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San Diego, CA
$300,000 / year
December 29, 2019

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San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • •




High impact, results-oriented Biotech Operations executive with profound leadership and operational experience. Provides strong leadership during times of change and uncertainty. John is recognized for his extraordinary ability to absorb, translate and apply complex clinical, and financial information into successful strategies that deliver unprecedented results. His distinguished 26-year military career, including assignment as Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has developed him into an outstanding leader with tenacity and vision, best characterized by the following demonstrated capabilities:

• Proven track record of turning around struggling organizations; injects vitality and innovative clinical and improved operational approaches to consistently improving company performance

• Trusted partner with business acumen and strategic insights to senior management and CEOs. Partnered with leadership to transform culture, reduce operational risk and drive employee engagement

• Ability to diagnose and engineer optimal solutions to improve functional alignment, reduce clinical trial costs, improve on time and high-quality execution of clinical trials by leveraging his extensive knowledge of optimizing complex, sophisticated military operations

• Demonstrated unusual deep understanding of how things happen in an organization and served as a hub through which activity is coordinated to ensure improved execution, reduced cost and aligned functional organizations

• Aligns, builds and motivates strong executive teams, providing focused and forward-looking leadership

• Has successfully directed the turn-around of over two biotech operations, each with significant competitive or clinical obstacles and, in some cases, little or no existing infrastructure to support the business. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

KURA ONCOLOGY, San Diego, CA 2018-2019

Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of personalized therapeutics for the treatment of tumors and blood cancers.

Chief Operating Officer

Assumed responsibility for Company operations in July of 2015 and executed a comprehensive strategy to repair and transform the company. Key Accomplishments included the following:

• In the newly created position of COO, he galvanized the entire company within 3 months to align around key goals delivering

o Initiation of the company’s first pivotal trial

o Completion of an ongoing phase 1 trial

o Submission and FDA acceptance of an IND leading to the introduction of a third drug into a clinical program

• Immediately executed gap assessment of current contracts and streamlined procurement to reduce

$500,000 per year

• Within the first 90 days, completed a senior leadership strategic planning process to identify key goals/opportunities, determine risk and develop a plan of execution. o Allowed senior and mid-level leaders to determine and agree upon company priorities and identify key opportunities to pursue should they become viable o Provided leadership throughout the company the ability to accurately plan future resource requirements in support of company strategic priorities.

§ Improved Kura’s budget planning cycle through a highly proactive engagement process

§ Improved departmental budget request accuracy by 8-10% San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • • 2

• Cultivated a culture of empowered leadership and accountability throughout Kura o Developed key cross functional leadership forums to help reverse the practice of “siloed” decision processes. Reducing operational risk by ensuring a coordinated effort across all functions

o Increased cross functional coordination to reduce the unnecessary duplication of capabilities

§ Allowed the application of one Electronic Data Management System to both the CMC and Clinical Operations teams saving Kura $30-$60K per year

§ Increased the probability of patient screening and enrollment by improving collaboration between CMC and Clinical Operations with respect to Study Site Initiation and Clinical Drug Supply

§ Improved the quality of the Contracting Team while increasing their scope to include to include post award vendor management across all functions. Saving Kura $300K-

$500K per year.

• Understanding the value of a strong, team oriented corporate culture, John created reoccurring coordination opportunities for employees from the various functional areas. This allowed peers and team members to meet and discuss persistent cross functional friction points. Outcomes included: o Dramatically improved coordination between Clinical Operations, Contracting, CMC, Drug Supply, Finance and Human Resources. (Risk avoidance and mitigation) o Identification and hiring of 12 high quality employees across Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, CMC, Clinical Drug Supply and Quality Assurance CELGENE RECEPTOS, INC., San Diego, CA 2015-2018

Global biopharmaceutical company focused on discovery, development and commercialization of products for treatment of cancer and severe, immune, inflammatory conditions. Receptos, Inc. acquired by Celgene in 2015. Vice President of Business Operations

Reported to the Managing Director. Led business operations, including general and administrative functions and professional leadership development. Oversaw Clinical Operations, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Operations, Medical Writing and Program Management. Managed $300M annual budget planning and development as well as in-year budget execution and management.

• Led transition and change management during acquisition; served as internal consultant to Celgene’s leaders to achieve business goals; collaborated with leadership to accelerate culture of excellence; and drove employee engagement.

• Mobilized and integrated Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Program Management and Medical Writing, significantly accelerating execution for phase 3 trials and planning of two additional phase 3 trials.

• Served as operational advisor to executive leaders for planning, reviewing and assisting in implementation of operational objectives; led company goals development process.

• Developed and executed annual budget within one half of a percent of overall budget.

• Initiated and led preparation for FDA Pre-Approval Inspection, including a mock FDA inspection with outside evaluators.

• Led global clinical operations team through various phases of two Ph2 trials and three Ph3 trials in both Neuro and IG indications; reported progress against established budgets and schedules for projects; and oversaw quality and operational compliance within cost structure to meet business objectives.

• Increased screening and enrollment rate for large 900 patient phase 3 trial by 300%, reducing overall enrollment time by 12 months.

• Directed timely and thorough compilation of information from personnel regarding analysis of operations, processes, facilities and compliance systems, including SOPs, materials management, inventory control.

San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • • 3

• Ensured facilities/infrastructure and information systems were sufficient for all operational and business activities.


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA (2012-2015) Commanding Officer MCAS Miramar-Operations Executive Reported to the Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West. Responsible for overall function and long-term strategic viability and operations of $2.5B installation. Provided leadership to 15 departments. Directly responsible for over 2,500 personnel and oversaw $100M annual budget.

• Led a leadership team consisting of 15 different departments that covered all of the functions required to operate the largest Marine Corps Air Station in the world providing the Marine Corps with a platform to develop and project aviation combat power globally.

• Miramar's airfield conducted more than 95,000 flight operations a year supporting 16 squadrons flying 5 different aircraft types as well as aircraft and squadrons conducting operations from outside agencies to include sister services, presidential support, NASA, foreign services and local San Diego City and County resources.

• Managed city infrastructure, including energy, renewable energy, water, environmental preservation and conservation, and emergency police and fire services for 14,000 Marines, Sailors, civilians and family members.

• Directed an increase in the use of recycled water for irrigation and changes to landscape policy that increased the use of drought tolerant plants and materials leading to a 19% reduction in water consumption across the installation.

• Increased Miramar's energy independence by 21% through access through renewable energy sources and initiated construction of energy distribution systems that improved Miramar's energy assurance.

• Responsible for the annual Miramar Air Show, the largest military airshow in the country, safely hosting 500,000 visitors over a 3-day period, generating more than $1M profit for Miramar Family Programs each year.

• Completed numerous media engagements over a 3-year period via television, radio and print to communicate with the citizens of San Diego and increase local support for Miramar's presence in their communities.

• Developed strong functional relationships with federal, state and local elected officials in an effort to address a broad array of issues to include Miramar's continued viability as a military facility, disaster preparedness and relief planning, wildfire prevention and management.

• Strong engagement with the City and County of San Diego as well as the 5 community planning groups in proximity to Miramar and the San Diego Unified School District to support the needs of military families in the local communities and schools.

• Held personally responsible for Miramar's environmental compliance by the Environmental Protection Agency. Led several initiatives to reduce Miramar’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency and recycling initiative, environmentally friendly new construction efforts, Super-Fund environmental cleanup sites. Recognized by the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District with their 2015 Clean Air Award.

The Pentagon - United States Department of Defense (DoD), Washington, DC (2010-2012) Deputy of Global Posture, Strategy and Plans

Responsible to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for maintaining military posture in support of worldwide operations. Supported $20B Global Posture, Strategy and Plans branch at Pentagon; managed 16 senior staff.

• Worked closely with the Office of Secretary of Defense and all Service Headquarters. Responsible to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the global lay-down of the US Military. San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • • 4

• Led 16 senior officers and government civilians supporting the Chairman's vision of the global distribution of US military forces to include increased US presence in Eastern Europe and the West Pacific.

• Personally, briefed both the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on several occasions on topics ranging from basing options for US Marine Corps units in the West Pacific to forward basing of US Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea and US Army Brigades in Eastern Europe. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National War College at Fort McNair in Washington, DC (2009-2010) Completed a master’s degree in National Security Strategy; traveled to Ukraine and Russia to meet with civic and military leaders.

• Senior level War College class consisted of 220 students representing all five branches of the US armed forces to include the Coast Guard. The class was also comprised of senior officials from all of the other departments of the US Government as well as senior officers from 40 allied nations.

• The curriculum provided students with a deep understanding of the national instruments of power with a view from the US perspective as well as from nations on the receiving end of our efforts.

• Instruction included travel to several foreign countries with engagements between War College Students and various interest groups to include foreign government and military officials, civil leaders, student groups and media.

Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533, Beaufort, SC (2007-2009) Reported to the Commanding Officer of Marine Aircraft Group-31. Selected to lead squadron as the Commanding Officer with 186 employees and 12 FA-18 fighter attack aircraft

• Led the squadron for 19 months and completed 4800 mishap-free flight hours.

• Responsible for the training, professional development and employment of the 220+personnel associated with Marine FA-18 Squadron. Also responsible for the Material condition of 12 FA-18 Hornet aircraft and associated support equipment.

• Successfully completed a 7-month Western Pacific deployment. Represented the Marine Corps and the United States in theater security cooperation events across the Western Pacific to include 3 large scale international exercises in several counties to include South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Often functioned as the senior U.S. military officer in country.

• Directly responsible for $500M in aviation assets; managed $1.5M annual operations budget.

• Rated the number 1 commanding officer in Marine Air Group-12 and successfully completed a 19-month command tour without loss of life or aircraft.

Headquarters, United States Marine Corps, Pentagon, Washington, DC (2004-2006) Reported to the Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps for Aviation. Supported $20B in aviation assets; managed $719M budget for procurement of Marine Corps equipment and training programs. Worked with U.S. Congress and industry to ensure Marine Corps funding requirements were met. Oversaw budget growth of 1000% ($50M to $500M).

• Managed Marine Corps aviation training budget for all USMC aviation communities. Worked with Congress and Industry to fund and develop innovative solutions to shortfalls within Marine Aviation.

• Increased Aviation training budget from $50M to over $500M across the 5-year budget cycle.

• Developed and initiated Marine Aviation's Marine Aircrew Training System (MATS). MATS represented a complete global restructuring of the Marine Corps Aviation training paradigm that included new aircraft training simulators and devices in addition to dramatically increased funding and personnel requirements. MATS fundamentally changed the way that Marine Corps Aviation trains aviators and laid San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • • 5

the groundwork for the introduction of 21st century aircraft to the Marine Corps inventory from a training perspective.

Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533, Beaufort, SC (2001-2004) Maintenance Officer (Director of Maintenance 2003-2004)- Supervised and led 140 Marines in the maintenance of 12 FA-18 fighter/attack aircraft.

• Responsibilities included the development and wellbeing of the squadron's maintenance Marines, material readiness of 12 FA-18D Fighter Attack aircraft.

• Adherence to Naval and Marine Corps maintenance instruction and successful completion of several maintenance audits.

• Worked on concert with the squadron's Operations and Safety Officers as well as higher and adjacent maintenance functions to ensure aircraft available for aircrew training and real-world operations.

• Provided the Commanding Officer with sound advice concerning the status and capability of his aircraft and maintenance department.

Operations Officer (Director of Operations 2001-2003)- Planned and supervised all operational aspects of squadron combat deployment to South West Asia, flying more than 1000 combat hours in support of 1st Marine Division in Iraq.

• Personally flew 32 combat missions in support of US and Allied ground forces.

• Responsible for training 48 aircrew across the mission sets of the FA-18 fighter/attack aircraft.

• Managed multimillion-dollar flight hour budget and several squadron training detachments to sites throughout the United States.

• Increased squadron readiness by 200% due to personnel turnover

• Planned and executed 3 large squadron training deployments to Alaska, California, and Arizona from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort South Carolina.

• Established a reoccurring forum for the Operations, Maintenance and Safety Teams to meet and discuss upcoming events and requirements. This practice significantly increased coordination and understanding between departments that then led to increased aircraft availability for training events, increased time for focused aircraft maintenance and significantly increased overall squadron combat readiness levels.

Marine Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1, Yuma, AZ (1998-2001) Hand selected to become a Fighter Attack Weapons and Tactics Instructor at the Marine Corps’ Aviation Weapons School. Trained 130 FA-18 combat jet aircrew in advanced fighter tactics and tactical planning; planned and coordinated operations for 6 Weapons and Tactics Instructor courses. Flew 650 mishap-free flight hours, including combat operations in Kosovo and Serbia.

• Developed and published Marine Aviation’s first Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for crew coordination in the FA-18D Fighter Attack Aircraft. The Crew Coordination SOP allowed easier transition of aircrew between squadrons, reduced training time requirements and allowed FA-18D community wide evaluation of squadron crew coordination practices.

• Updated the FA-18 community’s Forward Air Controller (Airborne) Handbook. This provided the FA-18 community with an updated policy that included changes to mission procedures due to the introduction of Global Positioning Systems in aircraft navigation systems and precision guided munitions, improved infrared targeting systems and aircrew night vision systems. The updated procedures increased aircrew survivability and mission effectiveness

San Diego, CA • 843-***-**** • • 6

Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533, Beaufort, SC (1994-1998) Served as squadron’s Tactical Training Officer; managed training and readiness progression for more than 70 FA- 18 aircrew;

• Planned thousands of aircrew combat and training events over a three-year period to include hundreds of hours of classroom instruction.

• Completed 2 squadron combat deployments, flying 110 combat missions in support of operations in Bosnia Herzegovina.

• Obtained every mission qualification in the FA-18D Student Naval Flight Officer, various locations (1990-1994) Completed Flight School; designated a Marine Officer and a Naval Flight Officer. AWARDS

• Federal Energy Management Award, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, 2013. Awarded for landfill gas power purchase agreement, 2012. Brought to 50% the installation's electricity needs from renewable sources.

• Secretary of the Navy Energy Award, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Awarded for exceptional energy conservation, 2012 and 2013. Reduced overall energy use by 20%.

• CAT III American Petroleum Institute Award.

• Designated as the Marine Corps’ Flight Officer of the Year. Exceptional performance of duties as a combat aviation instructor with Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533, 1998. EDUCATION

Master of Science in National Security Strategy, National War College, Washington, DC 2010 Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 1990 BOARD LEADERSHIP

Support The Enlisted Project (S.T.E.P.), Chairman (2019), Vice Chairman (2017-2018), Director and Chair of Nominating Committee (2015-2017)

Angels of America’s Fallen (AOAF), Director and represent 30 families supported in San Diego (2015-2019)

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