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Engineer Civil

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
10000 riyal
December 28, 2019

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Orlando O. Olaybar

Address : Behind Muntaza Health center

Abuida St. Doha Qatar

Mobile : 33885815

Visa Status : Residence Visa

Email :


Seeking a Position as a CIVIL ENGINEER, QA/QC ENGINEER to Utilize my Skills and Abilities in Civil Construction Industry where I can demonstrate and contribute of my Skills that offers Professional Growth.


: Good Foundation in all areas of Engineering particularly in High Rise Building,

Steel Structural Structures, Building Infrastructure, Drainage and Maintenance of roads and

Bridges Water Supply and Pipe Line Supervision.

: 6 years’ Experience in UAE Practising Profession as Civil Engineer

: 2 years working in Doha US Base Camp Doha, Qatar

: 3 years working in MUSHEIHREB downtown Doha Project

: 2 year working in NEW HAMAD PORT PROJECT Mesaieed

: 1 year working in ALRUWAIZ PORT PROJECT Al Shamal

: 2 year working in Burj Alfardan Tower Com 13 Lusail Project up to Present

: More than 12 years’ experience/practising configuration the profession as Civil

Engineer in the City Engineers Office/Department of Engineering and Public Works

: 10 years working in Contractor Side Supervised in the Road Projects.

: 8 years QA/QC Road Project

: 8 years Site Inspector and Site Engineer in Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD)


Project Management

A Graduate of Civil Engineering

Project Monitoring and Evaluation of all Designated Project

Managerial works on all project related to construction most specially in civil works

Project Supervision on all actual activities in high rise buildings

QA/QC Engineer to conduct inspection on site both horizontal and vertical Project

Project Supervision, Site inspection of structural steel design

Project Supervision of Pipe line water supply, reservoirs and water pump station

Estimates, bill of materials of assigned project in accordance to plan and specification

Scheduling of manpower, materials, equipment and activities for actual daily schedule needs in construction site.


Company : ICT/Insha Co. WLL

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Name of Project : Development of ISF Camp at Duhail Sports Facilities and Run

Trucks (ISF) CPC-08d

Date Joint in Site : Jan. 28, 2019 at Present


Consultant : AL Handasha DAR Consultant

Jobs Description Duties and Responsibilities

: Perform all daily inspection and test for the scope of work including material

testing send to laboratory in order to achieve the quality required for

project specification and conform under the contract performed on site activity.

: Cary out inspection and checking for all quality related procedures in the site and

ensures activity at the site are as per approved method statement and inspection

test plan.

: Coordinate with the consultant’s representative and site in-charge for inspection

and meeting about quality problems including the closure of Non-Compliance

Report (NCR).

: Report to the QA/QC Manager, control, and monitor all activities related to Quality

Management System, (QMS).

: Taking care of QA/QC document of the entire project including certificates,

calibration, test results, inspection request, non-compliance reports and site

instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered and other QA/QC

document. responsible for the closure of Non-conformance report (NCR) and site

instruction (SI).

Company : ICT Insha Co. WLL

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Name of Project : Construction of Alruwaiz Port Phase -2

Date Joint in Project : Jan. 25, 2018

Date Project Completed: Jan. 24, 2019

Client : Qatar Ports Management (MAWANI)

Consultant : MAWANI Engineers

Jobs Description Duties and Responsibilities

: To assists and advice the construction team to ensure adherence to the drawings

Specification and procedure to monitor storage, use installation, testing and

Commissioning of materials and equipment to ensure that they are in accordance

With the approved drawings and contract specification.

: To ensure and maintaining of quality standards during construction period in

Accordance with the project specification at the time of contract award.

: To ensure a proper and effective coordination to sub-contractors and consultant in

Relation for inspection the Quality Work Performance Procedure in accordance to

Project specification.

: Conduct ocular inspection in site activities in order to implement a proper quality

Work performance in accordance to drawing and approved project specification.

: To check and verify that the latest approved document is being use at work place

In site.

: To prepared adequately use the Inspection Request Form and ensure that the

Result of inspection are clearly indicated on the inspection request and the result

Is conveyed to all concerned without any delay.

Company : Construction Development Co. (CDC) LLC . Doha Qatar and joint

Venture of Boom Construction, Doha-Qatar

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Name of Project : Ministry of Transport Hamad Port NPPOO47-Centrallized

Custom Inspection Area (CCIA) Mesaieed, Doha Qatar

Consultant : AECOM

Date : December 14, 2015 to October 2, 2016

Jobs Description Duties and Responsibilities

: Coordinate to QA/QC Manager for the implementation and application

Of quality requirement and procedure based on project specification.

: Ensure the implementation all works is correctly prepared prior to any

Inspection being undertaken and after inspection review all reports for be sure all inspection is accurate done in accordance to

Approved drawing and project specification.

: Performed the required test on site and in laboratory to ensure the

Conformity of materials in accordance to contract specification.

: Conduct Inspection on site to check and ensure to implement the quality work

Performances in accordance to approved project specification.

Company : Construction Development Corporation ( CDC ) LLC.

Name of Project : Burj Alfardan Tower

P377 Commercial Development Project Marina 13, Lusail

(3B+G+M+5 Podium+23)

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Project Site : Marina 13 Lusail, Doha Qatar

Date : October 4, 2016 up to January 31, 2018

Consultant : Arab Engineering Bureau ( AEB )

Job Description of Duties and Responsibilities

: Responsible for the quality and workmanship of every activity thorough knowledge

of all phases of Engineering construction related to Civil, Structural and Structural

discipline interfacing the multidisciplinary operations.

: Develop method statement for the activity including risk assessment and job safety

environment analysis and inspection Test Plan and Checklist based on specification

of the project.

: Carry out Internal Audit at the site as scheduled in the project Quality Plan, PQP

: Monitor Site Inspection and supervision and maintain proper documentation.

: Material inspection to ensure that the approved materials are delivered on site as per

project specification.

: Check and verify shop drawing and issue to construction for implementation & site


Company : Arabtect Construction Co. (W.L.L)Doha Qatar

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Name of Project : MUSHEIHREB downtown, Doha Project

Packages B4-2-04: Substructure and Superstructure Works Phase 2

Project Site : Musheihreb downtown, Doha Qatar

Date : June 1, 2013 to December 3, 2015

Consultant : CEG International

Job Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

: Responsible for all aspect to Project Quality assurance and Quality Control

: Coordinate with the project staff to compile and maintain pertinent records of inspection

and testing until end of contract and all pertinent records for retention and completion of

the project.

: Coordinate the document controls or technical Submittals, Drawing with the project team

ensure the QA/QC validation has been done, to ensure their issue, amendments and

recall of controlled document.

: Completion of necessary documentation to verify the work procedure in implementation

the scope of work.

: Ensuring that inspection request are implemented in Accordance to plan, approved

drawing specification.

: Ensuring that all test reports are verified to meet contract requirement.

: To ensure all materials delivered are inspected and

Conformed to specification and requirements.

: Report to QA/QC Manager and Project Manager for any

Deficiencies in the operation of Quality Management & Control System.

: Completion of final quality documentation in a presentable

Manner, in accordance with the contract condition.

Company : Rizzani de Eccher USA

Position : QA/QC Engineer

Project Site : Facility Replaces Al Udied Air Base, Doha Qatar

Date : November 13, 2011 to May 15, 2013

Consultant : US Army Corps of Engineers

Job Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

: Responsible for the execution of the quality management system requirement.

: Perform duties a direct line of client and authorizes to act in behalf of the contractor on

QA/QC matters.

: Issued Site observation reports (SOR) when warranted to secure proper review on the

Project requirement and specification.

: Coordinate with the construction manager for the proper implementation of the quality

System requirements in the project and conduct of the internal quality audits.

: Insure appreciate and preventive actions on site implementation during the execution

Of the project.

: Conduct Inspection prior submit to consultant the scope and item of work in accordance to

Plan and specification for the Transformer facility building, Fuel shop building and chillier

Yard Building

: Prepared Inspection Request (IR) as assigned project

: Coordinate the QA/QC manager conduct meeting for proper Quality Standard project

For implementation.

: Coordinate the MEP Inspector and MEP Manager for proper Quality Implementation

: To supervise and inspect the project work progress, check the work activities, review

Project plan interface, conduct materials inspection for the quality and to assist and

Follow up with material specification engineer.

: Study the applicability of scheme execution. For site inspection and execution check the

Excavation progress performs including the compaction test.

: Supervise conduct ocular inspection in Redco precast for the fabrication of precast panel.

: Checked and evaluate the test certificates for materials cement, reinforcement/aggregates



Company : System Construct

Project Site : 6208 Al dhaher Al ain Abu Dhabi UEA

Project : School Building Project at for Boys Al dhaher Messhad Al Ain

Date : April 16, 2009 up to September 11, 2011

Consultant : Al Dewan Consultant & Engineers

Job Description of Duties and responsibilities:

: Conduct Ocular inspection on site to check and evaluate all item and scope

Of work is in accordance to plan and specification.

: Before submit inspection request to consultant check and verify the item

On site to make sure that they follow accordance to the plan and specification

: Conduct Ocular Inspection for the materials delivery on site of all items to

Make sure is in accordance to specification.

: Prepared the material submittal to consultant us the required project specification.

: Prepared the method statement and quality plan of the project.

: Prepared the inspection test plan (ITP) of the project.

: Check the implementation on site to make sure they follow the Method Statement.

: Coordinate the Site Engineer, Project Engineer for implementation on Site.

: Conduct weekly meeting for QA/QC Engineer, QA/QC Manager for proper

Position : CIVIL ENGINEER / QA/QC ENGINEER Company : Jiangsu Nantong Liu Jian Construction Group Co. LTD. Dubai Branch

Date : March 15, 2007 up March 23, 2009

Project : Business Bay Office Tower

5B+G+2M+3P+22 story offices

Location : Plot No. BB. A03. 038 Business Bay, Dubai UAE.

Client : Mr. Rashid Darwish Saif Al Ketbi

Consultant : MEINHARDT (Singapore) PTE. LTD. Dubai Branch

Job Description of duties and responsibilities:

: To carry out a frequent basis of time to meet scheduled of the project.

: Inspect and analyses the proposed construction project.

: Inspect the plan site location for adequate site condition.

: Review the plans and project site to ensure that all changes have been made as required.

: Follow the project from the start up to the finish and make necessary changes and ensure that

Procedure is being followed and checked on safely measures of the project during the time

It is being completed.

: Prepared Composed and or review construction method statement.

: Prepared issued inspection request (IR) prior to work commencement.

: Inspect site condition prior to the site start of construction works and

Verify the compatibility of the site with the designed duly approved Ready for implementation.

: Inspection of works from foundation preparation, waterproofing works, Re-bars fabrication

And installation of steel erection to make sure Quantity and work performance implemented in

Accordance to plan and specification.

: Coordinate to consultant for inspection for approval prior schedule for casting concrete.

: Monitor QA/QC related works for the on going project.

: Inspection and monitor all sub-contractor in the site of their day to day accomplishment.

Position : Site Engineer

Company : Shimizu International Corp. (Dubai Marina Apartment Project)

Project : Dubai Marina Apartment

4B+1G+3 P+8 story

Date : Sept. 25, 2006 to February 20, 2007

Job Description of duties and responsibilities:

: Understand fully the specification and drawings related to the project.

: Supervise and follow-up the works on site, drawings, specification, contract, deliverables

And programme work plan.

: Supervise the work under my control so that the agreed project schedules are met, inspects

All site works arrange with the consultant necessary for inspection for various stage of Work.

: Supervise the manpower, worker by giving proper instruction in every day to day activity in

Accordance of plans and specification of the project.

: Prepare daily progress activity reports of assigned project.

: Coordinate to Project Engineer for any variation orders to rectify the plan for implantation.

: Conduct meeting to foreman by giving proper instruction for execution and supervision of the

Assigned project.


Position : QA/QC Engineer / Civil Engineer / Site Engineer

Company : City Engineers Office DEPW, Cebu City

Date : From June 1989 to June 2002

Project : Lying of Pipe line Water Distribution/ Supervision of Road Project Fund by Cebu City


Contractor : Metro Cebu Water District ( MCWD )

Job Description of duties and responsibilities:

: Conduct survey and Lay-out plan the location together the surveyor for the proposed pipe line

Distribution including the grade line profile prior excavation.

: Supervise and check the earthworks excavation including the design slope elevation prior

Lying of pipe.

: Check and conduct ocular inspection for the sand bedding including the slope prior lying of


: Check and inspect the pipe lying including the pipe fitting to avoid leaking prior testing.

: Conduct inspection for testing of pipe to check with no leaking by pressure test or by water


: Supervise and check for the construction of chamber or M-hole to make Sure in accordance to

Plan and specification

: Supervise earthworks and excavation and backfilling.

: Check the topping of pipe line from mean line to distribution line

: Check the connection permit before topping the water supply to the occupants

: Monitor the man power, labourer, Sub-contractor and give proper instruction for better work

Performance of the project.

: Submit weekly accomplishment report to the City Engineer for monitor to meet the require

Position : Project Consultant Civil Structural Inspector

Company : Zion Construction, General Engineering, General Building

Talisay City, Cebu Philippines

Date : June 2002 to July 2005

Job Description of duties and responsibilities:

: Supervise and inspect implemented project particularly in City Government Project undertaken.

: Conduct ocular inspection of vertical and horizontal project implemented.

: Inspection the work performance before casting, inspection the structural steel bars, scaffolding.

: Coordinate the implementing agency engineers for proper scheduling the activities of work.

: Monitor and reporting accomplishment of the project.

: Site Supervision and work Administrator

: Inspect and Approved Work Rectification

: Initiates and Execute Plans Programs for Implementation


Profession : Civil Engineer

Civil Status : Married with 4 children

Date of birth : June 14, 1965

Place of birth : Cebu City Philippines

Passport No : VV0686104

Visa status : Business Visa

Religion : Roman Catholic

Languages spoken : English, Tagalog


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Graduated. University of Cebu, Cebu City Philippines

Computer Training Skills and Literate

Microsoft Excel

Computer (CAD) Basic Design

Microsoft Word

Seminars Attended

Philippines Institute of Civil Engineers Training skills for Building Code of the Philippines

Records Management

Civil Service Commission,

Cebu City

Basic Computerization Training & Seminar

Cebu City Hall

Cebu City Philippines

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