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Microbiologist, lab

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
December 23, 2019

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Accomplished Microbiology and Biotechnology professional with 2+ years of successful experience in various research, medical and food laboratories. Proven technical skills in plant and medical biology with strong knowledge of Immunology, and Biochemistry giving good hands on basic techniques in Microbiology and Molecular Biology including plating, staining, cell culture, chromatographic techniques, polymerase chain reaction and so on. Successful track record of providing best in class customer support to various cross functional, internal and external customers along with building strong interpersonal relationships. Exceptional trainer and mentor with skills to motivate peak individual performance from team members and peers. CAREER OBJECTIVE

Proactive result driven professional seeking a challenging position in medical and food laboratories to utilize qualifications and two years of laboratories experience and deliver outstanding results by ensuring proper flow of project activities across all stages of the project.

Areas of Interest: Process Design, Process Economics, Process Optimization, Process Integration, Process Control, Process Plant Safety.


Excellent oral & written communication and presentation skills, with ability to communicate confidently and build strong networks across the organization

Strong ability to balance multiple priorities with excellent time management skills

Acts quickly and decisively; able to make tough calls

Technical knowledge and experience in related field and in using quality management methods and tools

Able to maintain good turnaround time and on time delivery

Able to maintain highest quality standard all the time

Strong attention to detail

Ability to change directions, remain flexible and respond quickly PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Medical Laboratory Specialist (internships) 2015-2016 Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

• Worked directly with patients. Built rapport and developed solid working relationships while taking samples

• Performed clinical laboratory tests pertinent to hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, serology, microbiology and immunology Accurately recorded, reported, and filed test results

• Maintained accurate results by evaluating and running quality control within laboratory, using standard test and measurement controls, maintaine, safety and risk-management guidelines

• Ensured test-result validity before recording/reporting results, earning a reputation for meticulous attention to detail

• Performed PCR and DNA-sequence-based confirmatory procedures on cultures and specimens Microbiology Technician Feb 2014-2015

Taif National Dairy Factory

• Performed Gram Stain and microscopic examination of physiological, morphological, and cultural characteristics of bacteria and other micro-organisms according to standard microbiological methods and preparing reports with the results

• Engaged in environmental monitoring for clients, testing and evaluating equipment, facility surfaces and atmospheric conditions using swabbing and Settle Plates

• Maintained the integrity of the laboratory through the introduction of weekly lab cleaning and maintenance procedures

• Directed and managed all sampling and testing of products from production facilities

• Pipetted sample solution into tubes or plates according to analysis being performed

• Poured agars into plates, incubated plates and/or tubes to begin growth process

• Read, calculated and recorded analysis data to produce a report for the client AHMED SULAIMAN HABAL

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Master's Project, 2017-2018:

• Molecular and Biotechnological Studies on Sporulation and Germination of Bacillus Group Isolated from Taif and Some of Their Beneficial Applications


• Isolation of bacteria from soil, water and food

• Identification of bacterial insulators - Isolates were identified using morphological characterization methods, conventional biochemical procedures and molecular biology (PCR amplification and sequencing of 16S rRNA)

• Prepare and comparisons of spore structure (by scanning electron microscopy SEM)

• Measuring the germination rate of spores and isolation of germination genes

• Effect measuring of Bacillus group for controlling Fusarium solani and Rhizoctonia solani and promoting plant growth in cucumber and tomato plants

Graduation Project – BE Final Year, 2012-2013:

• Isolation, characterization and identification of microorganisms from water and sewage samples in Taif Modules:

• Sample collection

• Analysis of the water and sewage samples

• Preparation of culturing media

• Isolation of most frequently occurring micro-organisms from water and sewage samples

• Identification of the microorganisms by Morphological tests (Gram stain) and Biochemical tests (Oxidase test, spore forming, strict anaerobes, starch hydrolysis, citrate test and Voges-Proskauer) Study Project, 2011-2012:

• Isolation and characterization of Lr1 and Lr21 resistance genes from Wheat Modules:

• Sample collection

• DNA extraction from samples

• PCR amplification and sequencing of Lr1 and Lr21 Education and Certifications

• Taif University, Taif, KSA

Master of Science in Microbiology (2015-2018); Grade: Excellent

• Taif University, Taif, KSA

Bachelor of Biotechnology (2009-2013); Grade: Excellent

• Thaqif Secondary school, Taif, KSA

Senior School Certificate (92%); Grade: Excellent


Nationality: Yemeni ~ Date of Birth: 31October 1989 ~ Marital Status: Single Languages: Fluent in Arabic, intermediate English ~ Driving License: KSA Light vehicle, manual transmission

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