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Food/Beverage Products from Concept Generation to Commercial Launch

Karnataka, India
As per Industrial Standards
December 18, 2019

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*.Name: Bindu Rani S.R

*.Gender: Female

3.Age: 43 Years

4.Educational Qualification – M Sc. Biochemistry from Mysore University

5.Languages known – English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada

6.Mobile: 091********


8.Professional Experience –-- 21+ years

Brief summary:

Development of “New Food/Beverage Products from Concept Generation to Commercial Launch with Quality and Food Safety”

o Beverage recipe creation as per new trends and concepts for Cafes/Xpress Menus

oRTD Beverages-Coffee,Tea,Milk based beverages / Sugarcane Juice/Tender coconut water/Energy drink/Cold Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Juices

oFruit Syrups, Coffee and Tea products

oIcecream,Gelato,Yogurt products

oMonitoring in-house production of dry-premixes and production at Third party facilities and RTD beverage (Retort Processed )products like Coffee,Tea and Flavored Milk/Lassi

oDairy and Nondairy based Dry Premix for Ready to serve beverages

oThirdy party Facility identification and setting up the process norms as per requirement of particular product category,QA audits of Coffee Roasting Unit/CCD Café outlets and Dairy/Beverage/Juice/ Syrup manufacturing Facilities

Continual improvement to meet consumer feedbacks, Conducting Consumer


Product performance audits at service points/cafes,


Fermentation Technology,

Upstream and downstream processes of Enzymes,

Vendor development and cost negotiations

Summary of Skills and Experience:

Present: Sr.Manager at Coffee Day R&D Center from April 2009 to till date

Responsibilities: New product development for all divisions of Coffee Day Global Ltd ; Coffee Day Square,CCD (Café Coffee Day), Xpress, Vending, Merchandise (Airlines and Exports).

Knowledge and experienced in ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, FSSAI and HALAL quality norms and experience of periodic internal auditing and conducting Quality audits Pan India for Coffee Roasting Unit/CCD outlets /Dairy facilities/Beverage Manufacturing facilities and Plants /Vendors

Responsible for Food safety, quality and legality of Products produced and dispatched from company units and 3rd party facilities.

Beverage Products

Beverage recipe creation for Café/Xpress Menu

Coffee and Tea-Cold brews

Dairy premixes,

Instant coffee premix,

Sugarless coffee premixes,

Instant tea premixes,

Instant Chocolate premixes,

Instant fruit based beverage premixes,

Energy drink

Tender coconut beverage

Sugar Cane Juice beverage

Yogurts-Stirred/Greek yogurts

Fruit/Flavored Syrups

Fruit and Vegetable juices- Cold Pressed


Developed bases for Ice slush products

Dry Premixes like Ice slush premix, Dairy Premix(equivalent to Icceream) for ready to serve beverages in CCD and Xpress outlets.

Cup Tasting

Professionally trained at “Coffee Labs (Recognized International Centre)”, Bangalore for “Cup Quality Tasting” of Coffee,Speciality Coffees,Tea,“Coffee and Tea beverages”

Flavour evaluation and applications

Applications of Flavors in both liquid and dry modes,

In all types of beverages,

Fruit syrups,

Dairy products and Yogurt based drinks.

Development and commercialization of “shelf stable RTD products”

Dairy based Slim and Creamy Coffee,

Chai latte,

Matcha green tea latte,

Green tea Honey Latte etc.,

Yogurt base/Stirred yogurt,

Lassi variants; flavoured, fruit-laced, spiced etc

Chocolate drink

Flavored Milk

Tender Coconut Water

Sugarcane Juice

Energy Drink

Ice Teas

Beverage / food retorting

Operational experience on; process data logging and evaluation, sterility monitoring, Shelf-life evaluation through “high humidity high temperature storage”.

Quality Assurance

Focus across the manufacturing facilities /cafes and also be in charge of food safety standards, across the supply chain

Provide leadership and guidance for all food safety, quality assurance and related regulatory

compliance of all the partners and Suppliers

Skills such as auditing, process evaluation, hazard assessment,risk management strategies

and root cause analysis to achieve business objective and facilitate continuous improvement

Understanding, defining and communicating through the development of standards and


the best practices for the management of food safety,hygiene,sanitation and consistency in


Develop food suppliers and products as per QA standards.

Regulatory compliance,food recall,FSSAI food product approvals

Coordinate on day to day operational issues in resolving food safety and quality incidents

including root cause analysis and taking apt corrective actions.

Various FSSAI compliances to be adhered for all the manufacturing facilities /Cafes in

terms.of set up,hygiene,processes and storing

Conduct audits in terms of QA and food safety

Sensory Evaluation:

Conducted sensory evaluation of Coffee/Tea/Dairy based and other Beverages with

Technical team and also conducted Consumer Survey/Market Reserach of products PAN

India before launch of products.

Actively associated with cross functional teams like;

Marketing, Technical, Finance and Supply Chain to understand and resolve needs and deliver market preferred product to bring-in Business Value.

Vendor identification and coordination to locate functional ingredients through samples, specifications etc.

Vendor development and management.

Quotations, Cost Negotiations and Convincing skills

Handled projects from lab scale development right up to plant scale up

Culminating in successful commercial launching

Setting up sensory evaluation studies of lab-prototypes and competitor products,

Ensure effective documentation related to Stability Testing,

Formulation exercises, Organization of crucial analytical data, Identification and scouting of ingredients and defining Specifications,

Evaluation and fitment of all regulatory norms/requirements covering all aspect

of “food product formulations”

Cost benefit rationalization

Identification and delivery of optimal productivity initiatives,

Effective prioritization plans through critical analysis, effective & appropriate modified plans and actions in all areas of accountability,

Stay on top or ahead of new trends, market opportunities, and developments to maintain leadership.

Professional Management

Team development and co-ordination,

Target oriented product development in defined time-frame,


oquality standards,

oanalytical process parameters,

osensory perceptions,

oDesign and operation of quality assurance procedures.

Understanding technical roadmaps, hurdles and key challenges.

Past – From May 2007 to April 2009: Project Head in Avesthagen Limited

Fingerprint profiling of Phytoextracts

The work involved analysis of plant metabolites and “Pilot scale herbal Extractions”.

Organoleptic improvement of phytoextracts,

Application of cutting-edge analytical tool, HPLC, for evaluation of “raw extractions and Compilations”,

Bioanalytical assaying with various instruments.

Development of in-house HPLC methodology

For finger-print profiling of phytoextracts and their validation with classical bio analytical methods,

Quantification of metabolites,

Calibration of analytical systems and maintenance of instruments for efficiency and reliability,

Compilation and data-banking using “Empower 2Software” for appropriate application of HPLC data of phyto-extracts like,







oAsh/minerals etc.

Stability follow-ups of Phytoextracts and Validation of assays.

Past – April 2000 to April 2007:

Head R&D Lab, Kaypeeyes Biotech Pvt., Ltd., Mysore. ISO 9001-2008 Certified company

Job profile:

Microbial techniques, upstream and downstream processing of Enzymes,

Probiotics,Quality Control of Enzymes, Enzyme assays, Improvement of Strains,

New product development etc.

Screening, Isolation, Identification & Maintenance of Microbial cultures.

Microbial Fermentation, process development, optimization, characterization, and technology transfer. The work involved was Preparation of media, Preparation of both bacterial and fungal inoculums for day to-day pilot scale production of enzymes and probiotics. Maintenance and Preservation of microbial cultures.

Microbial production and quality control of Industrially important enzymes in

Pilot scale- Phytase, Xylanase, Protease, Hemicellulase, Lactase, β-Glucosidase, α-Galactosidase, Mannanase, Pectinase, Cellulase, Amylase & Lipases by fungal and bacterial sources by solid state and submerged fermentation in pilot scale.

Mastered skills control of fermentations through optimization of parameters like;

Temperature, water, aeration, time to scale-up yield and activity of enzymes.

Fungal Strain improvements to enhance the quality and production rate of

Microbial enzymes through biochemical and physical mutagenesis.

Extraction of Enzymes, their concentration applying ultra filtration and

Immobilization of Enzymes on various supports for biotechnological applications.

Successful transfer of enzyme production technology from laboratory to Pilot

Plant scale.

Production of crude enzymes, 500-750 kg/day by solid state fermentation.

Production of Protein Hydrolysate from plant sources.

Production of Probiotics by submerged and solid state fermentation

Directed research for production of enzymes with increased activity, through media

manipulation, alterations in fermentation matrix, enzyme recovery modes,preservation

storage and stabilization modes.

Formulation of Products and Premixes meeting client/customer requirements.

Maintenance of records as per ISO Standards, audit and set up processes for ensuring

Quality and compliance, checking up the analytical records and raw data for accuracy

and authenticity

Development of cost effective processes, budget projections to meet defined objectives

on monthly basis. Staff training, supervising activities of the supporting Staff.

Planning work hinged to indents on daily basis for floor working group(s) to execute

Production, processing, and packing.

Past –-- May 1998 to March 2000:

Research Assistant with Dr,Appu Rao A.G & Dr.Shamantaka Shastri -Dept of Protein Chemistry & Technology, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore.

D.B.T Sponsored Project: “Development of Low cost Nutrient Supplement for Malnourished Children- a Biotechnological Approach”

Developed Low cost Nutrient Products and launched the product “ENPRO” Nationally. Formulation and development of products, Proximate Analysis, Amino acid Composition of products by HPLC, Physical Characteristics of Products and Storage stability studies.

Involved in Production of Protein Hydrolysate and Protein Isolate of Soy.

Worked on Enzyme Pectinase- Purification and Analytical work of Pectinases and Applications of Pectinases in Fruit juice extraction and Clarifications

General information on learnt skills

Instrumentation Skills:

Techniques for Protein Purification-Spectrophotometer-UV and Visible,

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis,

High Performance Liquid Chromatography -Waters 2695,

Use of Empower 2 Software,

Infrared Moisture Meter, Ultrafiltration, Ultracentrifuges, Flash evaporators

Freeze driers, Microscope etc.

Pilot scale skills

Retort operation //production of Beverages

High Pressure Homoginisers

Reactors/Stirrers/ pumps,

Filtration – Basket centrifuge, Filter press

Drying – Fluidized bed dryer, Tray dryer,

Ion exchange columns,

Steam processing equipments,

Ultra filtration,


Submerged fermenters,

Production of crude enzymes, 500-750 kg/day by solid state fermentation.

Computer skills

MS Office 95/98/00 (MS Word, Excel, Power Point)

Empower Software

Professional Certificates

Coffee Lab certificate: On coffee-cup quality evaluation in relation to coffee-blend(s).

Internal Auditor training on Food Safety Management system as per ISO22000:2005

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