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Developer Manager

Boston, MA
December 10, 2019

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Over *+ years of experience in Information Technology with System Analysis, Design, Development, Application Support, Maintenance, and Implementation.

Experience in various stages of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and its approaches like Agile.

Strong understanding of OLTP and OLAP and Data warehousing and ETL process using Informatica Power Center (IPC) 10.x/ 9.6.x/9.1/8.6.

Designing, Installing, configuring core Informatica MDM HUB components such as Informatica MDM Hub Console, Hub Store, Hub Server, Cleanse Match Server, and IDD.

Defining and configuring landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, foreign-key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages.

Designed & developed multiple cleansing and standardization scenarios using Address Doctor.

Implemented Hierarchy Manager Module in addition to Match/Merge/Unmerge to depict various hierarchies.

Helping business to understand the Match rules configuration and decide the trust factor and Configure match/merge rules.

Configuration Address Doctor for address cleansing in MDM Hub.

Addressing issues of master data definition, metadata acquisition and data migration including data profiling, validation, clean-up and remediation, and source to target mapping.

Performed cleansing and mapped business requirements to available features in IDD.

Implementing IDD applications to maintain/manage data, access relationship hierarchies and configured task management to route tasks to the Data stewards.

Configuring charts on the dashboard according to business requirements in IDD and user exits in IDD for selective validation alert pop ups.

Experienced in testing Client/Server, and Web based, mobile applications by using automated & manual testing.

Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Testing Life Cycle (TLC), Testing Methodologies and Techniques.

Extensive abilities in operations and technology related to financial, business and administrative applications and related hardware and software.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and an attitude to learn the new cutting-edge technologies.

Ability to quickly analyze and come-up with an efficient industry standard solution for a given problem.

Proficiency in writing SQL Quires in various relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.

Excellent experience with creating DDL, DML scripts and functions and procedures, packages.

Expertise in RDBMS concepts, with hands on exposure in the development of relational database environment using SQL, PL/SQL, Cursors, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers and SQL performance tuning.

Created UNIX shell scripts to run the Informatica workflows control the ETL flow and manage source files.

Extensively used Informatica Commands PMCMD, PMREP, INFACMD and INFASETUP to run Informatica sessions, aborting sessions and working on repository management.

Strong with relational database design concepts.


BI Tools : OBIEE, Tableau

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.x/8x (Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Source Analyser, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformation developer), Informatica MDM, DWH

Scheduling Tools: Control-M, IBM Scheduler

Languages: C, C++, Java, SQL

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g, DB2, Teradata 14/13, SQL Server

Tools/Utilities: Toad, Perl, UNIX Shell

Operating Systems : Windows, UNIX, Linux

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML


Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering – JNTU – 2013


MFS Boston, MA JUN 2018 - Present

ETL/Informatica MDM Support/Developer

Install and Configure Informatica MDM Hub Server, Cleanse Server, Resource Kit, Cleanse adapter, IDD.

Work with ETL Developers in creating External Batches to execute mappings to integrate data from varied sources like Oracle, DB2, flat files and SQL databases and loaded into landing tables of Informatica MDM Hub.

Create and configure Base Objects, associated staging tables, mappings and transformations as per business requirements.

Configure mapping with cleanse functions including Address Doctor before running the stage job.

Use Metadata manager for validating, promoting, importing and exporting repositories from development environment to testing environment.

Involve in designing, documenting and configuring Informatica Data Director for supporting management of MDM data.

Configure foreign-key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages in MDM.

Configure hierarchy system tables and user defined tables and configured entity types and relationship types.

Configure match paths, match columns, match rule sets and match rules according to the requirement.

Involve in Data manager and merge manager tools under Data Steward workbench to manually merge and unmerge records.

Assist in defined the Trust and Validation rules and setting up the auto match/merge rule sets to get the right master records (BVT). Configured match rule set property by enabling search by rules in MDM according to Business Rules.

Increase performance and improved convenience for business users by configuring IDD.

Involve SIF and configured SoapUI code for API calls to access hub data.

Have experience in installation of ActiveVOS Server in Windows, JBOSS.

Track, monitor, and close production support issues escalated from the help desk and document activities and solutions.

Provide emergency support as necessary, including after-hours. Develop on-call on rotating weekends, holidays and off-hours support schedules.

Experience in managing ActiveVOS Central Setup Identify Service on ActiveVOS Console Good Knowledge on ActiveVOS Error and Fault handing, Event Handling, Gateway, Control Flow.


Informatica MDM 10.1, ActiveVOS, Oracle 11g, Address Doctor, Informatica Power Center/Analyst 9.5.1, SOAP UI, Eclipse, Linux and Windows.

Blue Cross Blue Shield NE, Omaha, NE MAY 2017 – MAY 2018

ETL/Informatica MDM Developer

Interacted in business meetings to analyze the business requirements and developed a design plan.

Coordinated with business analysts to analyze the business requirements and designed and reviewed the implementation plan.

Participated in Design and Build for Supply Chain domains namely Supplier, Manufacture, Location, Product and Contract.

Configured 7 source systems and prepared Source to Target Mapping document for ETL load in Landing Tables.

Configured Landing Tables, Base Objects, Relationships, Staging Tables, Mappings, custom cleanse functions, Match and Merge settings, Trust and Validation Rule.

Identified issues in the ETL load to reflect the current data model relationships.

Configured Entity Objects, Entity Types, Hierarchy and Relationship Types for Contract, Product, and Party Hierarchical view in IDD.

Configured Supply Chain IDD Application for use by Data Stewards.

Configured Queries and Packages for all the domains for use in IDD.

Configured Subject Area Groups for Supplier, Manufacture, Product and Contract.

Configured Roles for Read Only, Approver and IDD specialist for respective domains.

Created Task Assignment in IDD for Supplier and Manufacture domains.

Worked with ETL team to schedule Batch Groups for all the domains and are called via ETL workflows which call corresponding MDM SIF API's.

Used SOAP UI to perform SIF API calls like clean tables etc.

Installed and configured J boss, Hub, Cleanse server, Address Doctor on Production.

Participated in making the Data Stewards familiarize with the IDD functionality.

Cleansed US address using Address Doctor with US license.

Ability to coordinate across teams, working closely with peers to ensure the appropriate focus and sense of urgency is applied to all MDM issues.

Worked with Informatica Support for MDM issues and upgrades.

Configured External Authentication using LDAP configuration for Users Authentication.

Documented the application and teach/share with others as necessary.


Informatica Multi-domain MDM 9.x, 10.x, Informatica Power Center 9.1, J Boss EAP6.2, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, Address Doctor, IDD, SIF, Toad, Windows Server 2003, Unix/Linux.

CHRISTUS Health, Irving, TX DEC 2016 – MAR 2017

ETL/Informatica MDM HUB Developer

Created transformations like Expression, Lookup, Joiner, Rank, Update strategy and Source Qualifier, Filter, Router using the mapping designer.

Developed complex SQL queries to develop the Interfaces to extract the data in regular intervals to meet the business requirements.

Extracted Data from FACETS Database.

Created complex mappings using Unconnected Lookup, Sorter, and Aggregator and Router transformations for populating target files in efficient manner.

Extensively involved in performance tuning of the Informatica ETL mappings by using the caches and overriding the SQL queries and also by using various components like, Parameter files & Variable.

Configure Informatica Data Services to populated data in IDD using MDM and ODS database. IDS Services also available for custom applications

Created various UNIX Shell Scripts for scheduling various data cleansing scripts and loading process. Maintained the batch processes using Unix Shell Scripts.

Worked on different data sources like facets, Medco, tasks included cleansing the data, providing the claims data coming from facets into a flat file in the desired format.

Scheduled the tasks using ESP scheduler.

Written Unit test scripts to test the developed mappings.

Writing User-Exits and External Java Code to call MDM Jobs.

Calling MDM Jobs through Batch Files (with Java Code) for scheduling.

Developed Mapplets and rules using expression, labeler and standardize transformations using IDQ.

Created complex mappings using Unconnected and Connected Lookup Transformations.

Extensively used the tasks like email task to deliver the generated reports to the mailboxes and command tasks to write post session and pre session commands.

Extensively used debugger to test the logic implemented in the mappings.

Performed error handing using session logs.

Implemented slowly changing dimensions Type 1 and Type 2 for change data capture.

Extensively worked with Teradata Fast load utility to load huge tables for initial loads and truncate and load.

Worked with Teradata multi load utility for insert, update or incremental loads.

Used Teradata BTEQ for writing scripts in Teradata database.


Informatica Multi-domain MDM 9.x, 10.x, Informatica Power Center 9.1, J Boss EAP6.2, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, Address Doctor, IDD, SIF, Toad, Windows Server 2003, Unix/Linux.

McKesson, San Francisco, CA JUN 2016 – DEC 2016

ETL/Informatica MDM HUB Developer

Involved in extracting the data from the Flat Files and Siebel data into staging area.

Developed several Complex Informatica Mappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for other mappings.

Develop MDM SIF web services for real time out bound operations from internal and the external applications

Installed Jobs Application server and Configured Informatica MDM 10.1.

Extensively used Informatica Client tools - Power Center, Work flow Manager, Work flow Monitor and Repository Manager.

Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources like Oracle, SQL Server, XML, XSD's, Flat Files.

Installed & Configured MDM Hub on Dev, Test and Prod Server, cleanse, resource kit, and Address Doctor in Dev, QA.

Gathered requirements from business users.

Creating the Base objects, Staging tables and landing tables foreign key relationships, static lookups, dynamic lookups, queries, packages and query groups.

Created Mappings to get the data loaded into the Staging tables during the Stage Process.

Defined Trust and validation rules for the base tables.

Coordinated with Business team and making them understand Match & Merge and incorporated their requirements.

Created Match rule sets in for the base objects by defining the Match Path components, Match columns and rules.

Created IDD application and Subject Areas, Subject Area Groups, Deploy and test IDD application, cleanse functions, utilizing timeline, and export and import data.

Configured Address Doctor and fixed the AD issues by doing the changes in the configure file.

Worked on BDD configure file to get the changes reflected on IDD.

Developed and created queries that can be used for over and under Matching.

Analyzed the data by running the queries and provided the stats after Initial data and incremental Loads.

Discussed use of Roles, creation of users and assignment of user to Role.

Defined Roles and privileges for each environment according to requirements.

Defined the security such that schema will be secured with access only granted for specific downstream integration uses, using users created for those specific integrations.

Created Batch Groups in Utilities Workbench and scheduled them externally using Power Center and Autosys (any scheduling tool).

Contribute towards enrichment of data quality rules.

Combining regulatory and application requirements into the business rules.

Providing the advanced business rule writing skills via IDQ Developer and our skilled technicians.


Informatica Power center 9.x, Informatica MDM 9.x, Teradata 13, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Siebel, Oracle DAC, and SQL Server 2008.

Ahold Inc., Canton, MA NOV 2015 - MAY 2016

ETL/Informatica Developer

Used Informatica Power Center for Extraction, Transformation and Loading data from heterogeneous source systems into the target data base.

Interacted in business meetings to analyze the business requirements and developed a design plan.

Coordinated with business analysts to analyze the business requirements and designed and reviewed the implementation plan.

Worked in an Agile Software Development life cycle to successfully accommodate change in requirements.

Worked with ETL tool Informatica Power center for performing custom cleansing when the data is loaded to the landing tables in the MDM.

Performed a proof of concept in ETL to categorize junk records before data is pushed to landing, mocking the same functionality of post landing user exits.

Normalized data schema across four different source systems and successfully delivered projects within budget.

Configured source systems collaboratively and performed Batch group with Stage and Load jobs.

Implemented Land Process for loading the customer Data Set into Informatica MDM from various source systems.

Design and configuration of landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, foreign-key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages.

Configured custom landing tables and performed proof of concept integrating hub state indicator as required by the business requirements.

Worked in a proactive manner with testers to identify and close defects before UAT.

Performed rule based Profiling on the client business data in understanding the depth of accuracy and duplicates which are needed for MDM implementation.

Created draft technical design documents based on the functional design documents.

Resolve functional as well as technical queries by taking help of functional SME or client users.

Interacted with business users in configuring Match setup and tool proposition for Data Quality Address doctor.

Involved in designing MDM data model and created base objects, mappings, defined trust setting for sources, customized user exists, customized IDD applications.

Reviewed and designed the MDM/Active VOS setup and performed development and Unit testing and deployment.

Performed and implemented proof of concepts when needed to client for solution propositions.

Worked through all the phases of SDLC including maintenance.

Worked on the CA hub Master Data management to align four different source systems performing fine tuning to the match/merge rules.

Initiated API calls using SOAP UI/tools to perform cleansing for Base Objects, HREF, HXREF.

Integrated with the ETL team and developed a new approach for Initial Data loads.

Implemented Stage Jobs, Load Jobs, Match and Merge Jobs using the Batch Viewer and Automation Processes.

Altered Trust scores and set up Validation rules as per the business requirements.

Created Batch deployment groups and ran audit trail for Incremental loads.


Informatica Power center 9.5/8.6.1, Informatica MDM 9.x, Oracle 10g, SQL server 2008, LINUX, LSF (Job scheduling), UNIX, SAS Enterprise guide and MS Visual studio (TFS) for version control, IDQ, Toad, RDBMS, Teradata.

Tata Tele Services Ltd (TTSL), Mumbai, Ind OCT 2013 - OCT 2014

Oracle Developer

Implemented triggers and Stored Procedures as per the design and development related requirements of the project.

Written stored procedure to refresh the materialized views.

Created PL/SQL stored procedures, function, packages, Cursor, Ref Cursor and Triggers for the system.

Tuning the SQL queries to increase the performance.

Created the shell scripts for automation.

Created the Indexes and constraints to increase the performance of the system.

Created the shell scripts to run the procedures and to create the reports and cleansing the data.

Scheduling the scripts using UNIX corn job.

Implemented oracle utility called SQL loaded to load data.

Worked extensively in ORACLE and PL/SQL creating objects like tables, views, synonyms, triggers, stored procedures, functions and packages.

Creating, maintaining multiple database environments for Development, Testing etc.


Oracle 9i, UNIX, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, TOAD, Putty, WINSCP.

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