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Oracle Developer

Keene, NH
December 25, 2019

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Name Abdulaziz A. Dandachi

Position Oracle Apps Developer / Technical Consultant

Location Keene, NH – Houston, TX


Phone +1 (346) 813 - 4177

Skype ID pazplus1

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Abdulaziz is a seasoned, hard-working, ambitious professional, with demonstrated eagerness to improve everybody and everything around and proven history of building unique solutions. He presents himself as an extraordinary developer and technical consultant. His background in business and IT consulting gives him a clear perspective from a business point of view. He has over 9 years of experience in the IT field, which has given him the chance to observe how companies rise and fall. Therefore, he always believes that the business need comes first. Technology is merely a tool, not a goal. He realizes that the purpose of his work is to make the user more productive and help them perform correctly, not to over-complicate their life in order for them to fit into the designed solutions. His satisfaction comes only by seeing the business value of his work. Whenever he is working on a requirement, he tries to understand the "WHY?" behind it. Doing so helps him make better decisions when it comes to solution design and development along the way.


+9 years of experience in the IT consulting and development field.

Oracle Certified Associate.

Oracle Certified Professional.

Managed and led the technical side of several Oracle E-Business Suite implementations (including deep expertise with Oracle applications), custom development and cross-enterprise integrated solutions with primary focus on Purchasing, Inventory, Core HRMS, and GL.

Implemented Oracle EBS at multiple geographical locations.

Strong experience in project planning, scheduling, resource planning and management, and tracking project related tasks.

Technical and functional expertise well augmented by excellent analytical, problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with individuals at all levels.

Thorough understanding of agile method of software development.

Able and eager to learn new tools and skills professionally and interpersonally.


Oracle E-Business Suite -11i.

Oracle E-Business Suite - R12.

Oracle Database 12c.


Oracle Database Management.

Oracle Optimizer Hints.

Functions, Procedures, and Packages.

Oracle Development Tools.

Oracle RICE Components.

Oracle Reports.

Oracle Forms.

Oracle Discoverer.

Oracle Workflow.

Oracle BI Publisher.

Oracle AME.

Oracle APIs.

Oracle Interface Tables.

Data Modeling and database design.

HRMS User Hook.

Basic knowledge of Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX).

System Administration.

Software Development, Quality Assurance and Testing.

Troubleshooting and Debugging.

FND Load.



Team player.

Work under minimum supervision.


C&S Wholesale Grocers Keene, NH 01-2019 / Present

Senior Oracle Apps Developer

Spear-headed the successful go-live of a multi-million-dollar impact project, the PROMPT REPLACEMENT PROJECT. PROMPT is an external system used to import different types of Purchase Order data, process deals, perform pre-match validations for invoices, and pay suppliers. The project goal was to retire the use of this system by developing all of its components inside the Oracle EBS environment. The tasks included picking up the requirements from day 1, developing all the needed objects, and delivering the optimal solutions to handle tens of thousands of records daily. This was done through developing new database staging tables, base tables, sequences, synonyms, indexes, views, packages and other objects like SQL loader control files, concurrent programs, and reports.

Building a new form to give the end user the capability of viewing the new custom PO lines, receipt, and deals.

Troubleshooting, fixing, and adding new features to 5 different forms heavily used by the end user on a daily basis. This included handling the addition of the new POs coming from vendors into Oracle instead of PROMPT, performance tuning, and adding new data-level and form-level validations.

Creating materialized views to represent snapshots of data for two components related to PO deals and receipt accounting.

Developing a program to maintain the status of newly added POs based on certain criteria provided by the business users to close POs after they have been processed.

Building and modifying several GL interface programs. This included populating staging tables, summarizing the data, and inserting into GL interface tables to import journal entries into the General Ledger module tables.

Developing different outbound file producing programs (position based and comma-separated based). A few of them utilized the use of Dynamic SQL. Cost correction, BDF file, and JP Morgan File are examples.

Developing Fees Vouchers program. It consisted of staging tables, package, an XML report, and an XML bursting file. Later, outbound file logic was built to produce, decode to EBCIDIC, zip, and send the file to the client side through EDI. This was done using HOST concurrent program in EBS.

Creating a program to handle the merge of vendors and their impact on the newly created POs.

Modifying existing programs that handle and create MTL transactions. The goal was to accept a new source of transactions and integrate it in the existing code.

Performing several diagnosis and performance tuning tasks for a number of existing objects.

Using Oracle standard documentation templates such as MD050 in order to transform the business needs into executable, user-friendly solutions, and MD070 to document all of the technical components involved in building the solutions.

Preparing migration and testing related documents such as Migration Lists and T20.

Performing tens of migration tasks using different programs and tools for version control and migration such as shared folders, SVN, and STAT.

NCI Building Systems Houston, TX 06-2018 / 10-2018

Oracle Apps Developer (MATRIX Resources)

Planning, designing, and developing Oracle database components, such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequences, and PL/SQL blocks.

Planning, designing, and developing complex Oracle database components, such as Materialized Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Packages.

Handling several integration and data conversion tasks between Oracle EBS and JDE.

Ensuring effective communications with and requirement delivery to the business users.

Designing, developing, and testing a custom API used to import Sales Orders into the standard Order Management module. PL/SQL, Excel, and SQL*Loader were used to satisfy this requirement.

Developing and maintaining several reports related to Oracle Manufacturing.

Providing XML reports with advanced features using PL/SQL, Report Builder, and Excel.

Maintaining custom forms designed to manage several aspects of the manufacturing cycle.

Preparing full documentation for the issues and their solutions using Oracle Unified Method (OUM).

Preparing different versions of unit test documents to facilitate user testing.

Preparing and implementing bulk data operations.

Developing monitoring triggers for specific transactions on the system and Oracle Discoverer reports based on the triggers.

Developing and fixing several pre-printed reports related to the Purchasing module using PL/SQL and Reports Builder.

Using several ticketing and version control systems to maintain the integrity, availability, and consistency of all the components involved in any solution.

WCGTX, Inc., Houston, TX 02-2018 / Present

Oracle Developer / Business Analyst (Part-Time)

Developing different solutions to manage the different aspects of the business, such as scheduling, invoicing, payroll, etc. These solutions have been implemented using Oracle Forms.

Providing statistical data that helps the management evaluate, plan, and make better decisions based on real-time numbers that reflect a realistic image of the business process.

Developing solutions to manage inventory.

Using the standard UTL_FILE functionality to read and write Excel files in order to facilitate several processes to the end user.

AppsPro Saudi Arabia 2012 – 2017

-SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) 02-2016 / 08-2017

Oracle Apps Experienced Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Extensively providing support for a live environment with high levels of intensity and sensitivity for HRMS, FIN, and SCM. Serving as the only technical consultant in the site for over 3 months covering all the Oracle technical support across the 13,000 employee semi-governmental organization, also known for being the world’s largest water conversion corporation. Heavily involved and relied on by the leaders of several teams across 3 different cities, while also providing support for fellow consultants from other teams.

Building a large number of database objects such as Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes, Tables, Views, Materialized Views, Triggers, Procedures, Functions, Packages to handle all the requirements encountered.

Managed several tasks in the P2P cycle. This included data retrieving, tracing, upload, and troubleshooting.

Successfully going live in Payroll and transitioning from a legacy system to Oracle E-Business Suite after several failed attempts by previous teams.

Maintenance of several customizations using the SIT concept in Oracle HRMS. This includes designing solutions for the different aspects of the HRMS implementation, most importantly, the HRMS decrees.

Developing numerous SQL and PL/SQL programs to capture, maintain, and fix enormous amounts of data coming into or going out of E-Business Suite for HRMS and SCM modules.

Managed several aspects of the inventory items setup and data fixes.

Maintaining and troubleshooting the OTL solution implemented in SWCC.

Development of several solutions for GL and Payables using Oracle Forms Builder, Workflow Builder, and Personalization.

Maintenance of existing solutions for budget planning, encumbrances, Payables, Purchasing, and the integration between them.

Customizing PO and PR standard account generator workflow to meet the business needs.

Developing several materialized views to manage several aspects of the HRMS and OTL requirements.

Preparing, revising, and delivering several documents for tens of custom features using Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM).

Uploading millions of records into Oracle standard tables using APIs and interface tables for SCM and FIN modules.

Successfully performing more than 12 month previously delayed work within less than 2 months for the inventory and purchasing control departments. Providing them with highly detailed reports and data sheets. The impact of that was remarkable and helped the departments tie up many of the loose ends.

Delivering support in different initiatives and projects including Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, and integration with Infor system and other payroll and HRMS systems.

Maintaining Oracle Time and Labor for Human Resources solution and its integration with Oracle HRMS and Payroll modules and also with the legacy system.

Playing the System Administrator’s role in various periods of times.

Providing support as an Oracle DBA for several tasks.

Development and maintenance of tens of XML reports in the different application modules using Oracle Reports Builder.

Creating, modifying, and maintaining all types of database items, tables, triggers, procedures, functions, views, and many other components to develop and keep a highly-functioning healthy system using SQL and PL/SQL.

Maintaining several OAF extensions in the HRMS and OTL modules.

-MOHU (Ministry of Housing) 10-2015 / 02-2016

Oracle Apps Experienced Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Financial and Supply Chain modules.

Customizing standard OAF pages through personalization and SQL to meet several business requirements.

Development of custom reports in FIN and SCM.

Development of database custom Tables, Views, and Triggers to insure a smooth flow of data between several SCM extensions and the standard Oracle INV and PO modules.

Maintaining a custom form for managing group HR decrees. This included working on the form, user hook, workflow, and personalization.

Worked on P2P and O2C cycle forms.

Development of different solutions through personalization and Custom pll.

Preparing and auditing a number of MD050 and MD070 documents to ensure the highest level of maintainability for several extensions and solutions in the Inventory module.

Working on Oracle Contracts module and successfully implementing several customizations. This includes customizing contracts, managing their clauses, sections, and creating custom values.

Data upload using Oracle APIs and interface tables for Payables, Inventory, and Purchasing modules.

-MCS (Ministry of Civil Service) 06-2015 / 10-2015

Oracle Apps Experienced Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Designing, developing, testing, and deploying a custom solution for Grievances through Oracle Self Service using user hook, PL/SQL, and Oracle Workflow Builder.

Development of several reports to utilize the Grievances solution to its full capabilities.

Building many database objects such as Tables and Views to satisfy several data capture requirements for HRMS.

Development of several reports in Oracle Performance Management module.

Maintenance of numerous customizations using the EIT concept in Oracle HRMS.

A member of the technical team that designed several HR custom solutions such as employee on-boarding, safety, and security management.

-REDF (Real Estate Development Fund) 01-2015 / 06-2015

Oracle Apps Experienced Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Development of a new extension (5 forms) for handling SCM requirements. This solution was migrated to all the future governmental sites of AppsPro. It was developed to provide new required features to manage Oracle Sourcing processes. This solution was developed using Oracle Forms Builder.

Development of a budget solution. Managing the ever-changing requirement of the governmental budget requirements.

Created and maintained a handful of solutions and reports in the P2P cycle.

Performed several performance tuning tasks using optimizer hints and explain plans.

Development and maintenance of several SCM and FIN module reports and forms including Budget, Payables, Purchasing, Inventory, and Sourcing.

Customization of PO Approval Workflow to build its approval path on a hierarchy defined by the user. The goal that was achieved is to build a flexible solution that can be completely maintainable by the end user.

Was in charge of the several technical consultants. I provided training, task assignment, support, and evaluation for these consultants.

Represented the customer (REDF) in the technical QA and testing phase for the previous vendor customizations, and also was in charge of receiving the technical handover and documentation from the other party.

-RSADF (Royal Saudi Air Defense) 06-2014 / 01-2015

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Leading the technical team in the implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

Planning, designing, developing, maintaining, and supporting Oracle Human Resources and GL, and Payables solutions.

Building programs to use the General Ledger interface table and program to import journals from a custom extension to the standard Journals table.

Designing and developing critical Budget reports such as the monthly balances and daily balances.

Successfully performing HRMS data cleansing tasks. Tens of thousands of data sheets and records were corrected manually and automatically.

Successfully performing legacy HRMS data conversion. Matching up between the legacy data and Oracle standard and custom tables.

Providing on-going support for the custom financial solution and assisting the user correctly and smoothly transition from their DOS-based system into an interactive user interface and experience.

Worked on the P2P cycle to facilitate and investigate data flow.

Developing and maintaining tens of HRMS XML reports. The goal that was successfully achieved was to design flexible reports that can be, per se, dragged and dropped anywhere in the government sector, and work promptly. This included the data structure and queries, report design, and equally important, the layout design. This resulted in a package of reports that are mobile and need the minimum amount of modifications and maintenance with every new implementation.

-Nuqul (Multinational Factory) 11-2013 / 06-2014

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Working on an enormous project which included many sub-projects. This company has factories and branches in 4 different countries. The project was to integrate all of the individual systems (Oracle or other systems) into one centralized system, which is the one my team and I were working on. The level of difficulty, tension, and what was on stake in this project added another layer of challenging excitement.

Development of tens of OPM and SCM reports. The most remarkable reports were the Manufacturing reports. These reports helped a great deal in an accurate costing process.

Worked on the BOM and WIP forms and data.

Development of several financial reports. The most remarkable reports were the GL drill down and AR Aging Bucket reports. They helped in correctly setting up the GL configurations.

Uploading all kinds of FIN data, including different financial transactions, supplier, customer, and different parties’ data.

-Alrajhi Steel and Al Musairiey (Major Steel Companies) 07-2013 / 11-2013

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Lead Consultant on Oracle technical team working mainly on Oracle OPM and INV modules.

Managed several aspects of the technical and functional O2C cycle.

Worked on implementation of various extensions and interfaces.

Performed various tasks such as detailed project planning, task allocation, scheduling of tasks, onsite - offshore coordination

Maintenance of an existing Scrap solution. This included Forms and Workflow constant maintenance.

Managed several aspects of the technical and functional P2P cycle.

Configuring AME setup for Oracle Projects module.

Development of many reports that covered many aspects of the business cycle. This mainly included Oracle Projects, Inventory, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Order Managements.

Successfully developing a custom SCM extension. The purpose was to add a feature that would handle the shipping, trucks, drivers, and material handling in their receiving areas and warehouses. This extension was built under Oracle Order Management module.

Development and maintenance of Letter of Guarantee (LOG) and Letter of Credit (LOC) forms. They successfully enabled the customer to easily integrate these documents into the system and inject them in the business process.

Development of various alerts that served different kinds of business needs.

Providing top management with data sheets designed in BI fashion. This included data from all the different SCM and FIN modules.

Performing data tuning tasks for several customizations and offering the ability to utilize the capabilities of the system to better serve the business and the customer.

-MCIT (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology) 02-2013 / 07-2013

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Providing support for the different HRMS modules. This included the development and maintenance of tens of reports about core HRMS and decrees.

Working on HRMS user hook to resolve show stopper issues and successfully delivering.

Providing support for the different SCM modules. This included designing and developing different types of reports to serve the business needs for purchasing, sourcing, and inventory modules.

Performing several tasks for integrations and security purposes.

Often playing the role of Oracle DBA for non-complicated DBA tasks.

-MOWE (Ministry of Water and Electricity) 06-2012 / 02-2013

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant (AppsPro)

Development of FIN reports. This includes pre-printed reports that can only be printed using special kinds of printers. Also, the big reports such as the monthly balances.

Development of SCM reports including inventory, sourcing, and purchasing reports.

Customizing OAF pages in sourcing module to activate several business requirements.

Development of an OTL extension. This included two forms and a number of reports. The goal that was achieved is to manage and keep track and of attendance and the working hours of employees. This extension went and became the backbone of all of the future OTL solutions implemented by AppsPro.

AFNAM Consulting Co Saudi Arabia 03-2010 / 03-2012

Account Manager

Development of business plans to widen the targeted market. This included studying the marketplace, meeting with different types of customers to understand their business needs, and contributing in developing different business solutions in order for them to overcome obstacles.

Participating in providing consulting services that aim to enhance management and business processes for two companies that were facing managerial difficulties.

Project management tasks. For example, leading and participating in studying, translating, and preparing training content for different business training courses. Also, testing new software iterations that were added to the company’s software.

Helping organizations achieve their Quality Management goals and providing them with the necessary support towards getting closer to globally recognized standards, such as ISO 9001.

Development of and submitting business proposals to different RFQs that served several purposes.

Performing several business management tasks such as SWOT analysis and feasibility studies.

Building, improving, and maintaining strong business relationships with several customers and help them get the best business consultation services possible.

Event planning tasks. Successfully organization several 3-day training courses that were held by the company.

Atheer ISP Saudi Arabia 07-2009 / 01-2010

Web Developer

Development and supporting an internal web-based ticketing system using Java.

Performance of several tasks in SDLC.

Presenting documentation of the whole project, including data modeling, database design, business use cases, stored procedures, web page development and codes, and test cases.


Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems (2005-2010) – Prince Sultan University.

OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) – 2013.

OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) – 2013.

Attended many workshops and training courses, including CBAP® Certification Training (2010), and many internal in-class and online training sessions.


Available upon request.

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