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Customer Service Administrative Assistant

Cordova, TN
December 27, 2019

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Store Owner-Sales, Finance and Human Resource Manager

KLMQueenBeauty - Memphis, TN

October 2019 to Present

I am the owner of a Online Beauty Supply store and Run my business myself by providing Beauty products as well as Haircare products. Retail Sales Manager, Finance. Human Resource Manager Night Monitor-Home Care

Youth Villages - Bartlett, TN

January 2016 to Present

Monitor youth and assist with daily activities and outings. Build rapport and form a trusting and supporting relationship with youth. Report any suspicious behavior or imbalance in behavior while in a Home Care environment. Community Counselor



To provide psychiatric treatment to children and adults. Home Care Crisis Intervention, Administrative assistant. Scheduling, filing and organizing documents. Microsoft, excel, and PowerPoint presentation efficient.

Customer Service Agent (CSA) Work From Home - Memphis, TN

April 2018 to November 2019

Answering calls, processing payments and refunds, data entry Work From Home Facet, dental, vision, Health insurance claims Agent KENYETTTA


I love helping others

Bartlett, TN 38134


Very dedicated at my job

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Humana - Memphis, TN

May 2017 to July 2019

Handle customer service calls, process facets and handle insurance claims working from home. Insurance verification and collections. Banking and Finance.

Preschool Teacher

We Love Kids Daycare - Bartlett, TN

February 2018 to March 2019

assist in daily activities with children ages infants-through preschoolers Work from Home Customer Service Representative

Kelly Services - Memphis, TN

November 2017 to December 2018

Customer service Agent. Inbound and outbound calls, process emails and voicemail messages. Chat agent. Type 35 words per minute. Troubleshooting. Data Entry

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant/Office Assistant University Of Memphis( Self Employed) - Memphis, TN August 2016 to September 2018

Book appointments, filing paperwork and documents, organizing Schedules and maintaining office cleanliness. Assist with errands Data Entry

Customer Service Representative

Lowes Home Improvement Stores - Bartlett, TN

May 2015 to June 2016

Provide great customer service


Pursuing BA in Psychology

University of Memphis - Memphis, TN


Associate in psychology in Psychology

Southwest Tennessee Community College

January 2014 to May 2016


Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, and spreadsheet (10+ years) Child Care

Teacher Assistant

Early Childhood

Day Care

Childcare Provider



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office

Organizational Skills



Customer Service (6 years)

Teaching Experience

Customer Care

Call Center

Customer Support




Sales Experience

Scheduling (3 years)

Receptionist (3 years)

Data Entry (3 years)

Insurance agent (3 years)


Basic Word Processing with Microsoft Word — Familiar March 2019

Measures a candidate's knowledge of basic Microsoft Word techniques for word processing, including the use of tools to format or edit text.

Full results: Electronic Medical Records Knowledge — Completed

November 2019

Measures a candidate’s knowledge of EMR data and associated privacy regulations, as well as best practices for EMR use. Full results: 87e4cc3fb4923672fb465b4f0f3e609beed53dc074545cb7

Critical Thinking — Completed

March 2019

Measures a candidate’s ability to use logical approaches when solving problems. Full results: 53ef0bf9bb2b8b9fc6057d54d110d8f0eed53dc074545cb7

Receptionist — Proficient

July 2019

Using basic scheduling, attention to detail, and organizational skills in an office setting. Full results: 874cc97f98eee0ba27fef31c6c3c1c22eed53dc074545cb7

Customer Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient

October 2019

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity. Full results: 4e6e1c4ea1ec243bc7bb097a907cd86aeed53dc074545cb7

Customer Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient

October 2019

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity. Full results: 71a979d5aebb3aaf5608e80eeb0ebcdbeed53dc074545cb7

Cognitive Ability — Familiar

October 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. Full results: 0e3fc485c3ef13c7e9762842e7453e2beed53dc074545cb7

CRM Skills with Salesforce — Familiar

November 2019

Knowledge of Salesforce objects, fields, and processes. Full results: dcfbfdd864942e8476189ef05242439beed53dc074545cb7

Scheduling — Familiar

November 2019

Cross-referencing agendas and itineraries to avoid scheduling conflicts. Full results: 12eaaf3443dcb7ab5f2a89d7b92cf34deed53dc074545cb7

Reliability — Expert

November 2019

Tendency to be dependable and come to work.

Full results: 0f0e9c64f3c53f48e163e36e15f0dae8eed53dc074545cb7

Conscientiousness — Highly Proficient

November 2019

Tendency to be well-organized, rule-abiding, and hard-working. Full results: 9297f0b51fc1a0419772c65b2e705599eed53dc074545cb7

Teamwork: Interpersonal Skills — Completed

December 2019

Resolving disputes, solving team problems, and understanding nonverbal cues. Full results: 41124b0b791c11b34224900f5c8a1642eed53dc074545cb7

Call Center Customer Service — Completed

November 2019

Applying customer service skills in a call center setting. Full results: 6abb40ae2eefbe3331e8e26402caf715eed53dc074545cb7

Sales Skills: Influence & Negotiation — Completed

November 2019

Using influence and negotiation techniques to engage with and persuade customers. Full results: Personality: Sales Fit — Proficient

November 2019

Assesses personality traits that are important for sales roles. Full results: 6f83ebe88046c5f7b7eccd0dc037da7beed53dc074545cb7

Indeed Assessments provides skills tests that are not indicative of a license or certification, or continued development in any professional field.


I am very hardworking and ambitious. Patient and understanding.

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