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December 17, 2019

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Maheswara Reddy P

Certified Data Scientist from IIIT B and Udacity & Technical Manager +91-735**-***** Bengaluru, IN LinkedIn Github 14+ years Experienced Software Development Professional and Certified Data Scientist with a passion to solve real-world business challenges using my data science skills. Proficient in developing complex machine learning and statistical modelling algorithms/techniques for identifying patterns and extracting valuable insights. Skilled at directing end-to-end software development lifecycle and accomplishing mission-critical projects.


• Tools & Languages R, Python, PyTorch, SQL, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark, Microsoft Office

• ML/DL Techniques Neural Networks, CNN, RNN, LSTM, GAN, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-Means, KNN, Support Vector Machine, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Clustering, Bootstrapping

• Frameworks NumPy, Pandas, Hive, SparkR


• Supervised/Unsupervised Learning • Business Analysis • Leadership & Training

• Project Management & Delivery • Data Cleaning • Predictive Analytics & Modeling

• Data Visualization • Model Deployment • Client Relationship Management CERTIFICATIONS

• PG Diploma in Data Science IIIT Bangalore & UpGrad Jun ‘18 – Jun ‘19

• Data Science in R DataCamp Jul ‘18 – Dec ‘18

• Tableau Training for Data Science Udemy Aug ‘18

• Data Science and Analytics Carrier Path LinkedIn Aug ‘18

• Communication Protocols and Design IISC Aug ‘15 – Dec


• Deep Learning Nano Degree Udacity Jun ’19 – Oct ‘19

• Neural Networks Coursera May ‘19

• Foundation Course on Predictive Modelling Using Python Indian Statistical Institute I Bengaluru, IN Feb ‘19

• Probability and Statistics for Business and Data Science Udemy Aug ‘18

• Introduction to Descriptive Statistics Udacity Sep ‘18

• Innovative Product Development and Design IISC Oct ‘14 – May ‘15

• PG Diploma in RTOS Cranes Varsity Oct ‘14 – May ‘15 KEY DATA SCIENCE PROJECTS

Domain: Sentiment Analysis Oct '19

• Objective: 1). To construct a recurrent neural network for the purpose of determining the sentiment of a movie review. 2). To deploy the same in AWS.

• Tech Stack: Python, Pytorch, AWS

• Key Achievement: Deployed Sentiment Analysis review of a movie review using AWS Domain: Image Oct '19

• Objective: To generate new images using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)

• Tech Stack: Python, Pytorch

• Key Achievement: Generated new celebrity images using GAN with discriminator loss 0.35 and generator loss 4.28 Domain: NLP Sep '19

• Objective: To generate TV scripts using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and also using Long Short Teem Memory (LSTM)

• Tech Stack: Python, Pytorch

• Key Achievement: TV Dialogue conversations has been generated using RNN and LSTM models Domain: Image Classification Jul '19

• Objective: To predict dog breed classifier using Convolution Neural Network and Transfer Learning

• Tech Stack: Python, Pytorch

• Key Achievement: Identified dog breed with 74% accuracy using Convolution Neural Network and Maxpool Layer Domain: Transport Jul '19

• Objective: To predict daily bike rental ridership using Neural Networks

• Tech Stack: Python

• Key Achievement: Identified right customers using NN Forward and Backward Propagation with 0.051 training, 0.131 validation error Domain: BFSI (Capstone) Jun '19

• Objective: To identify the right customer and to find the factors affecting the credit risks using the past bank data.

• Tech Stack: R

• Key Achievement:

o Identified the right customers using Predictive algorithms like Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Decision Trees. o Used WOE, IV and Scorecard values to identify significant factors. Domain: Administration and Management Mar '19

• Objective: Finding the insights of New York parking tickets data using Exploratory Data Analytics with SparkR

• Tech Stack: Hadoop and SparkR

• Key Achievement:

o Found maximum number of violation codes and Discovered total revenue earned by NYC police o Traffic violations by seasons and its fees, Traffic violation by age and fees paid by vehicle owners o Traffic violation by vehicle type and the fees payed by the vehicle owner Domain: Administration and Management Feb ‘19

• Objective: Finding the insights of New York city Taxi data to improve the efficiency of in-city commutes

• Tech Stack: Hadoop and Hive

• Key Achievement:

o Found average price of the trip and Identified number of passengers per trip o Recognized most preferred payment

o Identified average tip payed per trip and average cost earned on most happening days Domain: Retail Jan '19

• Objective: To forecast the sales and the demand for the next 6 months to manage the revenue and inventory accordingly using ARIMA

• Tech Stack: R

• Key Achievement: Identified 2 pressing market segments based on max profit and came up model with MAPE less than 30% Domain: Hand-Written Digit Recognition Dec '18

• Objective: To develop an SVM model which should correctly classify the handwritten digits based on pixel values given as features

• Tech Stack: R

• Key Achievement: Received good accuracy of 96.58% in non-linear model with tuned the parameters using cross-validation Domain: Human Resource Nov '18

• Objective: Model the probability of attrition to understand what factors company should consider on to curb the attrition

• Tech Stack: R

• Key Achievement: Applied Logistic regression feature engineering, plotted Lift-Gain Chart, KS Statistics and built model with accuracy 84.5 Domain: Manufacturing Oct '18

• Objective: Chinese company wants identify the significant variables and want to predict the car prices to enter USA market

• Tech Stack: R

• Key Achievement: Built final model with 81% accuracy using Linear Regression model HACKATHONS

• HR Analytics – Analytics Vidhya – Currently with 1141 Rank – Got 43% Accuracy

• NLP Sarcastic Message classification – HCL – Used BERT, Neural Network Models got 51% accuracy. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Technical Manager – HCL Technology Bengaluru, IN Sep ‘14 – Present HCL is an MNC with total equity of 6.04 Billion and it has 1.3 lakh employees across the globe Slat and Flap Electronic Control Unit, 4G Secondary Power Distribution Assembly

• Acting as Project Manager and handling billing, resource assignations and delimitations

• Supervising the activities of 30 direct engineers and 4 Project Leads for prioritizing assigned tasks & delivering assignments Project Lead L&T Technology Services Bengaluru, IN Sep ‘05 – Aug ‘14 LNT TS is an MNC with total equity of 18 Billion and it has 43 thousand employees across the globe Boeing 787 Common Core System, Wireless Emergency Lighting System, Digital Generator Control Unit, Military Machine Management System, Peritoneal Dialysis Machine, Java Implementation on Mobile, 3G Mobile Application Development

• Developed Alias files for aircraft switch using Python and maintained common core system and migrated the block points

• Guided Team members on test case preparation, execution and on debugging to deliver the product within the timeline

• Implemented HSIT and LLT test cases and found timing and memory errors which saved lot of money to client EDUCATION

B. Tech. – Electrical and Electronic Engineering MITS Madanapalle JNTU Hyderabad, IN 2000 – 04

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