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Software Engineer Back Office

Buford, GA
December 27, 2019

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Resume of John McNeal

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Buford, GA 30519


A seasoned, responsible and committed Senior Software developer with 30 plus software design, development, and implementation experience. Experienced in implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications using Java in a multi-tiered architecture. Recent Microservices development experience. Looking in the following areas:

North East Metro Atlanta area, Down-town, Mid-town, Alpharetta

Re-location is not under consideration

Experience Summary

Development and Implementation multi-tenant Software As a Service (SAAS) platforms

Knowledge of 12-factor application principles

Knowledge of Microservice’s, Docker, Kubernetes

Experience on both AWS and Azure cloud platforms

Advanced knowledge of software development methodologies. Experience practicing Agile Methodologies, also experienced in Iterative/Incremental and Waterfall Methodologies, and Object oriented programming.

Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills

Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring Apache Camel

Rest JSON web services, SOAP XML web services

Swagger, Spring actuator, Config server, Eureka

Thymeleaf, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML5

Tomcat, JBOSS, Apache web server

MYSQL, MariaDb, Oracle, SqlServer, AWS Aurora, H2 embedded

JMS messaging, AWS SMS messaging. Azure Service Bus Queue

SVN, GIT, Maven, Gradle

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Projects and Work Experience

Apex Systems at ADP Alpharetta, GA

January 2019 – December 2019

Senior Java Developer

Working as a consultant assigned to the CRM provider (CRMP) team. Worked providing a middleware interface to Oracle’s Siebel CRM package. Written using Java Spring Boot and Camel. This product provides:

a REST interface that Siebel does not support. Siebel only supports the traditional XML Soap api’s.

In addition a framework that supports dynamically executing SQL queries and returning JSON response in in place. This allows to return read only data from the Siebel database which is much faster than returning data Via the Siebel Web Services call.

Also data from different database are accessed in order to provide a custom CRM solution.

Has a custom from end written in React in place of the traditional Siebel GUI.

All business groups needing CRM access go through the CRM provider. The CRM provider also provides security and access controls to prevent crashing Siebel and impacting other business units.

All of my work is associated on the back end code.

InsiteGlobal at GreenSky Alpharetta, GA

July 2018 - December 2018

Senior Java Consultant

Working as a contractor assigned to the Technology Modernization Team.

Working on implementing PCI compliance and application modernization for the web based back office applications used by GreenSky Customer Service Representatives.

Working on interface to allow American Express to offer installment loans serviced by the GreenSky platform. This is a new offer to be offered by American Express in 2019.

Strive Consulting at Equifax Alpharetta, GA

November 2017 - July 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Working as contractor involved in deconstructing monolithic app into separate Microservices written in Spring boot for each specific functionality. Is designed to provide a API gateway hosted on Azure to provide a rest API interface to be used by internal Equifax applications as well as external customers. These api’s provided information backed by all of the various data sources that Equifax has available. Some of this data was stored in Equifax’s internal databases, and some were external vendors via REST api’s. All of this information was combined to provide a single gateway of financial and personal information. The first use of this api gateway was for the Equifax Lock and Alert mobile application. The API gateway would use the mobile number sent by the mobile app to retrieve personal information to prefill the Lock and Alert for subscribing to the service. Was directly involved in designing and developing

Identity Microservice that connected to 2 different vendors to retrieve Customer information from Cell phone carriers.

Log aggregation custom appender to send application logs using standard Springboot logging messages to Azure Service bus. This gave the ability to aggregate the logs from all of the numerous Microservices into one common location. The logs are encrypted and stored in a Azure storage table. Encryption is a result of the resent data breach. This is one of the factors in a 12 factor application.

Configuration service using Spring cloud configuration Server to allow configuration to be stored in a relational database. Customized this to allow common information used by all applications to be provided in addition to configuration specific to each individual application. This is one of the factors in a 12 factor application.

Implemented Application dashboard supporting Spring Actuator, and wrote a custom SMS notification.

Employment verification API that interacts with legacy backend api to provide a REST/JSON response to be used in a new Equifax product offering.

Working on a new pilot project by Equifax to provide a blockchain PII (Personal Identification Information) ledger application using SecureKey to securely exchange PII information with other mobile based applications. This allows third party applications to securely request PII used for opening new accounts, New apartment rent applications, and numerous application still in development. This is a new product offering by Equifax. My part in the project involves implementing the OpenId integration with Azure Business to Consumer (B2C) active directory for application authorization and creating JSON Web Tokens (JWT) used for the interface to SecureKey.

In addition, provided mentoring to lesser experienced developers who had no previous microservice and Cloud experience.

Field Claims Solutions Buford, GA

March 2016 - September 2018


This position was a moon lighting contract position I work on for a startup while working at IBM Cloud Video. It was a 100% remote position during evenings and weekends. This contract was to leverage my IBM Cloud Video experience to supplement Field Claims Solutions IT staff to get moved to a SAAS platform. This project entailed

Designing from scratch a SAS platform for streamlining the claims adjustor process.

This is a AWS based web application that supports claims adjusters to track time and expenses and back office administration as well as storing all of the artifacts like pictures, videos, and documents related to a claim.

I did the design, set up the AWS account, the EC2 instances, the domain name registration, and SSL certificate’s required.

This contract has ended, and the project has been turned over the internal IT staff for Field Claims Solutions.

IBM Cloud Video Duluth, GA

March 2016 - September 2017

Senior Software Engineer

I was involved in the 1st level of triage in a devOps team which entailed debugging, first line of code fixes, environment monitoring as well as implementing new technology in our Production and non-production environments that were deployed in Amazon Web Services.

Included supporting all of the deployments, and configurations of the various environments.

Worked with third party vendors for trouble shooting various video player devices.

Involved in implementing Cassandra and migration from MySql.

Involved in the early stages of implementing of Microservice’s to break apart our monolithic Web application into smaller services using Docker containers, Kubernetes, and Etcd.

Performance Technology Partners Sacramento, CA

December 2014 – February 2016

Applications Developer

Performance Technology Partners (PTP) is a major vendor in providing back office interfaces for Interactive Voice Response(IVR) units. They specialize in Call center automation. They have several major customer including Apple computers where they support the Apple Care call in support number as well as sever other IVR systems they use. Other major customers include Ebay, Paypal, Toyota Financial services. Also sever branches of the State of California use IVR interfaces provided by PTP.

While there, I worked on the Apple Project team. I was involved in :

developing several different applications for managing content used by all of their application which are used world wide and several different locales.

Helped develop a Application generator which would read in a word document describing the call flow and prompts required by a IVR application, and generated the background java application required to implement the design. It was used to create a skeleton project that eliminated hundred of hours of manual coding.

Helped develop new IVR applications to support internal Apple phone support numbers.

Worked on Framework changes in the core piece of PTP’s IVR interface to provide additional information for debugging the IVR flow.

While at PTP, we started using the latest Spring-boot projects in combination with Thymeleaf and Bootstrap for rapidly creating web based applications. Several of these are currently being used internally by Apple.

This job was a 100% remote job, with occasional travel to the office located in Sacramento. All development was performed on Mac hardware using Mac OS

Richardson Bay Trading Support. Incline Village,NV April 2014 – September 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Richardson Bay Trading support is a small international trading company with offices in Sausalito California, Toronto Canada, London England, with the headquarters in Incline Village, Nevada. They trade in all markets. Position involved:

Design, code, and implement a new back office support from scratch

Replace old, antiquated based system with new back office package

Process daily feeds from Merrell Lynch

Capture live trading transactions from their custom trading front end.

Process daily feeds from Merrell Lynch for settlements and compare with front end transactions to calculate financial positions

IT Trail Blazers Inc. Alpharetta, GA June.2013 – March 2014

Lead Technical Specialist

Lead Technical Specialist at UPS involved with the redesign of the website.

Involved in migrating content from a unsupported version of HP-Autonomy Teamsite to the latest version. Entailed working with consultants from IBM, HP, Ironworks, and Sapiant.

Mapping from old contentment model stored in XML documents to the new cntent model using jaxb transformation classes. Used xpath to select elements to migrate.

Used api’s in the HP-Autonomy Teamsite sdk to facilitate injected migrated content into new Teamsite repository.

Wrote a web based web services aggregator to consolidate multiple SOAP web services calls that can be retrieved using a REST service call from the browser.

Acted as a mentor to junior developers, one who was a intern still in college.

Connecture Inc. Atlanta, Ga August.2011 – April.2013

Technical Lead

Involved in the development and implementation of software used by Health Care Providers. Connecture’s software is used by many of the major insurance vendors, as well as many of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield providers. This software is a multiple tiered web based package that allows consumers to get insurance quotes, and enroll in health insurance. Medicare enrollment as well as Medicare supplemental insurance.

Was technical Lead of the Nebraska BCBS development team. Had several people on the time over the course of the project.

Major accomplishments were a major Application upgrade. In addition several additional custom modifications were implemented.

At&t mobility Alpharetta, Ga Feb.2003 - May.2010

Senior Developer

Developed and supported Pre-paid systems numbers management system. Supported several different interfaces to multiple retail customers like Walmart, Best Buys, Target. Also had interfaces to multiple pre-paid card vendors, providing fulfilment of orders from vendors to customers. Portions were web based, portions server and batch based.

Designed and developed a rules engine based system used for creating marketing information.

Acted as technical liaison supervising outsourced resources

Education, Certifications and Accomplishments

Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Information Systems,

Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, Ga.

3.0 GPA in major

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