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Web Software Developer

Manila, Philippines
December 22, 2019

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Joven Pancho

**** ***** **** *** ***, Manila – **009



Freelance Web Developer - 2016-2017


Ignacio Villamor High School – 2006-2010

Alternative Learning System – 2014-2015


Web Developer with 5+ years of experience in developing and maintaining a variety of projects/applications, applying programming best practices and methodologies. Able to write efficient and maintainable codes as well as collaborate with other developers.


● 5 years experience as a Web Developer

● Php (Laravel, Symfony framework), Javascript (Vue, Angular framework)

● HTML5, CSS3 (Bootsrap framework), MYSQL, Doctrine (DQL), Firebase

● Understanding of security risk of Web development such as: SQL Injection, XSS Attack, Remote file injection, CSRF Attack, Brute Force, Session Hijack, Session Fixation, File Upload Attack

● Solid understanding in Object Oriented Programming, MVC, Functional Programming

● Solid understanding in Algorithms, Data Structure, Time Complexity of Algorithms, Code optimization technique

● Knowledgeable in Design Pattern (SOLID Principle), API, Database Relational, AJAX

● Basic knowledge in IONIC/Angular, Electron

● Able to make a responsive website using CSS Media Queries

● Able to write a flexible, reusable, and maintainable code

● Github, Bitbucket

Additional Skills

Knowledgeable in newly emerged technologies such as Circle CI, DevOps (Docker), State Management, RXJS and a variety of libraries to make a developer’s life easy. Responsibilities

● Writes efficient and maintainable code

● Collaborate and communicate to other developers

● Help other developers

● Develop and maintain projects/applications

● Constantly learn new technologies and best practices Professional Summary

● Always willing to study new technologies that can help improve myself not just as a developer but also a community helper

● Always consider good/bad possibility that may occur anytime

● Has a strong desire to help not just myself but also people around me

● Always willing to take any risk for the sake of improvement 2

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