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Nurse Medical

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
December 29, 2019

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Bin Mahmoud, P.O BOX *****

Doha Qatar

Contact number: +974-********

Landline: +974- 44185529

Email Address:

Career Objective

Deliver the best of my medical knowledge to the organization and be successful health care personnel.

Summary of Qualifications

Multi Registered Nurse having licenses from the Qatar Supreme Council of Health (license number 3855), Philippines and Saudi Arabia with more than 10 years total experience as Staff Nurse. Able to identify deterioration of patient and take appropriate actions according to their presenting signs and symptoms.

Worked in Joint Commission International Standard Accredited Hospital Preceptor of new staff, supervised student nurses, and mentors interns.

Experienced as chairperson of the pain committee, which ensures that standard of patient care is maintained on the ward.

Strong clinical competence and knowledge of nursing process

Commission New Clinic’s according to Supreme Council of Health standard.

Career Summary

Date : October 2016 to Present

Designation : Company Nurse

Company : Redco Almana Construction

P.O box 23300 Al Hilal East Doha Qatar

Specific company nurse duties:

Administer first aid treatment and provide medication for employees as needed.

Assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual patients care according to standard.

Arrange prompt and appropriate referral as required.

Record all treatment on the first aid injury report, and submitted weekly report.

Maintain first aid facilities; including first aid equipment; checking and restocking of 1st aid Kit.

Cases Handled:

Heat Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Dehydration, Traumatic Injury, Nail Punctured, fall from the height back injury.

Equipments Handled:

Glucometer, nebulizer, suction machine, AED, BP apparatus pulse oximeter

Date : June 2012 up to December 2014

Designation : General Inpatient Unit, Obstetric Gynecology Unit-Staff Nurse

Company : American Hospital

C-Ring Road Next To Ministry Of Labor GRIDCO Building, Doha Qatar

Specific job responsibility inpatient general unit

Implementing plans through tasks such as preparing patients for operations, wound treatment and monitoring pulse, blood pressure and temperature

Observing and recording the condition of patients

Checking and administering drugs and injections

Carrying out routine investigations

Responding quickly to emergencies

Planning discharges from hospital and liaising with community nurses, GPs and social workers

Communicating with and relieving the anxiety of patients and their relatives

Advocating on behalf of patients

Educating patients about their health

Maintaining patient records

Making ethical decisions related to consent and confidentiality

Maintained a safe and secure environment for patient, family and staff

Cases Handled:

Hypertension, Diabetic keto acidosis, Asthma and COPD, Appendicitis, Pneumonia,

Renal Failure, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure

Equipments Handled:

Infusion pump, Sphygmomanometer, ECG machine, Glucometer, nebulizer, suction machine, AED, BP apparatus pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor,

Specific Obstetric and gynecology inpatient duties:

Perform professional nursing care to the patients admitted in the obstetrics and Gynecology Unit

Assess and documents various clinical conditions and vital signs of patient.

Order appropriate diagnostic and laboratory tests evaluate and record the results.

Administers prescribed medication such as oral, SC, IV routes and record

Maintain Skills and Knowledge in using various medical devices such as electronic fetal Monitors and other obstetrics and gynecology unit instruments.

Educate patients and families regarding breast feeding and newborn care.

Provided patient education on hygienic procedure.

Cases Handled:

Urinary Tract infection, irregular bleeding related to the contraceptive pills, pelvic inflammatory disease, Chlamydia, pregnancy induce hypertension, vaginal bleeding

Date : March 2007 up to November 2010

Designation : Pulmonology unit Staff Nurse

Company : King Abdulaziz Medical City for National Guard Health Affairs

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Website:

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh Saudi Arabia has been recognized as a distinguished healthcare provider. The bed capacity increased to 690 beds in addition to 25 beds allocated for expected surgical operation, and 132 beds for admission of emergency cases. Its mission is to provide the National Guard personnel and their eligible dependents with highest quality of primary, secondary, tertiary; healthcare services which ensuring efficiency and the proper utilization of available resources. Equally important to its mission are the components of preventing medicine, health education, health research and continuous quality improvement.KAMC believe faithfully in the importance of healthcare quality on an international scope; the institution has passed the requirements for accreditation under the (JCI) Joint Commission International Standard with “excellent performance” on December


Key Work Area

MEDICAL PULMONOLOGY UNIT (WARD 24), a 20 bed capacity unit that provides holistic care for patient within the mission, vision and values of KAMC-Riyadh and division of nursing services to all medical cases such as patient with respiratory problems.

Ward 24 has occupancy rate of 95 % that renders care to adult patient above the age of 13, with mixed gender. Invasive procedures includes Broncoscopy, Endoscopy, colonoscopy access, Gastrotomy and Duodenal tube insertion, intra-venous therapy, bone marrow biopsy, skin biopsy lumbar tapping. None-invasive therapy includes CT scan, Endocardiogram, X-rays, ultrasound, bone scan Gallium scan, pulmonary function test. Magnetic Resources Imaging, Electroencephalogram.

Specific job duties in pulmonology unit:

Assist in bedside bone marrow biopsy, femoral line insertion, lumbar puncture, and paracentisis.

Care for patient with nasal BIPAP/CPAP, chest tube and on conscious sedation patient. Provide direct patient care utilizing the nursing process within established hospital, divisional and unit specific policies and procedure, standard protocols.

Demonstrate knowledge and clinical assessments skills appropriate to clinical area.

Takes direct and appropriate action in the emergency situation

Documents all assessment intervention and other pertinent information in the patient’s health care record in timely and ongoing manner.

Promote continuity of patient care through oral and written communication. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patient families, other health care team members and staff of other department. Administer medicine according to protocols such as diabetic protocol, heparin protocol, and IVIG, complies with hospital infection control and safety protocols. Address issue using problem solving framework, initiate the nursing or medical administrative chain of command if unable to resolve issue satisfactory.

Liaison with other health care team members and departments to provide continuity of patient care and unit activities.

Work with the health care team members and departments in activities designed for improvement of patient care outcomes.

Act as a preceptor or resource for the new employees, trainee and other staff.

Anticipates and acts to maintain a safe environment.

Complies with and participate in quality management process and activities.

Works within a multidisciplinary team to provide quality care for medical services.

Cases Handled:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchial Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis,

Cerebral Vascular Accident, Seizure Disorder, Myasthenia Gravis Deep Vein Thrombosis, Decompensate, Heart Failure, nephrology cases (acute and Chronic), Diabetes, Mellitus, Hematology cases, Gastro Intestinal cases, Neurology cases, oncology cases.

Equipment Handled:

Infusion pump, Sphygmomanometer, ECG machine, Glucometer, nebulizer, suction machine, AED, BP apparatus pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor, CPAP, BIPAP, Ventilator, peek flow machine, ECG machine, Infusion syringe pump for patient controlled analgesia, Chest tube drainage

Date : July 2004 - August 2006

Designation : General Inpatient Ward & Maternity Ward- Staff Nurse

Company : Al Adwani General Hospital

Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Adwani General Hospital is a private tertiary level institution with 200 bed capacity. It provides comprehensive quality care to every individuals needs: physical, spiritual, psychological, psychosocial and rehabilitative.

Specific job duties in general ward:

Communicated with the members of the health care team about patient care Assist in intubation and monitoring of patient, lumbar puncture, casting, tracheostomy

tube insertion skin biopsy, minor surgeries, bone marrow biopsy Insertion of Foleys catheter, straight catheter,Iv line,NGT, doing ECG Provided information about different plans to patient and their family Carried out nursing care assigned patients on daily basis.

Created reports of relevant observations including patient and family.

Handled all task as per hospital policies and procedures

Participated in patient care programs, improved care techniques, standard and procedures.

Maintained a safe and secure environment for patient, family and also for staff

Specific duties in maternity ward

Provide maternity ward nursing care to pregnant women

Provide maternity ward nursing care even after birth

Detect labor symptoms in woman and provide appropriate nursing care.

Monitor vital signs like blood pressure in women

Check baby’s condition while in labor using fetal monitor or Doppler

Monitored mothers to ensure they were recovering properly, both physically and emotionally.

Educated new mothers and fathers on how to take care of their infant including instruction on breastfeeding, bathing, and cord care.

Date : September 2001 - April 2004

Designation : Well Baby & Neonatal Intensive care unit

Company : Socsargen Country Hospital

General Santos City, Philippines

Socsargen Country Hospital is a private tertiary medical institution with 150 bed capacity. Well baby and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a 15 bed capacity designed to provide immediate nursing measures and gives comprehensive quality care to critically ill babies.

Specific Job duties neonatal intensive care unit:

Responsible for the intermediate and special care to infants or newborns.

Provide special care like supplemental oxygen specialized feeding, intravenous etc.

Assessed infant’s health problems and concern.

Developed and implemented the nursing care plans and strategies.

Maintain and keep a track record of the infant’s information

Handles the queries and problem of the infant’s parents regarding this babies health care

Specific Job duties in well baby unit

Assisted physician with medical examinations of mother and babies

Received newborn babies from delivery room and perform APGAR score

Assisted in dressing babies and giving bath to newborns

Alerted pediatrician to any changes in the condition of baby

Assisted mothers with breastfeeding techniques and sanitized nipples.

Maintain Safe and calm, warm environment suitable for babies

Maintain patient records and provided status updates to parents according to hospital policies and procedure.

Cases Handled:

Jaundice, Respiratory distress, Vomiting, fever, colic, Diaper rash, abdominal distension, erythema toxicum, baby, premature baby, meconium stain baby

Equipments handle:

Incubator, CPAP, BIPAP, Pulse Oximeter, Bp apparatus, thermometer, phototherapy light, baby bassinet, Respiratory mechanical ventilator, infusion pump.


Philippine Licensure Examination (April 2001) - Passed

Saudi Licensure Examination (September 2004) - Passed

Supreme Council for Health – Qatar Prometric Examination (June 12 2012) - Passed

Educational Background

College : Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Mountain View College

Valencia Bukidnon Philippines

Primary/ Secondary : Notre Dame of Sto. Nino Sto. Nino South Cotabato, Philippines


Case/patient management Documentation (hard and soft copy)

Healthcare Educator JCIA Standard/compliance

Computer proficiency Excellent in Arabic Speaking

Commission newly opened clinic according to supreme council of health standard

Training/Workshop attended

Intermediate Life Support December 20, 2013

Basic Life Support August 11, 2009

Joint Commission International Re-accreditation May 12, 2010

Basic Medication safety Course May 23, 2009

Pain Management Workshop August 1, 2007

Patient Controlled Analgesia-Adult July 6, 2008

IV Therapy-adult February 4, 2008

Vascular Access November. 10, 2008

Preceptor Workshop April 8, 2008

Culture and Communication March 16, 2008

Prevent a Terminal Event February 26, 2008

Conscious Sedation-General areas October 15, 2008

Safe Administration of blood and blood product January 19, 2008

Outstanding Active Participation in medical May 13, 2008 Pulmonary unit

Breastfeeding workshop December 2001

Personal Background

Date of Birth

: December 9, 1976


: Female


: Filipino

Civil Status

: Married

Language Spoken

: English, Arabic, Filipino, Cebuano, Ilonggo


: 276********


: Husband

Character References

Dr. Annabell N. Soriano

Company Physician

Redco Almana construction


Mobile: +974-******** / +974-********

Mr. Itbar Mohammad

Nurse Manager

American Hospital Doha, Qatar


Mobile: +974-********

Ms. Linda Poovenesh Naidoo

Nurse Manager Ward 24

King Abdul-Aziz Medical City for National Guard


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