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Service Manager

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
December 29, 2019

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Langtad, City of Naga, Cebu





Maintenance Supervisor


To obtain a challenging position in a high quality environment where my resourceful experience and academic skills will add value to organizational operations.


Knowledgeable in CATERPILLAR software:

A. SIS- Service Information System

B. SIMS- Service Information Management System

C. TMI- Technical management Information

D. DBS- Dealer Management System

E. CAT ET- Caterpillar Electronic Technician

F. Olympian Compass

D. Other allied service softwares

Experienced in reconditioning, repairs, upgrades several genset and machines:

A.3612, 3116, 3406, 3512, 3412,G3412,G3406, 3508 diesel and gas engine and overhauling on both machine and generator set application;

B.Performed Fuel Rack Synchronization, Valve Lash Setting and Injector Height Adjustments on HEUI (Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Injected), MEUI (Mechanically Actuated Electronically Injected), MUI (Mechanical Unit Injection), MUI (Mechanical Unit Injection) types of Fuel System;

C.Performed Technical Analysis Level 1, Performed Technical Analysis Level 2, testing and Adjusting, Applied Failure Analysis on engine and machine parameters according to CATERPILLAR specifications;

D.Repaired Hydrostatic and Powertrain System components like Travel Motors, Tandem Drives, Brake valves, and Main Hydraulic pump

E. HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 303,307, 311,312B, C, and D series,318D, 330 B, C and D series, 345D, 365D, 6030

F. TRACKTYPE TRACTORS/ BULLDOZERS: D3B, D4G, D4H, and D4K series, D5M, D6R, D7R, D8R, D9R, D10 R.


H. WHEEL TYPE LOADERS: 910G, 938G, 950F,G and H, 966 D and 980 F series ;

E. MOTOR GRADERS: 120G, 140G and 120H series, 14G and 14M series;

F. 3024c, 3126, 3306, 3406, 3408, 3412, 3508, 3512, 3516 Diesel Engines;

G. Retrofit Generator Control Panel from EMCP 1 to latest such as EMCP 3.1, 3.2, 4.1;

H. Wheel type excavator: M313D, M315D, M317D, M318D

Knowledge in troubleshooting electronic and mechanical engine and machine problems;

Ability to use CATERPILLAR Diagnostic tools;

Knowledgeable in overhauling of 3000,3100,3300,3400, and 3500 series CATERPILLAR Diesel engines applicable both on machines and generator sets;

Ability to repair engine, hydraulic pump, final drive, travel motor, control valve, swivel, hydraulic control valve, power shift transmission, and other major component damage by using Applied Failure Analysis

Performed several diagnostic tests and calibrations on CAT electronic machines like, cylinder cut out test, injector solenoid test, wiggle test, fuel rail solenoid test, transmission calibrations, tilt and lift sensor calibrations, engine speed calibrations mostly applicable on ACERT engines (Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology) ;

Knowledge in preparing complete written reports with recommendations, and can work with minimal supervision;

Ability to perform CTS (Custom Track Service), PMS (Preventive Maintenance Schedule), and T.A. I and II (Technical Analysis Level I and II) of all type of CAT machines;

Performed several Product Improvement Program and Product Support Program;

Able to drive light service vehicle;


Central Maintenance Anseca Development Corporation Cebu, Philippines

Planning Manager (Mining Industry) November 2017 - Present

Field Service Supervisor Monark Equipment Corp. Cebu, Philippines

(Field Service Dept.) (CATERPILLAR Dealer in Philippines) January 2015- August 2016

Field Service Engineer Monark Equipment Corp. Cebu City, Philippines

(Field Service Dept.) (CATERPILLAR Dealer in Philippines) June 2012-December 2014

Cadet Engineer Monark Equipment Corp. Laguna, Philippines

(CATERPILLAR Dealer in Philippines) June 2011-June 2012


Finalization of project wide maintenance plans and programs for all projects specifically focusing on the extensive monitoring of the approved annual maintenance budget in the attainment of the required machine availability and efficiency of the equipment fleet and the execution of major rehabilitation of units in all projects.

Establish regular communication with project maintenance planners in coordination with the Project Maintenance Managers on all maintenance activities to ensure work orders are performed with in the specified time table.

Prepare and submit monthly updates on the approved maintenance budget to the VP of Equipment and Maintenance for presentation to MANCOM.

Oversee the general planning for Equipment Plan Component Replacement (PCR) and Repair Before Failure (RBF) program for midlife and full life changeouts based on time and condition monitoring results.

Act as team leader of the Home office-based maintenance team in the implementation of major rehab programs for the projects when the project so requires.

Collate all daily equipment status of all projects and inform the VP of Equipment and Maintenance on all major concerns that need immediate attention.

Collate all monthly maintenance reports from the projects, seeing to it that these are regularly submitted and accurately done for immediate checking/questioning if necessary

Performs other tasks as may be assigned by his immediate superior from time to time.

Field Service Supervisor: MONARK EQUIPMENT CORP. (January 2015- August 2016)

Monitors Technician daily work orders;

Ensures technicians recommendation are correct;

Control technician’s charges;

Perform technician jobs if I have short man power availability;

Monitors service vehicle conditions;

Plans technician schedules;

Monitor technician’s career path improvement;

Lead daily toolbox meeting;

Maintains good relationship between my team;

Checks service reports of technicians;

Uploads service reports to SIMSi;

Rechecks parts survey of technicians;

Safety Officer

Field Service Engineer: MONARK EQUIPMENT CORP. (June 2012 – December 2014)

Perform Machine and Engine troubleshooting;

Perform removal & installation, disassembly and assembly and Overhauling Diesel and Gas Engine, Power shift Transmission, Differential, Final Drive, Travel Motor, Hydraulic pump, Main Control Valve and other major components on several CATERPILLAR Machines;

Assigned to conduct Preventive Maintenance Services according service hour intervals, Technical Analysis level I and II on CAT machines and engines;

Conduct Testing and Adjusting, Repair and Troubleshooting on Hydraulic System, Power Train, Braking System, Fuel system (HUI, MUI, HEUI, MEUI, CRS), Lubrication System, and Cooling System according to CATERPILLAR specifications;

Coordinates with customer representative, supervisor / service manager regarding of daily job status and reports;

Prepare and submit written reports such as FORMAL SERVICE REPORT, with recommendations and upload to SIMS (Service Information Management System);

Maintain order and cleanliness of the work area;

Assigned to do parts survey through Caterpillar SIS Web;

Assigned to perform valve lash, injector height setting and fuel rack synchronization on different type of CATERPILLAR engines;

Able to drive light service vehicle and can operate lifting equipment during customer service;

Use CAT ET upon diagnosing and troubleshooting different machine and engine failures and do electronic calibrations and diagnostic tests;

Identify unsafe acts and unsafe conditions of daily job, and can work SAFELY.

Use of CATERPILLAR Diagnostic tools like, Multi-tool, Blow-by/ Air Flow Meter, Hydraulic and Engine Pressure Group, Multi-Tester, Fuel Synchronization Tool Group, Infrared, Bore gauge, Micrometer Caliper, Dial indicator Vernier Caliper.

Cadet Engineer: MONARK EQUIPMENT CORP. (June 2011-June 2012)

Trained Occupational Health and Safety

Trained Contamination Control

Trained Bearing and Seals

Trained Diesel Engine Fundamentals

Trained Fuel System

Trained Electrical System

Trained Air Intake and Exhaust System\

Trained Lubricating System

Trained Charging System

Trained Hydraulic Fundamentals

Trained Cooling System

Trained Transmission (Manual and Electronic)

Trained Jacking, Lifting, and Blocking

Trained Mechanical Principles

Trained on Caterpillar Machine Operations

Trained on Applied Failure Analysis

Trained on Service Information System

Trained on Hoses and Couplings


Knowledge in Electrical Motor Controls:

Repair Overhead Cranes

Repair Tower Cranes

Repair Bending Machines

Repair Welding Machines

Able to drive / operate light vehicles;

Training / Seminar

1.6030 Caterpillar Front Shovel Training

2.Caterpillar Remanufacture Inspector Training

3.Caterpillar Generator Training

4.Others related to Caterpillar Equipments


Jhunan S. Anguilid

Technical Communicator

Monark Equipment Corporation


Joel M. Bautista

Supervisor Service Advisor

Monark Equipment Corporation


Rogelio M. Mendez

Central Maintenance Training Manager

Anseca Development Corporation


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