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Sales Manager

Makati, Philippines
December 20, 2019

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Mariel V. Ponce

Contact information : 091********/027*******

Special Skills and strength:

• Ability to think strategically and work with all levels of business, including executive management and diverse cultures

• Strong analytical skills, ability to aggregate data, identify trends in data and suggest how it is relevant to decision-making

• Strong documentation skills, dashboard and metric reporting capabilities including generation of ad-hoc reports.

• Strong stakeholder management skills

• Aptitude for understanding, administering and supporting systems

• Methodical and organized with strong attention to detail

• Excellent MS Office skills including Excel to macro level

• Knowledgeable in office procedure and computer literate such Microsoft Applications, and Java Applications.

• Sap System


• Oracle SQL Developer


• Advanced MS EXCEL


College: 1997-2001

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Bachelor in Broadcast and Radio Communications

Work experience:

QBE Group Shared Services

Designation: Risk Analyst – Group/ Junior Risk Manager Employment: April 16,2017 - Present

Role Purpose: Supports stakeholders in Divisional Teams, QBE Group Risk and/or Group Shared Services by assisting in the implementation and execution of QBE’s Risk Management Strategy and OneERM Framework to achieve the desired end state and ensure that Service Level Agreements are met. Providing support to Divisional Teams and QBE Group Risk on risk systems, performing risk data aggregation and analytics/insights and performing Second Line of Defense monitoring of risk activities. Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategy and Planning

• Coordinates with assigned QBE Group Risk and GSSC to meet strategic business objectives within predefined targets.

• Regularly monitors the status of activities of the assigned GSSC or QBE Group Risk to support the implementation of Risk Management Framework.

• Recommends short-medium term objectives including process improvements to QBE Group Risk and GSSC.

• Awareness and understanding of the business drivers for Risk Management. Policy, Process and Procedures

• Understand and adhere to the Enterprise Risk Management guidelines, policies and procedures

• Assist with the development and maintenance of risk management documentation and systems/tools

• Demonstrate compliance with relevant laws, regulations, licenses, industry codes and company policies

• Clear documentation of decisions and risk processes

• Able to handle and keep sensitive information confidential, e.g. Issues and Actions, Internal Loss events, Fraud incidents, Actionline disclosures, etc.

Customer Focus

• Provide risk management systems support to the assigned Divisional Team, QBE Group Risk and/or GSSC.

• Communicate clearly and professionally with Divisional ERM Partners and business units outside the risk function to achieve ERM objectives

• Support a robust Second Line of Defense capability by providing relevant and timely risk information to Divisional ERM Partners, Risk Managers and Leaders and to enable effective challenge of the First Line of Defense

• Timely response to ad-hoc risk related queries and requests from Group Risk and the business

• Prepare high quality risk management analytics / dashboards for business units incorporating various risk metrics

• Liaise with internal customers to achieve the desired end state and ensure that Service Level Agreements are met.

• Primary contact point of assigned Divisional Teams, QBE Group Risk and GSSC for all risk systems. This includes performing divisional system administration activities, system maintenance, user support and systems change coordination

• Preparation of materials and meeting packs for risk workshops, meetings and presentations for assigned Divisional Team, QBE Group Risk and/or GSSC.

• Risk data collection - Collect risk information and metrics from the assigned Divisional Team, QBE Group Risk and/or GSSC to support monitoring against risk appetite

• Assist with pre-emptive or early-warning detection of major or systemic risk problems including development and monitoring of Key Risk Indicators

• Initiate risk management meetings with assigned Divisional ERM Teams and GSSC Risk Managers to discuss process improvement recommendations and risk insights.

• Data quality – Perform data quality monitoring and work with relevant stakeholders to correct quality issues

• Compiling risk dashboards from varying data sources/metrics and performing ad hoc risk data analysis

• Performing market / industry research and analysis to support the emerging risks and scenario analysis processes

• Developing and maintaining risk and controls matrices People Management

• Demonstrate accountability, monitor and communicate progress against plans and take ownership of the outputs of own work

• Assist with developing training and communication materials e.g. in GSSC intranet/QuBE

• Demonstrate high energy and a positive outlook and ‘champion’ QBE

• Commitment to self-development

QBE Group Shared Services

Designation : MI Officer

Employment: June 1, 2015 – April 16,2017

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Create, maintain and audit claims procedures to ensure they meet legal compliance regulations

• Research and report on topics likely to impact on profitability e.g. fraud and new diseases to assist in the profitable and efficient running of the Claims function

• Continually monitor claims data, identify underlying trends and continuous improvement opportunities to provide analytical support to the Claims department

• Ensure compliance with company policies, procedures and relevant legislations.

• Assist with business unit compliance with all relevant legislation, industry codes and company policies and procedures

• FSA\ GDPR compliance

• Regulatory standards met

• Cost implications identified

• Quality of analysis

• Meet reporting deadlines

• Accuracy and timeliness of outputs and analysis

• Adherence to all relevant company policies, procedures and processes

• Adherence to policies, legislations, industry codes and company policies and procedures

• Business process improvement

• Regularly communicate with stakeholders to ensure that service meets their requirements

• Maintain effective relationships with senior leadership team to promote achievement of cross-functional organizational goals

• Continual improvement of management information to ensure the service provided continues to satisfy customer expectations

• To run, manage and enhance suites of claims reports within agreed timescales

• Manage and maintain all scheduled reports

• Provides QBE EO with ad hoc claims data requests in a timely and accurate manner

• Develop and build new claim reports for QBE EO utilising the appropriate data source, reporting software and delivery mechanism

• Report regularly to Claims management on performance, highlighting positive/negative variances so that appropriate action is taken

• Analyze and interpret requests for information from various sources to define user requirements and provide effective reports

• Communicate claims activity and answer queries to assist in the profitable and efficient running of Claims Ingram Micro Phils.

Designation : Strategic Business Development and Analytics Analyst /Reports Analyst Employment Period : March 5,2013 – May 31, 2015

Duties and Responsibilities:

Role Purpose : Consistently exhibits all proficiencies associated with the Strategic Development &Analytics Analyst I position. Strong and firm grasp of business context of all Strategic Development & Analytics Analyst I task. Demonstrates advanced process knowledge and skills on creating pricing solutions. Performs trainer roles and responsibilities to new members of the segment team; and acts as role model and go to person for less experienced Strategic Development & Analytics Analyst associates. Support analyst/SME in the US to manage vendor lines to increase or optimize sales revenue or margin. Perform medium to complex analysis of data, market trends, variances and propose/develop solutions. Provide business process improvement for the team II.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:

• Process pricing request and generate reports and analysis for vendor line owners, sales associate and US counterpart analysts for optimization.

• Respond or initiate outbound calls with customers if needed.

• Prevent customer returns by ensuring accuracy of solutions provided.

• Provide customers with full solutions for business needs to achieve the target margin and revenue of vendor line with SME collaboration.

• Perform live presentations of reports and proposed solutions to vendor line owners with SME collaboration.

• Track and monitor sales of optimized pricing for vendor lines and provide resolution if needed, collaborating with SME.

• Attend all scheduled meetings and trainings for process calibration.

• Initiative to work on new task/project with SME/trainer guidance.

• Participate in vendor line/products and process updates.

• Work with Team Lead/SME to identify knowledge and communication gaps and obtain required information or necessary training.

• Responsible for the implementation, maintenance and quality control of all company products pricing.

• Exhibits proficient use of resources and systems data gathering and analysis in order to resolve Gross Margin and Adjusted Gross Margins related problems.

• Performs simple to moderate reports and interpret the data for others.

• Explain Variances and be able to identify market trends and make recommendations.

• Demonstrates strong time management skills to effectively accomplish different task assigned.

• Ability to probe for reconciliation of Billing error Report.

• Demonstrate strong Knowledge of Pricing calculations on different levels for product and customer pricing.

• Design survey based on the request.

• Do survey materials prior to survey executions.

• Audit different reports in a weekly basis

• Has background in Qualtrics (Program Survey)

• Do Strong ownership and accountability in mailbox and all task assigned. * Inputs data on SAP systems regarding the compensation and benefits billing.

• Keen to details and adhere on all updates and process changes. *

• Performs different projects for the Business Intelligence Centre.

• Runs different Analyst Reports in a daily basis using different system data base such us SQL, MS Access, MS - DOS Based system.

• Recognize team opportunities around products and resources and help create innovative action maximize it.

• Develop an understanding of market trends and purchasing behavior of customers.

• Provide an in-depth analysis of the future growth of the market if optimized, including projected changes in customer spending.

Training/Administrative Duties


•Develop and conduct product or customer specific or internal procedure trainings and resources for other associates.

•Act as a “Go-To” person on process and be able to use the information to identify training opportunities.

•Train, coach and constantly develop and improve training process/materials to produce successful new hires.

•Help investigate / validate customer returns or complaints and coach accordingly. Segment Leadership


• Coach co-analysts on process, technical related issues.

• Identify co-analysts’ training opportunities and help address them to increase consistency within the segment team.

• Coordinates with Team Lead/SME to discuss and address training opportunities; as well as develop Schemes to drive sales for our vendor partners and Ingram Micro. IBM Philippines/ IBM Global Processes Services

Designation: Contract Audit Submission Analyst and ICAP Research SPECIALIST for Sales Transaction HUB of North America and ASEAN of IBM (BACK OFFLICE SLUPPORT) Employment Period: June 13,2011- March 4,2013

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Performs a variety of sales support responsibilities such as interfacing with sales team, running pricing tools, contract creation and costing.

• Ensures all transactions are handled with no minimum impact to the customer and in compliance with all audit guidelines and established processes.

• Ensures all transactions are completed in compliance with audit guidelines.

• Provides bid management, proposal development, and Solution Design & Delivery (SDD) process transaction execution services, to any Business-approved opportunity supported by the Sales Transaction Hub (STH).

• Does includes identification and deployment of other services offered by the STH, including ICAP, Aligned Functions (AF), document production, bid facilities and technical infrastructure such as local printers. Dependent upon the size, complexity and duration of the engagement, a BSS may perform this role in one of two ways:

• Direct assistance and support to an assigned STH Bid manager (BM) in the performance of all recognized bid and/or proposal management activities.

• Performs simple SDD process and bid team coordination activities directly, on behalf of the Opportunity Owner or Business Partner where appropriate, in order to support the delivery of a winning proposal, in line with the Client’s and IBM’s requirements.

• Engage in complex, wide scope (including wide geographic scope), high risk deals, and spanning multi- brands;

• Develops the overall project plan for opportunities and have all the responsibilities of project management when a separate project manager is not assigned;

• Conduct proposal team kickoff meeting, regular status meetings and manages meeting action items;

• Leads/drives overall proposal plan and proposal project management for the opportunity;

• Leads team collaboration and integration of RFP response process and associated documents on highly time sensitive schedules for complex, multi-tower, even global engagements; this role also need to gather opportunity tracking information and metrics;

• Drives integration of win strategy and win themes through proposal deliverables as trusted peer of opportunity owner;

• Advise to opportunity owner and local STH on international deal deployment on contract arrangement, local revenue/cost recovery, etc.

• Facilitate/coordination for resolution of key existing issues under the support of case owner/sponsors;

• Provides operational leadership for proposal development & supports to meet client driven deadlines & internal approval requirements;

• Maintains control file of proposal related documents (versions, appendices, iterative responses);

• Provides deal team with collaborative tools, including meetings, templates, proposal shells, pointers to ICAP;

• Interfaces with other proposal support roles (i.e., proposal writers, ICAP specialists, production team) and other internal resources to help developing the response deliverables to client requirements;

• Reviews proposal documents for compliance with client requirements and specifications, i.e., mapping proposal response to questions raised by client;

• Keeps tight communication with Sector / Sector aligned brand leaders in owned territory;

• Drives end to end approval process in close collaboration with all aligned functions

• Provide the global approval supporting such as Credit Check, MSOW, GCO approval Interest and activities Singing, Surfing the Net

Seminars/ Training Attended

Risk Management in Insurance

Management of Operational Risk in Financial Institutions Incident Management Training

Risk and Control Self-Assessment



Advance Excel March 2012

Effective Presentation Skills 101 March 2012

Ace Training (Teletech) July 2007

G7 Forex Trading October 2002

ABS CBN News casting workshop June October 2001

ABS-CBN Voice Workshop April - June 2001

Center for Pop Music voice training April June 2000 DWIZ Station on the job training PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (July September 2000) PTV 4 (Philippines Most Wanted) on the job training production ASSISTANT

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