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Technician Plant

Nanticoke, PA, 18634
$20.00 per hr.
December 17, 2019

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Paul Iracki

*** **** **** ******

Nanticoke,PA **634

570-***-**** (C.)

570-***-**** (H.)


To implement my Polymer Science and Chemistry background, previous employment experience, and my interpersonal, communicative, and computer skills in a technical position to meet an employer’s objective.


Twelve years of research and development and quality control experience including three Fortune 500 firms and a B.S. in Polymer Science including:

• Performed lab and pilot scale experiments designed to enhance the rheology of dispersed precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) slurry for filling and coating operations.

• Executed experiments that investigated the effect of process parameters on polymeric membrane gas separation properties.

• Windows computer proficiency: developed written reports via Microsoft word and Word perfect. Numerical data acquisition, computation, and Excel data base set-up and maintenance

• Experienced in the use of gas chromatography (HP 5890), scanning electron microscopy (Phillips XL 20), particle size number and distribution (Micomeritics and Coulter analyzers), rheology determination (Brookfield viscometry), and particle charge analysis in a colloidal medium. (DELSA)


LABORATORY ASSOCIATE April 1994-Nov. 1996 Minerals Technologies (MTI) Bethlehem, PA

Implemented functions for the research and development and product improvement of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) slurries provided to customers in the paper industry. Target goals included enhancement of paper printing optics, sizing, and sheet strength along with retaining desirable coating and filling characteristics while retaining a dispersed, high solids (40-70%), fluid product shipped to customer mill sites.


• Assisted in the laboratory and pilot-scale development and plant-trial production of stable, cationically dispersed PCC slurry supplied as a high-grade filling additive to a customer newsprint mill.

• Identified polymeric dispersants that enhance the optical print properties of PCC coating formulations for ink-jet printing applications.

SENIOR RESEARCH TECHNICIAN May 1987-Nov. 1993 Air Products and Chemicals (APCI) Allentown, PA

Assisted in the development of hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes for gas separations including: preparation of dilute and concentrated polymer solutions, solution viscosity measurements, coating application of gas selective polymers to fabricated membranes, testing gas diffusion of prepared samples and documenting data and observations.


• Helped establish membrane fabrication R&D at APCI which included the following:

1) Key technology transfer from two APCI acquisitions (trained in flat sheet membrane fabrication at Separex, Anaheim, CA) assisted in the relocation of membrane fabrication equipment from Permea, St. Louis to Allentown.

• 2) Provided support to install membrane equipment including extensive teamwork with internal service departments.

Assisted in the development of a composite hollow fiber membrane with target gas separation and permeability properties.

QUALITY CONTROL TECHNICIAN August 1997 - October 1998 Ashland Chemical Easton, PA

Performed quality testing on multi-component liquid etchants supplied to customers in the semiconductor industry. Testing included compositional analysis via gas chromatography (GC), particle size and number determination, Karl Fischer titration water determination, acid-base assays, and metals and dissolved salts determination. Documented results and interfaced with plant personnel to modify or release product to customer according to required specifications (temp.assignment).

EXPERIENCE (continued)

Temporary Assignments

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TECHNICIAN December 1999-February 2000 Topps Confectionaries Duryea, PA

Assisted in the development of a novel Bazooka formulation with enhanced flavor characteristics through variation of resin and filler levels between the gum base and master batch. Prepared samples for customer evaluation. Maintained database of experimental data.

QUALITY CONTROL TECHNICIAN April 2000 - June 2000 Sunn Chemical, Inc. Dallas, PA

Evaluated plant samples of laser printer toner powders for desired characteristics including: particle size number and distribution, resistivity, saturation, melt-flow, and print and optical properties. Interfaced with plant personnel to adjust production conditions to desired product specifications based on lab results.


Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Bachelor of Science Polymer Science and Engineering 1986

Completed over 300 hours of external and intra-company courses in paper physics, time management, quality, interpersonal relations, computers, and safety-environmental.

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