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Law graduate with experience in litigation and resea

Mysore, Karnataka, India
3,00,000 p.a
December 17, 2019

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Cover Letter

Name: Adithi.n.v

Address: ****, **** ****, * *****, snake sham road, 2nd stdvijaynagar, Mysuru 570017 Phone Number: 935-***-****


Dear Mr./Ms.

Ab initio, I would like to introduce myself with my full name, Adithi. Nelmangala.Vishnuthirtha. I am a young law aspirant willing to work anywhere in India as long as I am accepted and required to. My absolute enthusiasm towards law has grown within and with me from the time I know myself. I was told that being an Advocate was my dream from the time I was 5 years old, my interests have changed as I grew up but there is something about law that has kept me driven towards it, I would like to come out from the dependence on my family and find out why I have been mesmerized by the Nobel profession. Is it the satisfaction of knowing what the legislature has created for the people is now open for my interpretation or is it the joy of the language I use to make a blank sheet of paper the most precious position of a person’s life? Is it the pride that the society might respect me for my work in the near future or is it the zeal to prove people who underestimate me wrong? I do not know as of now. I consider myself the right person for the post, as Company Law, Taxation laws, Debt Recovery and Real Estate laws, personal laws, IPR and International law have always been my areas of interest. As I am a fresher I am capable of improving my skills not only in litigation but also in other key areas of main stream Legal profession such as Legal Drafting, client counseling and legal advising for business houses. I was not a bright child in school, I was always bullied and ill treated for being the ugly duckling, may be that was one of the reasons for me to keep my goal always fixed on law, I have always wanted to grow to be that person who can motivate those academically slow students to put in that extra hard work to match the others. I had no shame in participating in debates and elocutions even though I was not welcomed. When I picked up with my academics I indulged myself in creative writing and managed to fare well in studies as well as my debating and writing skills. I would not call myself an immensely good writer or orator but neither can I call myself a poor performer. As I had dedicated most of my childhood in nursing my bedridden grandparents I do not carry regrets for not being able to do much for career during school days.

Losing my parents at the age of 18 I am the mother, father and elder sister to my younger sister who is the very special and important person I have left with me. She has always been my strength and she considers me one of her inspirations. I am aware that I have been bestrode with a huge responsibility which at one point of time appeared to me as a wall of challenges between me and my ambitions, thankfully I have also been blessed with a strong family support our aunt took up the funding of our education which enabled me to manage myself and my sister’s career building. I would now like to repay my debts to all those people like my aunt who have helped me going even after being emotionally wounded. The recent 5 years in Law college have been my testing ground where I have multitasked between academics, parenting, social service and all other co-curricular activities that will fetch me and my sister our living. ADITHI.N.V

Contact Number: 935-***-****


Help building an open, transparent and client friendly Legal system and maintain liveliness in the work place learning from all associates while sharing Ideas, Thoughts and visions. Working with complete dedication, Honesty, putting in hard and sincere efforts to meet deadlines sharply. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION


J.S.S Law College, Mysuru B.A, L.L.B (Hons.)


2018 59%

B.N.M P.U. College,


Higher Senior Secondary

(Class XII)

2012-13 62%

ST. ANN’S Indian High


Senior Secondary (Class X) 2010-11 60%


1. NireeksheSchool, Mysuru(June- July, 2014: 6 weeks) 2. (June- July, 2015: 5weeks)

• Volunteered as a helper to the teachers for differently able.

• Did student counseling.

• Part of school administration.

• Vocational training (Basket making) Provided Nursing care for the students. 3. NLSIU Bengaluru (June-July 2016: 5weeks)

Acquired research skills

4. Advocate General of Karnataka (June- July 2017: 6weeks)

• Assisted Government Advocates in legal drafting

• Assisted Government Advocates in Pre trial preparation

• Observed various court proceedings

• Developed office management skills

• Developed court manners and ethicists

• Developed communicational skills


• Participated in the 3rd AURO University National moot court competition (March 2017)

• Participated in the Inter Class Moot Court Competition at J.S.S law college, Mysuru

(September 2016)

• Participated in the Inter Class Moot Court Competition at J.S.S law college, Mysuru

(September 2015)

• Participated in the Amity Law University Moot Court Competition at Noida organized by Amity Law School sector II ( March 2015)

• Participated in the Inter Class Moot Court Competition at J.S.S law college, Mysuru

(September 2014)


• Participated as the representative of Australia in the Mock General Assembly held at J.S.S law college, Mysuru. 2014

• Participated as the representative of Brazil in the Mock General Assembly held at J.S.S law college, Mysuru. 2015

• Chaired MUN at Mysore university 2016

• Participated in the Mock General Assembly held at J.S.S law college, Mysuru. 2016

• Participated in the woman’s mock parliament, Zonal level organized by KILPAR 2016

• Participated in the woman’s mock parliament, state level organized by KILPAR 2016

• Participated in the Mock General Assembly held at J.S.S law college, Mysuru. And won best delegate 2017

• Participated in Mock General Assembly held at Mysore university 2017

• Participated in the mock parliament, Zonal level organized by KILPAR 2017

• Participated in the mock parliament, state level organized by KILPAR 2017

• Chaired a Model United Nation Assembly in Mysore University 2017

• Participated as the representative of Australia in the Mock General Assembly held at J.S.S law college, Mysuru. 2014

• Participated in the Mock General Assembly held at S.t. Philomena’s college, Mysuru. And won best delegate 2017

• Won MUN held in Mahajana’s College, Mysuru – September 2017 SEMINARS, PAPERS PRESENTED AND WORKSHOPS PARTICIPADE

• Workshop on food adulteration and weights and measures at J.S.S Law college on 2015

• Seminar on status of Women in Indian society at The All India Mahila Sang, Mysuru branch on 2014.

• Seminar on Human trafficking and organ trafficking at J.S.S Law college on 2014 Paper presented on Law and Language (October, 2015)

• KLE Society’s law college conference on Post Liberalization, Nuances of Organic constitution. 2016

• Mysore University Human Rights, A Third World Approach 2016

• Presented paper in the Two day national seminar on Research in law- Approaches and Techniques on Socio-Legal research, Hurdles and Pitfalls

• Presented a paper on status of misplaced workers in Mysore University conference on Human Rights 2019


• Won legal eagle (speaking on paper) twice – 2014

• Gold medal in National Social Service Fund collection-2012

• Silver medal in Bangalore District Level Debate Compition-2012

• Silver medal in Zonal Level Handwriting Compition-2010

• Won second place in a district level debate computation-2015

• Won Best Rotracter 2015-16

• Won best manager UMANG 2017

• Won pick and speak UMANG 2017

• Won Inter hostel Debate held in J.S.S women’s college 2017 ORGNIZATIONAL EXPERIANCESES

Post held Organization Responsibilities



Junior Advocate Office of



Assisting in

litigation (Civil


July 2018-

September 2018.

Legal Executive Conzular

Nextwealth (LPO)

Summarizing legal

documents to make

them accessible to

general public &


September 2018-


• Part of the student library committee in my pre university, was involved in selection of co-academicals books to the college library

• Member of the Rotaract student’s club in J.S.S Law College.

• As an active member of the NSS group of the B.N.M P.U College I have written and directed street plays on Public health and sanitation as well as Protection of Environment. (2011-13)

• Member of the Gender Champions club J.S.S Law college- 2015 to 2018

• Member of the J.S.S Law college Debating society- 2015 to 2018

• Treasurer of J.S.S Law College Rotract Club 2016-17

• Member of the J.S.S Law college Rotract club Advisory committee 2017-18

• Organized the first Dasara Mock Parliament at Mysuru- September 2017 Languages Known

English Read Write Speak

Kannada Read Write Speak

Hindi Read Write Speak

Tamil Speak

Telugu Speak

Sanskrit Read Write


I am interested in reading novels and autobiographies. I even listen to music. I like to write poems and short stories. I am a great cook and tries cooking new dishes when free. I am good with computers although I have no formal education in the use of computers I can work with ease.

Date: 14, November, 2019

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