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Project Management

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
December 12, 2019

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*. Name

Contact No


: Hiranmoy Bose



2. Date of birth : 04 March 1983 Nationality: Indian 3. Education : College/University Degree obtained Date/Year of obtainment



Master of Social



University of Burdwan Bachelor Business



4. Membership of

Professional Associations

: None

5. Other training :

Managerial Effectiveness on RCH (IIM JOKA Kolkata),

Water and Sanitation By State Institute Panchayat & Rural Development, By Govt. Of West Bengal

Solid Waste Management by Panchayat And rural development 6. Countries of work


: India

7. Language : Language Read Write Speak

English Good Good Good

Hindi Good Fair Good

Bengali Good Good Good

8. Employment record : From 2017 to Present

Employer Bandhan Konnagar

(CSR of Bandhan


position held

Sr. Officer

12years experience in SANITATION AND SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT project of Govt. of India (Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation) and Water Health International which includes Capacity Building Monitoring and Evaluation for continuing function to provide the community development investing to support better WASTE management in the Community

Master of Social Work from VISVABHARATI University Shantiniketan with 15 (Fourteen) years’ experience in providing high quality community organization include conducting training and workshop with different stakeholders in water and sanitation and SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SANITATION which impact in social development

He has experience in program management, strategic roadmaps, feasibility studies, financial assessments, project appraisal reports, evaluation studies, market and industry analysis and business plans across various sectors such as sanitation, solid waste management airports which helps to social development.


9. Areas of expertise : Program management

Strategic and planning

Analyzing Data

Feasibility studies

Project appraisal and evaluation studies

Documentation and Fund Planning

10. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned Name of Assignment/job or project: Wat-San Intervention in the areas with poor sanitation coverage of in Rural and urban area

Year: April 2017 – Present

Location: Odisha, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand Client: Funding agency)

Main project features: WATSAN- Project approach will be the household level awareness-counselling coupled with motivational campaign at microcredit group level ensuring behaviour change towards stoppage of open defecation and use of toilets. 100000 nos. of borrowers benefitted by 95 Microfinance branches of BBL will be covered under this project. On an average three DSC branches will be covered by one Bandhan Health Program branch (BHP). Our staff members will work as motivator-facilitators who are generally young male staff. The project worker will work in close coordination and networking with Credit Officers of BBL to make the IEC and awareness effective and participatory from all concerned. Women, mothers who are the prime target persons in the households to be motivated first and their counterparts will also be the participants. Awareness generation activities and IEC will target:

- to promote positive behaviours related to sanitation that fit their circumstances

- to provide a supportive environment which will enable people to initiate and sustain positive behaviours related to Sanitation, use of toilets and open defecation free villages. Positions held: Sr. Officer

Activities performed: As part of this project, following activities were executed: To cover 100000 beneficiaries for installing water and sanitation facilities by providing financial assistance through the linkage with Bandhan Bank.

Preparation of Project Guidelines, manuals and other process note

Defining roles & responsibility of different stakeholders, filed worker,

Stakeholder co-ordination

To prepare monthly allocation of fund plan in 4 nos. state for implementation of the project

Preparation of distribution layout for events like world toilet day

To create awareness among the community level for demand generation of Sanitation and water by presenting IEC program

Distribution planning and management of the entire project system

MIS management and reporting to client and uploading the report to client portal

Conducting capacity building and training programme with staffs and different stake holders Name of Assignment/job or project: Open Defecation Free of South 24parganas District under Swachch Bharat Mission and Development of Solid and liquid Waste Management Project Year: November 2009 – April 2017

Location: District Magistrate Office South 24 Parganas Client: P&RD, Govt. Of West Bengal

Main project features:

Improvement in the general quality of life in the rural areas, by promoting cleanliness, hygiene and eliminating open defecation and implementing solid waste management with covering 310 nos. Of Gram Panchayat and 29 nos. Of Block and 5 nos. Of Sub divisions both in Rural and Urban area.

Within the overall framework of the Nirmal (Swachh) Bharat Abhiyan, spearhead Mission Open Defecation Free (ODF).

All households will have access to sanitary toilets, mostly within the premises and all members of the households will use toilets for defecation.

There would be appropriate arrangements for disposal of solid and liquid waste of the villages through household-based, cluster-based interventions.

Positions held: Assistant District Co-ordinator

Activities performed: As part of this project, following activities were executed:

Develop and undertake periodic update of the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for the SANITATION AND SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT in the district and facilitate the necessary approval

Capacity Building with Different stakeholders for Sanitation and Solid WASTE Management

Identifying possible additional information regarding landfill for the waste management in gram panchayat and sorting plan that could be tackled within the framework of the project.

Providing support, recommendations and following up for all technical aspects of the project.

Conducting training on Waste Management with Gram Panchayat Pradhan SHG, NGO etc.

Participating in all meetings and conferences at District and State Level by the responsible of the project for presenting and explaining all the accomplished tasks.

Prepare the relevant reporting and identifying follow-up and future activities to be developed after the implementation period.


Training and development with different stakeholders and govt officials like BDO, Jt. BDO and Govt. Functionaries like Pradhan, Savapati etc.

MIS management, monitor & reporting daily primary, secondary data to upload the portal of SBM website

Development of IE materials like poster banner

Preparation of yearly budget and planning for the implementation of the project Key Achievement :

For better achievement of the programme effective sanitation and solid waste management plans take place at different levels. Defines the common terms of achievement of the programme. INPUT: Application of qualitative and quantitative method of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Indicators to be used for the project and design and planning of Monitoring and Evaluation programme of the project ACTIVITIES : GD, FGD, Interview, questionnaire, and Brainstorming programme with the participation of 60 nos. per programme and fulfilling the gaps of work for development of Community setting and Community organization. OUTPUTS : Increase the level of Awareness among the community people and Increasing the satisfactory of Work and Development of the project. OUTCOMES: Likely or achieved short-term and medium-term effects or changes of an intervention’s outputs and Acceptance of the programme. IMPACT: The long-term consequences of the program, will have positive effects. Improved the standard of living and Increasing the satisfactory of Work and Development of the Project

Name of Assignment/job or project: Sustainable and Safe Drinking Water For the Community People Year: 2008 – 2009

Location: Kolkata

Client: Water Health International

Main project features: Provide safe and affordable water solutions to underserved populations. It also provide access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water to the community people which helps to provide better life for the community people.

Positions held: Project Executive

Activities performed:

Planning, Executing and monitoring the projects and timely completion for specific territory.

Instrumental for New developments & there implementation in the field.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with local and municipal government officials and media representatives.

Direct activities of external agencies, establishments and departments that develop and implement communication strategies and information programs.

Direct publicity programs that are designed to improve the public image of WHIN.

Proactively resolving the process problems arising due to equipment under sizing or wrong selection. u. Participate and update project status on a daily basis with the regional team head.

Implement cost optimized models for various customer needs.

Increase the level of business and satisfaction of the client and the community people and delivery the better output of the company and also improve profits through increased sales and better cost control.

Development of Design and Planning for increasing the profit of the company and changing the process of Business strategy structure through community participation and also betterment for the community people. Name of Assignment/job or project: Accessing Reproductive and Child Health including Safe Motherhood Year: 2006-2008

Location: New Delhi, India

Employer: Family Planning Association of India

Main project features: Advocate RCH and ENABLE gender equality and empowerment for all including poor and vulnerable people, ENSURE information, education and services, POWERED by knowledge, innovation and technology towards sustainable development.

Positions held: Program Officer

Activities performed:

Maintain records and submit periodic reports, as requires by HQ and advised by the Branch Manager.

Assist in preparing quarterly and annual quantitative and qualitative report.

Monitor and evaluate to plan, organize, supervise and form part of the team of experts for various programmes, seminars, conferences, workshops and other activities

Advocate the RH issues and rights of by organizing programmes for young people,health professionals, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders & GO/NGO

Monitor and evaluate educational programme on SRH for young people in the age group of 10 to 24 years in the formal as well as non-formal sector and marginalized groups

Help in creating and documenting knowledge about the current and emerging trends on reproductive health and rights especially related to family planning and contraception by analyzing programs, projects, strategies.

Better development of team work and fulfill organizational needs with comprehensive knowledge base of the workforce, and to provide ready access for advice and to identify and fulfill any gaps.

Ensure effective workforce planning at local level to meet emerging need, maintain a competent and effective workforce.

Monitor and evaluate To contribute planning at different project and organization level.

Manage and accountable, with supervision and support to work practice within the organization; and support individuals clients to represent and manage their needs, understanding their views and circumstances and developing an effective helping relationship for services and order to ensure better outcomes

To perform better communication and presentation skill for the community people to understand and helping to remove the constraints for improvement

Capacity to deliver the higher quality of service for increasing the awareness level among the community people and adolescents groups and to develop more effective collaborative approaches for the community people.


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