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Clifton Heights, PA
December 18, 2019

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Barton Griffin

*** ******** ****, *********, ** s 610-***-**** s

Citizenship: Yes

Special Hiring Authority: Veteran preference

Federal Experience: United States Air Force

Skills Summary

Strong experience in testing and implementation of mainframe batch and on-line systems.

Unique combination of expertise with chemical, financial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and real estate information systems.

Effective communications with end users to obtain business analysis and system requirements for client solutions.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Proven track record for attention to detail.

Excellent communication skills, self-starter, quick learner, team player.

Executive Summary

Participates in design, development, acceptance testing and implementation of software programs.

Troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Conducts integrated analysis of multiple audit logs.

Tests and debugs programs according to detailed requirements.

Instruct customers in logging on and accessing network services.

Creates reports and manipulate data in response to customer requirements.

Prepares and maintains documentation outlining the software programs functionality and preventative maintenance.

Analyzes complete documentation on the up time and reliability of systems to provide necessary information for contract enforcement.

Provides advice and assistance concerning computer software specifications for the utilization and acquisition and resolve issues involving conflicting requirements

Assists or lead local projects and prepares findings, or recommends action involving the analysis of complex problems related to equipment or software utilization and acquisition.


MS Office,, Endevor, Changeman, TSO/ISPF, FILEAID, File Manager, InSync, SPUFI, QMF ORACLE, Data Vantage

Z/OS, ZSeries, Librarian. DB2, CICS, VSAM, IMS DB/DC, Roscoe, Datacom, TSO/ISPF, TELON, TERADATA


Professional Experience

New Jersey Office of Information Technology (Judiciary)

January 2019 – Present


IDMS Transformation Project

-Provided documentation to the business area, to empathize the enhanced functionality of the conversion from IDMS to DB2 application.

-Created reports and enhanced data edits responding to customer requirements.

-Prepares and maintains documentation outlining equipment operations and preventative maintenance.

-Analyzes complete documentation on the up time and reliability of systems to provide necessary information for contract enforcement.

- Provides advice and assistance concerning computer software specifications for the utilization and acquisition and resolve issues involving conflicting requirements

-Assists or lead local projects and prepares findings, or recommends action involving the analysis of complex problems related to equipment or software utilization and acquisition.

New Jersey Office of Information Technology (MVC)

October 2016 – December 2018


Licensing Renewal System

-Presented technical requirements for COBOL online/batch programs (CICS/DB2 (SQL).

-Coded and tested online maps for client and requested updates of licensing programs.

-Produced reports for license archival of Motor Vehicle Commission systems.

-Implemented modules for production following business area sign off.

-Managed warranty for programs before final production turn over.

-Bi-weekly Agile methods were used for the team’s awareness of project progress and bottleneck that could jeopardize targeted completion dates.

Agency Reporting System

-Coded tested and implemented legislative changes to Agency COBOL DB2 programs with the TCL screen interface.

-Coded and tested JCL, to coordinate with conversion data driven JCL condition code override controls.

-Created change management documents to implement the JCL upgrades

-Create a schedule for parallel and regression testing. Analyze results and deliver to stakeholders.

-Established a relationship with stakeholders and SMEs in order to give updates on the efforts to update online and batch programs and not disturb their work effort.

Carpenter Technology Corp, Reading, PA

February 2016 – October 2016


Email Messages System

Coded, tested and implemented email messages from a COBOL DB2 CICS screen to the local servers.

Developed a protocol to bypass the test region and send messages to the world wide system for acceptance purposes.

The testing protocol required working with local personnel to isolate the manufacturing department and verify messages were received in a timely manner. This enhancement allows accurate scheduling of tours for the plant services unit.

File Reporting System

Produced the general design to update the File Reporting System.

Coded and tested updates to the COBOL DB2 CICS batch programs writing system and associated applications.

Corrected the notification process to communicate from Order to Schedule applications. Duplicate messages were being transmitted with overlapping timestamps.

Analyzed and coded the programs, housekeeping procedures were accepted to eliminate the duplicate messages between the applications.

Kaiser Permanente, Harrisburg PA,

February 2015 – August 2015


Transformation Documentation Project

Provided documentation of COBOL DB2 batch programs, actionable for a Programmer Analyst/Designer for maintenance, support and modernization activities.

Created MS Excel templates to include the supporting algorithms and worksheets for Kaiser Permanente to make adjustments and changes.

Provided CICS/BMS MAPS screen displays and navigation for each function, naming components that control the function.

Create detailed documents with description for DB2 database input/output functions, overview and logic. COBOL DB2 program code was converted to simple business English in functional terms, containing inputs; outputs, working storage section, linkage/commarea section and program to program flow of data.

Highmark, Harrisburg PA,

December 2013 – February 2015


Dental Consumer IMS/DB2 Conversion Project

Developed the general design to extract, transformation and loading the Dental Consumer Database for United Concordia.

Coded, tested and implemented the COBOL program for the NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utility to extract Member/Subscriber data from the legacy IMS database.

Coded, tested and implemented the COBOL program to edit and transform IMS segments into DB2 rows to load into tables for the Dental Consumer Database using DB2 utility DSNUPROC.

Coded,and tested an audit COBOL DB2 program to randomly select rows for verification, accuracy and synchronization of updated consumer information between the legacy IMS database and the DB2 database.

Implemented audit COBOL DB2 program to run weekly for the 30-day warranty period. Transmit reports to the business area.

Softworld Wilmington Del,

June 2013 – Oct 2013


Fidelity Information System General Architecture (GN)

Develop In sourcing documentation for processing structures.

Review batch and online program code, screen functionality, report programs JCL applications and scheduling mechanisms.

Provided documents to business area

Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation (PennDOT)

May 2012 – May 2013


PennDOT to AAMVA Project

Coordinated and installed the successful release upgrade for PennDOT and American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)... Ensured the end-to-end connectivity for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Abandon Vehicles Application

Coded and tested COBOL IMS online screens to process Abandon Vehicles salvage fees.

Researched and coded edits to prevent downstream processing abends.

Incorporated JCL changes for the batch processes to ensure problem free execution.

Daily Vehicle Transaction Application

Coded and tested and COBOL IMS batch programs with COBOL DB2 interface modules for modification of the Daily Vehicle Transaction File to produce revenue-tracking reports.

Created change management documents to Implemented program code updates

Dealer Identification Number

Created general design the an outside partner to PennDOT.

Coded, and tested FTP processing with partners.. The received file provided the input for a COBOL program’s enhancements with additional reporting functionality the business area requested.

Coded and tested COBOL IMS online screens to process Dealer Identification Number translations. Transferred data through series of screens, so the business area could know the name of the particular vehicle dealer to be processed on the current transaction.

M&T Bank formerly Wilmington Trust Corporation

June 2005 – September 2011


Produced MS Word documents of general/detail designs and pseudo code in the life cycle of a project for business analysis data management systems, DB2 for data management.

Coordinated the implementation of production JCL, business area’s critique and acceptance of deliverables.

Performed the Lock Box release upgrade in the CICS maps. Coordinated with the business area to test and implement the new screens. Coded tested and implemented conversion programs for the DB2 batch files in this release.

Produce the full life cycle for the conversion of data files to be used for a vendor supplied system upgrade. Created COBOL DB2 programs to verify data integrity for business area acceptance reports.

Clayman Company LLC Lansdowne, PA

June 2002 – May 2005


Write system documentation for the end-user training and implementation criteria.

Coordinate client critique and acceptance of life cycle deliverables.

Developed testing strategies to ensure system reliability.

Evaluate the time and cost for a code conversion to .Net technology and reliability with the present performance and accuracy.

Merck-Medco Managed Care, LLC Blue Bell, PA

April 2001 – April 2002


Produced a full life cycle implementation of project for business analysis and data selection on three independent data management systems, using COBOL programs with embedded SQL and Easytrieve as the reporting tool.

Transferred selected data to a Teradata database for additional processing of VSAM files for mail order subscriptions.

Designed a process to logically recover data, if a data center malfunction or delay occurred, due to the timing coordination failure with other systems within Merck_Medco.


College Course, Computer Science, Delaware County Community College, Broomall PA.

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