Application performance issues including WebLogic issues.

Database restoration and recovery using RMAN for database refresh.

Oracle 11gR2 RAC Database installation, Maintenance and support.

Resolve issues related to user synchronization in EBS, OAM & OID and SITEMINDER SSO

Experience in Cloning from Single node to Multi Node and Multi Node to Multi Node. RAC to Non RAC and RAC to RAC using Rapid Clone.

Applied patches using Adop on application r12.2 servers.

Manage Oracle GRC, Prism and Sunflower applications.

Manage Oracle Dataguard Physical Standby.

Performing Database/Schema level Refreshes using expdp/impdp and RMAN.

Maintenance of sql server 2016 and 2017 on Dev, QA, UAT and Production environments.

Implemented MS Sql Server Disaster Recovery Planning, Testing and Analyzing, continuous update of documentation.

Manage Sql Server Logins, Users, Roles and User permissions, and conducted backup and recovery.

Sep ‘07 – Oct ‘18 CNSI, MD US

DBA Manager/Sr. EBS Dba Architect Oracle Financials Applications and Core databases

Project Description: The Java based Medicare system processes the claims of the STATE employees which uses large oracle database to store the medical claims. This data has been processed through oracle Financials and Siebel for different functionalities and finally archived on to a Data warehouse system.


Migration of EBS applications 12.2.3 and Database from legacy to Supercluster on T5/8 and T7/8 Full and Half RAC

Install and configured databases on Exadata X3/2 for data warehouse applications

Upgrade of 2 EBS applications projects from to 12.2.4 & 12.2.3

Upgrade of EBS application from 12.2.3 to 12.2.7

Migration of EBS from ON PREMISE to Oracle Cloud using Lift and Shift

Configured the EBS database and application on IASS and PASS of Oracle cloud

Maintained oracle EBS on AWS cloud

Configure and maintain Oracle DR for Core, Oracle EBS financial application.

Installation and configuration of latest Oracle E-Business 12.2.4 application on Solaris.

Installation and Administration of Core and Siebel databases.

Install and configured Oracle OEM 11g/12C on test and prod.

Configured OEM alters to monitor servers, databases, listeners and applications.

Configured OEM to monitor Supercluster & Exadata machines and ASM & Oracle cluster nodes.

Applied patches with adop in testing/development/production environment having multiple applications.

Manage Rman backups for multiple databases with NetBackup and TSM agents.

Upgrade databases of different versions

Clone E-Business application and databases

Refresh Downstream Oracle Core databases with Expdp Utilities

Monitoring database and applications

Performance tuning application and databases and bug fixing.

Managing E-Business application and databases

Upgrade E-Business applications

Managing Internal, CRM and Standard Concurrent managers, Concurrent requests/Concurrent programs.

Conduct Yearly DR test (Oracle Data guard and SRDF) for all production databases

Yearly Requirements and Capacity planning for SAN and Refresh of Servers

Manage and Guide the dbas on different tasks on E-Business, Siebel, Core and Data warehouse databases.

Configured SSO with OAM and OID

Recruitment and Appraisal of dbas

Manage 24*7 production maintenance

Environment: Databases: 9i, 10g/11g/12c Oracle applications: 11.5.9/ /12.1.3/ OS: Linux, Solaris, Exadata X3/2, Supercluster T5/8

May ‘07 - Aug’ 07 Cyber think

DBA Consultant Core Database and Oracle Financials

Project Description: The project involved, implementation of Oracle Financials of Oracle Applications 11i ( in the Test & Production environment.


·Establishing and administrating multiple environments for test and staging/QA instances and production.

·Error handling from databases to applications and rectification. Registering custom forms and reports for Oracle Apps.

·Planning and administration of backups and recovery strategies.

·Applying software patches, Patch Management. Using AD Administration and other AD Utilities.

·Database and Application cloning.

·Monitoring and handling Concurrent Managers related issues. Monitoring DB processes activities at OS level using top, glance etc.

·Creation of menus, request groups and responsibilities.

·Registration of new Oracle Apps users and system printers.

·Compilation of custom forms and libraries on UNIX, LINUX environments

·Support functional and development teams for customization or development requirements.

·Single-node Install & Multi-node Install

Sep ‘06 - Mar ‘07 GE - GLM COMFIN

Team Lead for Oracle Apps DBA Oracle Lease Management

Three Oracle financial environments PGECAI, SGECAI and TGECAI ( support the GE’s Lease Management business globally. The production environment has 4 database instances and 4 middle tier and 4 web tier nodes and all are housed on Linux.


Install/Configure fresh Oracle 11.x.x Application/Database on single node/multi nodes on Solaris and Radhat Linux OS using rapidwiz.

Installation and Administration of Oracle 9.x/ 10g database on Sun Solaris.

Installing and registering new products released from maintenance pack (Adsplice).

Maintain application using AD utilities (Adadmin, Adpatch, Adctrl, Adident etc.).

Configure the system and application environmental parameters using

Upgrade database from 8.0.6 / 8.1.7 / 9i to 10g.

Clone application/database using and rapid Cloning to single/multi node.

Refresh application and database from production to testing/ development environment.

Monitoring database and application using OEM, dB console (emctl), DBA/ V$ views of SYS schema, FND/ AD tables/views of Apps schema.

Performance tuning, SQL tuning, trouble shooting and bug fixing.

Managing Application servers (Web, Form, Apache, Report and Discoverer server).

Managing Standard, Internal and Concurrent managers, concurrent requests/ Concurrent programs.

Managing front-end application users, profiles, data groups and users.

Managed long running jobs/concurrent requests

Understanding new features/change in version 10.1.2 /10.2.0 using Flash Recovery Area to enable automated backup using RMAN with ASM files.

Managing application data in SYSAUX tablespace based on application use, data volume, and growth rate.

Configuration and reporting of ADDM (Automatic database diagnostic management) for current and past statistics.

Participating daily meetings of L2 and L3 teams and Release and Oracle hosting calls.

Lead the team of size 9 and Shift maintenance, reporting and responsible for escalations.

Environment: Oracle 9i, oracle 10g Oracle applications 11.5.10, OS: Linux AS3

Jul ‘03 - Aug ’06 IBM, India

Sr. Oracle Apps DBA – Oracle CRM, HRM and Financials

Three Oracle financial instances [11.8 &11.5] and one HRMS [11.5] instance supports the bharti’s different business units and the instances are housed on HP Tru-64 with max db size of 150GB. The combined user base of around 15000 spread across the country. Oracle CRM instances [11.9] on RAC with 5000 concurrent users supports the Bharti’s core business mobile services. System is housed on AIX-5L with DB size of 1.4TB.


Installation of Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.5/11.5.9). Cloning of Oracle Applications 11.5.5/ 11.5.8/11.5.9. Applications utilities (Ad patch, Adadmin, Adrelink) and application of Patches.

Monitoring Users and System Profile Settings, Oracle Applications Logs.

Addition/Maintenance of printers on Oracle applications.

Tuning the I/O by setting the right value for parameter db_file_multi_block_read_count, and block size for tablespace.

Reducing the I/O by rebuilding and gathering indexes and tables by scheduling concurrent programs and other manual scripts.

Identifying and redistribution of high read and write datafiles across the disk groups.

Pinning the objects in memory which are frequently used

Identifying and tuning the top sqlus using Tkprof and statpack.

Tuning the sql code written by the developers using CBO and rewriting the code with suitable joints and introducing hints and indexes for faster response.

Tuning the concurrent programs and managers.

Identifying and redistribution of concurrent programs to reduce the length of pending queues.

Creation of new concurrent managers for long running reports

Tuning the application by enabling application level traces.

Proper sizing of the SGA components to have better hit ratios to enhance the performance.

Properly sizing the hardware components like CPU, RAM and Virtual memory according to the growth of the user base.

Identifying and tuning the slow performing forms and reports.

Improving the performance by scheduling and purging workflow and other large tables

Daily cold backup of financial systems. Maintaining the TAR for both Application & DB.

Performing DBA routine and housekeeping activities including purging of Inerteraction data and SMS Tasks. Support to Development Team for customization and implementation.

Maintaining BCV (Business Continuance Volume) server, sync it daily by collaborating with OS Admin team for CRM.

Migration of CRM system from Oracle Application 11.5.5 to 11.5.9 on Solaris-8 and later migrated to AIX-5.2.

Participated in platform migration of financial system from Tru-64 to AIX-5L. Reorg of database and data file movements to reduce wait I/O.

Lead the team of size 5 and Shift maintenance, reporting and responsible for escalations.

Also supported the Kenan Billing databases for 6 months.

Environment: Oracle 8.x, 9.x, and Oracle Applications 11.5.5, 11.5.9 OS Aix: 5.2

Oct ‘99 - Jul ‘03 Elektrim Telecom, Poland (Nov ‘01 - Jul ‘02)

Oracle DBA Vartec Telecom, US (Feb ‘00 - Aug ‘00)

Usha Tele Communications

Usha telecommunications develops customized telecom billing systems to suit its customers across the continents. It has the customers in US, Europe and Asia and supports the subscriber base to the tune of 20 million. It has the internal training and testing specialties to support customers and its own employees. Gives onsite support to the clients during installations and post installations of the applications. Application is developed on Java and C++ and the backend is Oracle. The system is housed on different UNIX flavors like Solaris and Tru64.


Create and maintain the Databases. Upgraded the database from to

Analyze and Tune Database Objects (Index Rebuilding, Gather Schema Statistics etc.).

Creating and Maintaining Database Objects, Roles and Users.

Monitoring and tuning Operating System parameters, Application and database.

Configure Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) for backup and recoveries.

SQL tuning using explain plan, SQL trace with Tkprof and other tools for better performance.

Export/Import Utilities for the refresh of test schemas from production.

Hot & Cold backups for the backup of in house developmental projects.

Monitoring the database for user activities and system growth. Performing housekeeping.

System analysis, design and functional specification for new requirements.

Keeping customer, the offsite support team up to date.

Testing and Implementation of change requests.

Checking audit bill runs and clarifications/corrections for the improper bills.

System study and preparing specifications for new projects.

Involved in coding of Rating Module in C++ and coding of reports.

Helping the users on day-to-day activities and emergency situations.

Supporting the in house projects during development regarding database issues, functional issues.

Off site support to the clients. Monitoring the system for its over all performance.

Managing day-to-day client communications.

Environment: Oracle 8.x, OS: Solaris 8


Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications

MBA in Financials

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