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Research & Development Chef, Kitchen Manager, Prep Chef

San Jose, CA
December 23, 2019

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Sydney Urban


I am currently seeking employment in a fast paced kitchen. I hope to be surrounded by a highly skilled team so I may grow as a chef and a leader. Call / Text/ Email at any time.

WHO I AM More recently I’ve been educating myself in the culinary industry with a strong focus on health and have completed the Natural Chef culinary program at Bauman College in Berkley, CA where I learned to cook for many different diets and cultures using alternative and traditional methods. I have worked in high demand, fast-paced kitchens and love my job as a chef. My last job was at The Source as a Recipe Development Chef where I:

-Created Holiday meal kits ranging from 3 to 9 courses

-Over-saw entire process

-Did 100% of the recipe creation

-Found the most cost effective/quality sourcing

-Costed out all recipes

-Managed production

-Scheduled employees for training on the recipes 1 on 1.

-Assigned roles and jobs to each employee based on experience, speed and skill level.

-Marketing including flyers and social posts

-Analyzing portion size

-Filmed Demo videos of recipes for later use.

-Checked for quality control.

-Ensure proper heating instructions as well as cooling foods safely for cold storage.

-Studying the shelf life of various food items and ingredients.

- Found the most cost effective ingredients up to quality standards.

-Taking measurements of ingredients being used, altered current recipes to bring costing down or flavor up with costing in mind.

-Using the opinions of customers to made adjustments to menu items as necessary.

- Taking detailed notes during the food product creation process.

- Typed up recipe and productions steps on prep sheets

-Helped convert all previous recipes to weight instead of measurements.

-Used RSI to watch cost control, add inventory, and manage items in stock.

-Ordered produce and dry goods.

- Managed large scale prep for catering and meal delivery.

- Checked inventory before large catering events, estimated amount product needed. WORK I’VE DONE

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