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Communication skills- Negotiations skills- Problems Solved

December 06, 2019

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Ehab Al Awady

Mob.: 011********



Date of Birth: 15 February 1973

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married


-BA of Law, Cairo University

-MBA in The International Legal, Commercial & Logistical Affairs - Arab Academy for Science & Technology (May 2011)


-Arabic: Mother Tongue

-English: Good


February 2007 – Now (Present Job): Governmental Relations Senior Specialist,

Etisalat Misr

Duties include the following:

-Follow up on daily tasks assigned to the Governmental Relations Department in order to ensure the proper handling of which by the concerned staff, in addition to prepare the relevant necessary work assessment reports.

-Develop and enhance professional business networks with VIPs and officials from all ministries and governmental entities that are on regular contacts with etisalat misr such as:

oMinistry of Civil Aviation

oArmed Forces

oGovernorates & Municipalities

oAirports & Seaports

-Handle the processes of contracts negotiation and conclusion with all governmental entities such as:

oMinistry of Civil Aviation

oCairo Airport

oEgypt Co. for Tourism

oEgoth Co. for Tourism & Hotels

oSound & Light Co.

-Hold negotiations with several private sector entities and review their relevant contracts with etisalat misr in order to ensure realizing the required strategic objectives out of which.

-Assist in settling all disputes and problems encountered with governmental and private entities, in accordance with the laws and regulations set in this regard while ensuring to obtain the maximum business advantages to etisalat misr.

-Provide full support to the Governmental Relations Department in terms of catching up with the latest changes and updates on the laws and regulations that are likely to impact our scope of work, so as to maintain our superior edge.

-Finalize all tasks relevant to the Immigration Department such as:

oIssuance/Renewal of residences

oIssuance of entry visas

-Handle all tasks relevant to the Labor Office (ex.: issuance of work permits…etc)

-Finalize the tasks relevant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ex.: visas issuance, documents/certificates endorsements…etc)

-Update and finalize all governmental applications, documents, and processes, as per the applied relevant laws and regulations.

-Handle the process of issuing the necessary permits from all municipalities.

-Prepare weekly and monthly reports on tasks/objectives vs. achievements in order to set the necessary plans required to realize the company’s desired objectives; in addition, make all the essential revisions of such plans whenever deemed necessary.

-Handle all other tasks assigned to the Governmental Relations Department.

December 2004 – January 2007:

Chief Guard Commander to:

oEx-Minister of Transportation (Dr. Essam Sharaf)

oFormer Minister of Transportation (Eng. Mohamed Mansour)

January 1993 – November 2004:

Senior Guard Commander to:

Several numbers of ministers, Arab presidents, and Arab/foreign VIPs such as:

oDr. Esmat Abdel Megeid

oDr. Farouk Hosny

oDr. Farouk Seif El-Nasr

oMinister of Education

oPresident Yasser Arafat

oPresident Mo’ammar Al Qaddafi


-Time Management,

Logic for Consulting & Recruitment, 2008


-Microsoft Word

-Microsoft Excel





-Ability to work in teams & individually

-Ability to manage stress and work pressure effectively

-Ability to work for a long time

-Excellent communication and networking skills

-Flexible & adaptable





Looking forward to joining an esteemed organization, where I can further enhance my skills and competencies, utilize my academic and professional career experience, as well as taking part in engraving the achievements and success of such organization.

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