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Security Officer Training

United States
December 30, 2019

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Manassas, VA *****



Senior Security Professional and Military Veteran with a Top-Secret Security Clearance and 20+ years of dedicated service in the United States Army. Accomplished measurable results while leading teams of 30-50 personnel in a dynamic, fast - paced environment. Possess a comprehensive background in security operations derived from the supervision of domestic and global operations. Managed risk to protect assets, property, equipment, and projects valued over $300M while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. Analytical thinker and problem-solver with strong team building, communication, and interpersonal skills. Dedicated and detail-oriented leader with superior performance in all aspects of security. Has a reputation as a tactful, honest, and dependable leader during challenging and adverse situations in high stress locations. Facility Security Officer (FSO) certification.

Results Driven

Team Builder


Planning & Execution

Training and Development

Risk Management

Forward Thinker

Process Improvement

Problem Solver


Department of State, Washington D.C. 9/2018- Present Armed Diplomatic Security Officer

Responsible for the protection and enforcement of federal regulations during daily operations, special events, emergencies, and dignitary visits. Implements complex and stringent Department of State security protocols, directives, and standard operating procedures. Operates as part of the response force constantly interacting with senior level personnel during security alerts, badging verification, and civil disturbances. Provides oversight of the intrusion detection system (IDS), the access control system (ACS) and closed circuit television (CCTV). Provide system capability for program and implementation of the Agency’s Security Management System (SMS) (automated access control system handling badging, Closed-Caption Television

(CCTV), alarm, etc.) to ensure operational readiness of the system at various locations, and be responsible for ensuring employee have facility accesses. Performs risk assessments and applies physical security principles at access control points through consistent monitoring of CCTV on-site. Provides security oversight on various systems, networks and media to provide comprehensive feedback and reporting, when required. Enforces regulatory practices for the handling of classified material and personally identifiable information, which includes packages and vehicle inspections, as well as, physical searches of persons. Reviews and makes recommendations on operations and maintenance of physical/recourses inputs. Functions as a continuous surveillance detection for indicators and warnings methodically of pre-operational attack planning/surveillance, and for individuals identified as possible threats by various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Provides periodic updates and reports to the SMS Watch Commander and Physical Security Division as required. Provides support and document new customer requirements; assist other offices within the Agency with ongoing investigations. Conduct risk management surveys and render impact statements or recommendations when deviations to standards are appropriate and fully justified.

• Provides area security for the President of the United States and the Vice President of the United States during routine visits to the Department of State

• Assists Secret Service team with vetting and validation process of personnel

• Conducts pre-inspections of area during security sweeps of various facilities in preparation for high level personnel visits to the Department of State

• Provides security for all dignitaries during strategic engagements

• Liaison with members of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other officials as required.

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (US Army), Daegu, Korea 6/2012-5/2014 CrossFit Level 1 Coach Led group fitness classes while following proper progressions of CrossFit and weightlifting programs. Implemented programs geared toward improvement of body composition, flexibility, and strength. Organized and planned daily workout for instruction.


• Lauded by the Installation Commanding General for establishing a CrossFit affiliation for Daegu South Korea, United States Army installation.

• Decreased injuries by 40% by teaching Soldiers proper weightlifting techniques Wise Choice Services, Killeen, TX 11/2008-5/2011 Chief Executive Officer (Self- Employed)

Specialized in hiring, management, daily operations and allocating staff and resources. Owner and manager responsible for overseeing twenty employees, various contracts, equipment and fifteen facilities. Expert at resolving customer service issues and ensuring customer satisfaction. Prepared and administered the business plan and budget. Set and monitored short and long term business and financial goals and service objectives. Conducted recruitment and interviews for new hires. Reviewed, assessed, and revised business plans and objectives to ensure organizational growth and relevancy. Analyzed loss/profit projections and adjusted/refined organizational budget, as required. Performed business analysis and provided vital solution to personnel and budget challenges. Interacted with customers/clients to ensure contractual agreements were honored. Prepared proposals, statements of work, and contracts for all business transactions. Oversaw and managed inventory, purchase orders, and resources. Selected and evaluated vendors, products and services to accommodate business plans.

• Applied business principles, including management, marketing, business plan research, and business ethics

• Developed and enforced standard operating procedures and policies

• Constructed an organizational mission and vision that cultivated initiative and care

• Prepared and managed budget for operating cost and future projects/expansion

• Improved existing systems and developed new systems to optimize productivity and added synergy

• Developed initial and continuous training/education plans for employees

• Created, validated, and vetted on-boarding policies and procedures for new hires

• Counseled, evaluated, provided feedback and oversight for all employee performance United States Army 11/1988-11/2008 Senior Security Specialist Developed, planned, and implemented detailed training programs during combat operations and training of commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel. Trained over three hundred personnel on the employment of various weapon systems to ensure the proper interlocking of sectors of fire. Maintained security of local areas in combat by providing protection of vital assets which were crucial to national security. Performed over 100 route reconnaissance, surveillance, security, and escort missions for high-ranking officials. Developed and implemented security and vulnerability assessments plans, prevention strategies, training and physical security diagrams tailored to specific theater threats. Conducted continuous assessments and provided feedback, retraining, and corrective action to improve or enhance security posture at critical locations within theaters of operations. Employed intrusion detection systems to assist with perimeter monitoring and access control points. Identified and implemented security plans for mission essential vulnerable area, key terrain, and critical facilities to mitigate risk and decrease potential operational impacts. Oversaw the training, coordination, and supervision of the Quick Reaction Force responsible for all security functions, special operations, and responses during high states of emergency in a deployed environment. Integrated and supervised Multi-National Forces, Foreign Militaries, and Local National Partners in over fifty mobile/roving security operations and security patrols while deployed to Sinai, Egypt with 100% mission success and zero loss to equipment or personnel. Responsible for the oversight, development, and implementation of training, professional development, health and administration of over 50 personnel. Managed complex schedules for forty roving guards at four facilities in Bosnia during ethnic unrest in Operation Joint Forge.

• Awarded distinguished enlisted honor graduate from the prestigious Army Ranger Qualification Course

• Earned a leadership award for extraordinary performance during a special assignment of twenty personnel and two SCIF in an austere location during conflict without incident or loss of personnel or resources Instructor/Writer: Oversaw daily instruction for 1,000+ students for highly technical and tactical specialties. Developed, planned, and executed lesson plans. Coordinated required resources and course material to facilitate training program/plan of DEXTER D. WISE, PG. 3

instruction. Consolidated end of course feedback and student assessments for senior leader review. Subject matter expert on all security operations and weapon systems assigned to the organization. Mentored and coached Foreign National students through the Ranger Indoctrination Program. Served as the primary trainer for the Battalion’s Ranger Instructor Certification Program.

• Served as the Class Tactical Advisor and platoon trainer decreasing the attrition rate by 20%

• Recognized as Instructor of the Cycle two consecutive cycles

• Selected above peers to serve as the Senior Instructor and Advisor of the Ranger Indoctrination Program Ranger Instructor: Responsible for the health, welfare, training, discipline, and readiness of 6,000+ students in an extremely rigorous environment. Coordinated training support resources and facilities for all training events. Maintained training records and validated training. Taught students how to operationalize and integrate information to gain superiority over the enemy. Provided feedback, assessments, and validated ranger instructor’s certifications. Operated as the primary instructor for the Combat Water Survival Test, the Five Mile Run and the Buddy Run events. Revised fourteen programs of instruction/cadre training objectives and plans.

• Assisted in the revision of the Ranger Phase I training objectives improving organizational processes and procedures resulting in resource preservation

• Created and streamlined doctrinal Warning Order Instruction Boards to reflect modern Combat Orders

• Co-authored the revision of the Ranger Handbook

• Implemented processed to reduce indoctrination time from 3 months to 2 months increasing productivity by 30%

• Designed a rigorous weapons qualification training and retraining program resulting in a 80% expert rate across the Battalion

Senior Ranger Instructor: Oversaw the Ranger Instructor Certification Program which is required for the onboarding of senior leaders to instruct ranger candidates. Taught foundational leadership skills, tactics, techniques, and troop leading procedures. Created a challenging environment to assess instructor’s adaptability, mental toughness, and ability to operate in a high demanding, high stress environment. Spearheaded efforts to revamp the Tactical Standard Operating Procedures and 14 course plans. Tracked student progress and provided retraining when necessary.

• Certified over fifty new ranger instructors

• Revised fourteen programs of instruction/cadre training plans increasing efficiency by 50%

• Cultivated an environment of excellence and instilled pride, confidence, and friendly competition among subordinates, peers, and superiors


Associates of Arts in General Education Northern Virginia Community College PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING

Facility Security Officer (FSO) Role in the NISP

Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority

Security Officer Core

Instructor Trainers Course

Introduction to Personnel Security

Introduction to Industrial Security

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