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Medical Technologist

Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
December 20, 2019

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Rodel M. +639********* Resano +639*********

lot 10, Blk. 3 Imperial Homes 2, Q. Salas, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

An extremely motivated, committed and well qualified Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist seeking a position, offering 16+ years' solid experience in diverse lab settings. Highly experienced in People Management, utilizing laboratory equipment to perform sample analysis including ability to operate, maintain and troubleshoot laboratory equipment to ensure minimum downtime. Have great ability to work efficiently as Team player and in a busy lab in an organized manner. (ASCPi Medical Laboratory Scientist Cert. #- 11727 Validity: December, 2022 Exam result: 684 points)


• Laboratory / People


• Internal Auditing •


• Influential Skills •

Communication Skills • MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint)

• Business Technical Writing •

Quality Assurance • Basic Life Support (First-Aid) EXPERIENCE

Franchise Operations & Development Manager

Medicus Philippines Incorporation – Iloilo City, Philippines March 2018 - August 2019 Medicus Philippines Inc. (MPI) is one the largest Medical Healthcare Corporation in the Country operating at nationwide scale with a network of (8) Company owned Diagnostic Center assets, along with (17) Company Diagnostic Center Franchises and having almost 500 plus excellent employees under MPI. One of its assets is the Medicus Medical Center, a 100 bed capacity Tertiary Hospital Facility. Another valuable asset of MPI is the Medicus Cancer Institute, the first Facility that caters to Cancer treatment and Rehabilitation in Iloilo City, Philippines.

• Senior Manager

• Manage the daily Operations of 15 Medicus Diagnostic Center located in different Regions of Philippines.

- Include strict implementation of Quality Systems for Laboratory, Radiology and Back office.

- Enforce stringent Customer Service Satisfaction

• Responsible for revision of Franchise contracts, innovation of Sales revenues, marketing, developmental & recruitment of new Franchisee

• Performs Financial reviews FS, Income Statement(Profit & Loss), Accounts Receivables & Payables (Directly- for 5 Company Managed Franchises)

• Monitors Daily Sales Report of all 15 Franchise Diagnostic Centers

• Monitors Daily marketing activities of Sales Specialist (Sales Agents)

• Frequent travel to Franchise Diagnostic Center sites Regionally for on-site meetings and operational audit. Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medicus Medical Center (Hospital) – Iloilo City, Philippines August 2017 - November 2017 Licensed Medical Technologist (RMT)

• Assigned as Unit Head for Chemistry Section

• Performs Medical Technologist's rotational duties in all 6 Laboratory sections

• Mentoring and evaluating Student Interns

• Regularly monitors Stock Inventory, Equipment handling and care Scope of Work:

Phlebotomist/Blood Extraction & Warding


● Bacterial Isolation& Identification: Cultures, Gram Stain, AFB, Fungal KOH, API, Manual Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing

● Operates BACTEC (Blood Cultures) and VITEK2 (ID/AST)

● Media Preparation (Agar, Broth)

Clinical Chemistry: operates and maintains BS120 MINDRAY& KROMA Linear chemistry analyzer, Tests includes Lip+Glu, RFT, LFT, UA, Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). Operates & Maintains BIORAD D-10 for HBA1c.

Hematology: operates and maintains ADVIA560 Siemens analyzer for CBC, ESR wintrobe/westergren method, malarial screen, manual Cell morphological & differential count, Neonatal CBC, Reticulocyte count

Blood Banking and Serology: Major and Minor cross matching for Blood components WB,FFP, PRBC, PLT CON/PLT APHERESIS(Reverse typing) for transfusion reactions, ABO RH and reverse typing (Coombs,LISS); DENGUE NS1 Duo, Typhidot, Widal's, Weil-Felix, RA Factor, Syphilis screen TPHA/RPR, Pregnancy screening test, HCV,HAV,HBV, H.pylori Qualitative Tests, C3 Marker, CRP, Alcohol screening test(employment).

Immunoassays: operates and maintain COBASe411 ROCHE (HIV, Hepatitis screen, Antenatal screening test, Thyroid function Test, Sex hormones, Tumor Marker Test) Widal's, Weil-Felix, RA Factor, Syphilis screen TPHA; VDRL, Pregnancy screening test.

Coagulation Studies: Operates STAGO Start4 for Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)

Clinical Microscopy and Parasitology: Uristix Urine parameters & sedimentation microscopy, SEMEN Analysis, Ova concentration method. DFS/Kato thick method for ova and cyst. Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist

Panaga Health Centre – Panaga, Brunei January 2013 - April 2017

• Performs MLT rotational duties in all 6 Laboratory sections

• Designated as “in house” Microbiologist

• Receiving, Encoding & Processing of Laboratory samples (Blood, Bodily fluids, Swabs, Stool & Skin scrapings) for testing

• Performs daily QC (equipments) & quarterly QA programs (External Quality Assurance: RIQAS-UK & MLE-US) for individual Lab sections

• Calibration and maintenance of sophisticated machines and equipments

• Update Stock inventories, SAP Material ordering & MCR Material Coding

• Handling timely report with Laboratory Information System (eHIS/IPAT)

• Assigned Internal Auditor; Focal point for Infectious Control Programs & Waste Disposal Management

• Maintains SOP, HSE, and over-all cleanliness of the section assignments

• Coach and monitors progress of assigned Student Attachment (Interns)

• Assigned as the Laboratory's Fire Warden and First-aider

• Involves in Blood Donation Program and selection for stand-by Donors

Phlebotomist: averages around 70 patients per day; undergone certification by Brunei's Ministry of Health Hospital for phlebotomy

Microbiology and Parasitology:

● Bacterial identification& cultures: Specimen types; Sputum with AFB screening, Vaginal, Urethral, Wound, Genito- Urinary and Rectal Swabs, MRSA screening, Gonoccocal, Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing, Total Bacterial/Coliform Count, API,

● Media Preparation (Agar, Broth)

● Fecal Culture and sensitivity, Chlamydial Ag, Rotavirus, Adenovirus Ag testing, Campylobacter, Fecal Occult Blood

● Water testing –includes TBC, screening for water treatment, Ship vessels water treatment programs)

● Ova count and Direct Fecal Microscopy

● Mycology culture and microscopy

● SEMEN Analysis (Motility Count and Morphology)

Clinical Chemistry: operates and maintains Ortho-clinical VITROS 350 chemistry analyzer, Bio-Rad Micro albumin,/ MISPA-i2 for Albumin-Creatinine Ratio, Glomerular filtration rate test, BIOCMHESTRY Tests includes Lip+Glu, RFT, LFT, UA, Bone Profile, Hematinic profile,

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

Hematology: operates and maintains CELL DYN RUBY analyzer for CBC, ESR STRECK Auto plus and wintrobe/westergren method, malarial screen, manual Cell differential count, reticulocyte count, Sickle-cell test

Serology & Immunoassays: maintains ABBOTT ARCHITECT 1000SR (HIV, Hepatitis screen, Antenatal screening test, Thyroid function Test, Sex hormones, Tumor Marker Test, Iron Studies) Widal's, Weil-Felix, RA Factor, Syphilis screen TPHA; VDRL, Pregnancy screening test Coagulation Studies: Operates and performs Prothrombin Time, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time and FIBRINOGEN tests using STAGO Start4 machine. Clinical Microscopy Urinalysis: uses ROCHE Uristix, manual count and microscopy

(Yeast, T. vaginalis) Pregnancy kits

Blood Banking : Blood donation and screening test, BIORAD ID- LISS/Coombs Tests Laboratory Supervisor / Team Leader

Almarai Company – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 2004 - November 2012

● I have Managed / Coached 7 subordinate (Indian, Nepalese, and Filipinos nationalities) including a Saudi-a local citizen.

● I Was Over all in charge of Laboratory Information System and updating

● Ensure SOP/Protocols are in place, adherence to ISO:17025, ISO: 22000

● Internal Auditor (AsureQuality -external certified)

● Manages HSE, submits Manpower Overtime Works

● Ensures Quality Assurance Programs, by daily QC, quarterly submission of External QA Programs (Australia & New Zealand Labs)

● Monitors Stock Regents availability and planning of ordering (quarterly, yearly)

● Responsible for CAPEX/ OPEX, Laboratory yearly financial budget planning Scope of Work:

Bacteriology (Bacterial identification& cultures- Salmonella, Total Bacterial/Coliform Count, API, Media Prep, Water testing (TBC, screening for water treatment)

Serology ( Salmonella screening and confirmatory tests)

Equipment: VIDAS ( ELFA for Salmonella detection)

Finish food products pathogenic tests and Quality assurance monitoring (Whole Chicken, Parts, Giblets, Hygienic and Production Swabs for Salmonella & other Bacteriological Testing)

Salmonella isolations and Cultures (on raw Chickens and its derivatives, Drag Swabs, Water, Feeds, Fecal matters, cleaning treatment programs)

Bacteriological Isolation & Cultures, Total Bacterial Count (Raw Chicken, Giblets, Water, cleaning treatment programs)

ELISA tests (New Castle, Avian Influenza, Infectious Bronchitis, REO, Mycoplsma Synoviae, etc) Medical Technologist


March 2003 - March 2004

Licensed Medical Technologist (RMT)

The sole Licensed Medical Technologist of the Laboratory, thus, performs the role of Chief Medical Technologist. I was the Over all in charge of the Laboratory's daily operation, material/reagents ordering, equipment allocations and servicing.

Scope of Work:


Microbiology and Parasitology - AFB, Gram's staining, Media Preparation

Hematology – WBC Differential Count, RBC Count, Platelet Count, ESR, Hct, Hgb

Clinical Chemistry test – Lipid Profile, FBS, Uric, BUN, Creatinine, SGPT, SGOT, etc

Routine Clinical Microscopy - Urinalysis

Serology - HbsAg screening, Widal's test, Pregnancy test among other Medical Technologist

Western Visayas Medical Center – Iloilo City, Philippines July 2002 - February 2003 Worked as a Registered Medical Technologist (RMT) staff, rotating in every Laboratory department

Scope of Work:


Bacteriology and Parasitology

- API/ Biochemical test, Gram's staining, AFB, Antibiotic Sensitivity testing, Culturing/identification of Microbes, Total Bacterial / Coliform Count, Blood Cultures, Antibiotic sensitivity testing

Hematology - WBC Differential Count, RBC Count, Platelet Count, ESR, Hct, Hgb

Clinical Chemistry/Biochemistry- includes Lipid Profile, FBS, Uric, BUN, Creatinine, SGPT, SGOT, TSH, others.

Clinical Microscopy/Urinalysis

Blood Banking (includes donor selection) – Blood Donation and screening test, Malarial, HIV test, Major and Minor Cross-matching

Histopathology- which includes Histopathological techniques and Cytological process Medical Technologist

Philippine National Red Cross Iloilo Chapter – Iloilo City, Philippines April 2002 - July 2002 Laboratory Medical Technologist (Volunteer)

Worked as a Medical Technologist

Scope of Work:

Blood Collection (includes Mass Blood Donation Drives)

BLOOD BANKING Procedural Tests; Serological testing

Processing of Blood Component and derivatives

DONOR screening


Bachelor's of Science in Medical Technology

University of San Agustin Iloilo City, Philippines April 2002

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