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Sap Consultant

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2001, South Africa
December 20, 2019

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Personal Details:

Name: Shamiso Chaibva (née Charumbira)

Languages: English, Ndebele and Shona

Date of Birth: 23 August 1982

Residential Address: 5 Niobe St



Email Address:

Permanent Mobile +27-82-944-****


Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Management and Information

Technology (BBM&IT) - Catholic University of Zimbabwe in May 2006

Employment History

Total Experience: 13 years as an SAP Consultant



Reference I Paola Da Naia

SAP CRM ABAP Consultant Tel:- + +27-832******

Reference II Ravi Vempati

SAP CRM Techno-Functional Consultant

Standard Bank South Africa


Reference III Cynthia Taru-Chimwenje

SAP CRM/SD Consultant


Company: HCL Axon

Client: Standard Bank of South Africa

Position: SAP CRM Consultant

Period: April 2014 – Current

Program: Retail Products – This is a programme aimed at originating personal and business accounts/products on the SAP CRM platform rather than on various legacy systems. I worked on various projects whilst on this programme.

Roles and responsibilities include:

Partaking in Solution Design workshops for Account Origination on various channels such as Branch/Staff Assisted, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking channels

Creating FS Products on SAP CRM which include Savings, Investments, Transactional, Mobile, Lending and Insurance FS products

Configuring the Account Origination process for the above mentioned products on SAP CRM using Transaction Types, Item Categories, Status Profiles, Partner Functions, Text Profiles, Action Profiles Date Profiles & Rules, and their determination.

Extensive Configuration of pricing calculations for all the personal & business lending (i.e. Overdraft, Revolving Credit, Credit Card and Student Loan) and insurance products based on provided business formulas. These calculations are a combination of standard pricing configuration and ABAP Functions (also known as call-backs) which are assigned to standard pricing condition functions.

Creating and Maintaining Pricing Condition Master Data in Dev, SIT and Production.

Configuration of Cross Item Relationships, between products to enable the display and appropriate calculation of products.

Providing guidance to channel and customer contract developers on the correct mapping for pricing conditions and other relevant fields to use.

Proof of Concept of Account Origination using Bundled products

Defect Resolution in Component Integration Testing, System Integration Testing Environments and User Acceptance Testing

Deployment for all the above mentioned products, enhancements and Production Support

Maintaining Annual Pricing Increases at the end of each year of Pricing Condition Master Data in Dev, SIT and Production.

Rotational Production System Support for SAP Account Origination

Company: EOH

Client: City Of Cape Town (CoCT) Public Safety and Security Department

Position: SAP CRM Consultant

Period: February 2014 – April 2014

Project: EPIC -Emergency, Policing Incident Control (This is programme was aimed at coming up with an integrated SAP Emergency Services Solution to support the Public Safety & Security at the CoCT with its business processes and informational needs, to improve its services to prevent, mitigate, manage and respond to crime, emergencies and disaster risks and incidents. The departments that were to become integrated were Metropolitan Police Department, Law Enforcement, Traffic Services, Fire and Rescue Service, Disaster Risk Management Centre, Strategic and Operational Support and 107 Public Emergency Communications Centre)

Roles and responsibilities include:

GAP Analysis

Documenting and Facilitating TO-BE process workshops for each of the departments which included process solutions:

Effective Prevention (Capacity Building, Resource Training and Public Awareness)

Complete Preparedness (Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction, Early Warnings)

Optimized Response (Resource Dispatch, Situational Awareness, Incident Stabilization, Incident Report)

Sustained Relief and Recovery (Monitoring, Feedback, Incident Admin and Billing, Provide Relief)

Working with SAP Germany experts, to come up with an Emergency Services Solution for each of the departments as well as, they all integrate together using the SAP Interaction Centre, SAP Real Time Situational Awareness, GIS, SAP Workforce Management & Scheduling Software, SAP Investigation Case Management and the existing partner systems.

Documenting the proposed integrated Solution for the City of Cape Town Public Safety and Security Directorate (Alderman JP Smith), and each of the department executives.

Company: Sunstrip Investments

Client: Danone South Africa

Position: SAP CRM-SD Consultant

Period: November 2012 – December 2013

Project: Themis (Danone South Africa implemented SAP SD and CRM integrated with Telephony to manage their business processes starting 1 June 2013 with the Phase I customers, 1 August Phase II customers and 1 September Phase III customers. On this project I am part of Danone)

Roles and responsibilities include:

Preparing the Customer Master Data Project Plan

Customer Master Data collection, cleansing of data, data conversion, validation, obtaining sign off and data upload.

Working with various service providers and internal Danone departments to come up with the Business Continuity Plan/Strategy document for the Call Centre. For each service provider and their area/s this included steps to be followed, SLA’s, system availability, and recovery time and escalation matrix.

Responsible for the AS-IS and TO-BE Far Exports and BNS (Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland) business processes.

Preparing Training documentation for Far Exports and BNS.

Testing all Order To Cash and CRM processes and validating them before 1st Go-Live (ALL national stores Pick and Pay, SPAR, Export and Intercompany)

After Go-Live Support

Implementing after Go-Live changes for EDI mapping with Clover, Vodacom and Customers for (Spar mainly)

Preparing for 2nd Phase Go Live and providing support i.e. (ALL Independent Wholesalers)

Fixing all EDI issues on SAP, incoming orders, outgoing delivery instructions to Clover, Invoices to Clover and to customers, and returns from Clover.

Tracking Idocs on Bizlink (Bizlink is Interface System between Danone al other external systems) that would have gone to Clover or to a customer, where there is no acknowledgement of receipt.

Liaising with Vodacom for EDI integration of orders and invoices when testing and for on-going support.

Preparing for 3rd Phase Go Live, this is where we currently are i.e. (ALL national SHOPRITE: Checkers; Usave, Shoprite, ALL WALLMART: Masstores/Game; Makro, Game, Shield; CBW; Cambridge; Rhino Cash and &Carry, Jumbo and Checkout, Browns)

Currently the Level 1 Support resource responsible for logging opportunities, which are essentially new business requirements. I also log Production SIR which are essentially system bugs for both SAP and CRM

Company: KBIT

Client: Swaziland Electricity Company

Position: SAP CRM-ISU Consultant

Period: 10 - 28 September 2012

Project: Demo Preparation

Assisted KBIT with Demo preparation for Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC)

Company: LOGIKAL

Client: Standard Bank of South Africa

Position: SAP CRM Consultant

Period: 2 April 2012 – August 2012

Project: BR4b Account Origination – This project is focused on upgrading the remaining functional part of CRM that is on CRM 5.0 to CRM 7.0 (BP Creation), adding new functionality to the already existing CRM 7.0 system as well as provide new more standardized solutions as per the defined scope of the project.

Roles and responsibilities include:

Providing guidance and direction to the BR4b config team

Assigning roles and responsibilities

Identifying WRICEF components

Reviewing Functional Specification for each component configuration specification

Providing status updates to project Manager

Attending design workshops and providing relevant input

Liaising with different teams for synchronization for BR4b. e.g. for Testing, Deployment, SAP Standardization Approach

Assisting the team with system configuration of the SAP Account Origination Process, which included amongst others Transaction Types, Status Profiles, Date Profiles, Text Determination, Partner Determination, Action Profiles Definition & Conditions, Case Management, Item Category Determination, Business Roles, Navigation Bar Profiles, and Product Definition.

Proof of Concept of the Product Portfolio using the Installed Base, to be used to have a single view of a customer and all his accounts.

Company: EOH

Client: City of Johannesburg (CoJ)

Position: SAP CRM ISU 4.0 Support (2nd level)

Period: 1 April 2011 – 30 March 2012

Project: CIVC – Customer Interface Value Chain is a CRM solution driven by the SAP ERP Solution Support department within CoJ whose objective is to integrate processes, systems and technologies designed to provide effective overall customer interaction within CoJ’s business environment, throughout the life event spectrum of the customer.

CoJ is a metropolitan municipality that manages the local governance of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Roles and responsibilities included:

Creation of Investigation documents for each Change Order Request (COR) from the client where you document the cause of a problem if any and recommend a solution to the COR.

Creation of Configuration Rationale documents for each COR that has configuration

Creation of Business Requirements Specifications, these are functional specifications for each COR that requires a development

Creation of Unit Test Scripts and UAT document, for each COR

Conducting UAT’s

Working on issues that 1st line business support cannot handle

Some Change Order Requests And Issues Worked On Include:

Maintaining Custom Interface tables for sending problem codes to Municipal Owners Entities (MOE’s) namely Joburg Water, City Power and Johannesburg Roads Agency-JRA

Maintaining the call types (Category Modeler) for City Power, Metro Bus, Joburg Water, Pikitup, City of Joburg’s Revenue Call Types e.t.c

Maintaining the routing rules (Rule Modeler) for City Power, Metro Bus, Joburg Water, Pikitup, e.t.c

Maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for the various COJ call types.

Maintain forward to groups, to enable operations managers to forward service tickets to an employee responsible for each respective service ticket

Replicating BP’s and Contract Accounts from ISU where inconsistencies apply

Maintaining the COJ Organizational Structure

Maintaining the Agent Inbox search criteria structure

Working with developer to ensure the correct service ticket created_at time stamp to MOE receiving systems. SAP standard sends standard UTC time which was always -2 to the created time

Working with developer to create service ticket report which shows free text

Rerouting all rejected service tickets to the creator’s manager

Identifying background jobs for reprocessing of failed Idocs and Bdocs, and creating the applicable variants

Introducing Rea Vaya to the SAP CRM service ticket logging, created their Web Profiles, call types, routing rules, creating Rea Vaya inbox, forward to groups and SLA’s

Incorporated the Premier Hotline business process into CRM.

Implementing Business Partner Validations, with integration of other ISU modules

Support Packs Testing

Company: Siemens Ltd

Client: Department of Labor South Africa

Position: Lead SAP CRM 7.0 & ECC BP Consultant

Period: November 2010-31 March 2011

Project: Integrated Client Database - The objective of the ICD is to ensure only valid Business Partners exist in the system as well as consolidate disparate information on Business Partners. The Business partners come from external trusted authentic sources (such as Department of Home Affairs, SARS, CIPRO, etc) into a staging database, then into SAP CRM and are replicated to SAP ECC. The ICD will ensure that Department of Labour deals with authentic Business partners that are registered with the respective organisation to receive service.

The Department of Labour plays a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners

Roles and responsibilities include:

Mainly deliverable of BP in CRM and ECC

Preparing Functional Specs for BP Load from staging area into SAP CRM

Preparing Extended Search functional Specs, where BP not found in SAP CRM or ECC

Preparing BP Create Spec

Working with SSIS, SAP XI and SAP ABAP consultants to ensure BP is sent through accurately

Configuring the Business Partner in CRM and ECC

Replicating BP from CRM to ECC

Creating Integrated Test Plan (ITP) for across all platforms, from Staging area all through to ECC

Knowledge transfer

Client: KESC (Karachi Electricity Supply Company)

Position: CRM-ISU Team Lead Consultant (CRM 7.0)

Period: January 2010-August 2010

This is an electricity company in Pakistan where they are implementing ISU and I am the Team Lead for the CRM ISU team.

Roles and responsibilities include:

Capturing requirements from the Business users

Preparation of the Scope Document

Conducting workshops with Business Users and decision makers

Preparation of the Business Blueprint

Co-ordination of the Team member responsibilities, as team is widely spread across the world

Configuration of Proof of Concept before actual realisation, for the benefit of client senior management as well as new CRM team members.

Preparing Functional Specifications

Guiding and checking realisation of :




d)Master Data

e)Interaction Centre

i.Account Identification, confirmation and maintenance

ii.Interaction history and fact-sheet

iii.Interaction Record and Service Tickets

iv.Categorization of Service Tickets

v.Email and Agent Inbox

vi.Action Profile

Creation of Test Scripts, and co-ordinating testing with the client

Replication of Business Partner, Contract Account, Contract and Technical objects Client: Manila Water Company (Philippines)

Position: CRM-ISU Consultant (CRM 7.0)

Period: 17 June 2010-24 June 2010

This is a water company in the Philippines where they are implementing CRM 7.0 to work with their already existing ISU system

Roles and responsibilities include:

Assisting CRM consultant onsite with the design of the system during the blueprinting phase.

Client: TIGO (A Cellular Network Provider in Ghana)

Position: CRM Consultant (CRM 2007)

Period: June 2009-December 2009

Roles and responsibilities include:

Capturing requirements from the Business users

Scope Document

Business Blueprint

Configuration of the following:


i.Business Roles

ii.Navigation Profiles

iii.Work Centres and Work Centre Links

g)Master Data





v.Organisational Model

h)Interaction Centre

vii.Account Identification, confirmation and maintenance

viii.Interaction history and factsheet

ix.Interaction Record and Service Tickets

x.Categorization of Service Tickets

xi.Interactive scripting


xiii.Call List Processing

xiv.Email and Agent Inbox

i)Marketing and Campaign Management

i.Marketing Plan Types

ii.Campaign Types/Objectives/Tactics

iii.Customer Segmentation

iv.Marketing Calendar

v.Mail Forms


vii.Campaign Automation

viii.Campaign Execution

j)Lead Management

k)Opportunity Management

l)Activity Management

m)Workflows for Campaign Automation and Lead Management

Client: SAP Utilities Washington DC

Position: CRM Consultant (CRM 2007)

Period: July 2009-August 2009

This is a company’s internal system built for the SAP Utilities Conference which was held from the 16th of September to the 18th of September in Washington DC. It is connected to the SAP ISU system.

Roles and responsibilities included Configuration of:


i.Business Roles

ii.Navigation Bar profiles (Including work centres extracting data from R/3 as well as work centres to connect to the R/3 system )

b)Account and Contact Management

c)Interaction Centre

i.Account Identification, confirmation and maintenance

ii.Interaction history and factsheet

iii.Interaction Record and Service Tickets

iv.Categorization of Service Tickets

v.Interactive scripting


vii.Email and Agent Inbox

d)Action Send Mail for certain conditions on Service Tickets

Client: BMW South Africa (A 2 week project for BMW)

Position: CRM Consultant (CRM 5.0)

Period: July 2009-August 2009

Roles and responsibilities include:

a)Capturing requirements from the Business users

b)Configuration of Campaign Management (i.e. Campaign Automation and Execution)

c)Configuration of Text Determination

d)Using Easy Enhancement Workbench to add fields within Campaign Management screen tabs for PCUI and GUI

e)Showing the BMW team the required configuration for Campaign Automation & Execution

f)Kick started configuration of ERMS (Email Response Management System), to be completed 2nd phase of the project

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: Senior SAP CRM Consultant

Period: September 2008 – June 2009

Client: Zimra Upgrade

Lead Consultant for the implementation of CRM

Roles and responsibilities include:

Conducting workshops with users for requirements gathering

Documentation i.e. preparation of the Business Blueprint, BPML’s, FRICE documents, User manuals, Training manuals, ATP’s, Config guide etc

Training Super-Users

Testing with Super Users

Roles and Authorisations for Super Users

Go Live and Support

Configured of the following sub modules within Case Management (NB: Case Management falls under Service in CRM).

Dispute Management-: (For Objection and Appeal Department)

Incorrect Invoice

Incorrect Credit

Missing Payments

Missing Credit

Dispute Case Attributes, Linked Objects, Reminders, Process Route (Workflow), Notes, Case Attributes

Debt Recovery Management-:

With Dunning(Garnish Order)

Without Dunning

Collection Case Attributes, Linked Objects, Reminders, Process Route (Workflow), Notes, Case Attributes

Case Management general for the Audit and Investigations department for carrying out Audits and managing them from preliminary analysis until they are complete

Case Attributes, Linked Objects, Reminders, Process Route (Workflow), Notes, Case Attributes

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: Senior SAP SD Consultant

Period: December 2008- April 2009-09-03

Client: Twenty Third Century Systems

This is an In-house System which I configured in parallel with the Zimra project as they are in close proximity. I completed the following:

Business requirement gathering from TTCS and Uniswitch Process Owners (TTCS holding Company)

Business Blueprints

Configuration of:



oSales Orders

oSales Returns


oPricing, Account Determination and Tax Calculation for all

oOutput for All


Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: Senior SAP CRM Consultant

Period: November 2007 – August 2008

Client: Mauritius Revenue Authority

Lead Consultant for the implementation (Worked with SATYAM Consultants for Developments)

Roles and responsibilities include:

Conducting workshops with users for requirements gathering

Documentation i.e. preparation of the Business Blueprint, UAT’s (User Acceptance Test), Training Material, Configuration guides

Training the Trainer and Testing with Users

Roles and Profiles for Super Users

Go Live and Support

Configured of the following sub modules within Case Management (NB: Case Management falls under Service in CRM)

Dispute Management: - A module for creating and managing complaints (disputes) from your business partners with regard to incorrect invoices and credits or missing invoices and credits as dispute cases. This module was implemented by the Objection and Appeal Department of the MRA.

Debt Recovery Management-: A module used to collect overdue receivables using internal collection departments. The module offers a completely integrated, seamless processing of collection activities. The master data and open items are portrayed in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable. This module was implemented for the Enforcement department within MRA for collecting overdue payments from Tax Payers using various enforcement actions such as, Closing of Business, Attachment of Salary, Inscription, etc. This module also heavily relies on correspondence between the Company, Business Partners and Collection Agents.

Case Management general was by the Audit department for carrying out Audits and managing them from preliminary analysis until they are complete with heavy reliance on workflow (process route) and authorisation.

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: SAP SD Consultant

Period: October 2007- November 2007

Client: National Oil Company of Kenya (NOCK) Mini Project for the company which we implemented in Zimbabwe but illustrated in Kenya. Duties involved configuration of the system as according the clients requirements in SD, the configuration and illustration for:

Sales Activities



Sales Orders

Sales Returns

Delivery + Proof of Delivery



Output for all


Integration with MM and FI

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: SAP CRM Consultant

Period: July 2007- October 2007

Client: Tetrad Bank

Consultant for the implementation of CRM 5.0

Roles and responsibilities include:

Conducting workshops with users for requirements gathering

Preparation of Business Blueprint

Implementation of the following modules:

oLead Management (Inbound and Outbound)

oCampaign Management

oOpportunity Management

oActivity Management

oInformation Help Desk

oComplaint Management

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: SAP CRM Consultant

Period: Dec 2005 – June 2007

Client: Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA is Zimbabwe’s only Revenue Collection Company whose aim is to Partnering the nation in economic development and facilitating trade through efficient revenue generation.)

Lead Consultant for the implementation of CRM 4.0

Administrative Roles and responsibilities:

Create the Project plan for the CRM Implementation

Conducting workshops with users for requirements gathering

Involved in analyzing the business requirements from the Business users and involved in the preparation of the Business Blueprints and Schemas for further customization.

Involved in preparing the functional and technical specifications for the business processes and customization based on the gathered requirements.

Roles and responsibilities:

Customised the following major components:

Case Management (Case Types, Process Route, Statuses, Reasons, Priority, Authority Levels etc)

Master Data (RFC Connections, Initial Downloads, Setting up the Organisation Model etc)

Activity Management

Marketing (Campaign Types/Objectives/Tactics, Designing Questionnaires, Customer Segmentation using Marketing attributes)

Lead Management

Opportunity Management (Workflow from Lead Mgt)

Configured Interaction Centre WinClient & WebClient

Pricing for all business transactions (Pricing Procedures, defining condition types, defining pricing lists, pricing for item categories, defining access sequences, defining input and output tax, pricing agreements, rebates etc)

Assisting with Roles and profiles for different users

Provided Support for any Sales & Distribution (SD/MM) related work

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: Sales and Distribution (SD) Consultant

Project: Upgrade from SAP 3.1i to SAP 4.7

Period: June 2004-January 2005

Client: Dairibord Zimbabwe Ltd (Dairibord Holdings is a leading producer and marketer of dairy, food and beverage products both for the domestic market as well as the export market and had 3 subsidiaries at the time of implementation namely Nutritious Food and Beverages (NFB), Lyons, and DZL)

Duties and Roles Included for all three Company codes

Blueprint Business document preparation for SD

Assisting with the information gathering and project review

Comparisons of the old and the new system

Assisting with Configuration of the following sub modules:

Sales Order Processing


Pricing for all business transactions (Pricing Procedures, Condition records, defining condition types, defining pricing lists, pricing for item categories, defining access sequences, defining output tax, pricing agreements, rebates etc)

Logistics Execution (Delivery Processing and Transportation)

Master Data (Customer Master Data and Material Master Data, Pricing and Conditions)

Creating Stocks

Reports i.e. Logistics Information Systems (User Acceptance Testing)

Development of roles and profiles

Integration Implementation and testing (eg MM, FI AND PP)

Assisting with system quality assurance

Prepared of User manuals

Prepared of Acceptance Test Procedures

Conducted End User-Training

Go-Live Support

Company: Twenty Third Century Systems

Position: Sales and Distribution (SD) Consultant

Project: Value Added Tax Implementation

Period: March 2004-May 2004

Client: Powertel Communications (Powertel Communications (Private) Limited, hereinafter called Powertel, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZESA, is a licensed Public Data Service Provider in Zimbabwe, with over 1000 kilometres of optical fibre cable in operation countrywide)

Duties and Roles Included:

Preparation of Blueprint

Assisting with configuration which was mainly pricing

Assisted with training end-users

Provided support to the above-mentioned Companies as a well as to the following as a Trainee Consultant:

Grain Marketing Board(GMB):- GMB ensures Food Security in Zimbabwe with particular reference to staple food products, namely, maize and wheat. The GMB is, as its name implies, an institution whose main function, within its main purpose of ensuring the country’s food security, is the orderly marketing of agricultural products, mainly grains, oilseeds, edible beans and coffee, within Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Company (ZETCO):- ZETCO is a company whose mandate is to develop, operate and maintain the transmission infrastructure and to undertake bulk purchasing of power from both internal and external generation sources and to deliver the power to bulk power supply points close to load centres from where the distribution company takes the supply for distribution to customers.

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