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Mental Health Home

San Antonio, TX
December 10, 2019

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Objective: To obtain a challenging position that calls for strong demonstration of knowledge and application of social work concepts.

Licensure: Licensed Master Social Worker in the State of Texas

Education: Advanced Masters in Social Work - Our Lady of the Lake University-2000

Masters of Philosophy in Sociology - School of Advanced Liberal Studies-January 1994

Masters in Social Work - Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Udaipur-August 1992

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology - Mohanlal Sukhadia University July 1999


ALL YOUR HOME HEALTH: July 2019-Present:

Assess the patients potential to cope with his/her social and health problems. Act as a consultant to the members of the health team, assists them in understanding the social, emotional and environmental factors related to the patient’s health problems. Help patients to utilize the resources of their families and the community. Provide rehabilitative and supportive casework. Assists patient and their families in coping with personal and environmental difficulties which might predispose them toward illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from Medicare.


A teenager with history of poor social skills, diagnosed with developmental delay, psychosis NOS, anxiety issues and diagnosis of schizophrenia and Bipolar. Also depression and autism. This are the presenting issues that the teenager has to deal with throughout his/her life. Sometimes the teenager have a psychosis episode and sometimes on denial.

Allowing the teenager to vent paves the way of using CBT or Commitment and acceptance model.

Jan: 2016-June: 2016: Pearsall Nursing Home

Discharge planning. Psychosocial Assessments, provide emotional support and concrete services to the patient and their families.

Jan 2015-May2015: Altus Hospice

To fulfil variety of roles and tasks, biopsychosocial assessment guides practice and is a repeated throughout the episode of care. Assessments focus on the goals, needs, and strengths of both the patient and family caregivers. Specialized and focus on individual needs of each patient and his or her family.

FEB: 2013-JAN: 2015: Texas Home Health and All your Health, Part-Time

Psychosocial Assessments to the Patient at Home. Provide and Explain Available Community Resources available for the seniors. To Provide and Explain Advance Directives, Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, DNR and Full Code to the Clients. Identify needs for the Patient in order to stay Comfortable at Home.

Cedar Creek Nursing Home March/2011-Feb/2013

Assists in pre-admission and admission process with customers: aids clients in adjusting to nursing home placement. Interviews residents and families to obtain relevant past and present adjustment, behavior and lifestyle. Document progress and updates plans of care at the inter-disciplinary care conference. Arranges transportation, makes appointments and acts as a liaison between all departments, resident families and outside agencies. Assists in handling and accepting placement through one-to-one counseling and group work. Ascertain potential and develops discharge plans when clients are admitted. Arranges for post discharge services and follow-up care.

Home Care Dimensions July/2009-August/2011: Assists patients and their caregivers with personal and environmental difficulties which predispose illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care by performing the following duties: Assess the patient’s psychosocial status. Works in collaboration with physicians and other agency personnel in patient evaluation and treatment to further their understanding of significant social and emotional factors underlying the patient’s health problem. Provides counseling or intervention according to the plan of care.

Girling Health Care, Inc. July 2009 -June 2010. Performing home visits, crisis interventions, differentiating Dementia from depression, guide to APS Referral Process. Assess the social, economic, environmental and emotional factors which may support or impede the patient’s recovery or medical condition. Assist in the development plan of care. Provide counseling, education, and therapeutic interventions related to the patients’ Medical condition. Promote patient self-determination and self-advocacy.

North East Baptist Health System Hospital: April 4th /2008- April/24/ 2009

Review all discharged patient orders for appropriateness and contact MD if clarification is required. Execute discharge plans to arrange for post-acute service set-up. I have covered different units from Oncology, Medical Surgical, Telemetry, ER, ICU, MICU and CVU. I provided counseling to patients and families. I discussed options and levels of care from home health care, skilled nursing facilities, acute rehabs, and long term acute care. In addition to the previous duties I also co-ordinate with doctors about hospice referrals, coordinated services with home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, acute rehabs, long term acute care and hospice agencies.

Discharged planning for patients and their families. Active member of the multi-disciplinary treatment team and participates in all multi-disciplinary rounds, treatment planning conferences and staff meetings. Utilize Midas Work list for psych-social referrals. Completed comprehensive psychosocial assessments of inpatients, outpatients and families to assist in the development of the multi-disciplinary treatment plans. Evaluations included high risk patients and their families, to include patients who have terminal illness and who have chronic/debilitating illness, who are physically abused or neglected, who are financially exploited, who live alone and cannot care for self, and/or who are mentally incompetent.

University Hospital in San Antonio with transplant team: Transplant social worker September 19/2007-April /4/2008

Medical and Public health social worker provide families psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illness such as End Stage of Renal disease, End Stage of Liver Disease and Lung disease. Customer service and program administration: Coordination of social services offered to patients throughout the transplant process, it includes travel and lodging. Also includes coordination of social services, offered to patients on inpatient surgical wards and their families. Direct patient care/clinical evaluation/assessments: developed and planned effective treatment; implemented effective treatment, provided individual, family and group counseling: independently assisted patients and families of community resources.

Correctional health care services, 200 North Comal San Antonio TX 78207. Oct: 2000-Sept: 2007

Provided social work services and mental health services to the inmate’s population in the Mental Health Service. Responsibility of those services included medical and psychosocial treatment to inmates having acute and chronic problems. Part of the treatment is helping inmates in the following areas: Health Care for Homeless inmates, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Suicide Prevention Case Manager, Mental Health Clinic, Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, Emergency Department, Addictive Disorders Treatment Program, or Local Recovery Program. Provided comprehensive individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Screens and identifies inmates who are mentally ill, chemically dependent or suicidal.

Provides crisis intervention and counseling to assist the inmate in the resolution of any personal or situational difficulties. Works effectively with multi-disciplinary health care teams.

Appropriately adapt assigned patient assessment, treatment and care methods to accommodate the unique physical, psychosocial, cultural, and age-specific and other developmental needs of each patient served.

As a credential medical social worker, provides sophisticated social work consultation, counseling in direct services as directed to select ASAP clients. Provided therapy for individual patients and provided consultation assistance to supervisors, and medical personnel. In individual and group therapy, explores basic personality structures in relationship to development of behavior patterns, mechanisms, and symptoms, and determined facts concerning patient's alcohol and drug dependency, the underlying causes, and understanding consequences for the individual. Analyzed and evaluated information concerning the patient's substance abuse/dependency, staff’s cases with supervisor, made diagnosis, and advises nurses, doctors, supervisors as to treatment plan, design, and development.

Community Outreach Referral& Evaluation, 4010 Sylvan Oaks, San Antonio. April-September 2000

Facilitated family/professional collaboration at all levels of hospital, home and community care through: care of an individual child: program development, implementation, evaluation and evolution and policy formation.

Exchanged complete and unbiased information between families and professionals in supportive a manner at all times.

Ensured that hospital, home, and community service and support systems for children needing specialized health and developmental care and their families were flexible, accessible and comprehensive in responding to diverse family identified needs. Completed intake assessments, and service plans, follow up and case closure forms.

Served as a social work case worker and therapist. Concentrated in areas of spouse and child abuse. Received initial referral or identification of known or suspected abusers or victims. Conducted intake interviews, contacted other sources of information as necessary, and made psycho-social assessments with particular emphasis on determining the presence and evaluating the level of violence in the situation. Where significant hazard of severe or continuing abuse was identified, made recommendation for and took action to effect removal and protection of family members and others from the abuser. Was tasked to intercede in instances of domestic violence to protect victims and limit further violence. Developed a proposed treatment plan for abusers and/or victims based on identified problems, psychosocial factors, and treatment capabilities.

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