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Manufacturing Chemical

San Jose, CA
December 12, 2019

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Geeta S Godgul

San Jose CA, 408-***-****,

Product Regulatory Environmental Compliance Management and Engineering experience in Electronics industry. Looking for opportunities to explore economically sound ecological sustainable solutions. Core Competencies

*Product Regulatory & Environmental Compliance for Global Market Access (GMA), *Eco-conscious Design for Environment, *Green Manufacturing Policy, Process & Product Strategy, *Resource Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing, *Product Lifecycle & Environmental Impact Assessment, *Supply chain development for Responsible Sourcing, *Conflict Minerals, *eWaste Recycling, *Material/Packaging Recycling programs, Cost reduction.

Professional Experience

●Netgear, Consultant, Dec 2018-Present, Electronics Manufacturing, ODM, Supply chain

Environmental Compliance Management - EU RoHS, REACH, China RoHS, Taiwan BSMI RoHS, Sweden Chemical Tax, Ca Prop-65, Low Halogens, WEEE, Product Compliance & Labeling as per GMA, Battery Directive, Conflict Minerals, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, eWaste Recycling Program.

●HGST-Western Digital, Sr Manager, July 2010-Oct 2017, Electronics Manufacturing; Data Storage - HDD, SSD, Branded, Data Center Products, Components & Assemblies

Defined green chemistry strategy and developed corporate standards based on eco-conscious design for environment criteria of reduce, reuse & recycle, energy efficiency, sustainability and global regulations.

Led the global team and drove compliance to EU RoHS, REACH SVHC, Halogen Free, CA Prop 65, China RoHS, Taiwan BSMI RoHS, Canada Toxic Substances, WEEE Directive, CE marking, Red-Phosphorus, GreenHouse Gas (GHG), Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODC), Rare Earth Metals (REM), Conflict Minerals, Asbestos Directive, Radioactive Directive, ePEAT, Battery Directive, TSCA, Dangerous Goods Transport, Plastic Recyclability & Marking, Packaging Directive requirements, Sustainability initiatives and Energy efficiency to enable products for GMA, RBA Code of Conduct.

Established process in place for BOM reviews, ECO/MCO tracking and environmental testing of homogeneous material through internal and ISO-17025 certified external labs.

Implemented environmental friendly processes through supply chain after thorough evaluation based on Full Material Disclosure (FMD).

Assessed risk to the product with the knowledge of material chemistry and hazardous & restricted substances.

Performed Product Lifecycle and Environmental Impact Assessment such as C-footprint through CO2 emission, material usage, energy consumption, recyclability and hazardous substances.

Recommended sustainable material alternatives to product design & engineering teams.

Collaborated on Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER), Integrated Management Systems

(IMS), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and ISO Audits.

Achieved cost savings through elimination of redundancy in material review and qualification process

Negotiated with customers on homogeneous material frequent testing requirements.

Streamlined data & document review, approval and record retention policy through databases eg Agile PLM, Product Governance & Compliance (PG & C), SAP, BOX etc.

Coordinated with Logistic centers on Product Take-back and eWaste policy & processes.

Established programs for Conflict Minerals with global teams for strategy, policy, goals and tools to drive, monitor, assure and report responsible sourcing of minerals used in the supply chain as per SEC rule, RMI guidelines and RMAP compliance.

Actively participated in regulatory and industry meetings, seminars and workshops to keep track of new requirement.

Collaborated and managed team for Product Safety eg EMC and Safety standards, regulatory requirements and Trade compliance.

Coordinated with cross-functional teams on Product Security - Data privacy, security and confidentiality under Data Protection Act, Memory volatility, Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism C-TPAT or Authorized Economic Operators (AEO).

Geeta S Godgul Page 1

Geeta S Godgul

San Jose CA, 408-***-****,

●Western Digital, Senior Staff, 1997-2008, Electronics Manufacturing; Data Storage- HDD

Determined material chemical composition and ensured product compliance with corporate standards.

Developed and established analytical testing methods & plans for chemical characterization of components and packaging materials across all ISO-17025 certified testing labs.

Strategically devised policy to instill economical & ecological balance in productivity, quality and environmentally compliant operations and achieved a cost savings of US$18 million/year.

Travelled frequently to lead audit, develop and optimize quality performance of precision manufacturing operations to assess their physico-chemical interactions with materials, processes, packaging, handling and shipping.

Established clean manufacturing processes, surface chemical treatments and precision cleaning methods with emphasis on contamination reduction and nano-particle control.

Incorporated sustainable manufacturing concepts in conservation of water during various cleaning operations, and developed recycling programs of raw material and packaging,

Identified energy intensive operations and redesigned the process & flow to reduce CO2 emission for Carbon footprint management.

Assessed chemical treatment processes for recycling and reduction of chemical substances to reduce NOx & SOx emission.

●Quantum Peripherals, Senior Engineer, 1996-1997, Electronics Manufacturing; Data Storage- HDD, Slider Fab & HGA.

Assessed manufacturing operations and made a significant contribution to yield improvements and defect reduction.

Developed Clean Manufacturing Processes for contamination reduction and nano-particle control.

Addressed failures, yield loss, corrosion and quality issues.

●Tandon Technologies, Project Manager, 1996, Electronics Manufacturing; Data Storage- HDD, HGA & HSA.

Assessed assembly manufacturing operations for contamination reduction and cleanliness improvements.

Established clean manufacturing processes.

Project Consultation

●E&Tech, Electronics Manufacturing,2009; Data Storage - HDD Components.

●MinAik Technologies, Electronics Manufacturing, 2010; Data Storage- HDD Components.

Audited and assessed the manufacturing operations for chemical performance of the products and their physico-chemical interactions with materials, processes, handling and shipping.

Identified deficiencies and provided recommendations on materials, processes, packaging for environmental regulatory compliance.

Recommended Sustainable manufacturing concepts in water & energy intensive operations and redesigned the process & flow for resource conservation. Provided training on clean mganufacturing processes, surface chemical treatments, precision cleaning and analytical testing plans for contamination reduction and nano-particle control.


●Western Digital VIVA (Value in Vivid Action) Award. Education

●PhD (Analytical Chemistry), Applied Environmental Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay. Chromium (Hexavalent), its Analytical Technique, Geogenic contamination & Anthropogenic pollution.

■ Collaborated in projects on Environmental Impact Assessment due to various geological, environmental and industrial activities.

■ Performed field work, environmental sampling and chemical characterization of materials.

■ Designed analytical techniques to understand the fate and transport mechanism of chemical substances.

■ Managed Analytical Chemistry Laboratory with wet chemical and instrumental analysis.

■ Assisted in Academic teaching.

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Geeta S Godgul

San Jose CA, 408-***-****,

■ Presented and published 11 papers, in conferences & journals.

●MS (Analytical Chemistry), Applied Medicinal Chemistry, Bombay University.

●BS (Chemistry), Bombay University.

Professional Development

*8D Root Cause Analysis *Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making *Statistical Process Control

*Failure Mode and Effect Analysis *Continuous Process Improvement *Global Intercultural Leadership Course Research Publications

• Chromium Contamination from Chromite mine

• Metal contamination due to mining and milling activities at Zinc Mine Sediments & Flood Plain Soil.

• Certain physical and chemical properties of settled dust.

• Heavy metals contamination in Spinach (Spinecia Oleracia).

• Lead, Zinc, Copper and Cadmium contamination of soil from lead smelter.

• Heavy metal pollution from industrial wastes.

• Partition of heavy metals in polluted river sediments due to tailing discharge from Zinc Mines.

• Pollution of river water.

• Effect of steel plant waste disposal on dust fall-outs.

• Pollution of river water due to waste disposal from industrial belt.

• Chromium Flux from Chromite Belt to Estuary.

• Speciation of Hexavalent Chromium in Mining and Industrial Wastes.

• Heavy Metal contamination in Coal Ash from Thermal Power Plants. Geeta S Godgul Page 3

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