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Engineer Maintenance

Las Vegas, NV
December 21, 2019

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**** *** ******** *** **** Corona, CA, 92882 Cell:+1-714-***-**** Email: 1 P a g e


Achieved bachelor's degree in Building and Construction (Civil) Engineering University of Technology/Baghdad/Iraq in 1996

Chief engineer with more than 20 years of experience:

• Excelled at working within a team and delegating tasks appropriately to ensure deadlines were always met and never once fell short of goals.

• Able to get work done in a challenging environment and not allow stress to get the better of me.

• Comprehensive knowledge of engineering concepts pertaining to construction and maintenance

• In-depth knowledge of HAV systems, plumbing and electrical maintenance and service

• Familiar with security and safety programs of hotel industry

• Possess strong leadership skills, with the ability to encourage and motivate team

• Exceptional management, organizational, time management and communication skills

• Ability to provide associated services and information to hotel guest and management

• Familiar with Microsoft Office, Spreadsheet, Windows 2007/ 2010 and Auto-cad WORK HISTORY

COMPANY: Falcon Engineering /Corona/California From 1/7/2018 to Present POSITION: Inspector Engineer

• Inspections for LA County

COMPANY: Miguel Angel Hotel /Madrid/Spain From 9/7/2016 to June 2018 POSITION: Chief Engineer

• Managing and directing the daily operation of the maintenance team

• Control the correct functioning of the hotel's machinery and coordinate the repairs with the external service providers.

• Coordinate the repairs and maintenance operations of the hotel building structure

• Manage the store, taking responsibility for the stock, purchases, conservation and cleaning.

• Prepare the Annual Maintenance Plan, elevating it to the General Management for its approval

• Analyze and justify the deviations with the annual maintenance plan drawn up and inform them to the General Management

• Coordinate security training courses for all hotel staff, together with the Human Resources Directorate according to the policy (eg Evacuation Drill)

• Establish priorities on the repairs requested by the various sectors

• Maintain and control the security elements of the building structure and of the prevention mechanisms

(eg fire extinguishers)

• Coordinate with Housekeeping the tasks to be done in the rooms QAYS ALJUMAAH

1680 via Pacifica apt D103 Corona, CA, 92882 Cell:+1-714-***-**** Email:

• Coordinate with Reception the availability of rooms to carry out maintenance tasks.

• Advise the Purchasing Department in the acquisition of products and supplies related to its area

• Inform Banquets and Reservations of the tasks to be carried out in rooms, rooms or common spaces

• Maintain the air and water temperature conditions programmed for each sector of the hotel

• Request the provision of materials to the Purchasing Sector with the pertinent authorization

• Evaluate the performance of services provided by external providers

• Manage the fixed fund for extraordinary purchase

• Make urgent purchases

• Standardize the time consumed in each of the tasks carried out in your sector

• Plan and carry out maintenance tasks on floors, ceilings and walls such as: painting, wallpapering, wood treatment, plasterwork, etc. approved by the Management

• Solve the emergencies of electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and various tasks

• Ensure the application of the customer service policy that is the responsibility of its sector

• Comply with the administrative circuits foreseen for the sector

• Diagram the shifts, activities and times of the staff in charge

• Carry out the night and / or weekend weekends

• Perform personnel management tasks in your area according to the defined policy

• Perform the reports required by the different addresses and management of the higher level

• Provide the necessary data on your area to the General Manager of the Hotel for the preparation of the Company's budget

• Evaluate and justify the deviations resulting from budgetary control

• Evaluate the needs of purchases and maintenance of machinery and supplies in light of technological advances

• Analyze the tasks recorded in the corresponding books, evaluating their duration, volume of work, distribution of activities, etc. and study the deviations of the Annual Plan.

• Analyze the budgets of purchases and maintenance of machinery and of acquisition of supplies

• Make periodic reports of tasks performed and its future programming directed to the General Management of the Hotel.

COMPANY:Anaheim Marriott Suits/California/USA From 12/25/2016 to 8/22/2016 POSITION: Maintenance Engineer


• Responsible of taking maintenance requests for the guests and solve them (includes everything in the room AC unit the lighting the blocked toilets the drains the carpet the mini bar…. etc

• Checking the pool area and the test for the water and cleaning for the filters and making sure the pool is ready

• Check the boilers and making sure everything ok

• Checking the outside lights and make a tour to check everything

• Check the fire alarm system

• Check the kitchen equipment’s

• Report everything to the management

COMPANY: EMS Enterprises /Hemet/California/ Usa From July /2014 to June /2015 QAYS ALJUMAAH

1680 via Pacifica apt D103 Corona, CA, 92882 Cell:+1-714-***-**** Email: 3 P a g e

POSITION: Site Engineer


Renovation of Cranston fire station, CA, USA


• Finishing full survey of the work to check the possible required works

• Start the works for led paint to change the led paint by removing the wood panels with using the full protection

• Install all the water pipes and the drainage system and fixing all the new shower and toilet and the new wooden panels and the new electricity for the new heater COMPANY: Housing renovations in Hemet, CA, USA From December 2009 to June 2014 POSITION: Self employed


• Inspect the house and do the evaluation for doing and making the repairs and get the approval for it

• Start working on the approved items (the AC, the kitchen equipment, wall paint, carpet, electrical works


• Complete checking the house and make it ready for rent COMPANY: Dunes Club Amman/Jordan From June 2009 to November 2009 POSITION: Chief Engineer


• Perform the tasks of developing, implementing and directing all Emergency Programs of the club

• Responsible for all building maintenance, engineering and upkeep of the club

• Handle the tasks of planning and scheduling all maintenance and engineering works, within budgets and time constraints

• Perform responsibilities of supplier and stock management, as well as for budgets and costs

• Responsible for leading and developing a team of club maintenance staff

• Ensure that the highest standards are maintained and managed effectively

• Liaise, manage and organize all external contractors as required

• Responsible for leading and developing a team of club security staff

• Responsible for leading and developing a team of club landscaping staff COMPANY: Le Royal Amman/Jordan From October 2003 to June 2009 POSITION: Chief Engineer


• Perform responsibilities of short and long-term planning and day-to-day operations of the engineering division

• Handle the tasks of managing maintenance operations of entire hotel

• Responsible for developing, implementing and supervising maintenance programs in guest rooms, building structure, mechanical, electrical machinery, HVAC. systems, and related equipment

• Ensure the upkeep of guest and service areas to maintain them in proper working order and appearance

• Coordinate all renovation, expansion, and special projects QAYS ALJUMAAH

1680 via Pacifica apt D103 Corona, CA, 92882 Cell:+1-714-***-**** Email:

• Develop, implement, and maintain preventive maintenance and energy conservation programs for guest rooms, public areas, back-of-house, building systems, etc. according to Corporate and hotel standards

• Ensure compliance with corporate policies, international standards, local regulations, and other environmental consideration

COMPANY: General Mediterranean Jordan From August 1998 to October 2003 POSITION: Senior Building and Construction Engineer DUTIES:

•Conducted technical analysis of survey and field data for development of topographic and hydrological information and generation of site plans, profiles, cross sections and detail designs.

• Participated actively in weekly/biweekly site meetings to discuss:

• Project construction progress;

• Technical issues involved in each individual project;

• Construction schedule; and

• Safety and environmental precautions.

• Performed field testing for ready mix concrete by conducting sampling and testing in accordance with standard/ design specifications.

• Prepared plans, profiles, cross sections, cut/fill volumes and construction detail designs for different projects using Auto CAD and Land Development Desktop (LDD).

• Conducted field services for construction of reinforced concrete reservoirs including concrete structures and appurtenances, lock block walls and access roads.

• Developed and prepared engineering designs and drawings from preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data

• Prepared site meeting minutes and distributed to the involved parties.

• Conducted and supervised field surveys associated with land & building surveys.

• Monitored work of contractors/ sub-contractors, field inspectors, and provided construction support services to the clients to ensure the works comply with contractual terms and conditions, as well as specifications, applicable regulations, etc.

REFERENCE: Available upon request

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