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Data Python

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
December 28, 2019

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Name: Chaitanya Chawla

Phone: +91-981**-*****

Email ID:


Interested in fields related to Data Science and Business Analytics. Knowledge in all phases of the data science project life cycle including data extraction, data cleaning, statistical modelling, and data visualization with large data sets of structured and unstructured data and designing, building, validating and maintaining machine learning based prediction models. Also experience in analysing data using Python and SQL.

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• Languages: Python, SQL

o Python Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, Statsmodels

• Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised Models o Supervised Regression: Linear Regression, Regularization, Polynomial Regression o Supervised Classification: Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Naïve Bayes, KNN o Unsupervised: K-Means Clustering, Agglomerative Clustering, PCA o Ensemble Techniques: Bagging, Boosting

• Visualization Tool: Tableau

• Data query and Data Manipulation: MySQL,SQLlite

• Web Technologies: Python Django, HTLM5, CSS3, Bootstrap

• IDE: Jupyter Notebook, Google Collaboratory, Pycharm

• Text Editor: Sublime

• Other Softwares: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access),Lightroom ACADEMIC PROJECTS

1. Bank Marketing Dataset Analysis

• The project focuses on building a predictive model to identify whether the client has subscribed a term deposit or not.

• This model can be leveraged by banks to produce a successful deposits number. Key skills: Python, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest 2. FIFA 19 Dataset Analysis

• To perform Exploratory data Analysis do get the appropriate observation and insights related to data. Key skills: Python

3. WORLD WAR II Dataset Analysis

• The dataset is about weather conditions of world war 2 where analysis is done on weather variation. Key skills: Python, Linear Regression

4. IPL PIE IN THE SKY Analysis

• It is the mobile app that is used for bidding IPL matches legally. With the help of SQL queries analysis of data is done.

Key skills: MySQL

Name: Chaitanya Chawla

Phone: +91-981**-*****

Email ID:


Course Institution Year Remarks

Post Graduate Program – Data

Science Engineering

Great Lakes Institute of Management 2019 Pursuing

B.Tech. NIIT University, Neemrana 2019 61.7%

12th Std Delhi Public School Ghaziabad 2015 73.2%

10th Std Delhi Public School Ghaziabad 2013 89.3%


Full Stack Dev. Intern, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Jan 2019 – July 2019 Legal Compliance Management System (Web App)

A compliance management system is an integrated system comprised of written documents, functions, processes, controls, and tools that help an organization comply with legal requirements and minimizes the harm due to violations of law.

Technologies Used: Python, Python Django, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQLite OTHER PROJECTS

1. Online Training Platform (Web App)

• Goal is to recreate and update the platform for students who are currently in secondary and higher secondary school.

Key skills: Python, Python Django, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap,SQLite 2. ColoRec (Mobile App)

• This android based application is made for children who are intellectually disable and can improve their skill in understanding, listening and speaking in longer run. Key skills: Java, XML

3. MLA Database (Web App)

• To serve people an MLA cannot be always available in constituency. Here, in this site there will be schedule of MLA as people can plan their meetings accordingly. Key skills: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap


1. Customer Analysis Coursera (Univerity of Pennyslvania) Score: 88%

2. Soft Skills NPTEL

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