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Engineer System Administrator HPE Nonstop

Paso Robles, CA
December 23, 2019

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Yuba City, CA. *****


CAREER OBJECTIVE: System and Network Support Administrator


HARDWARE NS2400, NS16000, Tandem S-Series S7600,

Tandem Himalaya K1000, K2000,

K10000, K20000, CYCLONE, CLX, VLX, CYC\R,

Blade C-Class NB54008,

IBM AS400 (iSeries)

SOFTWARE Centricity Enterprise (GE), MDM, RESMGR

TACL, Enscribe, SQLMP, TMF, Spooler, TCP/IP



VIEWPT; WebViewpt

XYPRO Security Products



OV 8.1c, MRWIN




Automated Operations (ESQ-AO)




August 2019 – Present Merchandiser Store Setup and Reset


*Pet Smart store reset work and collaboration with team to successfully complete store setups in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.

*Best Buy Holiday support in Utah.

May 2018 – October 2018 System Administrator

Albertsons, Pleasanton, CA.

Provide daily customer support for Tandem performance, Base24 station checks, and user authorization/authentication using XYPRO security products.

Install, configure and test new versions of multiple XYPRO products as needed.

Experienced at troubleshooting and documenting customer reported problems for SharePoint.

Adhere to ITIL practices with all Change Requests, utilizing Service Now (SNOW).

Pursue and assume new/additional opportunities daily.

Utilize AO for proactive alerting of any system issues.

System network configuration tasks and support.

Work on ATLAS project to convert system to new IP network for Private Cloud.

Provide level 1,2,3 support for all system issues.

June 2016 – January 2018 Customer Support

XYPRO, Simi Valley, CA.

Provide daily customer support for XYPRO security products to our customers worldwide.

Install, configure and test multiple XYPRO products to include XMA, XAC, XSM, XPQ, etc.

Experienced at troubleshooting and documenting customer reported problems.

Utilize Salesforce and ALM tools to track/mange reported cases.

January 2014 – January 2016 System Administrator

Union Bank, Monterrey Park, CA.

Perform daily system checks on iSeries (IBM) systems and NSK (Tandem) systems.

Provide status reporting on portfolio of projects/activities.

Manage time productively.

Deliver timely status and updates to management on system events.

Responsible for tasks associated with assigned projects.

Demonstrate broad understanding of technical environment and able to collaborate effectively across all departments with all groups.

Providing the best customer experience possible.

Utilize multiple third party software to include ICE, NDM, XYPRO, Prognosis, and BCOM.

SME on IBM iSeries 810 to provide primary and backup system support.

Planning for G06.21 to G06.32 NSK OS upgrade.

Provide clear and concise documentation in accordance with standards in place.

Proactively share ideas and information.

June 2009 – January 2014 System Administrator

Scripps Health, San Diego, CA.

Perform GE updates to Centricity Enterprise Hospital application

Relocated to Tandem DBA team to provide data base support along with current duties

Performed successful DR test on Integrity system at Colorado Springs HP site.

Performed daily system health checks and monitoring.

Performed OS upgrade using DSM/SCM

Documented system startup and shutdown procedures for production system.

Submit weekly status reports to management on all tasks and projects.

Configure and add new printer and terminal devices to the system.

Track disk utilization and capacity growth along with OCB usage.

Schedule and coordinate system downtime with all business partners for upgrades.

July 2000 – April 2009 System Administrator

Union Bank of California, Monterrey Park, CA.

Provide status reporting on portfolio of projects/activities.

Migrated from “K” to “S” series platform.

Planned, scheduled, and successfully implemented “K” system hardware upgrade.

Migrated NSK on all systems from D45 to D48.

Delivered timely quotes to management which allowed cost saving purchases for third party hardware.

Demonstrate broad understanding of technical environment and able to work effectively with all functions.

Utilized multiple third party software to include ICE, NDM, XYPRO, Prognosis, and BCOM.

Document procedures for operations to follow to expedite system fault isolation in case of failures.

Modify ATM entries in ICE configuration, as the business needs are determined.

Cross trained on IBM iSeries 810 to provide primary and backup system support.

July 1997 – July 2000 System Administrator

DELL Computers, Inc., Austin, Texas

Provide daily level 2 support for all Tandem support issues.

Implement system change requests on all nodes.

Correct batch jobs discrepancies when failures occur.

Perform file maintenance work such as reloads, extent resizing, and DCOM.

Analyze Viewpt, VHS, EMS, TMDS, and SYSHEALTH logs for root cause of errors.

Diagnose performance issues by using Measure and Offender.

Utilize phone maintenance skills to expedite problem isolation and resolution.

Train operations staff on monitoring the systems.

Advanced verbal and written communication skills when working with people at all levels.

January 1997 - June 1997 System Administrator

Alliance Consulting, Incorporated

Experian, Orange, California

Created a Backup Plan for the test system to be implemented on the production system.

Utilized Netbatch Plus for job automation.

Provided daily Level one to Level three-system support.

Managed system data space.

Utilized Safecom for added level of security when adding users.

Planning for D30.02 to D42.01 NSK migration.

Rework QIO configuration for clean startup.

August 1996 - November 1996 System Administrator

North American Consulting Services

ValueRx, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Performed sysgens for new hardware.

Provided Daily Level 1, 2, 3 systems support.

Provided Network support with modem install, line configurations and SCF Traces.

Planned file maintenance work to manage disk space.

Performed Security administrations work at the Guardian level.

Planned D31 to D32 migration planning on the production system.

Planed D20 to D32 migration on a development system.

Developed hardware / software proposals and justification letters.

Performed capacity planning using DSAP and Measure.

Assisted Tandem Services with RDF install to accommodate the data center move to Texas.

September 1995 - May 1996 System Administrator

North American Consulting Services

DELL Computers, Inc., Austin, Texas

Installed LPD1179 Laser printer protocol for FAST-TCP on all nodes to share the new Xerox Laser printers.

Performed sysgens and reconfigured I/O for K1000 and K10000 systems.

Determined root cause of systems problems using Viewpt, SCF, CMI, FUP, and PUP.

Reconfigured Tel-appa & Pathway applications to increase performance by limiting hops needed for remote users.

Utilized Edit Mass program for searching and verifying applications code and startup files are DXX compliant.

Upgraded Expand over LAN controllers to 3615 to take advantage of DXX series enhancements for QIO configuration.

Used SCF/PTRACE for determining if SNAX lines are functioning properly.

Diagnosed problem with migrating the C30 CAM/RSC application to D30.

Experienced using ENSCRIBE files and their defines properties.

Utilize CD-READ for problem analysis, research and new product information.

Assist Tandem SE in diagnosing problems and performing system reconfigurations.

Work with third party hardware/software companies, when acquiring new or additional products.

Project planning for migration from 16-processor Cyclone system to a 14-processor K10000.

Performed project planning for application conversion from C30 to D20.

Provided problem resolution for Level three support issues.

Supported pathway applications.

Assisted management with system inventory & contractual issues.

Worked with Project Manager to coordinate and plan Data Center Relocation.

Provided after hours’ standby systems support.

Responsible for creating, documenting, and testing system startup/shutdown files.

Attended Production Design Review and Production Readiness Review meetings.

Utilize EMS, Prognosis, Enlighten, and Viewpt to resolve system problems.

Performed Software Audit to verify software being used on all corporate systems is currently required and accurately billed to keep Monthly License / Maintenance fees at their lowest.

1994 – 1995 System Administrator

J.T.S. Computer Services

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rochester, New York

Delivered professional system support services for the Tandem Himalayan K1000 system. Managed project installation. Worked on all aspects of the system startup requirements.

Developed operations plan for system backups, job scheduling, and event message monitoring.

Installed new software and new NSK software releases.

Priced and coordinated delivery of new hardware and software products.

Provided measure reports to management on system performance and utilization.

Generated startup files to optimize system cold-loads.

Installed, configured, and tested additional DASD for system add-ons.

Set up and configure modems and dial-out ports for remote users.

Planned and coordinated all aspects for additional stand-alone system to be used for new project.

Implemented a Drug POS application to successfully provide Pharmacy On-line Transaction Processing with the Muscato Engine.

Installed, configured, and tested Tandem utilities: Netbatch, RSC, TCP/IP, SNAX/APC, TTE, and Offender.

Educated new users to Tandem Architecture and capabilities.

1983 -1993 Customer Support Engineer


Senior Support Engineer, PORTLAND, OREGON, 1989 - 1993

Delivered professional engineering support services on all assigned customer accounts. Worked extensively on all systems, peripherals, and software. Installed fixes to software defects.

Acknowledged by customers and employers for being highly professional, action oriented, results driven, and a team player.

Developed a high degree of trust with customers by solving system problems rather than symptoms.

Established solid customer relationships resulting in a high level of customer confidence. The largest Pacific Northwest bank converted to an all Tandem platform based on this confidence level.

Provided technical expertise to sales and analysis groups, resulting in top quality sales proposals leading to equipment purchases of up to $20 million.

Analyzed, planned, proposed, and implemented customer data center relocation project. Met or exceeded deadlines and targets during eight-month project involving relocation of multiple systems.

Responded to system support services calls well within contract mandated response time.

Senior Customer Engineer, Cupertino, California, 1987 - 1989

Provided customer engineering support services for Tandem in-house systems, including install / de-install work.

Coordinated a major move of 15 systems to new buildings, resulting in timely completion with minimum impact to users.

Pro-actively worked with other engineers to expedite project completion.

Customer Engineer, Los Altos, California, 1985 - 1987

Managed the benchmark test center. Worked with prospective customers to schedule and reconfigure systems, facilitating customer applications testing.

Scheduled customers and analyzed needs to maximize efficient use of systems.

Provided customers with information on the company’s technology.

Configured systems to customer’s requirements for their application testing.

Customer Engineer, Cupertino, California, 1983 - 1985

Provided customer engineering support services for Tandem in-house systems, including install / deinstall and system upgrades.

Installed FCO’s to keep the systems operating with latest release fixes.

Worked with senior level engineers to gain knowledge of products.

Responsible for primary support of twelve systems.


University of Phoenix, BSIT Degree

De Anza College, Cupertino, California, 1981 - 1988

City Colleges of Chicago, Heidelberg, Germany

St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas

Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

Tandem Education Center: Hardware and Software classes.

US ARMY 1976 – 1980 (E-5) 34F20 “DSTE-General Dynamics System Support” Honorable Discharge

TOPS – Tandem Outstanding Performance Award

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