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Power Plant Manager

Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
December 28, 2019

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Dothan, AL 36303

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POWER GENERATION ENGINEER MECHANINCAL/CONTROLS/ELECTRICAL SUPERVISOR Accomplished leader and electrical, mechanical and electronics professional skilled in construction, installation, maintenance, commissioning and repair of gas and steam turbines, advanced power distribution, generation systems and electrical and mechanical support equipment. Extensive experience with turbine engines, diesel engine-driven generators, AC and DC motors, high and low voltage electrical systems, circuit breakers, electronic systems, schematics, blueprints, diagrams, drawings, PLCs and electrical wiring. Effective mentor and teambuilder, with strong interpersonal communication skills, committed to the application of impeccable work mechanical, controls and electrical safety precautions.


• Electro-mechanical Repairs

• Power Plant Operator

• Blueprints/ Schematics

• Quality Assurance

• Power Distribution

• Heavy Rotating Machinery

• Precision Measuring

• Rotating Equipment Overhauls

• Turbine Engines

• Electrical Code

• Industrial Safety

• Power and Water

• Coding in Oriented Object


• Boiler operations & water


• Fuels, oils, and water chemistry


• Languages C, C++, C# Assembly

• PLC Maintenance

• Rotating Equipment


• Switches & Circuits

• Ships Training and PQS


• Engineering Mentor

• Bilingual: Spanish/ Portuguese


Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, GPA 3.01 ECPI College of Technology 2018 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Power Plant Operator APR Energy September 2019 – Present Responsible to operate Power Plant unit TM2500 and perform routine PM maintenance Mechanical and some I&C. Senior Site Manager/ Site Lead Turbine Technical Advisor General Electric 2015 - Present Led teams of 5 technical managers, supervising electrical, piping, structural, civil, welding and mechanical contractors; performed site installation, overseeing construction and commissioning of industrial gas and steam turbine generator sets for frame sizes 5,6,7, and 9, plus familiar with GE steam units C7, A10 and D11’s. Aligned project scheduling, installation procedures, drawings, technical guidelines, vendor documents and OHSA regulations to ensure compliance with direct customer and contractor specifications. Synchronized customer and contractor schedules/ schedule reviews, cost, manpower and risk analysis, directing high projects supporting 8,000 mega-watt power support, 4x9.03 dual fuel gas turbine units and 2Xa10 Stg sets. Managed civil, piping, I&C, electrical and centerline rotating equipment at the construction, installation, commissioning and operational phases. Conducted Borescope inspections. Aligned and performed maintenance overhauls on all GE frames and sizes of heavy-duty gas/steam turbine generator sets; troubleshot, performed analysis and conducted spot repairs on heavy equipment; directed all rotating equipment alignments in traditional dial indicator fashion - supervised laser alignments. Maintained site technical library and site as-build red line drawing; updated schematics and accounted/ updated all site administration records for scheduling, planning, time manning and inspection records. Programed PLCs, in accordance with technical manuals.

• Orchestrated a FLNG Gas Renewal Project for 7EA cogeneration, generator, auxiliary and rotating equipment.

• Projected and completed 21-day maintenance overhauls on unit 11, generator rotor replacement.

• Served as a training supporter and mentor to all engineers under my supervision on all Jobs I performed. Lead Field Engineer General Electric 2000 - 2018 Managed installation, commissioning and maintenance of industrial gas turbines, in power generation, oil and gas fields. Coordinated directly with contractors and site mangers; developed customer training platforms for powerplant equipment, safety and precision instruments - answered and outsourced technical questions; synchronized with field engineers, engineers, contractors and customers to ensure job scope, technical reviews and technical RFQ’s were submitted in timely and professional format. Coordinated with engineers to support civil, piping, I&C, electrical and mechanical construction and maintenance; oversaw multifunctional construction specialists. Performed post installation quality assurance, aligning operations with control engineers; conducted engineering audits and systems checklist on gas turbines, piping, electrical, I&C and auxiliary systems. During this role I was responsible for mentoring and guiding the junior Engineers in there training paths from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Engineers grooming them to assume leadership and Site Manager roles for the construction and commissioning of major industrial powerplants systems Mechanical, Electrical, and Control I&C disciplines in the completion of 100 to 1500, Megawatt power output plants.

• Supported operations for a 1,200 MW power plant 3 In-line 9FA dual fuel, 324H generator and A15 STG set. Constructed and commissioned installation, maintenance, overhaul and gas inspections, for both gas and steam turbines. Reviewed, aligned and supported power plant schedule construction.

• Directed and supervised a 5-week overhaul outage of a 200 MW Hydrogen Cooled 324 GE generator with a crew of 25 technicians; mechanical, electrical and I&C engineers. Gas Turbine Electrician Supervisor/ Landing Craft Air Cushion Pilot and Operator U.S. Navy 1996 - 2000 Supervised, instructed and ensured the safety of 5 technicians, overseeing depot, intermediate and organizational maintenance on naval hover craft, 400hz electrical systems. Oversaw shielding repair and casualty control procedures for various engine failures on 4 TF40B GTE’s, 2 T62 Gas Generators and all auxiliary equipment. Performed mechanical and electrical control systems maintenance for powerplant operations; repaired, troubleshot and conducted overhaul operations on valves, gas turbines, pumps, motors and generators and associated auxiliary equipment. Flew and navigated aircraft. Developed, modified and implemented procedures in preventative and predictive maintenance operations and testing of equipment and systems. Verified all tag out procedures ensuring accuracy, proper placement and compliance with formal work packages. Planed and maintained weekly work schedules. Maintained and recorded all engineering department Training and Personal Qualification Standards, (PQS) as the department PQS and Training Coordinator for 10 engineers on my . Also responsible for mentoring and training junior engineers and setting up training schedules and writing training curriculums. Propulsion Plant Manager U.S. Navy 1986 – 1996 Supervised and trained 25 technicians, orchestrating maintenance on 4 LM2500, 3 Allison 501K17 gas turbine engines, 3 Conseco 150 LB Cogeneration plant boiler systems, HPA, LPA, L/O, F/O, high- and low-pressure air systems, waste heat systems and chemical analyst LAB testing L/O’s, F/O’s boiler water testing and treatment. Instructed and ensured the safety of large technical teams in the installation, repair and maintenance of multiple systems throughout the propulsion plant; oversaw shielding repair and casualty control procedures for various engine failures. Supervised and oversaw depot and intermediate maintenance, repair and electricity production; managed operations control, repair and training for propulsion and electrical gas turbine operations. Developed, modified and implemented procedures in preventative and predictive maintenance operations and testing of equipment/ systems. Prepared and implemented corrective actions to counter unsatisfactory trends. Performed and lead calibration on the main reduction gearing system, fuel oil system, lube oil system, gas turbine, sea water service pumps, fire main system, and ship service pneumatic air systems. Maintained and recorded all engineering department Training and Personal Qualification Standards, (PQS) as the department PQS and Training Coordinator over 30 personnel in the department. Also responsible for mentoring and training junior engineers and setting up training schedules and writing training curriculums.

• Security Department Manager (1989 – 1991): Directed weapons depot and base security, overseeing a team of 60 personnel; provided real-time security, guard posts, security checks, weapon and money escorts on a military weapons station.

Aviation Jet Mechanic U.S. Navy 1980 – 1984

Diagnosed, troubleshot and repaired malfunctions on electrical, electronic and avionics systems. Performed preventative and corrective maintenance, aligning repair, installation and overhaul on aircraft, systems and components for 10 TF-34 turbo fan engines. Removed, installed and repaired flight critical components on multiple platforms; identified and resolved complex mechanical and electrical issues during time-critical flight schedules - completed high- power engine balancing and tuning and engine change-outs. Conducted repair, disassembly, assembly and modification to major parts and components, executing system troubleshooting, operational checks, servicing, corrosion prevention and performing various required inspections. Oversaw tests on electrical systems, parts and equipment and power supply, checking compliance with applicable standards, while evaluating malfunctions; tested and troubleshot instruments, components and service equipment, utilizing electronic testing equipment. Maintained work logs of all repairs, tests and adjustments.


GE Site Manager Training Leadership Training Site Lead Greenbelt Training AIM Region Site Lead Training Land Craft Air Cushion Pilot Operator Training L/O and F/O Management Non-Propulsion Feed Water Test and Treatment Quality Assurance Coordinator Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems Operator Gas Turbine Auxiliaries Systems and Operations Gas Turbine Fundamentals Power Plant TF34 Engine Aviation Fundamentals

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