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Digital Marketing Data

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
December 25, 2019

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Sumangala A Malavi

Mobile : 725-***-****


GitHub : Linkedin : OBJECTIVE

Looking forward for a challenging career in an organization where I can impart my technical, analytical and innovative skills for the accomplishment of organizational goals and simultaneously improving my skills. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

• Have good knowledge in data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistical Modeling, Exploration of Data Analysis Mode application using Python and R development tools .

• Have hands on experience on web scraping.

• Completed post graduate programme in data science at Inventateq, Banglore.

• Worked as intern at Inficloud Pvt Ltd.

• Extensive hands-on experience using Python libraries such as numpy, scipy, pandas, statsmodels, matplotlib, seaborn, bokeh, plotly, sympy, scrapy, and scikit learn.

• Hands on experience using R libraries like dplyr, ggplot2, caret, data.table, psych .

• Hands on experience in business domains such as sales, digital marketing and health care and delivered capstone projects.

• Strong knowledge on structured database(RDBMS).

• Hands on experience in SQL data manipulation, joins and merging.

• Very good knowledge in advanced statistical concepts like Hypothesis Test, T-Test, ANOVA, MANOVA.

• Strong knowledge in Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms like multilinear regression, polynomial regression, multinomial logistic regression, ordinal logistic regression, regression decision tree, random forest, Support vector machines,XG Boost,.

• Hands on experience in unsupervised machine learning algorithms such as Hierarchical clustering, K- means clustering, principal components analysis and association rules.

• Very good experience in exploratory data analysis using statistical concepts like univariate, bivariate and multivariate approaches.

• Hands on experience using visualization tools like matplotlib, seaborn, bokeh, tableau, ggplot2 and plotly.

• Strong understanding of CRISP-DM & SEMMA data science project methodologies.

• Developing technical specifications which include approach, methodology and statistical tools for all business queries.

• Experience in data extraction from different servers into Python and R environment using SQL.

• Developing and maintaining documentation to describe program stages, logics, coding and validation. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Completed post graduate programme in Data Science.

• knowledge on health care and digital marketing business domains.

• Data collection and extraction strategies on MYSQL, Oracle workbench

• Applying missing values, outlier detection strategies, performing feature engineering concepts like feature selection, feature extraction, feature transformation, generating candidate models on our actual business data and tested with algorithms such as multilinear regression, polynomial regression, random forest.

• Apply data segmentation strategies, apply data selection and data extraction strategies.

• Visualizing input and output variables before and after standardization of data.

• Executing exploratory data analysis.


• Income Prediction Of Retail Customers.

• Predicting Insurance Policy Takers

• Credit Risk Analysis

• Predicting Employee Exit

Tools & Technologies:

• Tools : Anaconda, Python 3.7, Spyder

• Technologies : numpy, scipy, scrapy, urllib, scikitlearn,matplotlib,ggplot2,seaborn,bokeh, plotly, statsmodels


• Programming Languages :C, Java, Python, R, HTML, PHP

• Databases : MYSQL, Oracle Workbench

• ML Tools : Python,Anaconda, Spyder, PyCharm, R studio

• Non Programming ML Tools : Rattle


• Qualitative Analysis

• Sampling Techniques (Random and Non-Random)

• Descriptive Statistics

• Correlation Analysis

• Regression Analysis (Linear/Multiple/Logistic)

• Cluster Analysis

• Hypothesis Testing

• Normal/Gaussian Distribution

• Binomial Distribution


• B.E (Computer Science and Engineering) from Institute of Engineering and Technology, KLEMSSCET, Belgaum from 2015-2019 with 70.4%.

• PUC from KLS PUC, Haliyal with 79%.

• SSLC from MDR School, Haliyal with 77.76%


Father Name : Mr. Appayya G Malvi

Date Of Birth : 05 June 1997

Language Known : English, Hindi, Kannada, Maratha

Present Address : BTM Layout, Bangalore


I hereby declare that the above particulars furnished are true to the best of my knowledge and nothings is concealed and misinterpreted.


Place: Bangalore

[Sumangala A M]

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