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DevOps / SecOps

Cluj County, Romania
December 23, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae


Adress: Cluj, Romania

Phone: +40-740******


05.11.1976, married

Infrastructure / DevOps / SecOps – Consultant

Highly self-motivated Senior with 20 years combined experience in networking, systems, virtualization, cloud and security. Able to work well both independently and as part of a team, using initiative to provide proactive solutions and support.


Cloud Services / Virtualization / Data Center

VMware, XenServer, KVM and Hyper-V

AWS, GCP, Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean

Microservices / CM tools / CI/CD / Version Control

Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes, Helm, Rancher

Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Terraform, Vagrant, Packer

Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Git, BitBucket, GitHub Linux / UNIX / Scripting

CentOS / RedHat, Ubuntu / Debian, Gentoo

Managing Java (J2EE) based applications within a Linux environment

Bash, Python, Ruby


MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Configuration of Active Directory, Exchange, IIS etc.

Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2


Kali Linux, Nmap, Metasploit, Nessus, Nexpose, OpenVas

Configuration of IDS & IPS


Organizing teams of up to 20 members involved in infrastructure administration [ DevOps, SecOps ]. Make sure that all team members are resolving with efficiency the daily and long term problems. Work Experience

Infrastructure / DevOps / SecOps Consultant

Period: 2014-07 <> Present

Working as a freelancer, engaged in various projects focusing on cloud, micro-services and security .

Projects related to migrations from P2V [ VMware, XenServer ], from the private to the public cloud [ AWS, GCP ] or from monolithic approach to micro-services [ Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes].

For IaC, Terraform was used although in some cases CloudFormation was more appropriate.

Packer was used to build machine images for AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, VMware … Also Docker images were build in some cases using Packer.

Vagrant was used in some cases to deploy instances in a VMware cluster for testing purposes. After all the testing was successful, the images were uploaded to be used in AWS, GCP or in other cloud provides, depending on the clients request.

Helm charts were used to manage Kubernetes applications. In some situations Kubernetes was deployed on-premises using Kubespray. For this situations a VMware hyperconverged infrastructure was build before deploying the Kubernetes cluster on-top of it.

The deployments were provisioned using Ansible and also the infrastructure was heterogeneous comprised of different flavors of Linux [ Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu ]. Ansible was used for tasks like configuring systems and also configuring the apps that were running on-top of those systems, like in some cases Jboss/Wildfly .

For CI/CD different tools were used. Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity, although Jenkins was the more common one.

Projects related to preparation, planning, coordination and execution of penetration tests. Determining and identifying of possible attack vectors. For this tests, vulnerability scanners like Nessus or Nexpose were used.

Penetration tests in some cases were conducted onto some systems using Metasploit and after, the results were used by the developer teams to secure the applications.

Infrastructure Administrator / Ops

Period: 2013-01 <> 2014-07


Infrastructure administrator responsible with the administration of:

VMWare, XenServer clusters and the systems that run in the virtualized environment

( Windows, Linux and Solaris servers / heterogeneous network)

Complex monitoring and alerting systems

Systems from the security point of view

Project related to migration of the infrastructure P2V [ physical to virtual / VMware ] with 2 data centers [ one in France and the other in Switzerland ] comprised of a few hundred servers.

Identification of high risk vulnerabilities and advising on remediation of identified vulnerabilities

Managing a team of 7 engineers

System / Network Administrator

Period: 2008-10 <> 2013-01


System and network administrator responsible with the administration of:

VMWare cluster and systems that run in the virtual environment (Windows and Linux servers)

Communication equipment that interconnect locations, monitoring and alerting systems

Responsible with the administration of the main data center in Romania

Managing a team of 20 technicians / engineers

System / Network Administrator

Period: 2006-11 <> 2008-04

Company : S.C WH CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SRL System and network administrator responsible with the administration of:

Systems consisting of Windows and Linux servers ( heterogeneous network )

Responsible with the administration of the infrastructure in Romania and also for the integration with the main infrastructure in France and other locations in Europe, Africa and North America. Spoken languages:

Romanian - Native

English - Advanced / Fluent

French - Beginner

Spanish - Beginner


Technology, Hiking and Sports

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