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Scottsdale, AZ
December 28, 2019

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Summary of Achievements

ViMo ***: I lead design and deployment of the first edge-based real-time ANN inference- from-video device in the industry. I assembled a team of 20 engineers, I then lead them to deliver hardware, embedded software, ML algorithms, services and applications in a record time of 9 months (design to product ready, FCC certified). Logitech Circle: in a market of indoor cameras dominated by Dropcam/Nestcam, I designed and delivered to targeted customers a more affordable, yet higher value-added, alternative. The effort commenced with focus groups and inbound marketing, followed by ID design for hardware, and UI design for applications. I was in charge of 50, out of which 20 I hired in-house, plus 20 outsourced engineers in the US, Ukraine and Argentina. The Circle combined edge- and service-based analytics, the first in a very competitive industry. I worked directly with the ODMs on productization and large-scale manufacturing. I was directly responsible for embedded platform, services, iOS, Android, and web apps. Augmented Reality Special Effects: hands-on engineer designing and developing facial feature-drive avatars for real-time video conversations. I received the first Logitech innovation award for this effort. The final product replaced live video visible at the far-side

(of e.g. Skype conversation) with an animated likeness of arbitrary person or animated character driven by movements of the eyes, the lips, and the entire head on the near-side. Summary of Qualifications

Leadership of engineering (predominantly software but with a significant hardware components) teams of various sizes: from 4 (as a line manager) to 70 (as a director and as a VP). Extensive experience building teams across continents and cultures. Fluent in Spanish, working knowledge of German and Russian.

Leadership of online service operations, quality assistance teams, field service teams, and well as factory fixture development teams.

Proven innovator: 20+ published scientific papers, appearances at both scientific and industry conferences (3 appearances at Nvidia GPU conference), 3 approved patents

(additional 7 in process of approval), innovation awards for hands-on contributions, and as manager/director: 2018 Global Red Herring 100, 2018 Edison Award, Smart 50, academic awards to complete Ph.D. studies cost-free in the UK, Paul McAlpine, Ph.D.

VP of Engineering at Motionloft


All aspects of video-centric software and hardware R&D: optics, real-time video capture, processing, machine learning, data science, predictions. IoT and V2X real-time processing. Designed, or developed, a long list of software pieces and devices that were novel then, and are still in use. Industry-wide contacts with development houses, ODMs, CMs and universities worldwide. Strong focus on projects committed to. Experience

VP OF ENGINEERING AT MOTIONLOFT, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US — 2016 - PRESENT Designed, led development and deployment of, the first edge-based IoT device processing video stream in real time using embedded ANNs. DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING AT LOGITECH, NEWARK, CA, US, 2011 - 2015 Deliver to the market a new wave of smart indoor camera systems (Logitech Circle) capable of analyzing movement partially on the device, and partially in the cloud. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MANAGER AT LOGITECH, NEWARK, CA, US, 2006 - 2010 Brought in a few long-term interns from top- class universities (USC, Caltech, Berkeley), cooperated with large software companies and technology groups. Successfully started an outsourced team in Ukraine – first for Logitech – when everybody else tried elsewhere. PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER AT LOGITECH, NEWARK, CA, US, 2003 - 2005 Wrote Multiple Face Tracking, Object Tracking, Personal Image Enhancement video filters

(e.g. wrinkle remover), concepts for ‘Virtual Video Face Lift’. Innovation award. SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER AT SONY R&D LABS, BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND, UK, 2000 - 2002 Provided High Definition (HD) Digital Cinema Test-Bed (HDCAM 24p). Worked on software portion of Real-Time HDTV Video content scrambling and de-scrambling using Rijndael. SOFTWARE ENGINEER AT S3 INC., SANTA CLARA, CA, US, 1998 - 2000 Wrote high-performing video drivers for 2D and 3D accelerators. Education, Personal Info, Appendices

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK — Ph.D., 1998. Loves long distance swimming, running and playing the real football. Additional info including list of educational, publications, patents and referees, as well as Ph.D. thesis abstract and in-depth details of every project undertaken so far available upon request. Married, US Citizen.

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