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Manager Director

Mysore, Karnataka, India
December 25, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae of


*. Name of the candidate : Dr. Shashikant Valandikar

2. Father’s Name : Channabasappa

3.Date of Birth : October 4th 1948.

4.Nationality & Religion : Indian.Hindu-Lingayat.

5.Sex : Male.

6.Marital Status : Married, have two children & wife.

Son & Daughter.

7.Status : Class I senior Gazetted Officer,(Retired)

in State Government of Karnataka.

8.Educational Qualifications: B.V.Sc & A.H., 1970, Nagpur

M.V.Sc (Parasitology) 1980, Bangalore.

Title of Thesis: On Myiasis in Domestic Animals

(Ph.D)-Worked for two years.

Title of Thesis : Antigenic Profile of House dust Mites with

Special reference to Euroglyphus maynei

one of the causative agent of allergic

Asthma in Human beings& Animals.

9.Permanent Address : Dr. S.C. Valandikar, M.V.Sc., (PhD)

41c, Ashwath Villa, Main Road, Nazarbad.

Mysore – Karnataka – 570 010.

10. Life Membership : Karnataka Veterinary Association,

Affiliated to Indian Veterinary

Association. Association of Indian Zoos’ &

Wildlife Veterinarians.

13. Residential Phone :0821-.(R)984**-***** . Email :


Passport No. :

Date of Issue : 27th December 2014.

Place of Issue : Bangalore.

Date of Expiry : 26th December 2024

13.Courses studied at M.V.Sc., & PhD Level & taught in veterinary college :-

A)Parasitology: GeneralParasitology,Parasiticimmunity,Parasiticprotozoa,Parasitic Nematodes,Parasitic cestodes & trematodes, Parasitic Arthropodes, Physiology & Nutrition of parasites, Bio- chemistry & Biology of parasites. Clinical parasitology, Parasites of Zoo Animals. Parasites of of lab animals, Techniques & literature in Entomology. Ecology of Parasities. Advance Acarology

B)Microbiology :Immunolog & Serology,Techniques in Bacteriology, Dermatology & Mycology, Electron microscopy.

C) Pathology :Clinical pathology, Advance clinical pathology, General Pathology, Oncology,special poultry pathology.

D) Medicine :Clinical medicine, Clinical parasitology, Epidemiological aspects of preventive medicine.

E) Genetic Engineering :6 months course at I.I.Sc., Bangalore.

F) Biotechnology : 6 months course at I.I.Sc., Bangalore.

G)Other Subjects :BasicBiochemistry,Biochemicalpharmacology, Basic

statistics and analysis of variance, German language.

14. Trainings attended:

1.Summer School on Recent Advances in the Diagnosis of Avian Diseases & their Control at Dept. of Microbiology, Veterinary College, Trichur, Kerla, 1998-99 by ICAR.

2.For 21 days Developmental Administrative Training at ATI, Mysore, during 1980 & 1986.

3.Summer Institute on Veterinary Parasitology, 1981, {ICAR} on Epidemiology, Host parasite relationship & control of parasitic diseases of livestock” at Ranchi Veterinary College, Bihar.

4.21 Days Training Program on Meat processing & packaging technology, 1995-96, Dept. of Meat Science, Veterinary College, Chennai. From 20.1.1997 to 05.02.1997.

5.Short – Term training course on Molecular Approaches to Predetermination of Sex in Farm & Experimental Animals, from 9 – 24 December, 1991 at National Institute of Immunology, New-Delhi – 67.

6.Third National Training Program on Zoonotic Parasites – Their Diagnosis & Control 9 –23 March, 1998 at Veterinary College, Bangalore.

7.Genetic Engineering, six months course at IISc, Bangalore, 1990 –91 mg) Introduction to Biotechnology, six months course IISc, Bangalore, 1990-91.


1.Fourth National Symposium on Acarology, at University of Calicut, Dept of Zoology, Kerala, dated 12- 14 October 1990 & presented paper.

2.Seminar on Indian Association for Advancement Veterinary Parasitology at Bangalore, 1987.

3.National Congress on Biotechnology for Human Welfare at Hyderabad, 1990.

4.National Symposium on Animal biotechnology at Madras, 1990

5.IV National Congress on Veterinary Parasitology, dated 22-24 November, 1991 at Veterinary College, Anand, Gujarat.

6.MICON INTERNATIONAL 1994 & 35th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India, Defense Food Research Laboratory, Mysore dated, 9-12 November, 1994.



1.I/C, Professor and Head, Dept. of Parasitolgy, veterinary college Bidar. For four years, from 1996 to 2000

2.Worked as Asst. Director (Epidemiology) Animal diseases Surveillance in Institute of Animal Health & Veterinary Biological, Campus Bangalore-24. From oct-87 to Jun-90

3.Zoo Clinical Laboratory in Mysore Zoo. From May-94-june-95 for one year.

4.Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (parasitology,Biochemistry & Microbiology) in Veterinary College as course teacher, internal examiner and coordinator for 3rd & 5th year Veterinary students.

5.Senior lecturer. Rural development training center, coorg, for veterinary and public health and animal sciences.


1.Management of Musth in Indian Elephant in Mysore Zoo a case study, ZOO’ s print April 1996 P. No. 23, Vol. XI, No. 4.

2.Pulmonary tuberculosis in Black Rhinoceros in Mysore Zoo, ZOO’S print, March 1996.

3.Clipping of claw in Bengal Tigress in Mysore Zoo, A case report, Zoo’s Print July 1996.

4.Hand rearing of Giraffe Calf in Mysore Zoo. By Dr.S.C. Valandikar, Asst. Director & Dr. S.S.M.S Khadri, Veterinary Officer, Mysore Zoo.Mysore. Southern Indian Zoos’ New Letter Vol. 1 2001/02 dated 1.3.2002 Quarterly I.

5.Trypanosomiasis its treatment & prevention by Dr.S.C. Valandikar, Asst. Director, Zoo Hospital, Mysore. Southern Indian Zoos’ New Letter Vol. 1 2001/02 dated 1.3.2002 Quarterly – I.

6.New,Home,toNarasimha,Raja,Male,Giraffe,athiruvananthapuram Zoo.By Mr.Kumar,Pushkar,Mr.S.Nagaraju,Dr.,S.S.M.SKhadri,&Dr.S.C.Valandikar, Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore, published in South Indian Zoos’ letter vol No. 1/2001- 02 data. 1st June 2002, Quarterly – II.

7.A note on delivery & nursing of Tapir Calf in Mysore Zoo. Paper presented at Management of Rare & Endangered Wild Animals & Neonatal Care at Thiruvananthapuram Zoo on 25th to 27th April 2002.

8.Immuno & Chemoprophylactics, preventive health care practices in endangered & rare wildlife species in Mysore Zoo.

9.Project on Captive breeding of Chimpanzees by Artificial Insemination at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore, presented paper as above.

10.Hand rearing of Tiger Cubs in Mysore Zoo & presented paper.

11.Chemical Immobilization of Gaurs at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore for shifting them to new enclosure – Zoos Print June 17(6): 7-10.

12.Hand rearing of Leopard cubs in Mysore Zoo – paper presented.

13.Hand rearing of Giraffe Calves in Mysore Zoo published in Zoo Prints April 2002. Vol. XVII No. 4, Zoos Print April 17(4): 10-12

14.Immobilization of Zebras & shifting to new enclosure at Mysore Zoo – paper presented.

15.Neonatal care of Giraffe calves at Mysore Zoo.

16.Wildlife Information Bulletin, Pg. No. 55 & 57, an official organ of Association of Indian Zoos’ & Wildlife Vets, Barely, Uttar Pradesh. Vol. VIII (I) January 2002 by Annual.

17.Some faunistic studies on house dust mites in Karnataka, Acarology 1995.

18.Some observations on ticks of domestic animals in Bidar District. Acarology News letter, Pg. No. 13, No. 17 & 18 April, 1990.

19.Occurrence of Calliphorid, Sarcophagid, & Muscid flies at Bangalore, Current Research, 25. 1.9.1996.

20.Distribution of Calliphorid, Muccid, & Sarcophagid flies in Karnataka, Vol. XX No. 2, February 1991.

21.A case report on Caesarian-Section in White Tigress in Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens Mysore, Newsletter dated September 2002.

22.A case report on Successful treatment of Compound Fracture of Tibia-Fibula in Chimpanzee in Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens Mysore.

23.Rescue & Rehabilitation of Wild Royal Bengal Tiger in Nagarhole Sanctuary.

24.Hand Rearing of Indian Elephant Calf in Mysore Zoo, Newsletter dated December 2002.

25.Management of Tibial Fracture in African Elephant.

26.Mass Tranquilization of Spotted Deer and their shifting to Arabitittu Reserve Forest, Newsletter dated December 2002.

27.Birth of Third Generation gaur calf and parturition behavior observation made at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore by Kumar Pushkar, S.C. Valandikar, S.S.M.S Khadri & N. Giriraj – published in Mysore Zoo Newsletter-Vol-1 No-2 June 2003, page no-2

28.A SUCCESSFUL CAESARIAN SECTION IN CIVET CAT (Viverricula indica) in Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore

29.Incidence of Babesiosis in maned wolf in Mysore Zoo & its treatment.,

News letter, December 2006,Mysore Zoo

Phone: RES

Mobile: 984**-***** (M)


Professor&Head-parasitology, Retired.

41,Main Road, Nazarbad,Mysore 10

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