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Mechanical Engineering Technician Graduated

Brampton, ON, L6Y, Canada
December 18, 2019

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Damanpreet Singh

***-******** ***

Brampton, ON. L6Y4H7

Phone: - 780-***-****

Email id: -

Dear Sir/Madam

I am applying for the position of CNC Machine Operator at your company.

I have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician where I learned the skills and knowledge to fill this position and to be a great asset to your company. I have also completed a CNC operator certificate program where I learned how to read blueprints, take correct measurements using various tools such as Vernier Calipers, Micrometer, Height gauge etc. and create a safe working environment. I have excellent knowledge of G codes and Mastercam as well. The courses in this program also included the use of robotics and using computer software to run machinery.

I am familiar with a variety of tools and machines used in this field and I know how to use them in a safe manner to prevent injuries. I know how to load the machines and how to choose the right materials for the job. I have the knowledge to adjust the machines to run efficiently based on the type of material used. I also have the ability and means to continue my education to keep up with the changes that take place in technology.

I can keep up with production while still maintaining quality work by adjusting the speed of the machine and inspecting the products as they are being produced. This way, I can make any necessary changes in the early stages of production, which will also reduce waste within your company. I am a self-motivated hard worker with the skills your company is looking for. The attached resume has a complete look at my education, training and skills and I hope that you will consider me for this position.


Damanpreet Singh

111 Woodsend Run

Brampton, ON, L6Y4H7


To obtain a position of CNC operator at your Company.


Gatehouse Operation/ Loss Prevention


• Check all vehicles and visitors in and out of the Distribution Centre yard and perform vehicle searches as appropriate.

• Watch for and report irregularities, such as security breaches, facility and safety hazards and emergency situations; contact emergency responders, such as police, fire and/or ambulance personnel, and escalate to leadership as outlined in standard operating procedures.

• Provide overall yard security; through patrols, observation and reporting and perform building security duties as assigned.

• Monitor closed circuit television to ensure security of facilities and company property.

• Confirm security, compliance and integrity of commercial vehicle loads and support compliance with legislated guidelines for the transportation of Dangerous Goods.

• Assist with reconciliation of Yard Checks and trailer locates.

• Accurately report on key security measurements through detailed report and record keeping.

• Communicate and support the movement of commercial vehicles in/out of shipping and receiving areas and provide needed support to other areas within the Toronto Operations sites including: transportation, vehicle control, dispatch office and other key areas as identified.

• Confirm all loads inbound and outbound for verification of seal compliance and load integrity.




Managed the daily operations of the gas station.

Oversee Customer Service Representatives.

Oversee sales, inventory, and staff on a monthly basis.

Conduct and perform inspections of all gas station equipment and facilities.

Maintain a clean and customer friendly environment for various customers.

Enforced and implemented strict policies and procedures of the gas station.

Facilitated the delivery of goods and merchandise for the gas station &convenience store.

Monitored monthly sales and inventory and reported to the general manager.

Assisted and helped in daily cash balances of the gas station and convenience store.


Order Picker/Packer, September 2016 –February2017

•Ensure inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and free of damage.

•Efficiently pick customer orders for shipment, ensuring that the correct number and type of product is loaded and shipped.

•Clean areas and dispose of garbage in accordance with the facility schedule.

•Meet company standards for productivity

•Provide back-up response in emergencies, being available nights and weekends.

Raj Cleaners, Brampton, ON.

Supervisor, September 2015 – September 2016

Review completed work and ensure quality standards are met

Observe employee performance and ensure adherence to all cleaning best practices, site security requirements, and health and safety policies

Assist with training of new personnel

Monitor inventory and assets onsite

Maintain records as required

Carry out other duties that may reasonably be required.


Mechanic, January 2015 – August 2015

•Clearing all jam-ups on conveyors and making sure everything is running smoothly

•Processed trash removal and corrugated scraps with a compactor.

•Fabricates repair parts by using machine shop instrumentation and equipment.

•Analyzing mechanical and operational performance on assigned conveyors and take minor corrective actions to maintain high productivity.


Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advance Learning, Brampton, ON.

Mechanical Engineering, September 2016

•Participated in Mission Zero event, to aware people about waste management.

Highlights of Qualification: -

Diploma: Mechanical engineering Technician Diploma from Sheridan College

Ability to develop personal and professional strategies and plans to improve job performance and work relationships.

A very hard working and dedicated individual with great written and verbal communication, interpersonal and analytical skills.

Great computer skills with proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), windows applications and internet research.


Mechanical projects: - (During College session)

•Air motor

•Model of Crane (Designed in solid works, built on milling and lathe and assembled)

•Design of Hydraulic Car Lift

•Robotic Gripper (Designed in solid works, built on milling, lathe, laser cutter and CNC machine and assembled)

Additional Information: -

Can Speak English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

References: -References and letters of accommodation available upon request.

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