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General Manager, Country Head, Sales Manager, Supply Chain Manager

Manila, Philippines
December 22, 2019

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** ****** ***** ******* ******* 2D,

Brgy. Putatan, Muntinlupa City

Mobile phone: +63-091*-*******; (091*-*******



Oct 2015 – July 2019 Plant General Manager, II-VI Performance Metals, Inc.

Main Responsibility - Manage the day to activity of the whole plant and operations, meeting challenges of daily chemical variation in extracting, refining and purifying rare metals to its' desired purity and derivatives, And responsible in the high efficiency and yield of Optical lens operations meting the daily volume required. Oversee following groups such as Operations, Production, Logistics & Sales and Supply chain, Purchasing and Warehouse, Technical, Laboratory, Quality Control and Assurance, Human Resources, Administration and Security, Environment Health & Safety, Quality Management, Waste management & Facilities. A designated and trained managing head of Pollution Control team. Operation is run 24/7 daily with total headcount of 250 personnel. Manages and operated the whole plant under unionized labor group.

Feb 2014 – July 2015 General Manager, Concrete Masters Inc.

Main Responsibility – Manage the day to day activity of the company to ensure meeting client daily requirement. Oversee all department activity, coordination and outputs from Sales, Service, Production, Operations, Purchasing, IT, HRD, Engineering & Maintenance, Quality Control, Plant management, Safety & Environment, Administration, Accounting and warehousing. Total head count under whole operation is 450 personnel. Direct reporting personnel is 17.

Dec 2012 – May 2013 Operations Director, Venzon Manufacturing Corporations

Main Responsibility - Manage the whole manufacturing team in establishing operations, production base on new product, product process development & introduction while managing the engineering/maintenance/ safety and security of the company. Whole operations to include production planning, warehousing, direct material procurement, production, fabrication and machining centers, environment/engineering & maintenance, Health & Safety and security. Total headcount under the whole operation is 550, not to include third party fabrication and machining with approximately 300 personnel. Reporting personnel is 30 managers & supervisors

Jan 2009 - Dec 2012 Operation Director, EC Soft Corporation

Main responsibility – Assist the management team in establishing operation, growing market base, product development & introduction while managing accounting & finances of the company.

Duties and responsibilities

Introduce the company into the market, expound printing capability from current narrow web printing and offset to digital. Introduce special labels with continuous digital numbering for promotional purpose, penetrate small scale industries on their need of specialty packaging. Train production personnel to be technically independent on their production works and needs, from forming, pre-press to post press printing.

Sept 2002 – Nov 2007 General Manager, Essel Propack Phil. Inc.

ASEAN- Business Development Manager, Essel Propack - East Asia and Pacific Region

Main responsibility is unit’s profitability while administering and directing day to day local unit’s activities. Regional responsibility is to develop business and relationship with potential customers while building networks of sales clients/contacts.

Duties as Unit Head:

Prepare business and budget plans for the approval of the Global Leadership Team. Implement the approved plans, while ensuring control and managing changes both in the financial, administrative, operational and manufacturing aspects of the unit. Coordinate global realignment of corporate policies while ensuring compliance with local laws. Execute in behalf of the company contracts, agreements and other instruments affecting company interest. Build goodwill to current clients. Hire, train and maintain deserving employees in coordination with the Global Human Capital Team.

Duties as ASEAN Business Manager:

Establish contacts with potential clients and network within the region. Act as marketing manager and coordinator on any business related issues and information. Understand and present ASEAN market changes and development to the regional team. Execute contracts and other instruments, in behalf of the company, for both short and/or long term sales and service within the ASEAN region. Coordinate with the Regional Director any development that will or may impact business plan within the East Asia Pacific region.

Sept 1997 – Aug 2002 General Manager – Lamitube Corporation

Main responsibility is company’s profitability while administering and directing the day to day business activities.

Duties as a Country Sales Head: Initiate and develop corporate objectives and policies. Prepare business and budget plans for the approval of the Board of Directors.. Ensure that the administrative programs and operating policies are carried in accordance with the business plan and is under control. Execute in behalf of the company, contracts, agreement and other instruments affecting the interest of the Company. Gather market and competitive information, while building goodwill to customers. Develop sales, contact and grow sales volume Ensure controls are in place while managing the financial, administrative, operational and manufacturing aspects of the unit. Hire, train and maintain performing personnel.

Duties as Unit Head: Lead and manage the manufacturing team to focus on continuous improvement in production, technical, maintenance and quality aspects of the operations with focus to lower operating cost and keeping a lean organization that company stays in the competitive position.

Sept 1996 – Aug. 1997 Plant Manager, W.R. Grace (Philippines), Inc.

Main responsibilities centers on overall management, direction, and coordination of plant operation in carrying out company objective at lowest cost consistent with quality requirement and in line with the environmental, health, and safety practices.

Duties: Determines plant policies consistent with company policies.

Direct and supervise the application of such policies to the manufacturing operations. Control quality and cost of production through appropriate subordinates. Oversee proper installation, operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Oversee the proper observance of manufacturing procedures/specifications as set, established and revised by the Company. Oversee proper warehousing of all raw material, finished goods and supplies to conform with the environmental, health and safety practices as set by the company. Oversee overall production planning and inventory control

July 95 - Sept. 15, 96 Product Manager - Asia Pacific Region, W. R. Grace ( Philippines) Inc.

Main responsibility centers on Marketing, Sales, Technical coordination between Countries in Asia Pacific region and coordination between Asia Pacific to USA and Europe.

Duties: Conduct market survey throughout the region, with the local personnel. Formulate Marketing strategy for the region in accordance to global strategy. Assist individual countries adopt the regional plan to suit local environment. Coordinate product requirement to both the global and regional Technical and marketing centers. Provide sales, marketing and technical assistance to individual countries. Monitor project movement of individual countries in accordance to the general plan/strategies.

Dec. 1993 - June 1995 Sales Manager, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Plan, organize, lead and control various sales activities. Prepare annual budget of sales, margins and market share. Submit monthly sales forecast. Prepare reports / letters / memos to immediate supervisor, Department heads and customers. Promote sales of GRACE Containers products and equipment. Provide engineering / technical and other business services to local and international customers. Coordinate customer requirement to Production, Quality Assurance and Research and Development. Gather competitive and marketing information. Promote goodwill to customers.

Oct. 1988 - Nov. 1993 Technical Services Manager, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Plan, organize, lead and control different sales activities. Prepare annual budget of sales, margins, and market share. Prepare reports / letters / memos to immediate supervisor, Department heads, and customers. Promote sales of container products and equipment. Provide engineering and technical services to customers. Coordinate customer requirement to production,

Quality Assurance, and Research & Development. Gather competitive and marketing information. Promote and maintain goodwill to customer.

March 1988 - Sept. 1988 Engineering Manager, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Plan and organize engineering and maintenance activities.

Prepareannual budget / cost of repair of the plant equipment and ancillaries.

Recommend purchase of equipment and parts for repair and replacement.

Assist Plant Manager in coordinating pollution control, health & safety, and

other related matters to headquarters and government agencies. Supervise, lead and train maintenance subordinates. Supervise outside contractors regarding plant / office installation / repair works.

March 1985 - Feb. 1988 Assistant Production Manager, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Plan, organize, and implement the day to day plant and production

activities. Prepare weekly production schedule. Coordinate production /

plant activities to sales, purchasing and accounting departments. Prepare monthly production and plant activity report to Plant Manager.

Oct. 1983 - Feb. 1985 Material Controller, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Analyze sales forecast and prepare raw material / finished goods

projection. Conduct monthly raw materials / Finished goods inventory,

summarize and tally with the accounting records. Recommend raw materials for purchase /sell. Provide management explanation on materials of over / under inventory level. Coordinate with sales and purchasing departments the production plans and schedule.

April 1982 - Sept. 1983 Laboratory Assistant, W. R. Grace (Philippines) Inc.

Duties: Conduct laboratory works and analysis for in- process products

and perform necessary adjustment / issue approval to pack the products.

Inspect / analyze incoming raw materials and issue approval to use on each item. Perform product stability and storability test and report to the Quality Control Manager. Inspect production equipment, packaging material and materials. Conduct laboratory works on sales samples and recommend necessary adjustment / report findings. Maintain laboratory retain samples of raw materials and products.


February 2006 Customer Value Management Workshop (Goa, India)

- By Nirmalya Kumar (London Business School)

Sept 2004 Six Sigma – Executive Briefing (Manila)

By Neville Clark Philippines

March 2003 Survival Skills for Senior Managers (Mumbai, India)

By Essel Propack Limited

September 2002 Avoiding Tax Pitfall Seminar (Makati, Philippines)

By SGV, Philippines / Knowledge Institute

July 2001 Job Contracting and Labor Only Contracting DO no. 3 (Makati, Philippines)

By Philippine Association of Labor Management Council.

August 1996 Business Fundamentals for Manager / Zodiac Games (Philippines)

- By W. R. Grace Asia Pacific

January 1996 Leading and Managing in a Global Organization (Singapore)

By W. R. Grace Global team

November 1996 Product / Organizational Training (Mass., USA)

By W. R. Grace North America

July -August, 1995 Product Knowledge (UK, France, Germany)

By W.R. Grace Europe

June 1995 Professional Presentation Skills (Thailand)

By Learning’s International

April 1995 Productivity & Labor Seminar / Work Attitude (Makati, Philippines)

By Department of Labor and Employment

March 1995 Managing Sales Performance (Hongkong)

By Wilson Learning’s

February 1995 Negotiation to Yes (Singapore)

By Wilson Learning's

February 1995 Management Development Program (Philippines)

By Guthrie Jensen

September 1994 Understanding and Documenting a Quality Management System to ISO 9000

By Neville Clarke (Philippines)

August 1994 Total Quality Management (Philippines)

By Guthrie Jensen Consultants

January 1993 Grace Closures Product and Technology Training (UK, France, Italy, Germany)

By W.R. Grace Europe

September 1992 Can Making / Double Seam Seminar (Philippines)

By W. R. Grace

January 1992 Grace Container Product and Technology Training (UK, France)

By W.R. Grace Europe

May 1991 Creative Selling Skills (Philippines)

By Fortune Group

February 1988 Creative Selling / Success without Anxiety (Philippines)

By Alliance For Creative Management

April 1988 Production Planning & Control (Philippines)

By Productivity Development Center of the Philippines

June 1987 Technology Update on Robotics & CAD/CAM (Philippines)

By Development Academy of the Philippines

December 1986 Training / Orientation of Pollution Control Officer (Philippines)

By National Pollution Control Council / Laguna Lake Development Authority


College Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Technological Institute of the Philippines

1978 – 1983

High School Pililla Academy

Pililla, Rizal

1974 – 1978

Intermediate Pililla Elementary School -Pililla, Rizal

1973 - 1974

J. Zamora Elementary School - Pandacan, Manila

1972 - 1973

Primary J. Zamora Elementary School - Pandacan, Manila

1968 - 1972


Birth Date: April 10, 1961 Birth Place: Pililla, Rizal

Status: Married Religion: Catholic

Professional Achievement/s:

In II-VI Performance Metals, Inc.

Transferred Optical lens production from China, Singapore and USA. These cover the Core Drill Production of various diameters and thicknesses, Surface grinding and polishing of ZnSe Sheet, Recovery of materials, with established yield of 96% and optimize material efficiency.

Doubled the output of Tellurim metals, established the Tellutrim Dioxide high purity production, re-established Sodium selenate and Selenium dioxide which was shutdown about 10 years ago, with all new personnel from a moth balled equipments.

Introduced new packaging concept on Tellerium ingots, to ensure storability up to guaranteed minimum one year from its previous state of unstable life at max 2 months only. Created European accepted transport packaging with proper labelling.

Doubled the output of Selenium shots without additional manpower; recovered Selenium from a very old residues kept dormant for more than 10 years.

Cleared the plant from dormant residues/waste and manage to disposed unnecessary residue, beyond economics, all in compliance with regulations. Brought down toxic and controlled waste to 10 percent from original volume to meet statutory requirement.

Levelled up its 2008 version to 2015 ISO Certification on 9000, 14000 & 18000

Re-organized the whole operations to meet the challenges of the future.

In Concrete Masters Incorporated

Managed to have transit Mixers deliver 5 to 6 loads of concrete a day, to ensure productivity of concrete at its highest level, with minimal downtime compared previous year. Recovered aggregates and some cement from truck washing for concrete recycling that minimize environmental disturbance.

In Venzon Manufacturing Corporation

Established consistent 3 to 4 day 40’ FCL container load of daily export output, from 1 to 3 containers daily output. Work with the owner’s team in establishing the new plant design. Created the project team, then handled the project of the new Plant from conceptualization, drawing and specification, bidding and awarding.

In EC Soft Corporation

Established low cost tube packaging business to compete and be economical with the industry need. Set printing capabilities for plastic web, paper and labels sticker to include series numbering, lamination, slitting, dye cutting, sorting. Introduce paste and liquid filling into tubes, bottles, sachet for small scale industries/companies in food, cosmetics, herbal and household products. Introduced brochure, pamplets, data sheets, labels and sticker printing.

In Essel Propack Philippines / Lamitube Corporation -

Manage to grow the business by 3 folds in 6 years.

Turn the company from a negative profit in 1996 to 14 % NPAT average (max 20% NPAT on the 3rd year of management). Three (3) additional lines of machinery were installed at an average of one (1) line every 3years of operations as an expanse, and developed the organization with every department work intra-dependently.

In W. R. Grace (Philippines)

As a Plant Manager – The Canlubang Plant site made neither environmental issue nor complaints as Management of Chemical inventory was controlled to make minimum waste problem. Productivity is increased by 8% providing a better/efficient result, through people support. Company is represented on Global Plant/Production meetings as recognition, and knowledge was shared among the manufacturing practitioners in the Asian operations

As a Product Manager – List of products where rationalize into fewer variants. This was made possible due to product formulation, manufacturing, cost, environment and financial understanding. In coordination with the global technical/sales/marketing personnel, substantial inventory is reduced without hampering the sales growth. Similarly the Closure Systems business was expanded into Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

As a Sales/Technical Services Manager – Managed to bring the Closure Sealants into 100% share/supply in the market, for a certain period of time. Likewise, my business approach became the benchmark of most of technical/sales personnel in the Asia Pacific Region. Exposure to the Asian Market from 1983 until 1995, made myself to understand the different culture from China, to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. These understanding assisted my growth as a person, leader and manager in the Asian context. Inter-action with the Western and Asian manager (in my working period with this company) created and built my personality/character to adapt as needed. My international/multinational exposure ranges from chemical formulations & designing manufacturing operations for domestic, Taiwan and Thailand factories, relocating factories from within the Philippine area and some technology & factory transfer to China and Taiwan; factory start-ups from personnel training to technical, marketing and sales. Assisted opening markets in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China. Expansions, and to some extent, rationalization of some operations.

In early days of my employment with this company, Productivity increased thru process and system improvements I contributed to the operations and logistics. These improvements were made possible by my engineering and leadership background plus support of the superiors and personnel around.

Technical experiences and knowledge

My understanding, experiences and technical know has brought me wide knowledge that helped companies I worked for in years of service.

Handicraft Industry -application of my previous experiences had me applied as well on handicraft products from Sea Shell and sea craft product for export to make, high end placemats, drinking glass, hotel toiletry containers, display items, Chandeliers, lightings, wall sconce, garden and porch lightings and the likes. Metal machining, welding, bending, painting, paint and chemical design and protection, woodworks and electrical design to meet importing country electrical code are just part of the experience and knowledge application that I had contributed.

Packaging – Am knowledgeable packaging needs of every product from handling the content, on primary packaging, labelling, secondary packaging until its transport requirement to designated location or outlets. Primary packaging (from the following substrate Glass, metal, paper, plastic, composites) to contain, hold, extend shelf life, selling itself on display rack, properly on any of its form. Making packaging and using the packaging materials at its best.

Printing – my experience in printing is from glass printing, metal printing, lithography, paper and cardboard printing from stamping, stencils, silk screening, offset, flexo, narrow web, letter presses, digital printing, code printer and copiers. This knowledge applies from pre-press, to press and post press. Applications are direct printing, sticker or labels, shrink labels, In mold labels and heat transfers. Printing from flat substrate (such as brochures, documents, catalogue, inserts, posters, stickers or labels and the likes) to formed products for application are just part of the technical exposures that I have been.

Specialty Chemicals – formulation, production and applications of specialty chemical has been my early experience. Intended to cure industrial heat transfer waters, waste water, sanitation of working area, algae removal, removal of hard minerals in process equipment and the likes, preservation of food and drinks in needed packaging and its functional need plus aesthetic marketing appearance . This also include the gasket, sealants, coatings, inks, printing needs for food containers, beer & beverages and special lubes to make process smooth on its continuous production. Formulation, testing and application of chemical additives for better cement production and concrete mixing needs to strengthened, retard, accelerate and even inhibit corrosion while making mixture economical to construction industry.

Information technology – My wide experience in the operations and almost all facet of business operation, had me always introduce computerization to minimize work input repetition, proper coding and prompt data collection, always benefitting primarily accounting, sales and inventories. From here, I take the project management in the design of the needed system, to include software requirement, choice of hardware up to project installation and actualization. Started working on computerization in 1988 and always become the lead person on computerization in every company I worked for.

Food and Beverages – While on the technical side of the specialty chemicals, I have been always exposed to these industry as I am part of the technical team that is helping food and beer & beverage companies to be productive, clean and sanitized. I worked well an exposed in canning, bottling, filling, pasteurization, retort and pasteurization process from mixing, blending, cooking, packing, packaging labelling, boxing and transport. Up to product monitoring in market place.

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