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Data Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada
December 23, 2019

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QUANG NGUYEN, PhD. Tel: +1-647-***-****

Senior Data Scientist and Engineer/Consultant Toronto, ON, Canada


Years experience in data science and engineer and big data architecture small and large team management, and international committees

Experience in leading independent industrial data science projects and participating in large international collaboration to conduct projects from research design to data acquisition, IoT instrument setting, data analysis, machine-learning model building and interpretation CORE COMPETENCIES

Cloud computing & Enterprise architecture: experiences with IBM Cloud, Azure, Cloudera & Hortonworks, databricks, AWS, ERP such as SPSS & SAP Big data Analytics: Use statistical tools, machine learning, and optimization algorithms. Use big data softwares such as Watson cloud, SPSS, Big Data stack (Ambari, Pig, Hive, Spark) Machine learning, AI, Deep learning: Use pandas, rdkit, scikit-learn, matplotlib, seaborn, Keras, Tensorflow

Data mining: Experience with mining and ETL terabytes of structured and unstructure data in different cloud platform

Quantum computing: qiskit

Programming tools: Python, R, SPSS, Fortran, MATLAB, IDL, Watson, Cloudera, Spark, Hadoop, Tableau, SAS

Strategic thinking: Able to ignite a new growth-focus idea to solve problems by involving different sources of data and different people in the decision-making process Consulting: Experience as senior consultant at IBM services and serve clients in multiple sectors: government, oil and gas, airline, utility distribution, agriculture, food supply Language: Vietnamese, English, French, Dutch (good), German (basic), Japanese (basic), Spanish (basic) Teaching and Mentoring: Teach courses at college & university levels, supervised 5 students and mentored 15 students

Communication: Published papers and books and gave oral presentations at various conferences & venues Leadership: Founded international conference series and training schools, participated in international committees and advisory committee


Contract data scientist/engineer (Oct 2019 - now)

Independent consultant focuses on delivery of machine learning and AI solutions and architecture to clients in different sectors. My specialties are in predictive and prescriptive analytics with machine learning, IoT sensors design and implementation, precision agriculture with hyperspectral camera, health care data science project using genome and multi-omnic datasets. Lecturer at McMaster University

- Big Data Analytics (40hrs/semester): F2019,W2020 Teaching professor of Data Science and Python Foundation Programs at Sheridan College

- Advanced Python (40hrs/semester): W2020

- Big Data Tools (40hrs/semester): F2019

- Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (40hrs/semester): S2019

- Business problems and Data Modelling (40hrs/semester): F2018,W2019,S2019,F2019,W2020 Data Scientist/Data Engineer (Jan 2018 – Sep 2019) – Advanced Analytics and AI, IBM

- Deliver 8 projects (1 from selling to deployment, 1 from development to deployment, 4 POCs, 1 proposal):

2 English/French text analytics (categorization, threat identification, satisfaction classification) projects in Telco and government sectors. One as senior data scientist and one as junior data scientist. Technology: NLP with python, SPSS

3 predictive analytics & maintenance projects in Oil & Gas sector. One as lead data scientist and two as senior data scientist. Technology: ML with python, Flask

1 precision farming project in Agritech. As lead data scientist. Technology: IoT/hyperspectral camera and mass spectrometer, ML with python

1 utility forecast and optimization project in supply & distribution sector. As lead data scientist. Technology: ML with Cloudera, pyspark, python, Spark ML lib

1 demand forecast in airline. As senior data scientist. Technology: ML with Azure, Databrick, Spark, pyspark, python

- Technology used: Hadoop, Cloudera, SAP HANA, SPSS Machine learning and text analytics tool, Python, qiskit

IBM Q Ambassador (Sep 2018 - Sep 2019) – Advanced Analytics, IBM

- Advise startups on how to onboard IBM Q machine and qiskit. Work with 5 startups incubated in Toronto.

- Program with qiskit to verify Quantum Machine Learning algorithm on qiskit aqua

- Give introductory talks to IBM Quantum Computing in various venues: seminars in universities, IEEE Chapter conference

Astrophysical Data Scientist (Sep 2014 - Sep 2017) - East Asian Core Observatories Association

(NAOJ,Japan and KASI, Korea)

- Use data from multiple sources to detect special features in 3D sky maps (edge and morphology)

- Develop statistical methods to classify objects

- Develop a predictive analytics model using regression model to predict the the behaviour of astronomical objects using data mined from multiple wavelength data

- Create a summer school in astrophysical data analysis Astrophysical Data Scientist (Feb 2012 - Sep 2014) - Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

(University of Toronto, Canada)

- Develop a method to correct for saturated spots in Herschel satellite images

- Perform clustering analysis to classify objects in three dimensions

- Lead 3 projects sponsored by International Astronomical Union to communicate astronomy to remote areas, universities

- Teach course Star formation 101 (observation and data analysis) Research Assistant (Nov 2008 - Jan 2012) - CEA Saclay (France)

- Use morphological detection packages to detect patterns and sources in the images

- Calibrate and analyze a bit dataset from Herschel satellite to usable data cubes EDUCATION

- PhD in Astrophysics, University Paris Diderot, France

- Msc in Astrophysics, University of Bonn, Germany

- Bsc in Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

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