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Safety Manager

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
December 27, 2019

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Nduh Nosike Augustine

Address: #***, ****** ****, ********* *** Rumuodara Rivers State, Nigeria.

Phone: +234-***-***-*** 6, +234-***-***-*** 6

Sex: Male


Nationality: Nigerian

Married, 3 Children


To work towards realizing the objectives of a reputable and challenging organization. Thereby attaining a higher level of professional and personal development, in so doing, utilizing my talents to the best of my ability. Working very efficiently in teams (team player) and willing to work alternative hours when the need applies.

Becoming successful HSE/QSHE personnel. And to contribute my quota in eliminating accidents, incidents and near-misses in an establishment.


With over twenty (20) years of cognizance experience in the management of community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) in the oil & gas engineering construction. Servicing companies and Deep water drilling in Onshore/Offshore. I have worked 10 years as HSE Engineer with several oil and gas services companies.

These include Suffolk oil services Nigeria Limited, Sirpi Alustell Nigeria Limited (OCIP Project). Carried out operations in line with ISO 9001, 1401 and OSHAS 18001 and United Nation International Maritime Organization and Standard Training Certificate for Seafarers (IMO/STC’S) Standard Management Systems. As a HSE Personnel, I act as the focal point in HSE Management of various Projects/Companies. Responsible for the formulation of policies related in HSE, Develop Cooperate Project Procedures and advice management on HSE best practice, rules applicable to Oil & Gas Industry. Member of American OSHA Society, member Nigerian Institute of safety professional.

-Studied Industrial Safety Technology, at the Petroleum Training Institute in Warri, Delta of Nigeria

-Completed various CASHES trainings, courses and seminars which includes the United Nations IMO/STC’ 95.

-Assisted various oil and Gas servicing/construction companies to achieving Millions of Man-hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

-Familiar with the British and American Safety Standards, Nigeria factory Acts, FMF Acts and various occupational Health, Safety and Environmental legislations.

-Delivered Projects with little or no supervision and always ready to welcome challenges at work with the intention to learn from my team.

-Computer literate

-A Registered Safety Professional holding member status (MNISP) at Nigeria Institute of Safety Professionals which is international recognized.

Chart of Work Experience:

SHE INSPECTOR, Exxon Mobile Nigeria.

21/11/2018-till date.

Visiting business and industrial premises to inspect processes and procedures and ensure good health and safety practice

Investigating accidents and complaints and determining if there has been a breach of health and safety law

Carrying out examinations of machinery, working environments and structures, taking measurements of noise, heat, and vibrations, and taking photographs and samples where necessary

Ensuring workers are provided with suitable protective equipment, such as eye goggles, ear protectors or appropriate types of gloves and clothing

Investigating procedures for working in hazardous environments or with potentially harmful substances

Keeping up to date with new legislation and health and safety standards

Providing specialist advice and information on health and safety to businesses and organizations and advising on changes required

Writing reports on results of inspections and investigations and completing detailed paperwork

Developing health and safety working programmes and strategies

Providing training and educational support to employers and new or trainee employees.

QHSE Superintendent, Institut de Soudure ISN International Resources LTD., Nigeria


-Providing direction and guidance to management and employees on QHSE issues

-Maintaining and reviewing related documentation and legal requirements

-Investigate workplace incidents

-Providing training

-Perform HSE risk management and occupational safety risk assessment

-Liaise and relate with regulatory bodies

-Perform HSE monitoring, analysis and reporting

-HSE Coordinator, SPIE Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited

Project: NOPL, Total E&P Nigeria Project. Northern Option Pipe Line, Owaza Abia State.

01/06/2015 - 07/11/2015

-Carrying out of site supervision preventing accidents or injuries.

-Carrying out audits on Site Safety Plan.

-Maintaining close coordinator with Safety Manager.

-Ensuring subcontractor’s safety of personnel and related matters.

-Ensure that HSE Policies, procedures and practices are disseminated and explained to contractor employees in field locations.

-Supervising the implementation of HSE accident prevention and awareness programs.

-Participating in planned general Inspections and ensuring that corrective actions are being taken and implemented on worksites, audit work being performed with ''Safe Work Permit”.

-Assisting with the implementation of Job Safety Analysis and inspecting of job site activities during particularly difficult or hazardous work situations.

-Review and analysis accidents, near miss incidents and making corrective action recommendations.

-Conducting regular emergency response exercises and drills in the field to ensure the highest level of preparedness in any given emergency.

HSE LEAD, Total E&P Nigeria Limited

Project: EPCC4 PACKAGE OFON 2 OFQ Living Quarter (Offshore TOTAL NIGERIA) - Realization of Offshore Living Quarters Modules, on FOS/MER yard.

02/01/2014 - 20/12/2014

-Directing effort in implementing company Environment, in the field of Health and Safety. (EHS) policy its standards and procedures.

-Organizing and conducting training sessions on safety practices.

-Ensuring safety audits and regularly conducting and implementing with recommendation for remedial measures.

-Maintaining records of clients/contractors comments, documents and safety complaints.

-Ensuring the approval of valid work permit prior to commence task.

-Verifying that all project personnel are fully conversant with the specific HSE Project Execution Plan for Construction and commissioning, including related HSE instructions.

-Support or leads hazard identification exercises.

-Organizing and issuing daily weekly/monthly HSE report as required.

Senior Safety Supervisor, MPH Global Nigeria Limited / LAFARGE CEMENT EXPANSION

Project: LAFARGE Expansion Project EWEKORO, Ogun State of Nigeria

10/1/2012 – 05/2015

-Ensure that HSE Policies, procedures and practices are disseminated and explained to contractor employees in field locations.

-Supervise the implementation of HSE accident prevention and awareness programs.

-Participate in planned general Inspections and ensuring that corrective measures are implemented on locations; Audit work being performed with ''Safe Work Permit”.

-Assisting with the implementation of Job Safety Analysis and inspecting of job site activities during particularly difficult or hazardous work situations.

-Reviewing and analyzing accidents and near miss incidents thereby making corrective recommendations and conducting regular emergency response exercises and drills in the field to ensure the highest level of preparedness in any given emergency.

-Maintaining records of such drills, providing recommendations for emergency response improvements. Assisting in developing and implementing field location emergency response procedures and evacuation plans.

-Periodically inspecting the operative condition of field health centers, ambulances and other medical emergency equipment.

Rig Safety Training Coordinator (RSTC), Trans Ocean Drilling Nigeria Limited / ADRIATIC DRILLING (AD-8).

Project: EXXONMOBIL Oil Field (OSO WELL HEAD 1, 2, 3, & 4.

11/06/2012 – 20/12/2012

-Coordinating and taking full responsibilities in educating & training of personnel in the oil industry particularly in the hazardous work Environment such as an oil rig.

-On weekly, or monthly on a monthly basis, my Team and I, carry out inspection aboard oil rig, from hoses, tools, and drilling equipment.

-Having full understanding of company policies, offshore laws regarding safety, and keeping accurate records of all inspections and investigation is paramount.

-Assisting in the continued of HSE culture and coaching rig based personnel in the implementation and understanding of company management system.

-Active in monitoring the FOCUS process and rising identified issues with OIM.

-Promoting the awareness, use and understanding of COLORS Process.

-Coordinate and administering of job training system. (OJT).

-Maintain and updates rig personnel’s training recodes.

-Monitoring the compliance of HSE orientation and induction for all personnel.

- Assisting OIM in the investigation of incidents accident on the job.

- Informing the site management in regards to company’s HSE policy when needed.

- Making sure that hygiene, environment safety procedures and guidelines are respected on the site.

- Assisting in the job risk analysis and incident investigation.

-Assisting with RSES in the management and implementation of the site Waste Management Plan.

-Contributing in diffusing HSE philosophy and training operative personnel.

-Providing in RSES/ OIM in HSE expertise.

- Preparing HSE offshore activities by developing procedures related to operation of safety equipment, offshore drills, audits, HSE monitoring, Emergency Response Intervention Team organization, anti-pollution, etc. Safety Coordinator, CHIYODA/JGC Joint Venture.

Project: ExxonMobil JV - PNG/LNG CONDESATE JETTY, Papua New Guinea.

-EPC Contract $380 million for 2.4km, approach trestle

-Loading and substation platform and berthing facilities.

17/02/2011 - 17/07/2013

-Carry out site supervision in order to prevent accidents or injuries.

-Carry out audits and advises on Site Safety Plan.

-Maintaining close coordinator with Safety Manager.

-Ensure subcontractor’s safety of personnel and Safety related matters.

-Ensuring that the projects fire safety requirement are Complied with.

-Information, supervision in toolbox meeting and pre-task safety instructions.

-Conducting daily safety works:

oHSE education and training

oSafety patrol

oSafety Meeting

oMaintaining of instructions

oDaily Safety Observation, intervention & reporting.


Project: Modification of Bora Drillship at Icheon Khan Ship Yard Seoul South Korea

17/11/2010 - June 10th 2012

-Responsible for educating and training of personnel.

-Making sure that workplace is free accidents and harmful Incidents.

-Acting as a mediator, coach to supervise and Monitor personnel at all times.

-Carry out Inspection aboard all oil rigs from hoses to tools, to drilling equipment. These inspections are conducted at regular intervals on a weekly and Monthly basis.

-Making sure that, all personnel wear their required protective gear at all times, and also assign Firewatcher to hot work area.

-Keep accurate record of incidents, near miss and accidents.

- Advised OIM on the way on how workers should carry out their task safely. Safety Supervisor (PMC), Chiyoda Technip Joint Venture

Project: Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited, Las Rafan Industrial City

17/04/2007 – 12/06/2008

-Planning and performing of internal quality and safety audits/inspection with registration and follow-up action.

-Carrying out general QA/HSE tasks in liaison with Department Conduct QHSE meetings with staff.

-Identifying and reporting on quality and safety related problems.

-Prepare Safety Information for weekly and monthly Reporting.

-Review trends on site (HARZAD CARD REPORT)

-Advice site manager on SHES related matters.

-Constantly monitoring of sub contractors’ activities.


Project: Yoho Project Jacket Construction

10/11/2006 - 13/03/2007

-Responsible for the promotion of Client HSE Policies and Procedures.

- Information and assistance to OIM on all matters relating to HSE.

- Developing Safety Procedures and Job Safety Analysis related to the work being performed.

Tasks being carried out as safety supervisor:

- Rig Safety Awareness Induction for all new employees.

-Incident Investigations and Reports.

-Atmospheric gas testing.

-Regular workplace inspections.

-Scheduled inspections of all Emergency and Life Saving Appliances aboard the Rig.


Project: (OCIP) Offshore Construction and Installation Programme.

- Riser Repair and Installation Exxon Mobil Field.

-African Sea Worker Barge

10/06/2005 – 06/072006

-Informing the Offshore Installation Manager on how we could improve HSE related issues.

-Have a wide Knowledge of Client HSE Policies and Procedures, when it came to Rig Safety Awareness/ Induction for all new employees.

-Having the Knowledge of the HSE Safety Case and assisting the OIM on all matters relating to HSE.

-Developing Safety Procedures and JSA’s.

HSE Co-coordinator, TVONNE NIG. LTD.

PROJECT: 12” GS BRT pipeline (Exxon Mobil) at Bonny Island

02/11/2005 – 13/04/2006

-Conducting of personnel safety induction making reports on drills carried out.

-Monitoring Personnel, Conducting daily Toolbox meeting

-Provide support for training, drills, and other matters related to emergency preparedness and response.

-Collect and share lessons learned between site and outside organizations where appropriate.

-Encourage heightened SSH&E awareness and behavior throughout the site project.

-Assisting in the facilitation of site level SSH&E steering committee meetings.

-Monitoring the work processes to ensure compliance with the site work permit system and area / system responsibilities.

-Prepare / provide a safety induction briefing to new team members and visitors to site.

HSE Coordinator, CHICAGO BRIDGE AND IRON NIG. LTD. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Project (NLNG)

Project: Construction of Train 4/5.


-Providing support and expert advice on all matters relating to Safety, Security, Health and Environment.

-Providing positive leadership on HSSE issues, promoting the setup and implementation of waste management system on site.

-Coordinate site HSE meetings.

HSE Supervisor/Permit to Work Coordinator (PTW), KALDINEX NIG. LTD.

Project: New Expansion Project, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, (NLNG) Bonny Island

02/09/2000 – 10/12/2000

-Ensuring construction activities can be accomplished at the same time and in a safe manner.

-Coordinating and planning with construction team and operation so that all permit requirements are ready at the start of the day’s work.

-Act as facilitator for daily permit meeting.

-Tracks work permit throughout the entire process from the beginning to completion and close-out.

-Maintaining a data-base on all permits via types of permit (active and closed).

-Carrying out audits on PTW system with various work groups


PROJECT: New Expansion Project. TSKJ/NLNG Bonny Island.

10/08/1999 – 02/08/2000

-Induction of new personnel

-Daily update of Safety Statistical Information Board

-Pre-mobilization Inspection of Equipment and personnel

-Enforcement of proper use of P.P.E.

-Conduct Toolbox meeting on a daily basis

-Organize Safety meeting/ reporting weekly/ Monthly safety Performance.

-Implement Permit to Work, Excavation Permit

-Conduct drills and review performance


Project: Trains 1, 2, & 3 shut down project

10/03/1999 - 06/06/1999

-Implement HSE project programmed

-Review trends on site U See U act programmed

-Monitor Sub-contractors activities

-Carry out incident/near-miss investigations

Safety Advisor, SOIMI NIG.LTD (ABB)

Project: Construction of Polypropylene plant, Eleme Petrochemical Company, Nig. LTD.

02/1993 – 03/1996

-Conducting daily Toolbox meetings/ Inspection of tools and Equipment prior to commence the day’s jobs.

-Constantly monitoring personnel and enforcing company HSSE policies.

-Conducting Drills.

Safety Officer, CHIYODA NIG. LTD

Project: Merrox Unit, Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd

02/02/1990 - 11/10/1992

-Conducting Personnel Safety Inductions

-Constantly Monitoring of Personnel

-Conducting daily Toolbox meetings/ Reporting unsafe acts and Unsafe Conditions. Education:

2001: Petroleum Training Institute, Effuru, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

-Higher National Diploma in Industrial Safety Technology.

-Grade: Second Class Upper

1988: Obomkpa Mixed Secondary School (OMSS)


-Grade: 5 Credits

1978 Anagba Primary School, Obomkpa

-First School Leaving Cert.

-Grade: Pass



-M & O Blisston Tropical BOSIET Course



-K2 CERTIFICATE Work At Height & Rescue (Singapore)

-Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness (Phuket Thailand)

-Hazardous Communications (HAZCOM)

-TSKJ/NLNG Safety Training Observation Programme (STOP) &

-TSKJ/NLNG Scaffolding Awareness Programme at Bonny Island.

-Exxon Mobil Safety Leadership Training, at Bonny Island

-ISO 14001 Chicago Bridge and Iron, at Bonny Island

-Environment Awareness Programme (SAIPEM Logistics, Rivers State, Nigeria)

-Confined Space entry permit

-H2S/BA Certificate(Doha Qatar, Middle East)

-Permit to Work Certificate(Doha Qatar, Middle East)

-Hazard Management

-Confined Space Training Programmed(Doha State of Qatar Middle East)

-Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) Doha State of Qatar Middle East.

-Supervisors Guide for Incident and Injury Free Work. Qatar gas 2 onshore & Common LNG Project Doha State of Qatar Middle East.

-Basic First Aid

-Basic Offshore Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting.

-Emergency Response Training

-Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) & Basic Sea Survival Training in accordance with (OPITO & STCW 95) Approved standards.

-Electrical Safety

-Defensive Driving Course (SHELL)

-Community Crises Management

-Food Handling Awareness Course

-Ship Onboard Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)

-Off shores drills and Emergency Procedures


-IIF and ILM Leadership Training

-Bosiet course:

oHazmat identification, Banks man slinging awareness, Rigging & lifting, Overhead gantry crane operator, Manual handling, Cosh awareness, Inspection of lifting equipment, H2s training, Electrical risk training, Management of major emergencies, Radiation awareness

Professional membership:

Member, Nigeria Institute of Safety Professionals


Mr. David Inyang (GM SHE)

-Adamac Group of Companies Nigeria Limited.

-Kilometer 21, East/West Road. Rumuodara Rivers State.

-Phone: +234**********

Mr. Ken Ochie

-Senior Superintendent of Police (S.P) O/C Mess

-Rivers State Police Command, Port-Harcourt,

-Rivers State, Nigeria.

-Phone: +234**********

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