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Electrical Electrician

Toronto, ON, Canada
December 14, 2019

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*. Surname: SERBAN


3. Address: Aleea 2 siloz nr 4 Carcea, Dolj County, Romania.

Passport No: 053265917

Postal code: 611002; Civil ID series DX no. 360688

Home telephone No.:004**********

Mobile phone no.:004**********

E-mail address:,

4. Date and place birth: 4th of September 1971; Onesti City, Bacau County, Romania

5. Age and psychical data: 48 years old – Height: 1.73 m; Weight: 79 kg

6. Gender: Male

7. Nationality: Romanian

8. Civil State: Married with Serban Madalina Ileana, two kids.

9. Religion: Christian

10. Education:

- Between 1977 – 1985: Elementary School

- Between 1985 – 1991: The No. 2 Energetic Industrial High-

School of Craiova, in the Electro-energetic profile

- Between 1987 – 1989: The Vocational School of the No. 2

Energetic High – School, the Electro-energetic profile.

- March 2008-M&I electric training school-Villa Hermosa


-RMS Training Class Ploiesti Romania

- February 2008 Canrig Training class Muscat Oman

-June 2008 AC Rigs Training class Muscat Oman

-TDS Varco 9-11Training Class Hassi-Messaoud Algeria

-Schlumberger passport training QHSE and technical.

- TDS Varco training class Dubai 2016.

-Amphion Drilling Program Houston 2017

11. English Knowledge: English, reading and speaking very well.

Spanish Knowledge reading and speaking well.

French Knowledge reading and speaking well.

12. Computer Knowledge: Windows ’98 / 2000 / XP professional.

13. Driver License: B category – International since 1991

14. Periodically trained at the S.C. TERMOSERV S.A.,Parker Drilling Company AME Algeria Division Rig 265,264, Nabors Drilling Rig 677,678 Romania Branch, Schlumberger Drilling Company Algeria Branch, Weatherford Drilling International concerning the policy of safety and firefighting, courses.

15. Professional Experience:

-Since March 2018 till present, promoted as Field Foreman for Weatherford Drilling WDI ( ADES global transaction from March 2019) for all six rigs on Algeria Operations having as main responsibility: troubleshooting any problem in regarding electrical/mechanical on rigs site, creating PM’s maintenance plan for electricians and mechanics, follow up existing PM plan and ensure is updated correctly. New projects are also in my responsibility, actively participating on new equipment implementation and upgrade. Follow up, update drawings and schematics, and implement changes on equipment. Work on repairs and intervention on all equipment’s on the rigs, troubleshooting for all electrical and mechanical which need intervention. Have also as main responsibility upgrades for PLC’s S 300 Siemens or SBC’s with Amphion platform and also Drive Parameters for VFD rigs. Upgrades and repairs for Koomey SARA and CAD units, including GE Fenuc PLC’s. Work also for rebuilding complete electrical circuits, update and upgrade electrical diagrams and schematic and help Senior Electricians for better understanding. Work, repair and troubleshoot all generators of the rigs including MTU’s 2000/4000, CAT 3512/3512 B and 3516. I have also work on identifying the correct parts necessary for the work process and work continue in order to reduce the costs and supervise the entire activities for the electrical warehouses. Working with 6 rigs different brands, NOV Ideal VFD /SCR, Bomco 2000 HP and Le Tourneau 2000 HP. During this period, I did manage to establish a good relationship with all senior electricians/ mechanics on the rigs and have very good communication with clients and third party’s companies. Participate permanently on the HSE process to give a good example to my colleges, very active on the radar cards.

During this period, I also attempt courses and training classes for Amphion System Maintenance and Troubleshooting Houston, and TDS 9-11 Electrical and PLC’s in Dubai. Have also multiple diplomas in regarding electricals and HSE.

- Since December 2014 until March 2018, work as Chief Electrician for Weatherford Drilling International Hassi Messaoud Algeria branch. NOV Ideal rigs, 1500 HP, Amphion operating system, VFD system ABB, Cyber Chair with double touch screen,TDS Varco 11with VFD ABB house.

Good experience about Carrier, air conditioners and refrigerators, Thermo King Unit for Cold store.

Maintenance and troubleshooting for air compressors and diesel engines Cat 3512, MTU 4000/2000, Deutz, also Lincoln diesel welding machine and Miller welding electric transformer.

Worked on mud system with Derrick and Brandt Shale shakers Unit, Brandt Mud agitators, also Power Tong, Hydraulic Unit-Eckel drive by electric motor or diesel engine, BOP Test Unit, Koomey 80 Unit with remote panels on Rig floor.

Done many times Prevent Maintenance and repairs at Mud pumps – National Oil well 1400-PT, Draw works, and Rotary Table drive by AC Drive electric motors.

Worked in Instrumentation System M/D Totco, Geolograph (6 Pens Recorder), Mud pits levels with Probe ultrasonic sensors, Digital transducer pressure, Hydraulic transducers, Piston type and electronically devices.

Gas detection and monitoring H2S system, with MSA sensors and MSA six channels panel, weekly calibration sensors.

Rig communication system used Gai Tronics and Atkinson intercom.

I can do any job in my duty, as many years done a lot of repairs and troubleshooting in a professional manner, good knowledge about electrical drawings and books

A good participation at safety program, safety stop card, I got good safety courses.

Good communication with my fellows or any kind of peoples (Nationalities).

- Since March 2014 till december 2014, I was transferred to IPM Schlumberger Saudi Arabia as a Preventive Maintenance Supervisor. Supervising electrical and mechanical activities on four DQ SCR rigs. Planned jobs for the electricians and mechanics on the rig site, leading there activity in order to get better performance. Upgrading equipment on the rigs and support for troubleshooting. Main contact person with the application suppliers and manage all aspects related to selection, data base building, interfaces, implementation, training as well as maintenance and system upgrades. Provide a Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Reports and Statistics on the status of the Planned Maintenance Systems across the rigs. Participate in new projects and initiatives.

- Since May 2013 till March 2014 I was transferred to Iraq Bashra Schlumberger/Saxon Drilling operation working with the same type of rigs.

- From November 2009 till May 2013 I work as a chief electrician for Schlumberger Drilling Comp (Saxon Drilling Company) Algeria Branch Hassi-Messaoud.

HH rigs 1500 HP, VFD system ABB,PLC system Siemens S300 with profibus communication, fiber optic communication for the inverters and converters, two DSU units for the continuous current with OETL switch, MCC 600v incorporated in the VFD room, Cyber Chair with double touch screen, Iron Roughneck, Drawworks JC 50 DB,ID 3 Cube for the Rig Sense, TDS Varco 11with VFD ABB house.

- From June 2008 until September 2009 I was a chief electrician for Nabors Drilling Romania Division.2000 HP Pyramid Rig, ABB-VFD System.

PLC communication system Siemens, ABB converters and invertors for the VFD system, Caterpillar AC Generators 3512 600 v output, 1365 KW 1876 Amp, Back-up AC generators 3456 480 V output, Canrig Top Drive model 1250-681, 450 Tons, AC main motor with one Blower (AC motor) and Oil Pump (AC Motor), Allan Bradley PLC incorporated in the CIP Panel.600v/480v transformer for the MCC house (Motor Control Center).

E-poch Rig Watch system, mud sensors and return flow sensors. Stratus V-sat internet communication system with Cisco modems and receivers.

Good knowledge about the Iron Roughneck electrical system with solenoids and Catwalk Pipe Handler.

Drillers Cabin with Cyber Chair- electrical system and Touch Screen command system with joysticks.

Mud Pump Bomco 1600, Draw Works JC-70DB.

- From December 2007 until June 2008, I was a chief electrician in

Rig 265,264 Parker Drilling Company AME Algeria Division. Maintain and repair electrical equipment including VFD (variably frequency drives),

MCC room, Drillers Consol, Varco TDS 11, electrical equipment for Mud Pump Bomco 1600, Draw Works JC-70DB, Rotary table, Caterpillar 3512, Mud Agitators, Return Flow Sensor, Wago PLC, Comunication PLC system,EGCP 2 system, Draw Works encoder

Strokes Sensor, Mud Level Sensor.

PM activity and many repairs for main camp, security camp and rig camp electrical equipment including John Deere Generators and Volvo Generators.

- From September 2000 until 2007, I have worked as chief electrician in the command room for the Electric Power Station -Craiova Branch, having as main activity the maintenance control and service of the starting and regulating electric and hydraulic operation.

The command and the handling of the electric devices as pressures sensors, level sensors and temperature sensors.

I also worked as operator in the digital command room for the control and surveillance system of the ABB electric and hydraulic sets.

-Since April 1992 until June 1995. I have worked as a chief electrician in the command room of the energetic sets, having as main activity the maintenance and service of the electric engines of continuous and alternative voltage, power supplied at 220, 380 and 600 VAC, air conditioning sets windows / split unit, also air compressors, electrical motors for water pumps, command and stings for the electrical and hydraulic valves.

- Since Marsh 1989 till April 1992, I have been an employee of

Craiova Thermo Electric Power Station II, as chief electrician for 220/380/600VAC and 6 KV, high voltage measurement and control devices, electrical main power lines and command for the electrical motors and generators. Also, work as a chief electrician at the Special Measures Department, having as main activity the maintenance and service of measurement instrumentation loops – carried by the hydrogen, the oxygen and other gases-, the measurements of the rotations and of the water conductivity

Thank you and best regards

Serban Cristian Date: 02/06/2019

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