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Minneapolis, MN
December 24, 2019

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Dan Lund

*** ***** ** ** ******* MN *****, 651-***-****,

Senior QA professional with several years testing applications in the healthcare field at companies such as UHC, UBH, Live and Work Well, Diversified Pharmaceutical and SuresSripts, on various platforms. i.e. Java, .Net, Unisys mainframe and IBM. Both manual and automated suites which included but not limited to EDI x12 messages, 220/221, NewRx, Rxfill, Both XML and EDIFACT messages. Created automated test scripts. Using such tools as SOAP UI, QTP/UFT and Selenium

●Several years of HealthCare and PBM experience (UHC and SureScripts

●Edi prosess to load databases with new data, update,delete data.

●Database verification on the edi process

●Experience in both Agile and waterfall

●Created SQL scripts for testing

●SDET – Limited tests were written using VBScript,,Groovy and C#

●Tools that were used were Selenium,, QTP, and SoapUI(Ready API)

●TestDirector/QualityCenter Administrator

●Tracked defects using Rational, VSTS, Defect Manager

●Created comprehensive regression test suites

●Created several test plans base off of requirements

●Created Test plan methodologies and approach

●Mentored junior QA Team Members

●Created onboarding documentation for new team members

●Automation Expert

●Manual testng expert

●Train and mentor offshore QA teams

●Experience with Jira/Confluence

●UFT for management test cases, test plans, test results, risk management, for large and small projects

●UFT for defect management (5-7 years.)

Experience with Jenkins and creating continuous builds/continuous integration jobs

●Experience with source management tools (Source Tree)

●3 years experience testing Big Data(i.e. Hadoop Clusters)

●Rest API testing(i.e. PUT/Delete/Post/Get)

●X12 Message processing

●Transaction based testing (i.e. message processing)

●Create XML messages

●Created JSON file

●Complete edi testing and trouble shooting. Find the error and docoment and repeat with devops

●Wrote several test to test the EDI process. Load files, updated files, deleted files and special return characters and diffetent versions

●SQL and Oracle tests were written

●Extensive .NET testing both manual and automation

●Created and executed C# test scenarios


Protofiles(Manual test lead and prep for automation)

●Ensured that Manual tests were completed and moved along through SDLC.

●Reviewed manual test cases with the automation team test cases

●Lead the manual testing team

●Designed tesplans and test case

●Recored results in vsts,jira. Etc

Cargill (Quality Assurance Lead) July 2018 – October 2018

●Cultivated an Agile Environment

●UFT admin

●SDET - Acted as the SDET for coding scripts using the test tools provided

●Worked with Business Owners to ensure proper Integration testing was outlined and executed

●Coordinate Manual offshore testing

●Coordinate Automated offshore testing

●Represented all offshore testing teams for daily reporting and defect triage

●Assisted in creating onboarding process

●Served as a major contributor in the Scrum of Scrum meetings

●Created test Strategy document

●Reviewed test plans and test cases

●Participated in all Agile ceremonies

●Created defect tracking process using VSTS

●Coordinated Cloud platform testing

●SDET - With assistance from the developers, helped create unit tests

●Train and mentor off shore QA teams on testing philosophies on an on going basis

●Developed a training guide to assist the offshore team

US Bank (Lead QA Test Coordinator) May 2018 – July 2018

●Cultivated an Agile Environment

●Coordinated the complete testing life-cycle effort with 21 different platforms

●Successfully completed End to End testing coordination

●Created test plans

●Overseen the complete project testing effort both automation an manual testing

●Participated in Agile ceremonies

●Lead testing meetings

●Coordinated testing effort with off-shore and on-shore teams

●Presented demonstrations of testing projects

●Manually tested the application to identify if the story was a canidate for automation

State of Minnesota (Sr Quality Assurance Analyst – Consultant) February 2018- May 2018

●Worked in an Agile Environment

●Consulted as a QA Lead

●Worked with Business Owners to ensure proper Integration testing was outlined and executed

●Lead testing efforts on Mainframe in web base applications.

●Ensured that testing was executed in a timely manner

●Created test strategy documents

●Presented testing results to the management team an above

●Defect tracking using the Rational

●Tracked test cases and test plans using Rational

●The use of Curam

●Worked on the MNSURE project

●Created and executed SQL statements

●SDET – served as a SDET by utilizing various testing tools. Created automated regression suite. Within the testing tools. These scripts are written in Groovy, VBScript and C#

SureScripts, MPLS MN (Sr Quality Assurance Analysts – Lead) January 2012- June 2017

●Worked on several Agile Teams on different parts of Surescripts applications in order to gain an in depth knowledge of the entire SureScripts message processing.

●Created complete test suite on a .NET platform

●Tested parts of the application solely written in C#

●Created test suite thay tested APIs that were written in .NET

●UFT for project management

●UFT admin

●Created SQL statement for data mining or to get fresh data

●SDET using SOAP UI for automation of the Pharmaceutical Fill project

●Mentored Jr. QA

●Extract and load data to meet for testing needs

●SDET used to control the builds and deploys

●Worked with Business Owners to ensure proper Integration testing was outlined and executed

●Manually tested the entire application to identify automation canidates.

●Used SOAP UI to automate the message transaction processing. Both for .NET and Java messages.

●Developed SOAP UI to fully automate the regression testing of the rest client

●Used SOAP UI in conjunction with Swagger pages for additional testing

●Developed SOAP libraries to allow flexibility in environments in which the test would run.

●Used QualityCenter to develop, execute test cases, and Defect Management

●Used Postman for Get, Post, Put and Delete

●Created/updated JSON files for testing of the rest client

●Utilized GIT for version control of test scripts, libraries and data files

●Worked with Business Owners to ensure proper Integration testing was outlined and executed

●Created/ran Jenkins continuous integration acceptance jobs/test

●Ran test independently when builds and deployments completed

●Used dB Visualizer and SQL Developer to write SQL’s to mine test data as well as for database testing. These SQL’s were performed against Oracle as well as Hadoop clusters

●Collaborated with all 14 Agile teams to produce a complete application

●Created test plans

●Performed Manual tests.

●Created online documentation outlining steps, that could be executed manually or the steps to execute the automated tests and the location of the data source.

●Created stories using an application called Jira

●Tracked defects and issues also using Jira

●Participated in daily stand-up meetings

●Created JSON messages for the Java and .NET

●Created JSON files to be used for automation

●Helped create an Agile testing manifesto

●Created JSON files to be used for automation

●Created JSON and XML messages, minimal basic template and used SOAP UI to use the minimal fields and then loop through the automation to build JSON/XML for specific test cases

●Java switch and .NET transactional message testing

●Supported other Agile teams in designing automated test suites

●Create onboarding documentation for new employees and contractors

●Quick Test Professional scripting and execution

● Regression test suite creation/execution

●.NET environment testing

●Java environment testing

●Utilize SOAP UI testing tool

●Utilize QTP Testing tool

●Oracle Database testing

●SQL Database testing

●Tested x12 messages

●Created and executed SQL statements

●Created and loaded delimited files for MPI processing

●Created tests scripts flat file was loaded with different supported versions.

Educational Credit Management- (ECMC) -Sr Quality Assurance Analysts - Lead, Oakdale, MN September 2005 - January 2012

●Lead tester for a project that in which we converted a mainframe application to a Java application for student loan processing.

●QTP for automation for the EPIC project to replace a legacy system

●Created a test suite using Quick Test Professional to test the conversion project.

●Mentored junior QA team members in both automation and manual testing. Not only on the testing process but as well as on using the automation tools and general testing philosophies.

●Successfully used MS Query to write SQL’s to query the database to mine test data as well to test data loads

●Trained Business Analysis on SLQ writing.

●Wrote comprehensive test plans for QA Team.

●Created onboarding documentation for new employees and contractors

●Optimize existing automation test suites as well as create automation test suites for converting an application from mainframe to Java.

●Design test plans, test cases as well test scenarios used for automation test suites.

●Created automated test suites to support integration testing

●Quick Test Professional scripting and execution

●Regression test suite creation/execution

●Java environment testing

●Utilize QTP Testing tool

●Oracle Database testing

●Regression test suite creation

●.NET Testing

●Developed QTP test scripts

●Acted as the Test Director Administrator

United Health Care - Sr Quality Assurance Analysts – Lead

UBH Division, Golden Valley, MN September 2000 - September 2005

UHC Operations

●Created an Automated test suite to test a Java application using Rational Robot.

●Used MS Query/for data mining as well as database testing

●Used Rational Robot for automation of the RIOS project in the International Division

●SDET using Rational Robot for the Live and Work Well project

●Tracking defects

●Mentored junior QA team members.

●Created onboarding documentation for new employees and contractors.

●Successfully used ERGO for Unisys Mainframe queries.

●Tested UNISYS mainframe processing applications, in particular, the Checkwrite process

●Quick Test Professional scripting and execution

●Regression test suite creation/execution of test cases

●Rational Robot test tool

●Unisys Mainframe testing

●Java platform testing

●Created and executed SQL statements

Additional Work Experience

Contracting through MetaMore, Ambient,(physically the same place, different buyouts)

United States Postal Service Eagan, MN 18 months

●Created an automated test suite test for testing their new time tracking system.

●Mentored inexperienced testers on the automation process.

●Created test plans as well documentation on how to execute the automated tests for employees

●Rational Robot test tool testing

●Regression test suite creation

●IBM Mainframe testing

●Created and executed SQL statements

3M Maplewood, MN 15 months

●Created an automated test suite for an order entry an application Causing Rational Robot.

●Trained other QA members on the automation process.

●Rational Robot test script creation

●Regression test suite creation

●Java Environment testing

●Created and executed SQL statements

Wells Fargo MPLS, MN 15 months

●Created an automated test suite to test new a new checking online checking feature using Rational Robot.

●Mentored other QA members on test automation who were not familiar with the automation process.

●Java environment testing


●Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)

●Certified Product Specialist (WinRunner)


Associates in Applied Science May 1991

Brown College

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