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Food Safety Marketing

December 18, 2019

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A challenging position in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics, which would allow me to apply the skills that I have acquired to the diverse range of contemporary issues concerning clinical dietetics.

B-healthy, Amman, Jordan

Senior Dietitian: 1st May 2015-30th April 2019

Counseling clients on weight loss and healthy eating

Working with diabetic, cardiac, hypertensive and cancer clients that were transferred from various doctors.

Educating parents on healthy eating for obese children as well as picky eaters.

Giving various awareness lectures for students in schools and parents in nurseries on healthy eating for kids and adolescents. Lectures were also given in gyms on sports nutrition. Furthermore nutrition lectures for pregnant mothers were carried out to promote healthy eating for mothers.

Calculating calories for various meals provided to clients from a healthy kitchen, in many areas including but not limited to weight loss, weight gain and muscle gain.

Working on various voluntary events involving nutrition, including Save the Children.

Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Dietitian: 6th January 2013- 27th June 2013

Counseling and education of patients in type 1 and type 2 Diabetes; relating to carbohydrate counting, and glycemic index. In addition to management of all aspects of diabetes.

Counseling patients on healthy eating guidelines and weight loss, focusing on the food guide pyramid.

Counseling and education of patients with Celiac disease, Gastrointestinal problems, Hypertension and Cardiac diseases.

Specialty Hospital- Amman, Jordan

Dietitian: 22nd July 2010- 31st March 2011

Counseling and educating patients in Diabetes, Hypertension, Healthy eating guidelines, Cardiac and renal nutrition management, Gastrointestinal problems and Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition.

Diabetes Management for type I and type II Diabetes; counseling patients on Carbohydrate counting, exchange lists, and Glycemic index, as well as identifying hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and how to manage them. In addition to the role of exercise in diabetic patients, and the precautions to take, as well as managing diabetes whilst sick.

Screening patients files and determining whether needed education, or assessment, and the timeline in which to assess/educate depending on priority ( high, medium or low risk)

Tray line assembly accuracy control (including taste testing and temperature control)

Food safety inspections of the kitchen related to HACCP

Menu planning

Training university students

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Dietitian III: December, 25th 2004-2nd December, 2008

Provided patient care through educating patients in Diabetes, Hypertension, Healthy eating guidelines, cardiac nutrition management, and weight management issues.

Screened patients’ files, and reviewed laboratory results, in order to give nutrition education to patients.

Menu planning

Tray line assembly accuracy control

Food safety inspections of the kitchen done daily, weekly and monthly from the point of delivery of the food, until it is served to the patient.

Participated in the JCI accreditation process in relation to Food Safety.

Gulf Diagnostic Center, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Marketing Executive: April 2002-June, 2004

Acquainted myself with the various companies and associations in Abu Dhabi.


Mobile number: 077******* 2/3

Conducted various free seminars for some companies and womens’ associations, as well as health clubs, where I promoted our nutritionist, who gave various lectures on “Healthy Eating” and “Food Labelling”.

Participated in various open days including the first “Well Women Conference” done in Abu Dhabi.

Inserted advertisements in magazines such as the “Aquarius” and the “Connector”, in addition to newspapers such as “Khaleej Times” and “Gulf News”.

Approached various companies and gave them discounts for using our services.

Food Industries Company Limited, Sahab, Jordan

Food Manufacturing Intern: Summer 1999

Acquainted myself with the various products produced.

Learnt about the composition, production, and tasting of powder such as cake mixes, jellies, whipping creams, soups, diet, and diabetic products.

Learnt how to deduce the approximate percentage compositions of these products from reading the ingredients.

Compiled a report summarizing the knowledge I acquired throughout the training period.

Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland

Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Health: 26th November, 2014

Modules included: Clinical nutrition I and II, Nutrition through the Lifecycle, Nutrition and Public Health, Applied Clinical Studies, Skills for professional practice and Research Methods for Health Professional.

Dissertation topic: Assessment of knowledge and dietary intake of iron-rich foods amongst non-

pregnant female staff and students in Glasgow Caledonian University. (Primary Study using a questionnaire).

University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Food Science, Food Economics and Marketing: 5th July 2001

Full Scholarship Provided.

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Economics

Relevant modules included: Quantitative Methods, Microeconomics, Statistics, Trade Issues, Food Laws, Business Management, and Marketing.

Department of Food Science and Technology

Relevant modules included: Development of Food Industries, Cell Biology, Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Quality Assurance, Food Processing, Microbiology, and Nutrition.

New Product Development

Worked extensively with a group of four people on the development of a new product in the category of fruit-flavored drinks:

1.Designed a questionnaire to establish the target market.

2.Designed taste tests to identify which fruit-flavored drink would be most popular among the taste market.

3.Blind taste testing was used under controlled conditions-SPSS was used for preference mapping of the preferred flavour.

4.Focus groups were established to identify whether the positive health connotations associated with some of the flavours would influence consumer purchase.

5.Performed oral presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Worked with a group of four to create a new Italian bread that would remain fresh for five days without having to store in the fridge. In addition to the mechanisms used to be able to market the product, we also performed several functions:


077******* 3/3

1.Baked several pieces of bread, and added various Italian ingredients.

2.Conducted various tests concerning the amounts of microorganisms that would grow within five days, and how to reduce them to a minimum, by using different methods related to moisture content and packaging.

3.Made posters, gave oral presentations, and offered people the newly made bread to taste.

Jordan University, Amman, Jordan

Took three courses: September 2009- January 2010

Diet therapy 2

Food Packaging

Nutrition Assessment

Amman Baccalaureate School, Amman. Jordan

Attained my IB Diploma -14th August, 1998

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and conversational French

Experienced in regular reporting of marketing statistics.

References and Projects Available Upon Request

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