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Daryl L. Mitchell

Richmond, KY, 40475
December 11, 2019

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DARYL MITCHELL professional profile

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Richmond, Kentucky 40475


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Western Kentucky University 1973-1977

Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics and Computer Sciences


Languages:Windows RT,SQL/Dialects,Mfc,Lite PhP/Zend,Oracle PL/SQL,VB.Net,HTML5,Visual C++,Visual Basic 15.5,

JavaScript,Lite C#,Object C++,C,Rexx,XML,Lite Java,Business Basic,AS400/CL/Cobol/2,PL/1 IBM/DEC

Assembler,JCL,Lite NLPs.

Operating Systems:

Lite Windows Server 2019,Windows RE,IBM z/Systems/CMA/Ipcs Version 2,Windows Asp.Net Core,

HP-Unix,Linux,Solaris,Cisco iOS,OS/2,OS/400,OS/390/DB2,IMS/VS,MQSeries,Catia.



Uncovered critical,secured documents with quarantine search of thousands of files. Developed Sql query that streamlined account maintenance time from 1 day(2 persons) to 2 hours(1 person).

Designed Gnu/C++ program code for the complex US Department Of Education’s

Schedule Nine Report complete with calculations using massive Data Banks.

Developed Cobol program code that calculated variable mortgage payments

down to the penny with about 500 lines of code.

Resolved L3 issues for UPS that affected the entire state of Washington.

Uncovered major system issues with OLTP tools for the US DoD.

Conversant with Tesseract/Quaternions geometric models and operations such as

projections,dimensional independence,multi-grammar environments including Incidence Graphs.

A3 Solutions

Consultant/Contract Lexington KY

2/2017 – Present Reviewed program code to transmit data blocks/file streams to client/servers in a

MD5,passphrase wireless network,and the Windows ‘r’ command.

Worked with Google Calendars and Google Docs.

Reviewed corporate cyber security tips such as Phishing, Spoofing and Black Bag.

Assisted with trouble shooting of Surface Pro 4/Citrix Receiver/Windows 10 such as aggregation/protocol parameters. Reviewed the Windows Store/Windows 8.1 installation procedures. Worked with Apple iPad Air, Amazon Fire tablet operations,multimedia setup. Conversant with MS computer/device holographics such as the MS C++ Spatial Anchor classes.

Analyzed DoD Special Publication 800 series…sets of system boundaries,

authorized wide area networks/controls to operate.

Performed VB/Lan automation techniques with collaborative class objects.

Worked with machine learning/Intel mmx such as Tensor Flow/Vision.

General Dynamics Information Technology

ACA Consultant/CSR/Temporary Winchester,KY

5/2016 – 10/2016 Worked with ACA systems interactions and intricacies such as the IRS, Social Security.

Problem solved various issues. Performed many site navigations on a site driven system.

Performed online, on demand ACA system research, queries-backend terabyte Data Banks.

Refreshed with dot net framework 4.6 and with C# support. Skillful with MSIL experience. Also, conversant with Instant Messaging configuration, diagnostics on the Exchange Server 2016.

Worked with MS hidden ActiveX security detection controls. Experienced with Catia V5.

Computed database row sizes for 5mb-50mb databases in multiple environments.

Worked with, analyzed Java design patterns, sequence diagrams such as Java Runtime classes.

DARYL MITCHELL professional profile

321 Overland Drive

Richmond, Kentucky 40475


Email ID :



Temporary IT Lexington KY

1/2015 – 5/2015 Performed Citrix XenApp DeskTop support, maintenance

Including site navigations, alternate forest site navigations, whole tree logins.

Conversant with 5th generation grammars such as QlikView for example extract migration of Hyperion 8.3 BI cube data into Qlik BI dashboards and with QlikSense sheet object/layout data via Wizard result/answer sets and with diagnostics such as Qlik document import issues.

Conversant with a powerful grasp of complex DBA Sql Server 2016/Powershell installs/cmdlets such as Sql Always On replica/design in a secured MS Studio/Stored Procedure/DTS environment including diagnostics, tuning, administrative and forward engineering activities.

Conversant with Oracle Designer/AS10g.


Data Center Engineer/Contract Lexington,KY

5/2013 – 11/2013 Monitored several power, environmental management systems such as Liebert, Apc series and resolved critical issues.

Inspected/examined 40 plus electrical devices daily with thousands of connections.

Performed door access enabled tape media pool backups for global data centers.

Large Lan maintenance engineering such as replacement of voltage regulators,and Ups.

Performed troubleshooting Skype audio services in a live environment.

Conversant with Cisco Catalyst series Terminal/Console live connections, signals.

21 Century Networks/PBS/Contract

Free Lance Technician Richmond,KY

3/2006 – 4/2013 Configured Oracle 9i client side Tns/Listener, Ldap config sets, and Pl/Sql packages.

Developed MS Sql Server 2008 command type Vb.Net/Mdx Sql Type stored procedures.

Configured Tcp/Ip network which specified network id, servers, shared adaptors, Siemens router, Juniper Firewall for a Class C network. Issued IPv4/IPv6 policy/commands/hexadecimal conversions for concurrency and stack tests.

Analyzed network diagrams.

Built web site via java webstart with downloads from Sun Micro systems.

Supported and performed trouble shooting for Vpn internet tunnel.

Conversant with ATM networks, and related protocols,Cisco modules.

EDS Corporation

Technical Analyst/Temporary Winchester,KY

9/2004 – 6/2005 Performed troubleshooting of DNS Server issues such as deleted entries .

Performed troubleshooting of TCP/IP network issues involving IP commands .

Configured Oracle 8i client via Net8 Configuration/Assistants.

Performed troubleshooting of VPN such as connectivity, authenication .

Performed remote access and file transfer via Tivoli with Administrative rights.

Assisted with implementation of virtual lans and TCP/IP subnetting .

Also, implemented Ntbackup.exe and performed virus scans .

Uitilized Active Directory administration tools to create/add/join user, computer accounts.

Auto Car Trader

.Net Web Developer/DBA Richmond, KY

7/2003 – 1/2004 Analyzed systems to attain knowledge base.

Analyzed SQL Server 2000 instance/database requirements .

Assisted with physical, logical instance/database design including Master, Msdb, Model design replicas ; selection of, sizing of primary/foreign keys; multi-table normalization; relationship and

referential constraint definitions .Extremely conversant with Transact SQL .

Also, analyzed, implemented 14 .Net web form architectures including multiple runtime

VB.Net namespace modules with multiple ASP.Net WebControls such as

repeator, validator and dropdownlist controls with ADO.Net command queries.

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