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Sophomore skilled in c++,knows machinelearning and data struct.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
December 24, 2019

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Ashmita singh

Ceramic engineering(second year

Indian institute of technology(b.h.u),varanasi.



●To get an opportunity to work in the field of Machine Learning and Data Structures and Algorithms and to develop insights into technical and operational perspectives,by serving the organization with my knowledge and skill set and simultaneously enhancing it.



●CPI upto 2nd semester-7.53(on a scale of 10)

Grade 12: Holy Garden Model School

●Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE-2017) ( 79%)

Grade 10: ST.Teresa Secondary School

●Indian Council Of Secondary Education (ICSE-2015) (95.6%)

Skills And Interests

●Languages : C, C++,Java,Python,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,ReactJS,C#.

●Software Packages : MATLAB,Octave,WebStorm,Visual Studio.

●Operating Systems and others: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Ms Office.

●Areas of Interest: Machine Learning,Pattern Recognition,Data Structures and algorithms,Statistics and analytics,Image processing.

●Online Courses(Completed and Ongoing) : Data Structures and Algorithms (Advanced) in Geeks for Geeks (completed in July 2019), Machine Learning course on Coursera by Andrew Ng (ongoing will be completed by 15th December 2019)


Guide: Dr. Shantanu Das

Exploratory Project

May-August 2019

●Designing and development of ‘R-Candy fuel rocket.

●Rocket Candy, or R-Candy, is a type of rocket propellant for model rockets made with sugar as a fuel, and containing an oxidizer.The specific impulse, total impulse, and thrust are generally lower for the same amount of fuel than other composite model rocket fuels, but rocket candy is significantly cheaper.It had a specific impulse of approx 128 seconds

Achievements / Extra Curricular Activities

●In the process of completing online course of Machine learning (in Coursera by Andrew Ng). Completion Date is 15 of December 2019.

●Successfully completed online course of DSA (basic to advanced)in CPP environment.

●Public Relations Coordinator of Spardha’18 and Spardha’19,the annual sports fest of IIT(BHU),Varanasi

●Participated in Aagman in Masquerades(Dramatics Club of IIT BHU) and IMC(Indian Music club of IIT BHU) in First Year

●Participated in Model United Nations organised at IIT BHU in 2018.

●Volunteered in old age home of St.Paul's School from class 4 to class 10.

●Achieved distinction in course of Fine Arts for 3 years.

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